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  1. S01.E02: Open Casket

    I've never understood the need people have for viewing a dead body. You know the person is dead, it's not like everyone is lying about it. Why do you need to stare at a dead body? I don't get it.
  2. I binged the first 6 episodes today. It gets a lot better. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, since I wanted to stay up and watch the rest!!
  3. I'm still freaked out by the fact that the actor playing the dad (in flashbacks) is the kid from ET. Pretty good show, so far, though. Agree that it took a couple of episodes to keep all the family members straight, but it all came together eventually.
  4. I'm guessing the anticipation is now over. Is there going to be episode threads to post in?
  5. S09.E01: A New Beginning.

    Okay, so I guess during the break, the leader of the Garbage Pail Kids found some hair dye and learned how to speak English? And I see that nothing else has changed and these people are still as dumb as ever. And if they can find hair dye, why the fuck can they not find a razor for Rick's nasty beard and a pair of scissors for Darryl's disgusting hair???
  6. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    I will die happy if I never have to see Stevie Nicks on my TV screen again or hear one of her atrocious songs. I don't understand the love for her voice. I feel like RM has completely lost his way. He had the potential for such a good season, with the apocalypse theme, and it's all just messy and not making a lot of sense. One great episode (last week) but the rest, including this one, have just been weak, wandering, and kinda pointless.
  7. The Walking Dead in the Media

    RIP Scott Wilson. The show went to shit after you left.
  8. S06.02: You Got Zuko’d

    Yep, not a fan of New Jackie. If they couldn't get Jackie 1.0, they should have just written out the character.
  9. Now THIS was finally a good episode! Loved it. Wish the first 3 had been this good. I'm interested to know how Madison ends up back with the coven, after being rescued by Michael. And.... love Queenie and her snark!! Loved the warlocks. Such a good episode.
  10. Weird as shit? Sounds about right.
  11. Wow, I wasn't upset when Crawford was fired. But I agree that it's a dick move for Wayans to push to get him removed from the show and now Wayans himself is leaving. He's an idiot.
  12. S04.E16: ... I Lose Myself

    So, you have one source of an antidote to your poisoning, and you decide to shoot it up. Which is dumb enough, but not as dumb as just lying there watching it all spill on to the ground, which probably took a while. No one had the thought to, you know, stick a bucket under there? Catch some of it? And how did you all go out there without buckets anyway? Were you planning on drinking right from the truck? Keep some in your mouth and spit it into the mouth of those who stayed behind? I'm not expecting Oscar-worthy writing in this show, but I expect more than the stupidity they showed us in this episode. If these people are the saviours of those in need, their world is fucked.
  13. S04.E15: I Lose People...

    When the fuck will these idiots (on either FTWD or TWD) learn that you need to kill the psychos???? We've had how many seasons now of these morons not taking shots when they had them or leaving people alive and it always comes back to bite them in the ass. I've reached the point again where I just want them all to die because they're just too stupid to live.
  14. Agreed. That is not even close to fat shaming.
  15. I didn't see anyone fat shaming Robbie. He was, by his own admission, a very large man who had emotional issues. He appears to be working very hard to overcome those issues. I've only seen people being supportive of his efforts.