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  1. shes had atleast her lips done. id love to see a before picture. she seems very insecure :( bobby i can not even look at him! he is such a little boy. and dont get me started on his clothing choices. im convinced his mom buys all of his stuff.
  2. S05.E09: Sic Semper Tyrannis 2018.07.10

    i agree that the motivation for the characters arent very clear. with murphy i can belive he will just try to save his own skin. but man hes being ruthless, was that necessary? overall still liking this season better than last.
  3. you know next week, the preview shows Tia being all drama. "becca i have to tell you something" maybe she slept with good ole colton? i hope thats what it is, but its probably nothing. IDK this season is milquetoast. so dull. "Lets do the DULL thing" plus the icky guys, to bad. fingers crossed for BIP.
  4. Small Talk: The Fantasy Suite

    the cleaning conditioner is kristen ess. i like it, i actually use a little of the shampoo a teeny bit with the cleansing conditioner. i hate when my scalp feel oily. i do think my hair is getting more used to it, so i could probably stop that step. i dont like her sea salt sprays, but they dont play nice with my hair. we all have different hair, so you just have to try sometimes. target you can return hair stuff tho!
  5. S14.E07: Week 7 2018.07.09

    i read somewhere else she was quoted as saying she had to pee thats why she left. AKA for dramatic effect and no other reason. so silly. who cares if hes a virgin, although i dont buy it.
  6. i think blake for sure. not wills, there wasnt enough there. Blake lays it on thick. idk i got creepy vibes from him on the final rose episode when they brought out a few guys for becca to meet right after getting dumped lol. he seems like the type of guy that falls in love with a barista because she makes a flower in his latte and says have a nice day. falls for anyone to fast. stalker fuel there for sure. jason maaaaybe but he needs new hair. hmmm idk make they will bring back nick vial again LOL.
  7. The Bachelorette in the Media

    i recently started using a microfiber towel to dry my hair. im definitely seeing a difference. they wrap up on youre head with a title button. i got mine at target for a few bucks. also have been using Kristen Ess products, like the cleansing conditioner.
  8. The Bachelorette in the Media

    it is so weird tho. lets showcase her as a powerful independent woman, not some hollow shell that just wants a man. idk makes it so much more boring. makes rachel even more of a badass when she was a lawyer. wonder what she is doing now?
  9. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Im gonna read all of these, starting with epsidoe 2. the author talks about how we know nothing about becca, really other than she was on the bachelor and what conspired. We dont know what she likes or what she even does for a job. it really is ODD. i remember even back with Des, she was a wedding dress designer, Kaitlin was a dancer and rachel was a lawyer... oh what the heck did miss Jo Jo do.. hmm maybe thats the thing now. maybe the reason this season is so lackluster is really more on becca / the producers failing at editing her personality in, or maybe just the lack of her own identity.
  10. S05.E14: Diaper Dude 07.03.18

    i love this show, i really do. ive always felt like i learned something from every episode. this one i learned to never trust the " we give to charity " gimmick. this was my least favorite episode. it really had nothing to offer. i think just sticking to guy diaper bags wouldve been better. like another poster commented, it didnt seem like there was a clear segway to no more diapper bags, we are now a generic messenger bag company seg way. i hope the remaining episodes get back to the regular format and not any more apparel type stuff. i like the industrial companies, over the jeans and phone cases.
  11. The Bachelorette in the Media

    i think manners is a good way to put it. its a normal body function, just like other things some people think are gross. but everyone does and will continue to do them. but i think it can make someone so crass when they exploit it. case in point my mother in law. she is over all a tom boy type, shes a little rough around the edges. but it drives me up a wall the way she jokes about farts. she makes it a point to call someone out when they do or for how bad it smells. her young granddaughter does it to, since grandma and her dad laugh and all most encourge her to do it. once at a get together, the young girl, around 3-4 years old, kept forcing herself to do it since people were laughing like it was so funny and cute. just gross.
  12. S14.E06: Week 6 2018.07.02

    i love a man in birks :) well unless his feet are fug lol
  13. S05.E07: Acceptable Losses 2018.06.19

    i might be in the minority. but i really liked this episode. this season is just so much better than the last. last season i caught up on netflix. i FF through most of the episodes. seemed alot of the same and the characters didnt grab me. this season is great. love the change in scenery. i miss everyone together but i like all the different locations. the characters, new guys, are pretty good. i like Diyoza alot. i agree the lack of development for how long they were all away from each other is lacking, but i mean this is the CW cant be perfect. all in all im really loving it. also the worms! finally we are getting a creature that was born of all the nuke stuff going on.
  14. love her dress. not a fan of the hair... anyways, i see this and just think how sad and what a waste of cash! i think hes full of baloney
  15. All Episodes Talk: Bellas of the Ball

    huge eye roll. so obvious its for the show. they are terrible actors.