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  1. S01.E08: Ghost Stories 2018.07.19

    It looked like the powers came from a second wave from the explosion. Ty and Tandy were in the water for a bit before the dark and light powers activated. The brother and father were dead by then. I think in Agent Carter the zero matter had to be soaked in for awhile before the characters on that show got powers from it.
  2. S01.E08: Ghost Stories 2018.07.19

    I'm the same I didn't think of him as an important enough character to give much thought too. When she walked into the apartment I knew he was dead. Lol.
  3. S01.E08: Ghost Stories 2018.07.19

    I didn't see the cop boyfriend getting fridged. I guess I should've since Ty revealed his powers to him. O'Reilly I know wouldn't care since she's from a city with a bullet proof man, a man that dressed like a devil and a dumb guy with a glowing fist. I'm guessing she'll find out about Tandy soon as well. I wonder if they will go with the comics with her. Did we know that Ty's mom worked for Roxxan? How'd that guy get out of a building falling down on him? It was interesting to see the families before the tragedy and after when Ty's parents don't want to think about while Tandy's mom has a memorial for her husband every year even though he hit her. I liked seeing that Ty got to honor his brother with someone. Although I don't know why O'Reilly and him thought it would be that easy. Connors was obviously not working alone and wasn't the leader.
  4. With the Titans trailer, I'm not here for more dark and moody and I'm definitely not paying for it. Yeah it's usually just the Waverider. At least Beebo is more of an attention grabber. People might be curious to see what the giant furby creature is about. Its still only Ray and Sara that make it on every poster.
  5. Here's Felicity, Cisco and Winn. It's funny because I am in IT. Although nowhere near those 3. Lol.
  6. Or Sara showing up to miss her father's dying so she can meet some stranger with her sister's face who was the reason he died in the first place.
  7. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    I don't see it as ruining Octavia's character. that's the Octavia I've been watching for 5 seasons. She's a kid throwing a tantrum. Only her tantrum affects other people's lives. She's a fighter, while Clarke's a thinker. So they are all acting in character for me. They've shown Octavia to be power hungry so I knew she was going to burn down all their food to keep her power. I was yelling at them to go to plants instead of standing around. The dark year better be worth it to wait this long to reveal it.
  8. I picked izombie and got all the tech people. I also choose Giant Beebo as my villian that could be why. Although he murdered a demon with cuddles so he's no slouch in the badass department.
  9. They were kicked out for Batwoman. So they can promote her show. Which I'm with since they'd probably get even less focus if they were there because of her.
  10. I watch the moderator part of the panel then turn it off during the audience portion because that's where I get secondhand embarrassment. I get fans like talking to to to a celebrity, but some of those questions are just so awkward and cringey. Or a question that's been asked a billion times before or a spoiler question they can't answer. Sometimes I wish the questions were screened before hand so we can get something new or interesting. The interview portions tend to be better and quicker. I wish they'd put those up sooner over the panels.
  11. Sorry fixed it. I'm used to Batgirl more. I'm okay with LoT skipping the crossover. Its more time for the show and characters I care about. I'll probably be skipping the crossover this year, I only watched because of LoT.
  12. Legends will not be part of next seasons crossover with Batwoman. http://ew.com/tv/2018/07/17/batwoman-series-greg-berlanti-development-cw/
  13. I'm fine with that. Now I don't have to worry about impacting the only show I watch. It usually just halts the current storyline for the crossover.
  14. They do fight like family but then when it counts they have worked together. I don't want them ruining that just to fit a Civil War storyline in. However yes like CA: Civil War, we care about all of these characters unlike on Arrow. So it will be more painful to watch. I just want them to keep everyone in character. If Ray wants to join Nora because he's a dope in love and is tempted to be bad for once in in life, I'll buy that. for a little bit. But Ray's natural hero instincts should kick in when his team is in trouble. I also don't want to see mopey, angry Sara again. I know her father died but we already saw that storyline and I liked Quentin. He died stupidly for someone who is not his daughter, so that kind of takes away my caring about it. I'd rather Sara throw herself into her work as Captain and fighting demons and mythical creatures instead of crying about her lost family. Let her take her anger out by slaying a dragon or riding a unicorn into battle.