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  1. S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    I was so pleased to be getting rid of Nate, then I came here and learned that his daughter is sick. I didn't want personal tragedy to be the factor that got him gone! I hope his kid is all right. That said, really glad Nate is gone or reduced to cameos. Can Mona please follow him? Part of this ep felt old school LoT, the part with the minotaur. I really liked the show for the first time in several episodes, but the Mona character is unnecessary and grating, and yes, Felicia Day levels of off-putting. I agree with the poster above that we need Gideon in human form on the ship. I think the show, Andromeda, did that with their AI. Plus give me Jonah Hex and I will stop bitching about Mona.
  2. S04.E05: Tagumo Attacks!!!

    Starfish - FD absolutely trashed Eureka from season 4.5 onward. I have no idea why the powers that be think characters like that are awesome. NCIS:LA was pretty good in its first year but in season two they brought in Nell. Nell would not stop chattering, knew how to do Eric's job better than he, and was too perfect for words. I put up with her for about two episodes and couldn't stand it any longer. I hope you are right about Mona being more than she appears. I have no patience for Mary Sues.
  3. S04.E05: Tagumo Attacks!!!

    A little Gary goes a long way but I like him. For now. I am concerned about Mona. I think they are setting her up to be the adorkable Felicia Day character that makes me - and thousands of others - want to throw a brick through the tv.
  4. S04.E04: Wet Hot American Bummer

    Stopping by to defend Ray's hair! I want it as long and lovely as it was in last season's finale. Don't like Ava anyway and she was nigh unbearable in this episode. She totally deserved the prank. Don't like children either, so this episode is a total miss for me, however - Mick and Charlie can bond and can romance or not. What I don't want to see is for Charlie to transfer her attention from Mick to Nate or whoever like Amaya did. Let Mick have a girl bestie! Especially since Ray left Mick for Nate as well. In fact, let me just say the second best part of this ep, besides Mick and Ray'sHair was the absence of Nate. More please. Or is that less please? When they named the Striga I thought they should call Dean and Sam Winchester for help!
  5. S04.E03: Dancing Queen

    Please give us a Mick romance at last! He and Amaya seemed to be heading that way until Nate preempted them. Also, Mona is ok as is, but I hope they don't turn her into some kind of "Sue" who can do no wrong and has abilities far beyond believeable.
  6. S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    I am not looking forward to adding the new folks but I will trust the creators until they let me down.
  7. S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    Just popping by to say I was able to identify where I'd heard Jane Carr's distinctive voice thanks to dkb She was Londo Molari's "favorite" wife, Timov, on Babylon 5.
  8. S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    Agree dkb. Maybe we can finally get rid of Nate although tptb seem to like him. ?
  9. S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    Who played fg? I know her from somewhere when she was much younger and it's making me crazy. Loved the pork appearance, especially Nate talking to Ray.
  10. S11.E04: Three Shirts to the Wind

    I think I know why this show is falling flat. In the 70s and '80s, shows like Maude and Murphy Brown were *different.* Viewers were a bit surprised to find political commentary mixed in with their entertainment. Since the elections, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, and the cast of SNL "comment" on current events constantly. There is no novelty here, therefore no need for it.
  11. S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    Why isn't there commentary here? Did viewership drop off?
  12. S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    I haven't watched in several years but thought this was the Halloween ep so I stopped by. The president was at fault too - did he really think that was ok to do anything without speaking to Amy?
  13. S11.E01: Fake News

    Great cameo! However not funny.
  14. The Good Anticipation & Speculation

    Need individual threads I guess. I just watched the first two. The casting director should be fired. Dana is the only one with presence in the whole cast. Groban is so bland they must have ordered up bland mcblanderson for this show. The girlfriend is bland, the partner is bland and embarrassing (the only black guy in the cast has disengaged because he is getting close to retirement so we can watch him sleeping at his desk and not caring about the cases), and the chief is bland. The nerd who assists (is he forensics?) Has potential.
  15. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    I don't get why Liv was getting applause at the end. What the hell did she do to deserve it? Also, she was very unlikeable when she "rescued herself," gag. And why would you bring more folks into Seattle to make zombies. The only good notes for me were seeing Vampire Steve and Johnny Frost. This show has gone so far downhill I don't know if I can watch next season.