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  1. The newest X-Men movie Dark Phoenix is coming out next year and it takes place in the 90's. They also have New Mutants coming out as well. The only character from the X-Men movies in Deadpool is Colossus and he's a different character than one in X-Men movies. Otherwise they mention the X-Men but none of them are ever shown. When Colossus told Deadpool he was taking him to Professor X, Deadpool asked if it was Stewart or McAvoy. He can probably exist anywhere with his 4th wall breaking and make fun of the fact that Mickey Mouse is now his boss.
  2. They would now own a controlling share in Hulu but the other shares belong to Comcast and Warner Brothers. They probably would not want to share with those two. I would think they would still make their own streaming service that would allow some Hulu content to be available on it. With the R rated content I was going more with making the X Man franchise part of the MCU which has no R rated content. The TV side is separate from the movies. Kevin Feige has nothing to do with them. So for TV they can make TV-M. As for making a new cinematic universe with the X-Men franchise they can then do whatever they want, which is what I think they should do.
  3. It happened, Disney bought Fox. This will move will probably help people buy their streaming service. I wonder how this will affect Deadpool, Disney doesn't really do R rated. I also kind of hope they keep the X-Men franchise a separate movie franchise from the MCU. As fun as it would be to see the X-Men with the Avengers, they already have enough characters to deal with. I think suddenly throwing in the X-Men would mess that up. I also don't know how this will affect the DC properties with Gotham and Lucifer. I guess in a few years we can expect the world to be owned by Disney and Amazon.
  4. I don't think they'll go that much deeper with Constantine on LoT. He'll probably be the same as he was on Arrow, only getting to talk about demons and hell more since that's what they are dealing with and Sara may or may not have been in hell when she was dead.
  5. I thought the same thing in Arrow Season 2 with S names when Island Oliver was surrounded by Slade, Shado and Sara. Lol. I think having The Ray who is also named Ray joining the team would be more confusing. Mick would have to be called Mick to stop the confusion if Ragman joined.
  6. I only watched that episode because of Sara once she left Arrow again I stopped watching Arrow again. The producers are excited saying they would watch a Sara and Constantine show. So I think those two will have some interesting interactions. If Sara was actually in hell when she died, then they have something in common.
  7. I think doing a Flashpoint movie would be a mistake. The general audience has proven they don't care about these characters with the failure of Justice League. None of them are going to turn up to see a movie where the few characters they do know are completely different. If they want to do a reboot, then cut their losses and do a hard reboot. They can continue with their one success Wonder Woman since it takes place in the past. Just make no mention of the future and they should be okay. Obviously they have Aquaman in the can so they have to release that, afterward they should just start over and take their time this time.
  8. I tried watching the Constantine series, it just didn't hold my interest. I just enjoyed his Arrow episode.
  9. Sara seems to have ceased to exist on Arrow so I don't see the writers caring to write anything with Sara and Siren.
  10. I was hoping we'd get some reaction from Team Flash in the Crossover to Mick calling Sara boss. But she wasn't part of a Ship so she wasn't that important. We did get Mick calling her boss but that was in front of Alex.
  11. I don't like how he got his powers, but I feel bad that Wally never gets to do anything on the Flash. If he joins the Legends he'll probably get to grow as a character. This is from the Mind Your Surrounding thread.
  12. Ralph is one of the main reasons I gave up on the Flash. Having a white dude bro character that identifies women by their measurements is a big nope for me. I don't care to see his heroes journey or any screentime wasted on him. I'm okay with Wally joining, as other said Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are the most powerful beings on any Earth and they never solve all their problems in a few seconds when they should be able too. So I expect the same treatment with Wally. Yes he can be the best but he never will be because that's boring. Wally has a lot to learn and I think he can learn more under actual leadership with Sara and an actual team with the Legends then he can with Barry. Also the fuck is Quentin talking about when he told Oliver he had no one to give his grandfather's watch too. I know we joke about Arrow forgetting about Sara, but did they legit forget Sara exists? Did Barry erase her from Arrow's time too?
  13. I wonder if there's a reason Supergirl is going off the air? Because that is strange move. I think Supergirl and LoT would've been a good pairing.
  14. I thought it would on after Supergirl, not replacing it. What's on after Legends on Monday?
  15. Why? He never gets do much on the Flash. He's not one of Barry's pep talkers so he gets even less to do than most. At least on LoT Wally would get to be his own hero and probably get more character development. Being LoT has done wonders for Mick and Ray. They are both great characters now.