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  1. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I was really impressed as well. I’d never even heard her speak before today. She’s got a brain and a sense of humor. I like that she talked about healthy eating without being super preachy about it. Regina Hall joking about Matthew being her crush & Camila’s reaction was funny - I actually laughed out loud at that bit. No need to search anymore for a new panel member. Camila for the win.
  2. I haven’t checked the Shore Store’s website yet (don’t judge! Maybe we can get a group discount!), but I would seriously wear a t-shirt with either the Pauly D sticker logo on it, one with the hair gel “doll” that Vinny carried with him in Vegas or one that reads “Living My Best Life” because Mike 2.0 is the best.
  3. S01.E03: The Woman Who Never Died

    This x 10,000. He really does almost sound like Tom and while I heard it in the 2nd episode, I thought it was just me wanting to like the show and hoping it gets better. Thanks for articulating exactly what Jay has managed to nail perfectly! He’s also pretty easy on the eyes, so I’m not mad at him for being on my TV. I do have trouble buying that he used to be a SEAL though. Until I see him shirtless and kicking ass like Alex O’Loughlin, he looks way too lean to have even graduated from BUD/S (even if we allow for POW related weight loss and/or muscle atrophy).
  4. S06.E03: RAD!

    Rad isn’t even available for purchase anywhere- that is how unique and rare it was. I have a twin brother and was exposed to “boy stuff” while playing with my Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. It’s definitely a cult film, like Grease 2, except the dancing takes place on actual bikes. I kid you not. Also, lots of cute guys were in it, especially those twin BMX bikers! 🎼🎹🎤Send me an Angel.....whoo whoo whoo.....send me an Angel..... You can’t even find the soundtrack anywhere, which sucks. I’ve only seen copies of the film for sale via eBay and it’s always for an outrageous sum of money...and only available on VHS tape. #RadRules
  5. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I agree with you. He is SO extra all of the time, but he is still so pretty. When he walked out and did that turn-around-strut-walk thing, I was already over him. I liked him a lot on Criminal Minds, but S.W.A.T. isn’t even in the same league as CM. It’s decent enough for background noise when you need to clean out a closet or do laundry.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I agree with you that the fairy tale shouldn’t be altered, 100 percent. It was the outrage in Sharon’s shril voice that made it seem as if she was defending Les without saying his name. Maybe it was support for Julie, but I doubt it. Sharon knows Les’ buddies are still at CBS and her job is in their hands. She is probably kissing their arses now since Julie isn’t around to protect her job.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Did Sharon seriously defend Les (indirectly) when discussing the Snow White/Kristen Bell piece?!?! “She’s in a coma!” WTF?!?! I finally caught up with the show today and have to add my two cents about the whole Harry/Meghan baby announcement during Princess Eugenie’s wedding weekend. Totally tacky! I do know who Eugenie is (and her sister, Beatrice). The minute I saw Meghan walk into the church in her navy coat at the wedding, I was 99.9% certain that she was pregnant. Also, after Sharon made the “She doesn’t look black!” comment about MM, and Eve made the comment about it being a different conversation, Eve immediately used her hands to give the international sign for “cut to break” to someone on set. It was nice to see that she was in control of the content because it made me think she’s got more pull and/or influence than Sharon. When Shemar was being interviewed, Sharon looked SO bored. Her unprofessional demeanor is baffling. I don’t expect her to act any differently on any given day, but it’s so damn obvious with her that I can’t help but notice it. I don’t know why I torture myself by watching this show. Also, the John Stamos segment is 100% true and NOT the first time he’s stalked a woman he liked. I realize you don’t know me from Eve (no pun intended), but I have no reason to lie. My ex-boyfriend worked with a guy (Andy) who knew Rebecca Romijn through mutual friends. Andy told us about the last time they all hung out, which was just after John & Rebecca had divorced. They were all in the car, headed to dinner and Andy was in the back seat and RR was sitting shotgun. John blew up her cell phone and left crazy ass voice mails. “Rebecca, I love you. We can work this out - you know we can! Please call me back! Don’t leave me!” The shock in Andy’s voice isn’t anything I’ll ever forget because he is an infantry officer in the USMC and has been in combat many times. He has learned to compartmentalize awful things he has seen; nothing phases him. However, he was so floored by the level of crazy & desperation coming from John via Rebecca’s phone that he tells people about it so he isn’t the only one who knows that “Uncle Jesse” is a psycho. (RR’s phone was on speaker mode because she wanted her friends to hear John. In the event she needed a restraining order, she’d have had some witnesses. She ended up turning her phone off because he wouldn’t stop calling her.)
  8. General Gabbery: DWTS

    I really do agree with your idea about those lowest on the totem pole being put on the block. I wish it was an option as it might start to make the show a bit more “respectable” again. I’m just throwing this out here: if the show did do a bottom 3, and Tinashe was in the bottom 3 & wasn’t saved by America, do you think you would you still be as upset (as you have the right to be) about her being eliminated early? I know how I feel when ppl I really like get sent home early and it is disheartening, especially when it’s a show that one really enjoys. In fact, I stopped watching American Idol the week that Jennifer Hudson went home. I never watched another episode again not have I seen the re-boot. The Voice allows fans to save people in jeopardy, but only during the east coast broadcast and via Twitter. As someone who is on the west coast, I hate that. If ABC did a “save a couple” format, they’d have to calculate: -the west coast viewing audience -those who don’t have a Twitter account -those who don’t have satellite TV A few seasons ago, I tried voting online at abc.com and I found it to be a nightmare. I also elect not to engage in social media for professional reasons. I wonder if ABC can send out a mass text to its viewers to save XYZ, but now that I think about that, it ruins the show for the west coast because we will already know which couples were in danger by 5:50pm. That’s when a lot of ppl are at the gym, driving home, running errands and still finishing their day. I do know I’m over thinking this way too much and I know it’s only a TV show. However, it can be a very, very long nine weeks with someone like Joe or Bristol Palin (twice! Ugh!) on your TV each week.
  9. General Gabbery: DWTS

    I didn’t start watching until season 11, so I missed Gilles & Cheryl together. I will forever be bummed about that. However, your post reminded me of an amazing dance that I do remember from Peta & Gilles. Many fantastic dances have stood out for me, but I still remember Gilles & Peta’s Bollywood dance and how damn great it was. I was exhausted after watching them perform! I know she had a lot of help and I liked that it wasn’t hidden during the rehearsal week video package. I am not even a Peta fan, but I give her a lot of credit for working hard on that routine and to Gilles for being able to dance really well, especially given the difficult style. I can still remember what they wore, many of their moves and it still impresses me every time I see it. Ironically, I don’t remember their scores, but I remember that dance. As an aside: I know why it’s not shown, but I really wish we saw more of the rehearsal week footage with the pros and how hard they work with their partners (except for Joe, because it’s Joe). We know there are only X number of steps in certain dances. Throw in the potential inability to teach something to someone, along with the fact that it’s not a secret not everyone is trained in ballroom - who helps them out? I want to see collaboration on choreography or move set modification. I wonder who gets called to help coach a celeb partner, if at all. Also, why don’t all of the female pros have that upside down thigh-master looking thing that Cheryl uses to get her partners to work on their posture? I’d love to see more of the behind the scenes footage simply because of my sincere curiosity about how it all comes together.
  10. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    From the article in US Weekly: “We were not planning it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went downhill with my mental illness,” she explained, referring to her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. “At first, Tyler was very shocked and nervous, but he obviously came around to it and was super pumped once the initial shock wore off and it sunk in.” 1. She “went downhill?” 🙄 2. I know being mentaly ill can include having more than one diagnosis, but I am shocked she didn’t use the word “trauma” or mention her PTSD, that was somehow diagnosed while she watched movies late at night and skipped classes at the spa. I also noticed that she didn’t refer to how she is going to balance being a wife, parent of two and “working to spread the word about mental health issues.” At least try to make it look like you’re not glued to your couch 24/7 for the magazine’s readers who don’t watch the show! For the record, it still blows my mind that she thinks she is exempt from complying with medical advice to stay off of social media. I really hope the next time she tries to make a reservation at the spa, she is denied because she didn’t follow one basic after-care rule. (I know, I know) 3. Tyler obviously come around to it? Tell us Cate, how exactly did he do that? Is he super pumped? I need to see the receipts. (Pumping iron and showing us his “iron” doesn’t count!) Posting plagiarized original journal entries and other written works while trying to pass it off as his own doesn’t count either! Not a damn word that I’ve even attempted to skim (only when they’re posted here) had mentioned anything about a baby, joy, or anything else positive. All I remember reading is that he can’t sleep...and this isn’t even with a new baby in the house! (Seriously though, everyone I know who has kept or does keep a journal actually used/used an actual journal and pen, including my high school students.) I have horrible insomnia (even with meds) and I use a pen and notebook to jot down all of the stuff running through my head that keeps me awake. The process of physically writing out the words helps to “tell my brain” that I won’t forget to do XYZ and helps to turn off my brain. Hey Tyler, LED light and its impact is a real thing, even with a darkened screen. Step away from your phone and maybe you’d get some sleep. Both of these morons need to ditch their iPhones and use a flip phones instead. In lieu of Cate ending every freakin sentence with “...and stuff.” or “...so...”, if she ever expanded on details and/or provided specific examples, I would send her a truck full of quesadillas!
  11. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    The actress sucked and the character wasn’t necessary to plot points. Think about the obligatory “stubborn teen butts into bad guys’ business just as the mission was completed and NOW everyone has to risk their life bc the 18 year old couldn’t follow directions from federal agents” you see on TV or in film. That’s Avery (Jane’s daughter).
  12. I don’t have kids, so someone please put me in my lane if I’m wrong, but.... The whole scene with Jade when Kloie was being fussy really bothered me and I found it hard to watch, especially after she left Kloie in her crib (as what I perceived to be a punishment.) I know babies need to cry it out & it’s also part of the Ferber method, but Jade appeared to be fed up with the baby, period, and didn’t want to have to parent anymore. It just rubbed me the wrong way, especially the look on that baby’s face! Broke my damn heart. Maybe the baby didn’t have a nap that day, but at least freakin’ reference it for the cameras! She was pissed at Sean and was heated up while re-hashing the details to her cousin, so that had her temp boiling. However, to tell an infant to “quit” fussing blows my mind. I wanted to yell at my TV, “she doesn’t understand you, you ignorant, crappy, manicure-to-match-your-car having dumbass!” Isn’t that what babies do? They fuss some days and don’t fuss on others? She is tired and needs help, I get it. While I sincerely applaud her for eradicating Sean from her life, Jade is another one that strikes me as someone who wants to have her old life back. She’s better off reserving any extra energy for her baby. I also don’t see her interact/snuggle/hold/embrace/engage with Kloie at all either. I know it’s partially due to the editing monkeys, but I’ve seen the other moms engage with their babies a hell of a lot more than Jade does. I still want to know why she has a Disabled Driver placard and continues to use the designated parking spot in her apartment complex.
  13. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    How long until the resident poet laureate tries to take credit for the verbiage?
  14. Remember last season when we were all subjected to Shayden and “his package”? In fact, it was someone and her daughter who pointed it out. Apologies for blanking on who it was. He always sat with his legs spread out in those gray sweatpants that made us all reach for the eye bleach! Has anyone else noticed this season that there are now some tchotchkes on the coffee table in front of “his package” during his THs? The angle is still low for his THs, when compared to the other THs, which I do find odd, but I guess someone at TLC read these boards! Hey TLC, keep reading this board. So many great ideas from brilliant people who can (and will!) suggest how to map out your show.
  15. I’m not a Tweeter nor do I engage in social media, but does anyone know what the Twitterverse has said or what the overall response has been about gorgeous Eric and his gorgeous beard? At the tail end of the episode, Will said he’d shave it off, but I hope to God he never does. His agent better get that cemented into all of his contracts! “Eric must maintain full beard...”