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  1. S02.E04: outMatched

    I was on vacation, so I’m catching up now. Another useless flashback...except maybe Caitlin is a mutant who alters probabilities (without realizing it). Clearly Andy lives and we’ve seen her in many tight situations. That’s probably not true, but just a thought. I guess I didn’t realize (or maybe forgot) that John can take gunshot blasts. Uh, dude, maybe just go home to your wife and stop texting her. To say he’s a little obsessed would be an understatement. So are the people we’re supposed to be behind good guys or bad guys? Messing with addicts doesn’t seem very nice. Caitlin has gone crazy again. I like the abandoned hospital scene. It adds a little bit of Halloween element to the episode. Good timing. More drugs? Not good. Caitlin’s going to kill this guy. Andy’s such a dick. Who did they rescue? That’s the main takeaway from this episode (other than Andy is officially a dick).
  2. S02.E03: coMplications

    New prediction I had this week before I get started watching the episode (I take notes during the episode and post my complete thoughts after): part of Reed’s new powers will neutralize his children’s powers, making them unable to manifest their joined power if he chooses. Just a guess. What was the purpose of that flashback with Marcos? Are the sewer bunch the Morlocks??? Someone tell Blink to shut up. Those effects with the hidden wall were actually pretty cool. No way that cop would help Turner, just because his daughter “died” because of a mutant massacre. I still think she’s alive and probably one of those girls who were rescued. Well that car ride seems like a good father/daughter bonding experience. For real, though. Im not being sarcastic. So cops automatically hate mutants? That doesn’t seem fair. In the tunnels, John said there were “five of them,” but there were actually six. What a strange detail to mess up with the dialogue. Just in - they are the Morlocks! I love Lauren’s story. I’m sorry for what happened to her, and I can totally feel for her. What an amazing tv moment. Especially with the #metoo movement that’s happening now. I don’t mean to get too political, but the show introduced it and it was executed brilliantly. It wasn’t too heavy. Natalie Alyn Lind is going to go far. That new character is a great villain. I mean, who would listen to Turner at this point? This is actually my favorite episode so far. It was great! I might actually watch it again. I’m so glad the second season isn’t disappointing so far. I think you mean dominant, not recessive.
  3. S02.E02: unMoored

    “Because a face like yours deserves better than a baseball bat.” Bad writing. Someone has definitely talked to Jamie Chung about her acting. I’m very thankful for that person. “Lizard of Oz.” Again, bad writing. Grace is a mutant and still alive right? Reed’s powers are awesome. Why is he fighting so much? This episode is actually pretty good. I don’t have as much to say. The preview was awesome. Part of me hopes he kills them all.
  4. S02.E01: eMergence

    Yes, Jamie Chung. Sorry about that, copy and paste from a previous entry.
  5. S02.E01: eMergence

    Who’s this new chick, and what is it with this show and colored lipstick? Bleach-blonde hair Andy. It looks good. Now Amy Acker is a full-fledged nurse? Did I miss something? Where did all the hospital staff come from? Headache? I don’t think so. I called it last season. Reed’s powers are definitely coming back. I bet they gave Coby Bell her own acting coach. She doesn’t seem so over the top anymore, almost cute. The news took over my tv channel because of a tornado warning. I missed the whole middle until Amy Acker pulled a gun on the computer guy. I knew Reed’s powers were returning. That has to be the most dramatic birth scene on tv ever, but it was cool. Ok, I went back and watched FOX NOW on my Apple TV. That was one crazy dream that I missed. Also, Amy Acker is a badass! I guess I should start calling her by her character’s name because she’s not such a flat character now. Go Caitlin! Edit: I liked the premiere. I thought it should mention that. We went right back into the action, with a new plot line.
  6. She’s already Rogue in the movie franchise, so they technically wouldn’t have to dream up anything.
  7. As always, my thoughts during the episode: The fight over Blink’s past is so stupid and irrelevant at this point. Again with the dialogue added in post-production. Jeez. I personally don’t think Thunderbird is pretty, but he is clever (he’s no Eclipse). I think Amy Acker is great. I don’t understand the complaints about her character. I love the Queer as Folk mom, Sharon Gress. She’s a good actress, so she will probably come back into the story. Thunderbird certainly got over Esme fast. Evil Andy makes an appearance. What that Mystique in the flashback with Lorna? “You’re the one who denied your abilities and almost destroyed the whole family.” This is totally a lie. Little shitface (Andy) is the one who almost destroyed the whole family. Lauren had it under control. J. Kirby’s Feed Store. Coby Bell really is the worst actor. That ending was awesome, but I didn’t expect Lorna to kill all those people. Andy is such a dick. I can’t believe Reed’s powers didn’t manifest this episode. I hope there’s a second season! Emma Dumont has come so far since Bunheads (which I liked for the record). Her acting has been really good all season.
  8. S01.E11: 3 X 1

    Just caught up. Who is the African-American guy talking to the Cuckoos? That sounds like music from Florence + the Machine? If so, that’s awesome. Mention of Lorna father, which means Magneto...so that’s cool. Why was there so much dialogue added in post-production? I love how they handle the Stepford Cuckoos. They are so much like they are in the comic books.
  9. S01.E10: eXploited

    Seconded, although the amount of time Marcos spends in his underwear helps.
  10. S08.E08: How It's Gotta Be

    Finally got caught up. Meh. That was pretty disappointing. No way are they going to kill Carl.
  11. S01.E10: eXploited

    He’s done quite a bit actually, including faking his own death and lying to this students.
  12. S01.E10: eXploited

    I just had a thought. Maybe they can still turn Sonya into a hound even though she’s “dead?”
  13. S01.E10: eXploited

    We could try approaching him at home? Bad idea, although it ended up working out. Adamantium from British Columbia? Wow, I did not see Sonya’s death coming. I was more upset than I expected. I don’t remember anyone crying before, but literally half of the main characters have cried this episode. I knew Esme was trouble. Those girls are tough. I expected there to be five, though. This was a great episode. Never trust a telepath.
  14. S01.E09: outfoX

    This episode was really slow and not one of my favorites, but I know they’re finally trying to build up for what’s about to come. I’m just hoping the show doesn’t get cancelled before we get the payoff. They keep talking about it, so I’m guessing/hoping Reed is going to get his powers back. He’s probably going to be able to save his kids with them... Hellfire Club mention! So these kids are a weird incestuous ticking time bomb? Creepy. At least they held back and didn’t kill everyone. I think the plot twist with them getting caught is for the best. It makes things more interesting if we get to see what it’s like on the inside of SS.
  15. Carl is driving me crazy. He always gets himself into the worst situations. Was that a glue gun that Rosita found at first and threw when she was looking for a weapon? Glad she found the rocket launcher. She’s a badass. If I had to guess, I’d say all the trashheads are about to die.