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  1. S10.E12: American 2018.06.14

    I'm still not sure who I'm rooting for in this bunch. All of them are clearly talented queens but they all are varying degrees of off putting to me. Asia is polished and inventive, but she's also more than a little preachy and judgemental, and she has dripped with an unflattering combination of condescension and bitterness since the early episodes. Eureka is also polished and inventive, but she is also an accomplished shit-stirrrer who just can't let things be (or shut the f up). Kameron is clearly a well funded bar queen with a fair amount of talent and a giant heart, but has all of the charisma of deli potato salad. Aquaria probably fits the bill more than the others, but strikes me as the love child of Violet Chachki and Sasha Velour. It just might be too soon for a queen of her ilk to grab the prize. It will likely boil down to finally crowning a plus sized queen vs. appeasing the teens that dominate the RPDR social media.
  2. My guess is Ben or Kennedy would have plowed right over it and succeeded just as well as they did with the partners they had. They just do (even though the skill sets are very different). Trixie overthinks everything. When she has time to plan, it works. But she's not really very good on the fly. I was actually rather surprised Shangela was so hamstrung by Chi-Chi's ineptness. She's got better skills than she showed in that sketch.
  3. S09.E14: Grand Finale

    Sasha's ability to channel Whitney is all the more impressive since it appears to be well outside her typical wheelhouse of Shirley Bassey, 60's era Streisand, Marlene Dietrich, Annie Lennox and New Wave. One of my faves:
  4. S09.E12: Category Is

    Ultimately, beginning with season 3 Ru has given the crown to the smartest girl in the room. This season that would be
  5. Trust me you're not the only one. That is one gorgeous human face. Plus she oozes charm and has real stage presence. I sense top three.
  6. S18.E27: Live Eviction 9

    That really boils down to the question: Is Paulie financially prepared (and able) to be a crybaby pee pants? If he needs the Summer's stipends to pay the bills, he ain't going nowhere. That is, of course, unless Sean Cody makes a better offer.
  7. S18.E27: Live Eviction 9

    Don't you mean Grodner's screen?
  8. S18.E27: Live Eviction 9

    And based on Paulie's behavior in the house this week and the look on Julie's face when he went all Dirty Dancing on her tonight, I would guess that comp will be designed for somebody other than Paulie to win.
  9. S18.E27: Live Eviction 9

    She is, but Adora Borealis? Seriously? That's right up there with Apple, Moon Unit and Dweezil on the list of ridiculous celeb spawn names.
  10. S18.E26: Power Of Veto 9

    They all got hot weather versions. Corey chooses not to wear his. It involves a speedo.
  11. I wouldn't care which one did. I love the fact that two of the early targets are essentially running this game (and quite smartly) three quarters of the way in.
  12. Except Paul is doing all the work. He might shout in the diary room, but I'm starting to think he has this wrapped up.
  13. This is classic live feed. Paulie is one big old mf'ing mess. His meltdown is epic.
  14. S18.E22: Nominations 7

  15. S18.E22: Nominations 7

    I had liked Victor too. I had a death in the family this week so I've missed the feeds. At some point this weekend Dingo put him on ignore (his ultimate dismissal - Pauly achieved the honor when his asshattery with Z surfaced). Now I know why.