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  1. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    Aww yay this is good development, there's increased hope for Collin to start going to school with Hannah. Unfortunately this most likely means she won't be seeing her sisters at all, though it may have been awkward being in class together if they weren't talking anyway. She looks so much happier than the rest of the tups, it's striking. It almost seems like Hannah wanting to live him has given Jon a confidence boost. With the twins not interested in seeing him, he seemed skittish, not wanting to force anything on the kids. I'm also getting that he's one of those parents who enjoys having older children more than littles; my dad was like that too.
  2. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    Wow that seems so cheap compared to now. My dad went to Catholic school in the 60's/70's, they were middle class with really only his mom's income, but had been priced out when he entered junior high. I think it went up to $1000. When I went to CCD there in the aughts tuition was at least $5000, though I don't think the diocese contributes much anymore. The non-denominational Christian school in town was asking near $10,000 when I looked into going there. I live near Phillips Exeter, which is really the one worth it if you want to be upper-crusty (and the scholarships are great). I could absolutely see Kate holding it over her kids' heads that she has to pay for them to go to school. I could also see her inducing shame over it not working out. I grew up around a boy with an NPD mother who was kicked out of the above Catholic school while his sister still attended, and she really treated him like crap surrounding that.
  3. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    That's interesting about Kate. I thought she grew up poor, though maybe it was inexpensive/they sacrificed for it. I remember something years ago about Jon's family funding private school for the twins, but I can't imagine that would still be going on. From my own knowledge of swanky schools, most seem to focus on academics and achievement, and aren't particularly interested in students who need help or therapy in various areas, nor are equipped with the required staff. I know nothing of their specific school, but again, just my observation. A good public school however should have several counselors and behavior specialists, maybe even provide an aide. Never mind it being quite difficult to get expelled. It just seems like an obvious option, and pretty much anything seems better than another year at an institution. (Has it been two full years now??)
  4. All Episodes Talk: Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint

    Finally an episode that wasn't uncomfortable. I'm glad they finally ended the Walker and Jonah tension. I'd like to see him a regular and them as friends. And I'm glad Miranda is gone. And that the Buffy moving storyline is over. This show was getting into Girl Meets World territory with the constant friendship reassurance. I feel like it would all make more sense had the kids just been freshman in high school to begin with.
  5. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    Eww I was wondering if it was something like that. Another question: Is there a specific reason why these kids can't/don't go to public school? Mainly in reference to Collin. I really hope he gets to start the new year outside the facility.
  6. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    Hannah's ig is private now, wonder why.
  7. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    Glad to see them together, they look happy. I'm sure Collin really needed some new things and interesting he seemed able to leave the facility alright for the day. I also can't help but pick up K8 spite in their posting of these photos. Seems like Hannah is enjoying pets and coffees and whatnot that her mother probably wouldn't allow, never mind an insta account.
  8. Kate Gosselin: Fame is Her Game

    I completely believe that article. Forcing the kids to chant is the exact kind of asinine thing this woman would come up with. Interesting though that the source is supposedly Jon's mom. I've always wondered about her place in this whole ordeal, if I recall mama shrew pushed her away.
  9. Dance Moms in the Media

    You'd think if those were the prices they needed to profit, common sense would've told them it was a poor strategic decision to even embark on such a tour. But plenty of bands seem to profit by renting the same venues and charging between $20 and $40, so knowing these women, I'd have to assume it's just greed. And part of the "perk" of buying meet n greet passes is getting first dibs at their merch; plenty to be made there as well. Perhaps back in the DM heyday a few years ago they could be raking all that in, but now? Anyone who wants to see them likely already has. I agree they should've been more selective about the number of nights or way downscaled the event. It sounds way too extravagant for four, never mind three, teenage girls to give dance lessons.
  10. Dance Moms in the Media

    Irreplaceables Tour Pricing: $35 General Admission $150 Admission + Meet n Greet $150 Admission + Dance Workshop $250 Admission + Dance Workshop + Meet n Greet Who do these people think they are to charge that much to meet them? Or most especially to be taught by them? Their fans are little girls.
  11. Dance Moms in the Media

    Jojo has an older brother. I don't think Jojo would be getting as far as she is if not for her personality. The kids are all watching her on youtube for something, and the videos aren't particularly polished so I imagine she is doing much of it herself. I do credit the whole persona to Jess to a degree, whom had her doing these circus-y dances when she was on the competition circuit and of course, made all those bows. Really Jojo's management just needed to pump some money into what was already there. She's almost akin to a children's performer, like the kind you'd see on Nick Jr, when compared to Mackenzie who's been presented as this teen poptart for years now.
  12. Dance Moms in the Media

    I think the whole thing behind Jojo's kiddie shtick is that it's a knee jerk reaction for the public after years of tween stars like Miley and Justin. Accepting of the "unsexy" has grown rapidly this decade compared to last. I have been researching all this more and more since seeing her stuff pop up everywhere and it seems the consensus is that parents and kids alike are attracted to her "just being a kid". To have the hot ticket item be hair bows must seem pretty wholesome to people compared to other things we've seen, regardless of whether the operation at large really is. And in all fairness, they've got the right timing, because I don't see any other kid figures being marketed to the extent she is right now. As for my personal opinion, well, I felt too pushed to grow up during those years so I can sympathize with wanting to hold on to childhood. Everyone matures differently. But moving forward, I think they would be wise to have her grow with her audience, even if most are technically a few years younger. Eventually go a more "geek chic" route, try selling leggings or socks or something somewhere like Hot Topic. There are many videos of her "babysitting" and whatnot so at least there's some recognition there of her being a teen.
  13. S07.E25: Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby

    I used to feel bad for Chloe, but they were discussing her mistreatment from Abby like it happened last week. They came back to the show. I dislike the word "entitled", but Christi waltzing on here like no time has gone by is the definition of it.
  14. Dance Moms in the Media

    What exactly do they do on these tours? Just talk and then you line up to get a photo or an autograph?
  15. S07.E24: There's A New Team In Town Part 2

    Wow was Christi always that nasty? She probably was, but Maddie/Melissa grated so perhaps I didn't notice. I couldn't make out what she was yelling at the end, I think it was, "Brynn will never be on Broadway!" You could still that about Chloe and the woman would freak. This storyline of caring that Brynn is dancing with the little girls is lame. Somebody's gotta be the oldest. And they're doing higher caliber dancing. The older girls looked like recreational dancers coming up with something for the high school variety show. Is that part of their popularity at this point, that they're relatable for ordinary teens? Maybe they need some cardio. The costume wasn't as inappropriate as it was plain unflattering, it was better suited for somebody hourglass shaped. I hate giving Abby credit, but she wouldn't have put them in that, for that reason. I just don't know how any of the moms care anymore. I said that a long time ago, it just being a tv show and all. But now, with the end so near, I really don't know how.