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  1. Thank you for the update!
  2. Wait. What happened to Danielle? Is she out?
  3. Shannon is Debbie Downer. David is probably doing a bit of a happy dance knowing Shannon wasn't the easiest to be around. Not that it excuses his asshole ways, but....it takes two in all things.
  4. I'm actually really enjoying the new season. I like the new housewives a great deal and they are a breath of fresh air from the old-school fighting and shrieking.
  5. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I like Jeremy, but you nailed it here. Both Jeremy and Natalie can learn big life lessons by watching the episode back. I think Jeremy was well-intentioned and genuine, but his method sucked and had the reverse effect. He had a goal but he tried achieving it with his heart - not his head. Lecturing people with the hope of getting them to change only has the opposite effect. Natalie may not have believed it coming from Jeremy, but pretty much her entire tribe agreed with Jeremy during tribal council. If she can't receive the message after that, there's no hope. I gave Natalie the benefit of the doubt the first two episodes, but I didn't like what she said when she cast her vote for Jeremy. What she said was cruel and uncalled for. Jeremy clearly had good intentions when he spoke to her. She trash-talked him in a way that was mean for the sake of being mean. She lost me at that point.
  6. I actually like it! Good and entertaining breather.
  7. S37: Christian Hubicki

    I played clarinet in the marching band. I don't even like the clarinet but it was the best option between it, flute, saxophone, and drums for me!
  8. S37: Natalie Cole

    I don't mind her either. I mean, at first glance, she's one helluva bitch, but being a woman, being a successful business woman, being black, and being a 3-time cancer survivor (so I've read elsewhere), it would be damn hard not to be a tough-ass after 56 years of a life that was uphill on so many levels (I assume, anyway). I think I'm more bothered by the young people who don't take the time to consider circumstances that aren't surface-level. They are being naive and dismissive and arrogant, frankly (it'll catch up to them when they are Natalie's age). I do hope, however, Natalie watches the show and maybe see how life might be just a little more full and rewarding if she weren't so standoffish and brash. It's early, but for now, I like her.
  9. Vicki and Tamra seem to have mellowed a bit. I think each has hit an age where they don't have as much energy and each has faced some hardships that no amount of reality tv dramatics can solve (Brianna's and Eddie's health, for example). I like them when they are a little more tame (although maybe that's because I'm getting up there too and that's all the energy I have any more). The whole God discussion was bananas. All these women proclaiming to be believers and having moral compasses etc. is absurd - especially Kelly. How is it that God-fearing people run around calling others names like Kelly did to Emily's husband, etc.?
  10. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    I LOVE the Kevin character, and the actor who plays him. He is hysterical! He's the same actor who delivered Chinese food to Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters and his scenes are equally as funny.
  11. Anyone know where Kelly got her money from? Is it all from the Ex? I thought she was self-made to a moderate degree. Didn't Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine make meals like Shannon's decades ago? What am I missing?
  12. That seems awfully quick after the reunion. Has a replacement for Carole been picked?
  13. Don't make me read Carole's Instagram :) I'm from MN and am wondering what else she has to say about it.
  14. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    I, on the other hand, LOVE every single cast member. Thanks to the Survivor producers for a cast comprised of regular folks and not models and actor wannabees.
  15. Tinsley's desire for a husband doesn't bother me. It's what she wants and she's being honest about it. I think that's one thing I kind of like about her ... she is who she is, for better or worse. Same with glamming it up and liking the bling. And, as a Columbia grad, she's no dummy. I don't think she's ditzy. I just think she's not a shark by nature nor is she walking around with hidden agendas. She is who she is and seems like she can be taken at face-value. That's rare in general but especially so in the RH universe. In contrast, all the others seem very calculating and put on shows for social standing purposes and the camera. I'm sure Tinsley does some of that but it's like second-nature for the others. Tinsley may seem simple, but just because she's not a player (at least to the degree the others are) doesn't mean she's not smart. They are two different things.