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  1. S05.E07: O Come, All Ye Thankful

    I see Chris Klein's acting hasn't improved. My god but he's terrible. Loved, loved loved everything and everyone else. Iris was so cute as the weather hologram and the fact that Harrison is awesome in every incarnation makes me so happy. Also and as always, Cisco and Harry for the win. I love this combo so damn much, etc etc it's nice to see Killer Frost again, and it seems very little to no Ralph which made me happy. Oh Chris Klein, oh awful Chris Klein. I agree with whomever said Barry's new costume sucks. It's the mask that bothers me, boy does he look like a pinhead now, I kept yelling, "Take that thing off" everytime he was on screen. Y'all if you haven't seen Chris Klein fuck up Kristin Kreuk's chance at badassery in Legend of Chun-Li, let me gift you with something... Merry Christmas He's always been terrible, but he seems to be simply getting worse. Those last few lines this episode made me long for the Thinker, hell I'd even take the Emo Savitar over this dude, nevermind Savitar was pretty brill .
  2. Table of two. I brought wine though.
  3. I was just referring to being excited about Zoe and the lot but that quickly turned to frustration and disappointment with their shitty storylines and horrific acting. You do bring up a wonderful point about Viv and Julius though. I miss Sasha. Also, this show needs more men. People wouldn't ricochet back to Ridge and Bill so much if they had options (well maybe Brooke still would) can we get a fine Asian dude up in here? How about a hottie from OLTL like the guy who played Cristian?
  4. I think both their bodies are bangin' tbh.
  5. Trust me girl, if there's a doomed, hopeless ship I will find it. I was so excited to see more Black People, it didn't last. Why can't they find Black people that can act? #fml
  6. If this were a better show, I'd note the parallels between Quinn inciting Pam's crazy by quasi making fun of her mental health issues and everyone inciting Quinn's crazy by acting like she has nothing to feel crazy about. It's kind of a weird turnaround that everyone is treating Quinn like she should be perfectly fine with everything when she shouldn't and that is what is making her unravel which is how they are treating her anyway and same for what Quinn insinuated with Pam and Charlie that Pam was off her rocker and not fit to marry. Although I do stand firmly with Quinn that Pam needs to pack up the wedding demands and get the Sam Hell out of Quinn and Eric's house. But this is on Eric, Quinn would be less likely to gun for Pam if she had the support she needed from Eric and Pam wouldn't feel so entitled if Eric made it clear that he puts Quinn's (his wife's) feelings first before his former sister-in-law's. Donna has always been ridiculous, I do love Jennifer Gareis though, leftover love from being at a table of one for a decade shipping Grace and Nick.
  7. The way these women dote on Bill like he's the last man or most sensitive, incredible sexy man on earth, disturbs me. He is literally the WORST person on the show and the way he treats every single person ESPECIALLY those he's involved with is despicable. Katie blubbering by the bedside of the man who cheated on her twice (once with her sister) and threatened multiple times to take her son away depending on how he approves or disapproves of her life at the moment is fucking ridiculous. Stop crying you idiot! And Brooke, I know he ain't Mr.Fantastic but you did marry him and no one twisted your arm, that means no fucking slobbering all over another man especially the one he hates most in this world. How fucking hard is this to get? And you can substitute the names on the weekly. The characters on this show are faithless tramps, how are there so many people with zero personality traits. Gah! Amen to that sister. How Eric can't see how this is disrespectful to Quinn is beyond me. I'm actually down for the QuiRidge. Fuck Eric and ditto to Brooke. She's middle-aged now she's had multiple decades to play the field, if she didn't want to settle down she shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. I'm sick of her games. Maybe her and Eric can just end up together in the end, they're both just as selfish. Me I'm a big fan of Quinn and Ridge, that chemistry is crazy, I say show "Go to!"
  8. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    Except that he was doing the hard work and it was working enough that he was not killing anyone the Fisk mission triggered him but we have every indication he was doing the hard work on himself and it was working before that incident (unlike Matt). Also when Dex needed more help he reached out to Julie who was willing to help him of course he would not have tried to reach out to her or get her involved at all if Fisk hadn't shoved her in his direction. Matt gave no indication that he cared about providing closure for Dex when he told him. If he cared about his mental health at all he would never have left her body there to rot after finding her (nor would a real hero) He stopped seeing Dex and Julie and Kingpin's victims as actual people. He didn't give a shit he just wanted a path to his true love Fisk and he did whatever it took to get it. Whatever it takes is something that happens to somebody else and on this show the somebody always seems to be minorities and women. Julie was used twice once by Fisk in life then by Matt in death and IMO it was rather disgusting. Also it's important to note that Julie wasn't a card she was a person and the fact that it makes sense to term her that way is exactly what's wrong with this show.
  9. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    I love Elektra to be honest. She's my favourite character, her Typhoid Mary, Colleen Wing and Punisher. But Daredevil has never written Elektra with any respect she has always come in as someone's pawn and scarcely given her own agency or agenda. I think they have a major problem with powerful women on this show. I did miss Claire as well, for a season so lacking in empathy she would have been well received by me.
  10. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    Dude!! Bless you! That's exactly what I said. No female character received characterization this season save for Karen (whom I can't stand) who was written with a very male perspective. I find it near impossible to believe that someone who went through all she did would be so compassionless towards the snitch that she bullied and blackmailed into snitching only to have him die and aside from briefly whining about her part in it Karen recovers fairly quickly in time to throw someone else under the bus. There are a lot of buses this season and the "heroes" arms must be tired from all the shoving they are doing in front of them. In terms of Julie, she was not given any motivations or goals outside of being Dex's Northstar and she didn't even receive the opportunity to be that willingly for longer than an episode. This season is deeply disturbing from a toxic masculinity lens. It adheres to all the things that are actively being fought in the world right now and deals with them in absolutely the wrong way. Like you mentioned even Vanessa doesn't have her own agency nor is she perceived as anything more than clueless child "caught up" in her husband's "business". She's not even treated as an adult enough to be seen as responsible for her own sins, she's there to be used as a pawn by the police and then by Daredevil. All the marginalized characters are used as pawns and nothing more. If you aren't a rich or a white male in this season it's a 'fuck you' basically except Karen who has been given a temporary white male privilege pass this season only to have it revoked when she tortures herself over murdering a guy who was emotionally torturing and planning to Murder her. No toxic masculine viewpoints there at all. Nope. Also wrt Vanessa, after the entire fucking season we still aren't given even an ounce of a clue what she wants or who she is. She's used more like a Virgin to hold above Kingpin's "whorish" life than an actual real, flesh and blood character. All the women this season reveive this Virgin/Whore treatment, save for Karen who is sporadically exempt. From the lens of mental illness I love what you said about Bullseye, the work he was doing on himself, by himself was incredible and for the villain of the show to exploit that without fanfare from any of the "heroes" and then the "hero" of the show to promptly exploit it as well was disgusting to me. Tbh Dex did a lot more work on himself than Matt ever has, and Matt still has all the problems he had in season 1 and 2. He has friends that won't accept ALL of him and he still won't accept all of himself. He is always positing himself as either Daredevil or Matt Murdock and never leaves space for both which is what I believe is his greatest conflict but he never makes any strides. Matt just grabs one identity and clasps onto it then walks it back the next season and grabs another. Well for fuck's sakes how about some growth or some effort? By season three he should know enough about himself to unequivocally know where he stands on murder. If I knew as a viewer there was no way in hell he would kill Kingpin then Matt should have fucking known this as well as should Foggy have. Ridiculous and pointless. Also aside from her being a woman, which the show takes great strides to highlight (in an incredibly sexist way) is there any real, legitimate reason that Vanessa shouldn't be in prison too? She's complicit in the terrible things her husband does, and the murder of Ray, she belongs there as well but I guess Matt gets to be judge, jury and executioner due to his God complex. The same way Matt wound up Dex like a toy and sent him spiraling towards Kingpin only to snap him back and chastise him for doing what Matt sent him to do and frankly he had every logical reason to do after Kingpin so callously and cruelly stole his last shot at redemption, while unceremoniously murdering an innocent woman an leaving her in the fridge like an animal. Here's another thing Julie is a Person. Matt just left her in the fucking fridge like she was nothing, no attempt to contact her family or have her buried he just left her and the other two victims there for Dex to find because it suited his agenda and then he went about his business. And the show wants to tell me that's a fucking hero? GTFOOH!
  11. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    I really didn't like this season at all and just thought Daredevil using Bullseye's last bit of humanity against him like that was despicable. I thought Matt was supposed to be in the business of redemption and saving souls, that's his stupid reason for saving Kingpin when that motherfucker should be dead as a door nail yet when it comes to Dex I guess it's just fine to use his only remaining weakness against him all so Matt can feel superior to Kingpin. Most people could probably see Matt wasn't going to kill Kingpin which means all he really wanted to do was look Kingpin in the eye and beat him senseless (since he didn't know about Nadeem's sacrifice when he went in there) so he basically used a person's mental illness against them to pave the way for his (Matt's) own twisted obsession with physically beating Kingpin. When you see it that way it is not about saving the city at all. Julie, Nadeem, the Priest, the Informant and his son (who didn't die but lost a father) all the collateral damage (read people) caught in the crossfire didn't mean anything at the end of the day as long as Matt and Karen got their man and story respectively. You can tell this was written by someone with a very particular view or experience in the world by the way the marginalized people were absolutely thrown under a bus in this season especially by those purported to be heroes. Also where were the women? Karen was the only female in the season that got any real characterization. You have a cop who is a Mom whose child has been murdered by Kingpin and she's just content to fall in line? (and a last minute mea culpa after he was already charged doesn't count) The Walking Dead dealt with this issue far better. It felt like a rehash of season 1 especially the ending. I didn't see any growth from Matt at all just regression actually kind of like Luke Cage in season 2. D'onofrio is an absolutely wonderful actor but that's no excuse for the same old villain if nothing changed, this felt incredibly redundant and the "heroes" aside from Foggy felt like anything but. Pretty disappointing to me especially wrt the great strides it's sister show that just got cancelled, Iron Fist made in season 2 with regard to what it means to be a hero, balance, racist and sexist tropes and poor characterization.
  12. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    I agree. It's so inherently racist it's like TVD all over again. Fucking CW for the fail, always. Really not trying to watch Betty and Cheryl be Queens of the Serpents. Gross.
  13. Oh FFS are you serious? The misogynoir is real. The CW's colourism doesn't help matters.