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  1. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    I agree. It's so inherently racist it's like TVD all over again. Fucking CW for the fail, always. Really not trying to watch Betty and Cheryl be Queens of the Serpents. Gross.
  2. Oh FFS are you serious? The misogynoir is real. The CW's colourism doesn't help matters.
  3. Yeah Josie, but that reminds me how Valerie got shafted too.
  4. As far as I'm concerned Ridge has every right to since Bill tried to KILL him. Ridge can purposefully attempt to fuck up Bill's life every day until he dies IMO because if it were up to Bill Ridge wouldn't be alive at all. If someone tried to kill me and got away with it, well let's just say Ridge is going easy on him and Ridge isn't even the last person Bill nearly killed in recent years. He's literally the oldest attempt in a string of people, one of which is his own son. The idea that if Bill were a bad father it would show doesn't wash with me at all. Nothing and I mean NOTHING Bill does ever sticks to him and that's the whole point. He is a terrible father, he has two sons who are a living testament to that. Did we know as an audience just how horrible he was when Katie got pregnant, no we did not but we know now and she knows now. Everything else is just enabling. He's not a good person and arguing that Ridge is a smug asshole (which is pretty much indisputable at this point) still doesn't change the fact that Bill IS a terrible father and seems to only be getting worse at it not better. It would be one thing if his relations with his sons and behaviour had improved over the years but it is only getting worse. Because he's an extremely rich, white man it really doesn't matter what he does or how he does it or to whom, he will always have a leg up on people like Katie no matter how horrific the behaviour. Also, perhaps I missed it but where was this indignation when Bill was threatening to take Will from his mother because he didn't like who she was dating? No thanks, I'm standing firm on this one. Bill is a terrible person and a terrible father and the words could come from Steffy or Teflon Taylor herself and perhaps it would be annoying AF but it wouldn't make them any less true.
  5. Haha thanks girl! But you saw me during the Raya situation a few years ago when my objectivity was all the way out the window and in Genoa City somewhere so I feel you.
  6. To be honest I'm Team Ridge on this one. Bill isn't just a tool he's the worst father alive next to Victor Newman and lest we forget he would have taken Will away from Katie completely had she not called off the wedding to Wyatt. Bill is way more Teflon than Taylor ever was. He attempted to kill Ridge, he fucked his son's daughter then continued manipulating her to break up his son's marriage when he could see they were reconciling. He repeatedly violated Steffy's boundaries by turning up at her house uninvited, letting himself in and repeatedly telling her what he felt she felt for him, and refusing to take no for an answer. I get it, everybody hates Steffy and even JMW (which I find completely unreasonable tbh) but she's still a woman and we deserve to have our boundaries respected irrespective of our personalities. Bill visits sin after sin upon both his sons and merely uses them as pawns, not to mention abusing them physically and emotionally and he's already begun the emotional abuse with Will by neglecting him and using him as a pawn to make Katie (who btw Bill threw away like a used tissue) dump the love she had waited so long to receive all the while hypocritcally calling it incest while he was pining away for his other son's wife. Nevermind his blatant transphobia and outing Maya and otherwise doing everything he can to fuck up the lives of anyone and everyone he touches, almost killing Sally (for which he is NOT sorry) and his own son. Bill is a TERRIBLE human being he has no business being near a child. Oh but wait, there's more.... Remember when he tried to convince the mother of his child to kill herself? Don't remember anyone on the show doing that before. He's a pure, unadulterated trashcan and I am not going to magically forget that just because Ridge the douchebag, is the one ringing the bell. Clang clang CLANG! The bell needs to be rung.
  7. Luke Cage in the Media

    Ahh! This is great thanks you for posting this!!
  8. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    I knew it was her immediately although I kept getting thrown off because there is another character mentioned in the crime family with her exact name. Also I failed to mention this before but Luke sucks. He was actually gonna kill Bushmaster over Mariah? You stupid fuck! It used to be Danny but now Luke is my least favourite Defender. I don't know if it's like a poster (or two) said about Colter being wooden but he has zero chemistry with anyone but Jessica and Danny IMO. It's become really hard for me to root for him. As far as I was concerned they could have killed him off and given the show to Misty, Bushmaster and Tilda. What does it mean when you're the least compelling thing in your own show? Of course part of it could be the Tom Welling/Smallville effect. The unfortunate causality of playing a straight character when everyone else gets to have colours but I just really don't feel anything for this dude. One and a half seasons (didn't make it through the rest of season one after Cottonmouth) was enough. If I watch it again probably going to fast forward through all his parts although I'd rather we just skip it and get a Daughter's of the Dragon show and Tilda and Bushmaster can show up on that. I can see them being like Kingpin and his wife. Real chemistry there.
  9. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    That's what that means though. 'He's a hard man to kill.' So that is spot on. It's a translation as a previous poster said. If you put it on captions they will translate the patois for you. I for one loved the patois. Mustafa Shakir and Kevin Mambo in particular nailed their Jamaican accents. Too often Americans doing Jamaican accents becomes offensive in a cartoonish caricature sort of way but for once I felt well represented by these two. Agreed, Bushmaster was everything to me, him and his family were the heart of the season IMO. I also superdug Shades. I'm at a table of one for enjoying Shades and Mariah but I would have enjoyed it more if Mariah was fully bought into it. I felt strongly that Shades loved her but not so much the opposite. Wrt his bf I liked that arc a lot though I feel his bf got what he deserved as it seems he was cutting a deal to sell-out Shades when Alvarez caught him on the roof. He truly begat his own death after setting things in motion due to his jealously over ShaRiah IMO.
  10. S02E10: The Main Ingredient 06.22.2018

    I loved the callback from Shades of Cottonmouth's line after Pops death and after the Rum Punch Massacre. "Believe it or not there are actual rules to this shit" I just adore Shades, him and Bushmaster and the Bushmaster family are the reason I finished the season. Probably won't be watching Luke Cage for another season though. Can't stand the titular hero.
  11. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Tbh I'm not particularly concerned about his tweets, my concern is representation, he clearly apologized, time will prove whether or not he means it, but I'm not interested in speculating on a character based on perceived notions of what someone who doesn't know him believes is in his heart. I'm interested in Reggie as a character and the only Asian representation on the show who happens to have chemistry with the only black reoresentation on the show (who isn't a step'n'fetch it) getting screentime, that's more important to me then whether or not I believe he's sorry based on what appears to be zero evidence to the contrary.
  12. I wanted to see Reggie and Valerie as well, their brief flashes of chemistry at Nick's party and the clean-up had me interested in more. Tbh the argument that it would be difficult to shoehorn the POC into the show smacks of prejudice. Reggie and Josie and the Pussycats are vital to the comics, and as proven by basic-ass Felicity overtaking Black Canary on Arrow it's clear that source material isn't high on CW's priority list. Nevertheless a good writer can write a good story for anyone, if you're only capable of writing for white characters then you suck at your job. A good writer can effectively move all the chess pieces on the board in a way that is advantageous to the story and all the characters, a lazy writer is one who can only write for their faves and who and how a vocal teen audience expects. A good writer uses their work to inform and entertain, a poor and lazy writer simply writes to shock value and click bait. A good example of this is The Walking Dead writers versus (shock of all shocks) The Vampire Diaries writers. Both shows have People of Colour and while one has expanded the role of the POC in the source material the other, although racebending the character, severely diminished the character's role. One gives characters of Colour and women agency and character development whilst the other used the one (presenting) character of colour as a plot device to prop up and service the other white characters, which (big surprise) is exactly what's happening here. It even surprises me that Kevin is getting the tokenism treatment when he is one of the most IMO charasmatic and interesting characters on the show (especially in comparison to Archie and Veronica) I guess I expected him to be better fleshed out given that Berlanti is an openly gay man, I never imagined Kevin would stay on the margins of the plot the way he has.
  13. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    To be honest I don't give a fig about the core four save Jughead. Betty is far too milquetoast and the actress bores me in the same way Katie Holmes used to, as well the line Kevin had about her privilege is literally all I can think of at this point in most contexts. Veronica is now a narcissistic, solipsistic ass and Archie and the actor are eternally boring to me. If I had the Riverdale I wanted I would have infinitely more Reggie/Josie and give the two layers more Toni and Cheryl, and more Kevin and Moose or Kevin and anyone (but I like Moose). Also always down for more Skeet, Machen and Luke focused storylines. I find it interesting reading the post a few pages back about making Reggie and Toni regulars. For all Berlanti does right he still worked with Plec and he has taken to her racist tropes like a duck to water. I'm predicting that if Crazy Rich Asians does well (and I plan to support the shit out of it) that we will be seeing exponentially more Reggie not to mention now that Melton has been cast in and filmed The Sun is Also a Star which is Nicola Yoon's (Everything Everything) follow up book with Yara Shahidi as lead that the CW and Betlanti will want to jump on the train and capitalize on that. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/yara-shahidi-charles-melton-the-sun-is-also-a-star-movie The cynic (and former massive CW watcher) in me says that they will be jumping on the bandwagon and forgetting that the POC in their cast (with the exception of The Lodges) are people too will blow over just as soon as the buzz from Crazy Rich Asians and The Sun is Also A Star disappears. But I also hope that Crazy Rich Asians is the game hanger needed to pull Asian characters to the forefront overall.
  14. Ridge and his "You made a promise bullshit." Me as Liam : "Well muthafucker you made a promise to my cousin too, took you half a minute to break that." and Steffy, you lecherous wreck, shut.the.fuck.up. JUST SHUT UP!!!! A New Hope always and forever. Also, Steffy saying she blames herself isn't the same as Steffy blaming herself because what that stupid dick is actually doing is blaming EVERYBODY else, including Hope, Brooke AND Liam. The only ones she hasn't effectively blamed are herself and Bill. Those two really are meant for each other.
  15. Saaaaame. Me. I thought it, multiple times. Looooool! The Tom Petty vid! Don't kill me girl!