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  1. The actress who plays Ashley the "drama queen". Shes from hellraiser right? I think her real name is ashley too
  2. S10 E01

    that kid was the worst. i wonder sometimes how a child becomes that way, it creeps me out. i have a 3 year old and if he becomes a used car salesman at 9. idk i love mine so maybe i wouldnt care so much LOL. i thought the same thing about the lock, no way drivers will be into this. and im sure it will fail with the scan all the time OR the box wont fit in the lock box and its left out anyway. i use glass straws at home. they work great and you can see when they need to be cleaned vs the metal ones. i use a little bristle brush to clean them out. i use them with green smoothies, so i clean them almost daily. https://www.amazon.com/ALINK-Smoothie-Reusable-Drinking-Milkshakes/dp/B07CRCYHZ7/ref=asc_df_B07CRCYHZ7/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241948599983&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5629387867558682557&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1024479&hvtargid=pla-454311065205&psc=1 i thought the pot itself wasnt aesthetically pleasing. but they could definitely go the charity route. omg seriously. CUBE what did you do to youre hairs.... hes starting to resemble Bruce Campbell. which isnt a bad thing
  3. S10 E01

    i totally agree was going to say the same. we need to see we dont need straws. i actually use metal and glass straws at home. no biggies, but need to wash them. when im out i dont carry them because i dont want a wet straw in my bag and its a pain to wash them when not at home. i live in the portland metro area so most places i go dont give you straws anyway with a drink. unless its starbucks. its a problem for sure, but i think we just need to not use as much straws. also i listened to a pice on NPR, in regards to starbucks not giving them out. i guess alot of advocate groups for the disabled have said that isnt fair because some people must use a straw. so if anything give them to people if requested, the new lids they have work pretty good without straws anyway.
  4. i think it could be as simple as they just want to end it and dont love each other anymore. plus he lives in another city. they have grown apart. she probably wants a real partner.
  5. S07.E00: Meet the New Moms

    i do think its pretty funny they needed TWO girls to fill Farrahs spot.
  6. and they will next season to * eye roll * i miss the old family drama that felt real. when they all went to AZ. with rosie and rich. gold ole days
  7. All Episodes Talk: All About the Divas

    i think this show is mostly scripted. i have love and admire what people in the WWE type fields do. they are entertainers first. so i think obvious this show is mostly made up drama. the acting skills they do have they show here. but its all for fun so i watch. something about Paige is different to me. maybe she gained a couple pounds? but her face is different, her lips have some filler i think. but maybe with less working out she gained weight. NOT a judgement just an observation. i doubt we will hear about her relationship, which would be some real drama. might be legal stuff involved. i do miss foxy. i liked them together and it was so funny when she dated that old guy.
  8. https://www.bravotv.co.nz/shows/real-housewives-new-jersey/videos/your-first-look-at-rhonj-season-9/
  9. https://www.bravotv.co.nz/shows/real-housewives-new-jersey/videos/your-first-look-at-rhonj-season-9/
  10. I think another peice is jeremy too. he isnt super mega rich. so maybe she fears that with out her wealth she cant keep him ?
  11. mike did have a show, but it was his family. i think a show maybe on Food Network, would be really really great. he loves to eat! but he doesnt gross me out when he eats like alot of food network/food shows do. it could be him cooking and going to places to eat. i think if he traveled around to just a couple cities to the nicer restaurants and than cooked at home, it would be a very watchable show. he just gets so happy when he eats. vs the people who are like "let me shove this giant greasy cheese burger in my mouth" types.
  12. S05.E09: Week 5: Part 2

    im surprised no one here has mentioned the constant use of the paradisians favorite line "dont get in youre head"
  13. i got so excited for a second!
  14. S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    i cant with Colton. I hate to say this, but the way he moves his mouth while he talks.... his slight lisp is SUPER SUPER annoying DTs?
  15. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    i actually really liked it, but im a sucker for the cheese. i almost cried at the last third. even got chills when madi lead them all into battle. i like the idea of a new planet. yes its got its flaws, i mean there couldve been a whole episode about puting everyone in cryo. i like that all of the prisoners just go along with it and no one argued at all. maybe everyone is just super tired and into the idea of a long nap. i was gonna be so upset about Murphy dieing. I think him Echo and Raven are the ones i want to keep around the most.
  16. makes me super excited for next season!!!!!
  17. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    i love this show, ill keep watching. but omg this ep really had some CHEESE moments! If anyone is interested, theres a great spoiler in the other thread here. Its pretty good :)
  18. How can someone look like a ghost, but live on the beach and have such intense hair. I used to think she was so gorgeous
  19. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    Only a couple episodes to go. It’s definitely the best season. I think it’s really unfortunate that the show was put out with no fan fare. Hopefully all of the viewers find it on Hulu. Everyone on the shows motivations seem to make a lot of sense but for Rachel it doesn’t seem to conncet. But it still works because she is so demented. Lqst season seems to really drag on. This one I couldn’t wait to keep watching!! Im scared for Jay:/ glad Madison is at the Corp office and not around to much. so far I think they did a really great job! Also it’s so weird seeing Rachel with hair makeup done and actual outfits all season. Not her regular greasy hair and jacket.
  20. So much this! My three year old is so loving and gentle. Than other times I can’t look away for a moment! It’s eghuasting. She must not have them all the time like 100% stay at home with no help. Especially with no husband 5 days a week. Or it’s jusy staged to look pretty.
  21. I was waiting for someone to comment on those bed candles!!! Omg i have a three year old. I would never have flames any where he would be. He’s a tornado lol. It wa so staged. I’m sure she must have a nanny or something. I’m hoping her kids were clowning for the camera, they seem like a handful. But yes very staged feeling.
  22. shes had atleast her lips done. id love to see a before picture. she seems very insecure :( bobby i can not even look at him! he is such a little boy. and dont get me started on his clothing choices. im convinced his mom buys all of his stuff.
  23. S05.E09: Sic Semper Tyrannis 2018.07.10

    i agree that the motivation for the characters arent very clear. with murphy i can belive he will just try to save his own skin. but man hes being ruthless, was that necessary? overall still liking this season better than last.
  24. you know next week, the preview shows Tia being all drama. "becca i have to tell you something" maybe she slept with good ole colton? i hope thats what it is, but its probably nothing. IDK this season is milquetoast. so dull. "Lets do the DULL thing" plus the icky guys, to bad. fingers crossed for BIP.
  25. Small Talk: The Fantasy Suite

    the cleaning conditioner is kristen ess. i like it, i actually use a little of the shampoo a teeny bit with the cleansing conditioner. i hate when my scalp feel oily. i do think my hair is getting more used to it, so i could probably stop that step. i dont like her sea salt sprays, but they dont play nice with my hair. we all have different hair, so you just have to try sometimes. target you can return hair stuff tho!