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  1. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    You know how someone says something totally obvious or makes a comment about how to eradicate the biggest issues/patterns that continue to serve as someone’s downfall and then everyone says “oh my God, how did I not think of that before? You’re SO right!!!”? You just did that. Thank you!
  2. This might be nitpicking, but I can’t help it as it’s the first thing I noticed on the photo. It appears as if they each asked for their own damn check at the restaurant. For a meal of chicken fingers, ice water & dessert. Seriously?!?! Are they really so bad at math that they are unable to divide by six? It’s not like one person ate/drank $50 more than anyone else and the bill was divided evenly, which sucks. I do hate that and have no problem with asking for a separate check if I know I will be in that position. For as much as these young ladies go out to eat and “fellowship”, one would think they’d learn some basic restaurant etiquette when dining as a party of six, like having cash on them or taking turns paying. While some restaurants automatically include a gratuity for parties of six, and the service isn’t always good because lazy servers don’t have to try/work hard, the gratuity isn’t legally mandated, despite what the final check says. (I was in a party of four while on vacation and I not only had to send my burger back three times, but I also had to hunt down other servers for a refill of Diet Coke because our server was MIA the entire time. No way was I going to pay an automatic gratuity for that arsehole, so I spoke to management. They comped the entire bill.) Zero snark aside, beyond the whole “they’re at a casual dining restaurant/they don’t know better/that’s how it’s always been done” stuff, are these young ladies really that cheap, naive or unable divide by six? Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Patrick's mama and "happity ass" are sorely missed by me! As awful as his storyline was, his mama showed us all why she, along with brother Nicole, should be the only ones allowed to host the reunion shows. @AussieBabe, I heard the same thing from Nicole when she was pushing Azan around too! "You make me do this. This is what you make me do." Also, if anyone goes back and watches that scene, you'll see that she pushed him up the stairs and he almost fell flat on his face at the top of the stairs, but he managed to catch himself before busting his face wide open.
  4. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    I'm with you. They're beyond awkward to watch. Beyond. Awkward. They make ME feel like I'm on a bad date! It would probably be less awkward if Bri was able to make eye contact with him. I have to cover my face and peek through my fingers during their scenes in the same exact way I watched game 9 of the 2016 World Series. (Go Cubs!)
  5. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    I love you and your entire post. That is all. My favorite gems are bolded. Did you see Javi's tattoo of Isaac's name on his torso? 💚👐🎆 (I don't have a relationship with my own father because he is cranky & sucks, but the fact that Isaac has two dads who love him SO much that it's palpable through the TV more than makes up for my own dad.)
  6. S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    This is exactly why I created bathroom passes for my high school students. 😉 They receive four passes per semester and can turn unused passes in for extra credit during finals. (They don’t know extra credit really doesn’t bump an F to a C, but I’ll never tell!) The students have 10-15 min passing periods, but too many of them still “need to use the bathroom” the minute class starts or the minute it’s time for a pop quiz. I see the same kids wandering around campus for 20 mins every day, during every period. As a result, I’m extra wary about requests from my frequent fliers who engage in classic textbook task avoidance behavior. I also have a sign out/in sheet to show parents the frequency of how often their kids “need to use the bathroom” when they want to blame me that their kid is failing. If a kid runs out of passes, and they really have to go, I let them go, but it’s sad (to me) that making sure students try to pass my class has now evolved into me having to be the bathroom police. I hate it, I do, but it’s become a necessary thing. Damn me for caring that my students learn! If a student misses the intro to the lesson, with examples, or they aren’t in class to take notes, then they’re lost for the rest of the class, can’t keep up with the lesson or might not know how to do the HW. I’ve had a few kids even have the audacity to take 40+ minutes claiming their “stomach hurt them.” Uh huh. Sure. Sadly, it’s quite common for a group of students plan to meet up in the middle of 4th period and it’s never to help an elderly person cross the street! It’s how many students get injured; they’re jumped or attacked in bathrooms or blind spots. Girls have had their faces slashed, hair cut off, skin mutilated and that’s just what I know about. In this day and age, it’s also a serious safety issue. Kids can’t be roaming the hallways on a self-imposed brain break. I try to embed a brain break during each class to keep them motivated/engaged, but I can only do so much. God forbid something happens and there’s a lock down, those student(s) have nowhere to go. They’re supposed to run to the nearest open classroom during a lockdown (15-30 seconds before most doors are locked), but if they’re knocking on a locked door to be let in, and the teacher opens the door to let them in, that means a teacher just risked everything because someone wasn’t in class. That’s exactly how one of the teachers at Stoneman Douglas in Florida died; he opened his locked door for a student who was self-admittedly wanderering around the halls to use their phone. THAT is the shit that I wish we could be honest about and say “this is why you need to go to the bathroom before class”, but we can’t. However, Kaiser should have been allowed AND encouraged to go to the bathroom, hands down. That would mean a “parent” would have had to get up off of their arse and go with him though, so there you go. From what little I know about potty training, I do know that you always honor the request to go potty, regardless of the frequency. Kaiser wetting his bed at Nathan’s is a symptom of psychological shit going on at The Land and I don’t understand why Nathan doesn’t get that. Then again, it’s Nathan. I wonder if K wets the bed when he’s on The Land? I don’t know much about the topic, but if he wets the bed at Nathan’s, wouldn’t he statistically wet the bed at “home” too? I was also floored (but then again, it’s DFs 1 & 2) that Maryssa and Jace were playing in a car. I hope there weren’t any keys nearby to emit a signal, but using the interior of a vehicle as a playground? That is just asking for an accident. Way too many scary combinations of kids & buttons to ever think that is ever OK.
  7. S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    I saw that too and cringed. It looked homemade, which is extra thoughtful, but wouldn’t one think to triple check grammar rules before creating such a unique piece?
  8. Season Two Discussion: Peaky Blinders

    The Northern Irish accent is very, very hard to pull off. It’s totally different than a “traditional” (Dublin, Galway, Kerry) Irish accent that is usually heard on TV/film. Sam moved to New Zealand when he was seven years old, so there’s that. I wish there was an organic storyline that would explain and allow him to speak in his own accent because his N. Irish accent is straight up painful to listen to. Setting aside the need for “star power” for casting, it’s too bad the show runners didn’t cast an actual Northern Irish actor for the role. I realize Sam brings a huge audience to the show, but the show runners have got to understand that the people who watch it, no matter where we live, are cringing when he opens his mouth. My father is from Co. Down (it’s also where the majority of my paternal relatives still reside) and there are times when I cannot understand a single word that comes out of their mouth. At the same time, it’s such a gorgeous accent (in my totally biased opinion) with a lilt and natural melodic rhythm to it that cannot be authentically replicated or imitated. One either grows up speaking with that “accent” or they don’t.
  9. Fixed it for you! The food is ridiculously inexpensive and it’s damn good too! You shouid snag an In N Out t-shirt as an official souvenir of your trip to California. I teach high school, so I should know better about why J keeps her around. Good point!
  10. Hey neighbor! I could walk to that In N Out if I HAD to, but I prefer the fries from Wendy's (just down the street from In N Out too!). J needs to dump the loser girls for awhile so he can concentrate on himself and try to keep things afloat while Smurf is in jail. (Does anyone know why she's called Smurf? I've watched the show since season one and I cannot recall how/why she earned that nickname. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer!) The simple fact that Nikki began dating J, then dated his freakin' uncle and ended up going back to J gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm totally judging her and I admit it. I was kind of shocked that J even took her back. Maybe this is an example of someone having "Mommy issues" instead of a female character having "Daddy issues"? He seems so annoyed by her now, at least that's how I interpret their scenes together. She needs to go. Nikki doesn't add anything to the story and the actress who plays her leaves a lot to be desired. I find both the character & actress to be awkward. There's no other word I can use to describe how I feel when I see her on the screen.
  11. I don’t have anything to officially submit, but can anyone come up with something that uses both the words “axe” and “bofe” as they pepper her vocabulary quite frequently? “I had to axe bofe of my baby daddies if they were going to send money or if I needed to put them on child support.” (That will never not make me giggle.) As she is unable to maintain eye contact with anyone, she probably doesn’t spend a lot of time 1:1 with time share patrons. Can you even imagine her on the phone at a call center?! “Lemme axe you a question so I can confirm your vacation plans. You want bofe of your two weeks at the timeshare property to be scheduled back to back, right?”
  12. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I am SO with you on this, along with the 24568 fucking hashtags she uses that are repetitive, irrelevant or lame. Is she getting paid for each stupid hashtag? We know Rome is in Italy. We know Italy is in Europe. Ahhhhhh! Where is the chaos on this European cruise that she insists on using as a damn hashtag? It makes her sound like an ungrateful bitch.
  13. Yes, but have you ever been to In N Out? 😉 I don't care for their fries, but I do know tons of people who worship at the house of In N Out. I live in Oceanside and know exactly where the In N Out is that's off of Hacienda & Emerald. A big part of enjoying this show for me is recognizing the filming locations and the use of geography in dialogue (street names, nearby shops/restaurants).
  14. Mooney really IS "Father Dougal" - I wouldn't ever joke about Father Ted trivia!
  15. Right?!?! That needs to be a GIF or a meme or somehow transferred onto a tote bag or t-shirt. It looked choreographed, almost as if it was Capoeira, but we know better. After I admired the badass aspect of it, I then realized that I know it’s not unusual for some men (sadly) to have no problem hitting women, but when I saw Bar’s Wannabe Brother #1 throw a freakin chair at Chris (think that’s her name), I thought WHO does that?! What kind of “man” (using the term lightly for Shen’s bodyguards/entourage) picks up a chair and hurls it across the room at a female? Thank God Chris is SO bad ass (my new theory is that maybe she’s adopted because she’s usually so calm & the voice of reason) and and showed that fool he chose to attempt to assault the wrong person. Wasn't it just last week when Bar was talking about how the jury will be biased against his brother because he has spent so much time in jail/prison prior for non-violent crime prior to being associated with the at-the-time-of-filming pending murder charges? Jesus Mary and Joseph. I’m wondering what Bar’s family defines as “non-violent”? I can only imagine the random acts of kindness that Shen’s sons engage in on an average day.