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  1. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    I watch on the CW app on my tv (with a Roku device) and do not get previews on it. Get commercials though.
  2. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    I really wanted Ray to sing "Sweet Child O'Mine." I wonder if there is an outtake? I blow hot and cold on Ray. He is just too naïve at times, but his concern for all the crew really shines through. I teared up at ghost Axl fading away. And adored the "In Memoriam" bit at the end. That was so unexpected. As the poster above said, bonkers, but that's the way the Legends roll. I hope we won't be losing Mick any time soon. He seemed depressed with his comment about all the changes. What would he go back to, though. If he finds another partner to engage in crime with, it's a sure bet they wouldn't give him a pet rat or hold a funeral for it. Mick has struck gold - or a reasonable facsimile - and needs to stay on the Waverider. I did like Nate all right in this episode, but I won't cry if he leaves. Let me just say that one does not dance to "Amazing Grace." Tacky, Nate. I thought Zari, as much as I usually like her, was way off base when she wanted to talk the preacher into doing the right thing and setting his religion aside. Has she never met a religious bigot? It was completely unrealistic that the Preacher was talked down. Two non-white people telling him that Satan's music was important SHOULD have spurred him on to breaking the record right in front of their faces. Here I am talking realism in a show that featured the ghost of Jesse Presley. Sigh. Loved Wally. I was so annoyed that Jax left, but I am afraid I have to say that Wally's actor is a better actor. Good addition to the show. Not enough Elvis. Wasn't "It's All Right, Mama" his first single? Forgot to ask what happened to Mick's sandwich? Was it off or did he spit it out because he saw Axl on the floor?
  3. Victoria and Abdul (2017)

    I borrowed this from the library a few days ago, and my love of Dame Dench aside, I did not really like this movie. The problem is twofold, I think. The main problem I had was with the characterization of Abdul. He seemed to be one thing from the beginning, then there is a zig, and a zag, so to speak, and we learn he is a liar. I didn't know what to think of him by the end and I have to believe his characterization was unclear. The second problem was that in these Girl Power/Me Too times (of which I approve), the sass from Victoria sounded a little too much like Hollywood Political Correctness. Her line reading when she was standing up to those who disapproved of Abdul sounded like Line Readings, not real dialogue.
  4. S03.E13: No Country For Old Dads

    I think Ray was demonized on Arrow because Felicity was dating him and most fans wanted to see her with Ollie. I didn't think that that version of Ray was so bad, although he was short on the Pollyanna vibe. I was pretty unhappy that Ray essentially traded that guy's life for Nora's. If he had just backed up after he had Amaya's necklace last episode, she would be alive, his old Upswipe colleage would be alive and Amaya would have her totem. This is reminding me of how often Ray screwed up in season one of LoT, and that is not good.
  5. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    I am almost out. I think one or two more episodes to see if they seem to be going anywhere then boom. I will be done. I don't want to watch the Angus show with Liv hijacked by a corpse.
  6. Can we kill off Ava now? I really enjoyed Careless Whisper karaoke, but there WAS a point to that. So many of us are missing Stein and Jax, Wally had to be introduced with a valentine. Singing with Rip was that valentine. Now the fans of Jax might say, oh look, that adorkable karaoke-singing Wally, instead of that x-ing Jax replacement, or the secondary speedster on the Flash. I wish Jax could have stayed because I don't remember Zari being a mechanic.
  7. S04.E01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

    This is not the series I signed up for. I was seriously not impressed by Malcolm's acting or character or by Major's or Peyton the first two seasons. The first two seasons, I was in it strictly for Ravi. But in S3, Ravi changed, and the other two guys became more interesting while Peyton became insufferable. I know it is only one episode into season 4, but I don't need Angus at all, never warmed to Blaine, and Rose McIver seems like a guest star instead of the protagonist of her own show. I like Dohring on Moonlight because of the character he played, Josef Kosten, but Chase doesn't have any charisma. These writers need to step up and reorganize the characters because as of now, we have too many in a crowded field.
  8. Quite Interesting Episodes: All Episodes Talk

    I watched A-G, I, J, and K on Acorn and Hulu from the USA. Just last year. I loved Stephen's QI. Even a bad episode was good. Last night I watched a Sandy ep for the first time on You Tube, Occult, because Noel Fielding and Russell Brand are two of my favorite comedians. I was very disappointed. The boys looked bored to death and Sandi seemed determined to spit out as much "knowledge" as she could as fast as she could because she had learned it and didn't want her efforts to go to waste. Stephen took it as slowly as he needed to, leaving room for the guests to make contributions and as stuck up as he could sometimes appear, I never got the impression that he really looked down on his guests. He made it seem like great fun to explore trivia with his panel. I am not sure what Sandi was trying to convey other than she was smarter than everyone else in the room.
  9. S03.E09: Beebo The God Of War

    Ok, wish for next year. Leo, Jonah Hex and Abbie Mills replacing Nate, Stein, and Jax. My dream team! Just don't lose Mick, people!
  10. S03.E09: Beebo The God Of War

    I only saw Constantine on an ep of Arrow, and I was not impressed. Just something about the character - from what little I've seen - rings so empty. I am not happy that FD left, but that was a good sendoff. I never thought he was a good actor but I got used to him and he sold his grief last week and this week very well. WHY exactly is WM leaving the DC universe? Doesn't he enjoy it? He hasn't been on much in the last two years, so I have trouble believing he's bored or the grind is getting him down. I hated VG leaving, since I started watching LoT for Victor Garber, but I can believe he was getting restless since he was in every ep. My wish is that the Ray would come back and he and Leo could stay on the Waverider forever. Jonah Hex can join up as well. Let's have Jonah replace Nate and all will be well!
  11. S03.E07: Welcome To The Jungle

    please explain the pie/sex joke.
  12. S04.E06: When Harry Met Harry...

    I would like Wells to team up with a different doppel every week. And I too heard a Slade Wilson impersonation. Hate Dipley. Good thing I don't watch often.
  13. S03.E06: Helen Hunt

    What the hell was Franz doing with all that pausing between words? I wanted to love that part but I don't think either actor did a good job with the switch.
  14. S03.E04: Phone Home

    Legends is already on Netflix. I was underwhelmed by this ep, but the musical number with the villians and baby groot/ET was a scream. I wanted Ray to invite Mick to watch a musical. We should have seen that! And can Nate die now, please? Let's get Roy Harper from Arrow to join!
  15. S04.E22: Lost in the Flood

    I must be the only one who hated Donna for making Noah go away. Him reconnecting with Felicity was none of her damned business. Even if she is worried, and didn't trust him twenty years ago, her daughter is an adult now.