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  1. Season Five Episode Talk

    Hey, first episode down and I don't really hate anyone?! That's great! Agree that Jesse seems to be doing a better job this year, he's more pleasant and engaged with the contestants. Had to laugh at hilaryvm's comment because I couldn't help but notice the same thing. Lorraine always takes a tiny, tiny bite. Duff takes a huge bite and looks to the heavens. Nancy takes a medium-sized bite and stares creepily at the contestant. At least they're consistent :)
  2. The smoke theme was lame mostly because everyone implemented it the exact same way, i.e. let's throw some dry ice into a little pool of liquid and be done with it. I'm not saying I could've done better, but that tells you it was probably just a lazy theme in the first place. I'm ok with Lindsay winning and would've been ok with Jamal, too. So I guess all is right with the world. Michelle's mermaid cake was a big ol WTF (and a clear indicator that trying to scale home baker talent to that level ain't easy!) Seems like opinions are mixed on the judges... I generally like Lorraine, has anyone ever seen that old baking school show she used to have on Cooking Channel? She obviously knows her stuff. I've always disliked Zac on every show he pops up on because he seems to be super into himself, even when he's joking around, it's still like, YEAH I'M JOKING AROUND SEE HOW COOL I AM BECAUSE I CAN TAKE A JOKE. It just grates on my nerves.
  3. I gotta think they spread themselves a little thin by having a bunch of different baking championships throughout the year. So now they try to save the better talent for the Holiday Baking Championship (or maybe Next Great Baker) and consider the Halloween series to be strictly B-team. On a related note, did anyone catch Halloween Cake-Off? Didn't even know that was a thing. I only caught the first few minutes but there were a bunch of repeat contestants from other shows.
  4. Just a virtual high-five from someone who really, really wants to like this season but can't get into it. I am all in for the diversity of this year's cast but the acting has been bad and the dialog is really poorly written. It's gone beyond campy, beyond cheesy to just full on cornball. The whole witch/warlock - women/men thing is just way too on-the-nose to say anything interesting about that power dynamic. So far this is my least favorite season yet everyone else seems to be eating it up!
  5. Is it fair to say that John Henson is the best host this show has had? I loved him when he was on Talk Soup and I'm happy to have him back in some capacity. I know I already said this but hubby and I were commenting how wild it is that it was someone's JOB to cast these people. Specifically thinking about Cicely because she seems to have no personality or sense of humor whatsoever (and isn't a particularly amazing baker) so, like... why? If it were just a random assortment of bakers, ok, but these people were intentionally put on TV.
  6. Always happy to hate-watch this show, and I'm also glad that John's back again as host. I see I complained about this last season too but, man, these contestants... who is casting this show? There's a whole lotta sweat dripping into these baked goods!
  7. S14.09 The Newest Star

    The problem with this show (and, I guess, most reality shows) is it makes me feel incredibly old because my mind immediately turns to "MAN THIS SHOW WAS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN...!!!" It seems like the first season, maybe first two seasons, have actual talent and a relatively pure concept. And then it's all rapidly downhill from there. But I digress... Now if you kids would kindly get off my lawn...
  8. S14.09 The Newest Star

    Buncha Manny apologists in this thread! He may be the most "real" but he is almost incomprehensible about half the time, which is not a good quality in a TV chef. It's not just that he talks too fast, it's that his sentences don't even make sense and frequently incorporate totally incorrect words or misleading information. REE THOMPSON, that still makes me LOL. It does suck to make it to the top 3 and lose out to BOTH of your competitors! I don't mind Christian but I agree that his pilot was rough-- he was really aggressive with Antonia, a genuinely knowledgeable and charismatic chef (give HER a show!) I thought Jess showed a ton of improvement in her pilot and could see her on a show like The Kitchen or something.
  9. S14.E04 Panic on the Panel

    No disrespect but you guys who like Manny, what the #$)!& are you smoking... :) He seems like a good guy but he does not know how to string together a coherent sentence. Listening to him go around and around in circles and try to complete a thought without actually saying anything at all is painful. PAINFUL. It's wild to see someone who can be super charming in interviews turn into such a mess on camera (for example, I could really get into Amy's self-deprecating snark but when she's on camera it's just plain uncomfortable!) Christian emerged relatively unscathed this episode. I ended up liking Jess .37% more because she is able to describe food well. Everyone else can pack it up.
  10. Happy with the top 3 and happy with the winner... what more could you ask for? Well, you could ask for Scott Conant to get a new stylist. He was dressed like evil corporate Willy Wonka last night! I audibly gasped when Lasheeda was stacking her Sacher Torte and the jam basically shot out the sides... that's how much of a baking nerd I am!
  11. OHMYGOD Jason... I mean, presumably these guys have to go through several rounds of casting before they make it onto a show? Did they intentionally cast a sacrificial lamb? I was embarrassed FOR him, thank goodness they put him/us out of our collective misery after only one episode. I am mostly ambivalent towards Adam but it does seem unfair that he's had plenty of hosting opportunities already and apparently wasn't too successful so why is he here?
  12. i think this is a FN trademark now. try watching an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and see if any camera shot lasts for more than 3 seconds. it (literally) gives me a headache to watch this show for reasons other than its host.
  13. Jason legitimately has charisma, I think, but once again the fun-sucking vampires from The Food Network rely on shtick above all else. Just like on Food Network Star, once they've found your gimmick they want you to push it into the ground. Oh, you lost a bunch of weight? Oh your grandma died? Oh you're the wacky, ambiguously (or not-so-ambiguously) gay guy from the south? Be sure to reference it every few minutes so there's no chance we could ever possibly forget your BRAND. bleh.
  14. S10.E15: Final Exam

    The fix is in!!! I mean, we probably all knew that already anyway but never before has it been so blatant that they "needed" one contestant in the finale from each team. I would honestly be pretty embarrassed to wear either of Roly's tattoos. He is probably the nicest / most gracious artist left but let's hope for the sake of his finale canvases that he works better outside of the constraints of the competition. At a minimum I'm sure he'll benefit from not having Steve hooting his non-advice for the duration...
  15. S16.E11: Top 24 Solos (2)

    LO-frickin-L. My hubby and I had the exact same reaction, I can't believe after 3 years of drag he hasn't learned how to tuck? Or at least dress in such a way that you don't get an eyeful of moose knuckle? *shudder* I guess there's talent there but then he goes batsh*t CRAZY and it turns into an extended shouting match. I don't get it. Overall I thought this group was much, much more talented than last week. I didn't like any of the performances from the first group.