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  1. The Good Anticipation

    Need individual threads I guess. I just watched the first two. The casting director should be fired. Dana is the only one with presence in the whole cast. Groban is so bland they must have ordered up bland mcblanderson for this show. The girlfriend is bland, the partner is bland and embarrassing (the only black guy in the cast has disengaged because he is getting close to retirement so we can watch him sleeping at his desk and not caring about the cases), and the chief is bland. The nerd who assists (is he forensics?) Has potential.
  2. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    I don't get why Liv was getting applause at the end. What the hell did she do to deserve it? Also, she was very unlikeable when she "rescued herself," gag. And why would you bring more folks into Seattle to make zombies. The only good notes for me were seeing Vampire Steve and Johnny Frost. This show has gone so far downhill I don't know if I can watch next season.
  3. S13.E22: Exodus

    I decided to sit this season out (while reading these threads) but nearing the finale, I thought I would stop in and see the eps to lead up to it. I couldn't get through last week's ep without ff-ing and I am yet to finish this week's. These are so BADLY done. I was planning to binge watch this season on Netflix but if the finale doesn't impress me, I don't think I will bother with any more of anything SPN.
  4. S13.E10: Wayward Sisters

    Like someone we care about. Donna and Jodi. And more Donna.
  5. S11.E24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    I do wish they had left in the stinger about Hawking, but we didn't need filler, so I was ok with the 30 (more like 15) minute show. They didn't have time to insert awkward jokes.
  6. NCIS In The Media

    RAINSMOM, I blame MH. He had enough power and clout to have someone convince PP to be in a scene with her if he wanted it to happen. He chose not to so he didn't want to. I haven't watched this show since the end of season seven (I loathed Ziva) but I tuned in for MW's exit and PP's. This does put such a damper on the earlier closeness PP and MH's characters had shared. What a bummer. Oh, almost forgot, I came here to say it's too late for PP or MW to worry about getting typecast.
  7. S04.E10: Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher

    This was my favorite episode of the season and most of it is down to Clive, who I have never been that fond of. Lampshading the trope, then having him do exactly that trope was hilarious. I enjoyed seeing Vampire Steve again, and appreciated that Liv got to be herself somewhere in the middle. Then she must have had another bite of Daddy Mars, because she went all Die Hard again. I think Chase is turning out to have some good characterization, finally. I not only want Angus off my screen, I am truly tired of psychopath/cold-blooded-murderer Blaine getting to live without consequences. It's too bad they like the actor so much. I really don't see his charm and never did. The FG and Zombified Seattle storyline was too ambitious. I really miss the first two seasons when the whole issue was the case of the week. I hope this show gets cancelled.
  8. S15.E21: One Step Forward

    Abby's skillset is far more developed than what is required to help at a charity. Not that they don't do good work, but she invents ways to solve crimes. The only realistic way for her to go is to die. She is not a coward so wouldn't be a good candidate for witsec. If Tony had gone to Ireland or Spain to run his own team and called to say he had an opening for a forensic specialist, they could have written her off as going to see Tony and have an adventure! Alas, Tony's skills as an investigator are probably rusty by now. Sigh.
  9. First the shallow: Ray is looking FINE with his longer hair. Yum! And I say this as "not the biggest Ray fan" in the Arrowverse. And while I'm at it, Zari was looking HOT in the final scene. Yay to Garstintine! Yay to Zarnah! Did anyone else get peeved that Sara had all the amulets in her hand when they fought the three armies? Just me then? The ones who wield the totums could have used them during the fight. I really miss Jax. All Hail Beebo! Edited to add: Why oh why couldn't Nate have gone with Amaya? Of the two of them we had to lose the one that we like? I suppose Nate could grow up a bit if he isn't distracted by his hormones in the next season. Maybe he could have a threesome with Constantine and Gary.
  10. S03.E17: Guest Starring John Noble

    Really surprised that I enjoyed the way they incorporated John Noble into the episode. More Mick please!
  11. Gary and Constantine. Ok, I will take John if he hooks up with Gary. I can't believe they titled an episode after John Noble, though.
  12. S04.E05: Goon Struck

    Hey, Audience, take it easy. I have heard the movie Chinatown mentioned since I am pushing sixty years old (yikes), but never knew what it was about. I needed Clive to explain it too! My pop culture probably crosses with yours at many points, but not all. I think, as in Vampire Diaries, Enzo is short for Lorenzo, which, while it sounds more Italian to me, would work as a French name. Bad episode all around.
  13. S03.E16: I, Ava

    I was mad at Zari for suddenly being so bitchy toward Mick, but yeah, she was hangry. Mick needs a lot more to do. I will hope that he is the one who has the winning move to defeat Mallus in two weeks. Sure, I believe that. As a poster said above, it was noticeable that two black women died in back to back hours of CW shows. I would ordinarily not notice the race of one or the other, but that just seemed jarring. I do like the shorter seasons of LoT, so Boo to 22! I barely watch full season shows like Supernatural any more, but the problem with SPN is that half the episodes are filler.
  14. S04.E05: Goon Struck

    How ridiculous was French Guy at the beginning? Then Ravi and Clive were so excited to put Liv on Hockey player brains. That part was fun. I appreciate how they are trying to give Chase some meat in his role, no pun intended. I think this series needs to be put to rest after this season though.
  15. I get enough of this in real life. Don't let Sara lose the girl power advantage because of this cocky bastard. We had better not lose Mick!