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  1. From one cafeteria plan Catholic to another, I'm laughing way too hard over the "I'm rubber, you're glue" school of logic, but it's true! Thank you for a well needed laugh on my end today. I can't wait when he will be expected to simply know the word "cogent" and how to use it correctly, both verbally and in a written medium. I'm dying to know if he's got a dictionary in his "law school thingies bag", because even though he did pass the LSAT, he doesn't strike me as one who either has or uses a large vocabulary. Context clues can only help a person out with so much. Also, there is no way that Jill even knows what the word "apt" means in her recipe thingies! She'd probably see it printed somewhere and maybe think it was short hand for "apartment." @IntoTheMystic, thank you so very much for sharing your first-hand and authentic experience with the "speaking simple" MO. So many things are making sense right now, like in a video on another thread where Jana couldn't seem to come up with the word "dilute." I get it now!
  2. S03.E11: Jackpot

    Just to clarify for those who haven’t been here, Oceanside is about 100 miles south (2 hours without traffic) of LA & 40 miles (45 minutes) north of downtown San Diego. The biggest landmark here is Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base, if anyone is curious about Oceanside’s exact location. Chula Vista is about 12 miles south of San Diego and from there, it’s only 8 miles to the Mexican border. It’s completely possible for Smurf to have driven to Chula Vista and picked up Pope so soon after he was kidnapped. They didn’t show the traffic she most likely endured, but it’s an easy round trip drive. It’s probably just a little over an hour’s drive to the border from Oceanside without traffic. If I had to drive to Chula Vista from Oceanside during daylight/early evening hours, I’d give myself a solid 90 minutes to allow for traffic. Some carpool lanes are open at certain spots on the 5, but down here, it’s the pace of the traffic that takes forever, not the distance one is driving.
  3. Season 7 Discussion

    I noticed last night that she wears her hair down, almost in a style to cover her ears on purpose. Do we know if she wears a hearing aid and she tries to hide it with her hair? I could swear I remember seeing her wear a hearing aid maybe a season or two ago; perhaps she is reaching the age where she is self conscious about how she looks and wants to cover it up? I really, really hope Whitney bought a cushion, pillow or something soft to put on top of the wood floor of the dog’s doghouse...and that the doggie gets to sleep indoors at nighttime! I didn’t watch the video when W & Z shared their miscarriage news, so I don’t know how far along she was or when it happened. However, now that we know she had a miscarriage, did anyone else notice a slight baby bump in the most recent episode? I swear when she wore the red dress outside to plant flowers, I saw what I thought was a tiny belly.
  4. Julia Roberts has three kids, and one of them is named Hazel. John Krasinski (“Jim” on “The Office”) and his wife Emily Blunt also have a daughter named Hazel. I’ve had many students from the Philippines in my classroom over the years and their names are either really “old” sounding or they are an amalgamation of mom & dad’s name. I had the same student for two years in a row, Harold, along with his peer Arlen, whose parents were named Arlene and Nelsen. My “work husband”, a math teacher who was born in the Philippines, confirmed that it’s very common for parents to typically go with one of the two aforementioned methods of naming their new babies. The “older sounding names” are usually chosen to honor someone’s relative that has passed away before the baby was born.
  5. I really hope Jessa was joking about Henry having a late night last night. Just because she grew up on Duggar Time and stayed up until Late O'Clock for her entire life, I hope she realizes that kids need to be on a sleep schedule. I know the boys take naps, but that doesn't make up for lost sleep at night. I don't know how Co-Sleeping works except for the part where everyone sleeps together in the same bed. Do the kids go to bed at a decent hour, the parents stay up later and then join the kid(s) in bed?
  6. Sorry, allow me to clarify. That's what I thought too, but to say it out loud confirmed for me that they had ulterior motives or other plans as they both were so overly confident, like they knew right there and then they'd be together forever. I don't want to spoil anything, but for those of you who have read the spoilers in their thread, they both had the same plan, which is fine, but the whole "I just met you for the first time" act flopped horribly, in my opinion. It struck me as odd that they had to go out of their way to let the audience know that they wouldn't ever be kissing anyone else. That bad acting was what gave it away that they had met before.
  7. When Rachel & Jon both said “This was our last first kiss”, that’s what sealed the deal for me in determining that they’d met before. They also seemed really comfortable with each other from the minute they “met” to make me think otherwise. Maybe that’s why someone who is so insecure about her body (saw it during a Bonus Scene) and showed her boobs in so many photos opted for jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt for her flight? She didn’t need to impress him for their first meeting. Production team aside, she sure did know which train to hop on, yet didn’t know if she should pack diapers for Lucy in case they didn’t sell them in England. Her dumb arse also didn’t bring a jacket on a flight. To England. In January. She knew Jon would be chivalrous enough to give her his jacket. No footage of her buying a train ticket or asking a stranger “is this the Express train to Paddington.” I don’t want to analyze and interpret every detail, but I think many of us agree this wasn’t the first time they met. Also, every time they showed the Paddington Bear statue at the station, it made me want to watch the films. I 💚 those films. Not only is Paddington’s aunt called Lucy, but it’s also a very, very popular girl’s name in England. Paternity questions aside, Rachel opted for a traditional English baby name that isn’t anywhere near the same category as her firstborn, Ella.
  8. Some of MTV's Teen Moms/Jersey Shore girls started messing with their faces and bodies in their early 20s, so I wouldn't put it past Karine to try something, especially knowing that she's going to be popping up on a TV series. Also, Brazil is THE place that many Americans travel to for plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures as it's very inexpensive to have work done there compared to the costs in the US. Her airport outfit was totally fugly, I agree. Then she walks around with Pole on Day 2 with greasy looking unwashed hair and a "cleaning my house on a Saturday" outfit. I understand not everyone is into fashion, nor can they afford to shop or even have access to spots like Target or Old Navy. Karine could've gone to Target.com and sent Pole a list of the clothing she needed/wanted in her size instead of asking for freakin onesies and stuffed animals! Am I the only one who thinks it would have been hilarious if she'd requested items from the maternity section? It wouldn't have hurt him to bring her some Kerastase products and to also take her to a hair salon to chop off about six inches from her hair. She looks straight up unkempt. Surely there's a hair salon in the same city as an airport?!
  9. I'm wondering why he just happened to have a toothbrush with him! Is this a regularly occurring episode in his life? Also, Rachel claiming she's got no money for a hotel or a flight home. I just can't with her. Jon should have been at the airport, but producer driven or not, her level of stupidity bothers me so much. Can you imagine how she'd be responding if she was in a non-English speaking country? Who doesn't take emergency money with them, even when dashing to the drugstore? I always have cash with me in case the credit card machines are down or if my own cards get declined as a result of a bank's system being down. (This has happened to me before! The bank was offline on a Fri night and all members' cards were declined until Monday afternoon.) Especially in the case of needing to pick up an RX, I like to have a plan B. WHAT first time traveler gets on a flight to London without at least two back up plans, both of which should include a credit card with a zero balance for emergencies? I'll bet she bought an adaptor plug for her phone, but didn't have a credit card or at least £100 in cash for taxi fare, one night in a cheap motel, a meal or two, or even coffee to get over her two hours of sleep. (Insert Chandler Bing voice here: "Could she mention the 2 hours of sleep more often?) I always arrive with at least the equivalent of $100 USD in local currency when I travel abroad. I also travel with cash when I fly domestically as it makes certain things easier, like grabbing a snack or tipping sky caps (ahem, Pole) and bell hops. Oh wait. Logic being used again. I hate when that happens. What was with Rachel & Jon not being in agreement about the length of time they'd been communicating? He said he'd sent photos for one year, yet the rocket scientist corrected him and insisted it was 1.5 years. He then said "yep, yep" and then she said, "Yeah, I'm tired." So weird.
  10. Maybe she's gotten some fillers, Botox or both? I never thought she was remotely attractive to begin with, so I might be biased. Between her terrible dye job (application and color!) to her fried hair to that God awful frosted magenta lipstick she rocked all of last season, I don't understand the hype about her looks. Her entire face also looks really puffy to me, like the way many of us have looked after having wisdom teeth pulled. I doubt dental work is the cause of her new look, but something has also caused her skin to break out and it looks horrible! She should have skipped the request for unicorn slippers and asked for some Oxy Pads! Sorry if someone else already answered this; I’m only on page one of the snark and I’m enjoying every single post!!
  11. I have worn several fragrances by Chanel over the years, so I’m quite familiar with what the different bottles of each fragrance looks like. When Darcey was dousing the entire airport before Jesse’s arrival, she had a bottle of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche in her hand.
  12. Make that three of us who watched "Taken."
  13. S02.E01: Unsafe & Unplanned

    Come sit with us! I taught middle school and now teach high school, so I have an even lower tolerance for stupidity, yet I still watch shows like this!
  14. S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    Kail wishes she had classy friends like Becky Lynch & Nattie Neidhart! Briana didn’t strike me as being ashamed of her actions at all. Brittany & Shirley had to repeatedly remind Briana that her actions made her look crazy. All Briana said was, “I don’t care.” When Briana sat down with Dr. Drew, at Morgan’s request, she walked off as quickly as she sat down. I will be curious to see the actual segment when it airs. I wonder whether or not she was able to verbalize or admit that she played a part in any of it. I agree that Kail wouldn’t know humility or gratitude if it smacked her upside the head. It took a damn village to raise Isaac & Lincoln so that she could attend classes, do half ass work on HW assignments and earn buy her diploma...the one that anyone has yet to see. Jo was sitting on the damn stage. You remember him Kail? He’s Isaac’s dad...the one who moved from PA to Delaware to be an involved co-parent! I would have paid big bucks to hear Jo’s 2 cents on the shit show. Instead, we get stuck with the human hemorrhoid, Javi.
  15. S07.E10: Make Room for Baby

    One night shag! I also just heard Josiah, when driving with the Swanson kids, refer to ice cream as being so good that “it’s like heroin.” Maybe he said something different, but I know I heard him say heroin! (My TV’s closed captions are currently wonky, so I didn’t have them on. Since no one on TV enunciates or speaks clearly, captions are always on, but they’re especially helpful for snarking on the trashtastic TLC “talent” that I just can’t quit.