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  1. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    After so many seasons of heroin/opioid addictions, it was a little odd to see a straight-up alcoholic. I was glad she made it to her son's graduation and that she seemed to keep it together there (in public) for the most part -- she has no idea what a good friend she had to put up with everything to make that happen.
  2. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    On the surface, Jackie had it all: a large tight knit family, a devoted husband, two beautiful sons, and a nursing career. But unbeknownst to anyone, Jackie found herself stuck in a loveless marriage. For 15 years she put on the happy face, but gradually began to drink and before she knew it, she was a full-blown alcoholic guzzling up to a gallon of wine a day. In 2015, her marriage dissolved, and after three wrecked cars and a DUI, she lost her RN license. Her bottom should have been a near fatal OD in Feb. 2017, but Jackie continues to drink, and her family and sons are helpless to save her.
  3. S19.E01: Sam & Brad K. 2018.06.05

    Agreed -- especially when they said he had violated rules or some such and had to leave early. I was also particularly glad that he managed to show up for his sister during her cancer treatment, given the state he was in; it seemed to mean a lot to her that he made the effort.
  4. Sam and Brad’s families have known each other since Sam and Brad were kids. Brad’s sister was Sam’s best friend growing up, and Brad’s father coached Sam’s softball team. Although Sam and Brad always had a crush on each other, it wasn’t until they were adults that they finally connected. But when Brad introduced Sam to heroin and the two quickly got married, their drug-fueled codependency became the basis of their relationship. Sam lost custody of her son from a previous relationship and her career as a dental assistant, and recently contracted Hepatitis C. Brad has had multiple overdoses, lost his career, and his daughter from an earlier marriage. Their families are desperate for Sam and Brad to get clean, but are unable to work together as a united front, leaving Brad and Sam to continue on a downward spiral. Now they fear that rock bottom will mean both of their deaths.
  5. S05.E22: Sutton Ross (No. 17)

    Man, being in a coma does wonders for everyone's hair on this show. First Lizzie, now Samar. The proposal acceptance was predictable, but her flowing locks distracted me -- if that was the intent, well done, show.
  6. S03.E24: A Devil of My Word

    Well, at least Maze and Dr. Linda had a really lovely final scene. I'll take it.
  7. Fresh Ink: Blindspot in the Media

    Huh ... not sure if I'm surprised or not, lol. Renewed for Season 4.
  8. While I do think at least some of the "reality" of many British shows has to do with hair, clothes (wardrobe), and teeth being more like "normal" people in work-a-day settings of all kinds, I agree with you on appearance, broadly. I don't spend as much time in LA these days as I used to (one of my good friends is an actress), but one of the things I'm always startled by is how teeny-tiny actresses are in real life. I mean, women we perceive as "normal-sized" on TV are usually a size 2 (or 4 at most), and those called "plus-sized" are maybe a size 10. People who meet my friend in real life are usually shocked that she's so skinny. I'm sure much of that is the same across the pond, but I do think there's an acceptable level of "pretty" and "young" enforced here, even for roles where it might not be so in the real world (oh, the endless debates at TWoP in the Castle forums about them making Stana Katic grow her hair out into a long, glamorous mane that she rarely pulled back while deftly solving crimes in designer clothes and high heels, post-season 1). The age thing may be even more pronounced, though, and, in particular, the notion of Judith Light playing Mitch Peleggi's mom on the Dallas reboot was ridiculous -- but sadly, all too normal on US TV. I appreciate the fact that most folks on British TV shows look like people I encounter in everyday life; it makes things feel more authentic to me in some ways (not that I don't appreciate plenty of US shows anyway).
  9. S01.E03: In a Lonely Place

    Per the captions, they're actually speaking a variety of languages (I'm unclear on how everyone seems to understand/speak all these languages, but anyhoo...) -- so, the captions are twice as useful here since they not only help with the mumbles, but also translate the dialogue. It'll say something like "[In Russian] blahblahEnglishtranslation. [In English] blahblahregularcaptions."
  10. Season 1 Discussion

    Just said this exact thing to a friend ... I'm definitely getting that vibe here.
  11. S20.E03: The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 3

    Agreed -- I was really intrigued by the premise, but it's missed the mark on that, I think. I did like the cop who took the gal to detox instead of jail -- given how surprised he was the next day that she was actually waiting for him to get the ride to rehab, I'd like to hear more from him about what's happening in the city and how they've shifted their response of the past year or so.
  12. S20.E01: The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 1

    I wonder if they either held back extra content, or noted all the complaints ... last night I watched the reruns that they were billing as "new" -- they've added commentary from interventionists describing/explaining the scenes we saw in the original airing. Not sure they're really adding much with the new talking heads, but if you'd like to hear more, look for those episodes instead.
  13. S05.E04: The Endling

    Yeah, but in that episode of Castle, the newspaper delivery guy was using the list of folks who put a vacation hold on their papers to squat in their apartments while they were gone (and then a murder happened, which they found when they returned), so...pick your mindless-crime-procedural poison. *g* As for this show, the whole season thus far feels a lot like they wanted to keep the show on (just in case) to have something with at least middling ratings and a big name star, and this is what they've come up with. Perhaps in their minds, they think they're doing the 'series reboot' that a few shows have managed recently to right themselves, but mostly it just feels ... kinda different (not better). *shrugs*
  14. S01.E06: Why Me?

    That's an interesting guess I hadn't thought of ... I initially thought that brother was incapacitated in some way that the father blames her for (car accident, drugs, etc.), and, thus, she was disowned, etc. Considering the time frame, I'd think he could also have been disabled in Viet Nam in some way, but I can't see how that fits in with her, specifically. In any case, still interested to find out the full story.
  15. I always feel short-changed when they do three people in an episode instead of two. Even with two, it feels like things are missing, but it seems especially so with three. The stories here were fascinating, and I liked that they touched on stories that we hadn't heard the history behind time again. I would've liked more. *sigh*