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  1. I LOVED Siberia! I was so disappointed that it wasn't renewed.
  2. S05.E02: Week 2, Night 1

    I've seen this excuse before and I don't buy it. They got together in August 2016 and broke up in June 2017. That's less than a year together; not exactly long-term. He was a hot young guy for a long time before and after that.
  3. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    Jesus, that makes me cringe and I haven't even read it. He really is just such a douche.
  4. S05.E02: Week 2, Night 1

    I've been saying from the start that Colton is very much in the closet and doesn't want to come out. There's no way that a guy who looks like him made it to this age without getting some action. There's no way. He needs to just let the rainbow flag fly!!
  5. Me too! Hate the stuff and don't understand the need or desire for it.
  6. S05.E08: Slayer II

    Nothing wrong with saying that. Right now, I choose not to eat animal products. Someone said to me once, "oh, but I bet if you were starving, you'd eat an animal, wouldn't you?" I looked at him and said, "honey, if it came down to it, I'd eat you if I had to". We do what we have to! I did enjoy the look on his face. I don't think I'm getting an invite from him during the apocalypse!
  7. I have to admit that I've not been a Matt fan all season, but he did deserve this win. His characters really were the best. Jordan's were just okay and Walter's were a mess.
  8. The only challenge Becca is going to have is trying not to kill him as he spends 5 hours trying to complete a coherent sentence. Listening to his BS explanation about the social media stuff was just painful and Becca just turned into his mouthpiece. Congrats Garrett, you've gained your own PR person.
  9. Was that The Most Boring Finale Ever?!!? A snotty, sad #2? Big shock, that's NEVER happened before. Please, please, please, don't make Blake the Bachelor. Just listening to his rambling babbling, and seeing his dead-eyed looks (that is, when he can even make eye contact with anyone) makes me fear for his mental health. The guy is seriously messed up. I did love watching Becca's family being faced with these two idiots..... what a choice! Dummy Nazi Garrett or Psycho Blake? Gee, Becca, you really do have great taste in men. We'd love to welcome one of these lunatics into the family!!!
  10. S05.E08: Slayer II

    This has been a somewhat disappointing season. I hate tap-outs for "I'm lonely" or "I've done what I came here to do". WTF does that even mean? Day 33 and only 4 people left? Larry is annoying as fuck. Dave is cray as fuck. Sam sounds like a special needs kid. I can't believe that someone voluntarily chose to breed with Sam. I also can't believe that these people are here for a second time and still suck. Britt is my only hope for some salvation this season. He's the only person who hasn't irritated the shit out of me. Once he's gone, if he goes, I'm out. Am I the only one, when Dave was talking about losing the deer he was hunting, who thought, "that's because they never really existed, you hallucinating crazy mofo"?
  11. S01.E09: Woman Down

    My body craves cake and pizza. It doesn't need cake and pizza.
  12. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    Wow, I don't think I've ever reached the end of a season of a TV series and not liked any of the characters in it. Not one of them. I started out loving this show, because it resonated so much with me, and then it quickly went to shit. I don't identify with Plum at all anymore. She is a loser. And it's not because she's fat, it's because she's just a selfish and unlikable idiot. She doesn't even have a good sob story, like the other members of Jennifer. I've never read the book, but are the characters this hateful in it too?
  13. Ugh, Jordan is a favourite of mine, so I can't believe he got stuck with Kevon and Mel. I feel like that's the kiss of death for him. Oh well, hopefully my second favourite, Walter, can get the win. But he got stuck with Yvonne. Anyone but Matt! He got so many passes throughout the season and now he got the best helpers too.
  14. S02E18 Shadow of Doubt 2018.07.29

    Agree with everyone who is dissatisfied with this episode. There's no way Shade and Angie would commit a felony on the word of some random woman that they just met. No way. This storyline had better have a quick resolution so that the show can get back to what it's good at. If this drags on next season, I can't watch it. I can, however, buy Shade doing what he did for his old 'buddy'. Shade does like it when he gets recognised and it kind of clouds his judgement.
  15. S05.E07: Desperate Measures

    Also, I did enjoy Sam's monologue about starving and having lost a lot of weight being broadcast at the same time the camera shows him from a side-on view and all you see is this big pot belly and moobs. Either those two things were recorded at very different times or Sam doesn't understand what starving actually means.