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  1. S16.E07: Carne!

    I edited my post ... think I found it. Going through all the Wiki's, though, seems like this is a surprisingly common problem, lol.
  2. S16.E07: Carne!

    Wasn't this the time they had some kind of theme party -- Vikings, Medieval Faire, Cavemen -- when the chefs wondered if they were allowed to just do "giant Turkey legs" or some such, and then, yes, everyone opted for much daintier offerings? Much like this week, folks needed to take a hint. If Tom comes for his sniff-n-sneer and recoils in horror when you say you're making a tartare with your Rib-eye or Sirloin or whatever awesome cut of beef you have, RETHINK YOUR IDEA. If the primary guest judges are screaming "CARNE!" repeatedly and there is a butchering exhibition, but you dice/hack/grind/disfigure/hide the meat that they've lovingly presented to you (to be served to other folks from the cattle industry), RETHINK YOUR IDEA. Geez. *Edited to Add: In addition to several seasons having "Steak" challenges (including the one for the Cattlebarons at South Fork), I think the one I was thinking of is Season 13, "Where's the Beef?": Elimination Challenge: The chefs, separated into three teams, had to cater a black tie bacchanal event called Beefsteak, where the diners forego silverware and eat with their hands."
  3. S07.02: Top of the Class

    Agreed. ;-) (...also SEC! SEC!) Even the orange robes with blue trim they make us wear as ushers for the grad ceremony aren't that fug. I never would've pegged that as a Top 3 instead of a Bottom 3, but now that y'all have reminded me of Isaac's irrational lurve for Anthony Ryan, it makes more sense. How did no one choose a print that incorporated both colors? Seems like a no-brainer to me.
  4. ...only because of its depiction on "The Americans," lol. (If you didn't watch that show, A) you should -- it's amazing, and B) several characters get wrapped up in EST -- including one of our beloved Russian spies -- and it becomes an interesting point of contention in latter seasons.)
  5. The Blacklist in the Media

    More TVLine: The Blacklist EP Warns That Samar's Season 6 Arc Will Be a 'Real Doozy'
  6. S06E02 The Corsican (New day and time)

    For some reason (probably my intense dislike of her), I felt like maybe Liz and Red were running a long con on the sister (who, in turn, feels a bit like she's running a con on Liz). But then I thought this show probably isn't that twisty/well-planned, and the sister doesn't seem like much to have concern with (wherever she was during that phone call with Liz seemed dodgy, though, and her shady father figure who kicked it last season gives me some pause). Neener, I like your thoughts on thisRed -- especially since the "memories" keep saying thatRed was perfect and a magically great dad in counter to this one, so it's probably backwards (and then the writers will pat themselves on the back for being ever so clever about it later on). *shrugs*
  7. Naked And Afraid

    I don't know if it's because I've become so used to presumed producer interference on reality shows (including this one -- "oh, look, I killed an animal for dinner at the perfect time!") that it clouds my expectations, but I was really surprised by how close the sharks got to them and how much interaction with the sharks happened. I wish we'd have seen a bit more of the island they were on, though, because I kept wondering if there weren't plants/fruit trees they could eat from (or at least why they didn't try to kill birds or other small animals). Overall, it was much more entertaining than I expected, mostly because of getting to see the close-up goings on with the different sharks they encountered.
  8. S03.E05: Pies

    Exactly. It made me inordinately mad for some reason -- I think because Paul is always such a stickler about contestants using a name/label for something that's not quite what they actually make; he dings them for that on the regular (his on-going yapping about how "American pies" are hideous probably didn't improve my mindset in that regard either, lol). That was not a "Key lime" pie since it wasn't made with Key limes, which are very different than regular limes (in fact, I wondered if Key limes would even be readily available there when it was first mentioned). Seemed more like a lime meringue pie to me. *grumbles*
  9. Given that his hair was even worse (hard to believe it's possible, but, sadly, tis true) on The Blacklist a few months back, I'm gonna say no. *sigh* I bemoaned on Facebook then how sad I was that all the hot dudes of my youth are now playing old, creepy dudes, lol. It's okay, Julian, we'll always have A Room With A View. Not only seeing Clyde, but having actual dialogue and story-points surrounding him made up for it, though.
  10. S05.E02: Cartouche

    I remember it, too! I thought I was the one who was going a little loopy when I read all the comments thinking it was cut, lol.
  11. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    After so many seasons of heroin/opioid addictions, it was a little odd to see a straight-up alcoholic. I was glad she made it to her son's graduation and that she seemed to keep it together there (in public) for the most part -- she has no idea what a good friend she had to put up with everything to make that happen.
  12. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    On the surface, Jackie had it all: a large tight knit family, a devoted husband, two beautiful sons, and a nursing career. But unbeknownst to anyone, Jackie found herself stuck in a loveless marriage. For 15 years she put on the happy face, but gradually began to drink and before she knew it, she was a full-blown alcoholic guzzling up to a gallon of wine a day. In 2015, her marriage dissolved, and after three wrecked cars and a DUI, she lost her RN license. Her bottom should have been a near fatal OD in Feb. 2017, but Jackie continues to drink, and her family and sons are helpless to save her.
  13. S19.E01: Sam & Brad K. 2018.06.05

    Agreed -- especially when they said he had violated rules or some such and had to leave early. I was also particularly glad that he managed to show up for his sister during her cancer treatment, given the state he was in; it seemed to mean a lot to her that he made the effort.
  14. Sam and Brad’s families have known each other since Sam and Brad were kids. Brad’s sister was Sam’s best friend growing up, and Brad’s father coached Sam’s softball team. Although Sam and Brad always had a crush on each other, it wasn’t until they were adults that they finally connected. But when Brad introduced Sam to heroin and the two quickly got married, their drug-fueled codependency became the basis of their relationship. Sam lost custody of her son from a previous relationship and her career as a dental assistant, and recently contracted Hepatitis C. Brad has had multiple overdoses, lost his career, and his daughter from an earlier marriage. Their families are desperate for Sam and Brad to get clean, but are unable to work together as a united front, leaving Brad and Sam to continue on a downward spiral. Now they fear that rock bottom will mean both of their deaths.