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  1. Made in Staten Island

    I’m dying to know which one was in your classroom. I think I can guess who it was based on your language... My students have only been on TV because their dumbasses made the news. They were wearing letters on t-shirts at an event to spell out SUPER offensive and ignorant phrases.
  2. S.W.A.T.

    When good educators spend as much time with students as we do, especially as an English teacher, you get a true sense of who they are. We notice everything, including what they wear, how they respond and who they hang out with. Also, their peers are pretty good at letting us know about anything they see, hear or witness. They will screen shot a shady SnapChat post and show it to me. It takes a while to build that trust though, but it’s there. At the end of the day, there are so many missed opportunities to help students and it saddens me. I was physically assaulted by an 18 year old male student in Nov 2016. It was a very atypical situation overall, but when I eventually sat down with my principal (TWO weeks after it happened), he said to me: “I met with Insert Student Name Here and he didn’t strike me as a student with malicious intent (CA’s minimum requirement to determine assault). Also, you should not have touched his backpack.” The student ended up with a 3 day suspension and transferred to a new English class. Meanwhile, I had to use my own vacation time to attend WorkComp doc appts. I finally put my foot down and said I wanted to see a real doctor. New doctor was livid that I had been teaching for seven months with such severe nerve damage. I ended up having surgery (an ulnar nerve transposition) in March of 2018 and I still can’t hold my cell phone in my R hand without fatigue setting in. I’ve been out on disability through the district, but because I was only on a temporary contract, I’ve been paying $700/month for COBRA health coverage for 18 months. Switching to Obamacare as of 2/1. $150 cheaper AND I get dental! Many administrators dismiss everything because it requires them to remember what it was like to be in the classroom. They also struggle (or refuse) to understand how students have changed in the last 5-10 years. The whole system is screwed up, in my professional and personal opinion.
  3. S.W.A.T.

    I teach high school, but it wasn’t hard for me to watch. It was frustrating for me to watch because I know our schools aren’t even staffed with security guards (forget the part-time School Resource Officer) who can commandeer the students. It’s beyond ridiculous. Lastly, before I get on a soapbox, when I’ve gone to Admin/Counselors about students who make me worry about XYZ, they don’t take me seriously. I’m an English teacher; it’s my job to read every word they compose and NOTICE the shady stuff. And you know when I send an e-mail to their other teachers to check in with them, I’m the only one who has something to report. I really wish it was different, but I don’t even know how or when that would begin to happen.
  4. Season 5 Discussion

    I wonder if David (the cop from Ohio) will return to policing once the 60 days are up. I can’t help but be generally curious about it because of Alan’s choice (last season) to not return to work as a law enforcement officer.
  5. Season Five Discussion

    Am I the only one who thinks Jonah’s new “friend” resembles Amber?!?!
  6. S07.E34: Backstage Pass

    Preach! Maybe the schools aren’t well in Wasilla? I thought it was odd that she didn’t say anything like “despite being on the pill/having an IUD, I still got pregnant on the night Dakota and I were engaged” during her premiere episode. I bet that she might still think the pull out method works too. Wouldn’t shock me at all! I admit that a tiny part of me thought she might be Duggar-ish with their whole “number of babies I have is up to God” thing, but I can easily tell that she’d lose her damn mind if she had more kids. Regardless of her personal wealth, she couldn’t have as many plastic surgery procedures or Louis Vuitton bags as she wants if she had more children. I checked out her cosmetic dentist’s website because I have no idea how expensive veneers are and I am also just plain nosy. $800-$1200 per tooth! Holy shit. That’s a minimum of $25k. Same price as a really nice car or about half of someone’s student loan debt! I doubt her procedure was free, but even with a possible discount for the publicity, I don’t even want to know how much money she paid. (I still wear my post-braces retainers because I understand how important one’s smile is to their self confidence.) If you’re a 20-something single mom, who was also a teen mom, and you’re dating someone you’re physically attracted to, why the hell wouldn’t you take precautions to prevent another baby? BP managed to plan out her plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures she had, but couldn’t be bothered to see a doctor to have an IUD (or anything else) inserted/implanted? I just don’t get it. Initially, I thought she might have wanted several kids since she’s one of five, but I’ve changed my mind after watching the show. None of her kids were planned. I’m summarizing something I thought I saw on the show, but does anyone else remember her saying something about “she was so used to being a single mom when it was only her and Tripp.” I also thought I heard her say: “Marriage is/was hard because I don’t want/need a husband or partner to raise kid(s) with me.” I personally think she’d be happiest living in Alaska with Tripp. Now that Levi knows how to deal with her special brand of crazy, if it were only BP and Tripp in Alaska, they could come to a custody agreement for Tripp. BP could use her alone time to get a real job, sit on park benches with her only friend or go fishing. I think when she went fishing, it was the only time we ever saw her genuinely happy other than “Behind the Scenes” of the reunion.
  7. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    She’s doing the stupid Kail thing: #momof______ Someone please make it stop! Anyone else surprised she didn’t include three pink bows with her hashtag? I am. Also, I’m just going to say it: she has gotten SO big. She still has 7-8 weeks to go and she’s already this big? That can’t be healthy; it just can’t. It’s not like she was the living picture of health pre-pregnancy, but still. (Various media sources indicate she’s due on March 6.) Maybe she thinks those ridiculous dog ears and muzzle will distract us from how big she’s gotten?
  8. S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    I skimmed over the Jennings’ offspring social media accounts and it was somewhat enlightening. I can’t tell if Griffen is still dating the girl from summer of 2018 or anyone new. Scanning Twitter, it appears as if all of the family members use it primarily as a platform to plug the show (tons of TLC retweets) and LGBTQ+ issues. I’d bet that the boys prefer a modicum of privacy, as they should, especially when it comes to their personal lives. Per Instagram, Ari has a boyfriend. Her posts and word choice make me think it’s either a serious or long term relationship. Ari’s is also the most “normal” account; one would never know that her family is on TV simply by looking at her page.
  9. S07.E34: Backstage Pass

    This. Is. So. True. I never made the connection before your post, but you’re 100% correct in that comparison.
  10. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    After I taught high school for a few years, I opted to go back and earn my Education Specialist credential. In the state of California, completion of that specific credential mandates that participants complete additional coursework in order to earn a separate certificate that is an authorization to teach students with autism. (Think of the autism authorization as minoring in a subject during college.) A professor I had at the time, who earned her Ph.D. in studying autism, shared a very profound message with us. I have always believed that everyone, not just educators, would benefit from hearing her words of wisdom. Once you meet one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. I don’t know what experiences any of you have had with people who have autism, but I implore you to remember what my professor said. Just because someone seems “off” and English isn’t their first language, it doesn’t mean they have autism. For all we know, Asuelu could have a TBI (traumatic brain injury), hence his speech pattern and the pace at which he is learning English, which is second only to Mandarin Chinese in terms of it being the most difficult language in the world to learn. Additionally, if Asuelo isn’t literate in his primary language, he will never be literate in a second language. There are many reasons people act the way they do, assholes or non-assholes. Combining my personal and professional experiences, including working with students who have varying degrees of autism at the collegiate level to teaching high school in a classroom based on the format of inclusion, I can assure you that Asuelo is not on the spectrum at all. Throwing the “autism” label around isn’t anyone’s place, especially if you have no firsthand experience or professional training with this multi-faceted diagnosis I have a 17 year old cousin in Dayton, Ohio (Ian) who has such a severe form of autism that he’s been non-verbal his entire life. He also attends a special school for students who need 1:1 instruction, wears diapers and has a service dog. The service dog will be retiring this year, so now they are back to raising $15k for a new service dog. My aunt and uncle are going to be taking care of him for the rest of their lives. They can’t jump on a plane or head out of town for a long weekend because they can’t leave their son with a “normal nanny/caregiver/babysitter” like other parents might do. He doesn’t have friends to stay with for the weekend. They would need a home health care aide, at minimum, to look after him to ensure that he’s cared for at the level that he needs and requires.
  11. Bodyguard

    I’m with you. I thought Keeley Hawes gave a wooden and stilted performance in this show. It was actually quite hard for me to take her seriously as such an important member of the government, not to mention her love scenes with Richard Madden. Zero chemistry. She appears on The Graham Norton Show (available on BBC America) usually twice a year. I find her to be so boring and dull on the ONE show where they serve alcohol and guests are always having a great time! For as much as I love “MI-5”, Keeley Hawes is on that show as well. I find her acting on that show to be just as unnatural and one dimensional - and that show premiered in 2002! (I don’t want to spoil MI-5 for anyone in case they start to watch it, but she’s only on it for a few seasons. That info can be gleaned from IMDB, so nothing’s been spoiled. Also, UK programming is vastly different than American programs as the TV shows in the UK are known for having major characters leave suddenly through a variety of means. When an actor doesn’t want to renew their contract or the writers want to shock the audience, they do the one thing American showrunners would never do: send characters packing.)
  12. During the first Unfiltered episode with Jasmine & Luke, once the teaser of Luke “knowing” Kate had been mentioned, there was a conversation about the idea of possibly having run into one’s future mate previously, but not knowing it. Once he was engaged, Luke specifically said how odd it was to walk down the street and wonder if he was walking by his future wife. He also said he looked at every woman at the gym and wondered if “they had the same secret.” Those were his exact words. Not “I wonder if she’s my future wife” or “Is that the woman who I am going to marry?” I thought his choice of words was quite interesting. I understand the obvious requirement of deleting dating apps and online dating profiles, but I’d imagine that the only way to keep the whole “first sight” aspect authenticity would be to sequester the couples in different hotels around the city - and that isn’t an option. Luke had a business (or three) to run. Kristine had properies to show. AJ was probably interviewing employees for his new business. People have careers, money to earn and other “adulting” responsibilities that require them to interact with other people, even if it’s their Uber driver. For as horrible as Kate’s experience probably was, and it’s beyond sad that these “experts” based the odds of her marriage being successful on whether Luke found her attractive or not (I still cannot believe anyone signed off on those two!), I do have to say that her giggling alone would drive me nuts. When I am around others who chuckle or laugh as a way to channel nervous energy or while in an uncomfortable situation, it drives me up the wall. I understand it’s an automatic reaction for some people, but it’s hard to be friends with them during tough times. Maybe there are different types of nervous gigglers? I used to have a friend at work who couldn’t contain a laugh to save her life and it was beyond annoying. I had been freaking out about something work related and while I was venting to her, she sat there and giggled out loud. I remember being so irritated that I stopped talking about my problem mid-sentence, turned to her and said: “You know, I’m sure you don’t even realize it, but you have a habit of laughing when other people are freaking out. It’s not very comforting. It’s not helpful at all.” (I’m a Pisces and most of us are not known for communicating that we are upset or pissed off. It usually takes a lot to have me tell you how I really feel!)
  13. Small Talk: Let's get Jazzed

    I agree! This week’s episode (season 5, episode 2) was painful to listen to. In fact, for as much experience that Jazz has had to meet different people, give interviews to media outlets and attend different events all over the country, she doesn’t come off as being very bright or intelligent at all. Even during the countless rubber chicken dinners she has attended, she failed to notice that no one else chewed with their mouth open?! I can tell she isn’t a reader, which makes my heart sad. Just once, I would love to see see someone on “Reality TV” reading a book before bed or talking about a book they can’t wait to finish. I know it’s a bit nit picky, but her grammar is awful! It’s the high school English teacher in me, I know, but I cringe when she mangles verbs and other parts of speech so frequently. She spewed out some word salad this week while on the way to the allergist with her mom. I can’t remember what the exact phrase was, but Jeanette literally said the same thing back to her, as if to confirm she was hearing Jazz and it blew me away. For about 10 seconds. Then I remembered who was on my screen and I calmed down. In all seriousness, I wonder what (if any) impact blocking male puberty from setting in had on her development as a critical thinker or overall student. I’m a teacher (credentialed K-12) who has primarily taught middle & high school. The male students definitely struggle more than their female peers during grades 7-10. Everything she says, whether it’s about a vagina or skydiving, is prefaced with: “I’ve wanted to do this my entire life.” Hey Jazz, you can’t see the planet Earth when you go skydiving. I do understand why her mom allowed her to complete her studies via a virtual school (because Jazz said it was what she wanted), but there’s something to be said for students to be around peers in an academic setting. Even if it’s to have minimal access to academic content or to pick up on social cues (i.e. empathy or how to treat teachers), it seems to be working in the state of CA with the introduction of an inclusive classroom. I don’t mean to suggest that Jazz would be eligible for services from an Education Specialist, but I would not be surprised to find out that she has either ADD or ADHD. I won’t bore you with the symptoms that I see present, but it would explain a lot. I think she’s well versed in issues that are important to her, and that’s great! I sincerely hope that she also takes a genuine interest in other socially relevant causes as well. More knowledge never hurt anyone!
  14. Kate was wearing a wedding band. I made a point to pause my TV and look really hard at everyone’s left hands when it was possible. All four of the married folks were wearing wedding bands during both episodes of Unfiltered. I assume the bands are worn to prevent spoilers. Kristine’s wedding band slid down on her finger, but it was there. I was initially aghast because I thought: “Her marriage didn’t last, but Kate and Luke’s did?” I’m assuming Kate & Luke aren’t together; pure speculation on my end. Once I saw Kristine’s ring on her finger, all was right in the world.
  15. S07.E34: Backstage Pass

    Add that to her Jesus Drank Wine sweatshirt while hugging Kristina goodbye and saying: “you’re so sweet” and I kind of liked her. I can’t find the sweatshirt that Bristol wore anywhere online, but that phrase (which is new to me) is available on everything and anything from Amazon to Etsy. I believe it was @MyPeopleAreNordic who originally said it, but BP undoubtedly has great manners and it showed. I do think she was sincere with Kristina though. Who doesn’t love our girl Kristina? Was Dakota drunk when the dads were together or did he borrow some of Tyler’s Adderall? The whole talking over each other thing was really hard to watch, but quite telling (no pun intended) about their personalities. I know these guys didn’t attend social skills classes, but I find it to be such bad etiquette when interrupting others and to continue talking. It’s not like they all blabbed at the same time for 10 seconds, realized what they were doing and then stopped. Nope. Not our dads. They did that shit for 10 minutes! I’d like to know why that clip was even played; we couldn’t decipher what anyone was saying the majority of the time. I do admit that I am guilty of interrupting people sometimes, but it’s usually because I don’t want to forget to say or ask something, like during a visit to the doctor. However, I am very aware of it and work hard not to do it. I think Dakota & Bristol still like each other. I wonder if they’d still be together if they didn’t have their girls? Maybe the stress of having two little ones that are so close in age compounded with how hard marriage can be, his PTSS (I learned it’s not a disorder; it’s a syndrome) and Bristol’s self-admitted uptight demeanor was a recipe for divorce? I don’t mean to suggest that Sailor and Atlee are the reason for the dissolution of their marriage (I know several of you have children who are close in age), but they seemed to actually like each other. I could almost imagine how they acted while they were dating. That said, based on my limited knowledge of post-combat PTSS and the struggle veterans face when coming home, I am dying to know what Bristol was thinking by having a second baby with him. Following the timeline of their relationship, as short as it was, I find it hard to believe that Bristol wasn’t privy to Dakota’s struggles and outbursts. Does anyone know her stance on birth control? I wonder if Bristol and her legal team will “strongly encourage” Dakota to get some help for his PTSS after this show aired, especially when it comes to custody. I don’t know about my fellow posters, but I couldn’t tell if he was extraordinarily proud that he hasn’t gotten help or if he’s totally clueless that it’s much more common for males, especially veterans, to get mental health treatment. Shout out to Cory for giving Amber shit the minute he met her. I don’t watch The Challenge, and I believe that he’s obnoxious and a camera whore, but God love him! Between his exchange with Amber and telling Ryder to go live her best life, I can’t hate on him on this show.