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  1. The funny thing is I've never seen the end of the Goku Frieza fight. The original DBZ was on Saturday mornings in syndication in the early 90's and I watched from the beginning until mid-way into the fight (they may have also tossed in Tree of Might ova into the mix) and then the next week a new show took its place. I've seen the abridged version of the fight but never the original (which is why I'm actually glad they started Kai from the beginning as besides DBZA, it's been over 20 years since I've last seen this story line). And honestly, that is one problem I have with Dragon Ball Z/Super. A single fight should not take that long as I start getting bored (see the fight with Beerus which was a lot shorter in the OVA). I'm hoping the Tournament of Power being a battle royal means we get a lot more variety of fighting but it's also like 35 episodes so who knows.
  2. I not sure you can really even call the show feminist in any real way. It's not feminist to just have a show starting women. I could see argument that the first few seasons may have been (its been a while since I saw them) but after Shannon and Constance left that quickly got left behind. I agree Darryl doesn't really count much. He was mostly there to be used as the plot demanded (and the sisters really did a lot of crappy things to him). Even counting Darryl that what one character (who's effectively a background character if we're being generous). That's something I really like about the new show's set up, they're actually embracing diversity. I'm not sure if you counted it but first season had the episode with John Cho which involved a Chinese spirit. If that was included then its even sadder since for 7 more seasons they had 1 more episode that dealt with any sort of Asian culture. I would love it if the new show brought in mythology from all over, not just the mainly European and Christian mythology. I am a fan of the original. But the show had a ton of issues (like how it treated Darryl or Cole for that matter, had little idea what to do with Phoebe or Paige) and once Shannon and Constance left it became a very different show from those first few seasons. So I'm hoping that the new show can take what worked from the original and avoid what didn't.
  3. DBZ In The Media

    Two weeks ago two of the Cleveland Browns players celebrated a touchdown by doing the fusion dance. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2018-10-01/cleveland-browns-tight-ends-bring-dbz-fusion-dance-to-the-end-zone/.137545
  4. Unsurprisingly, those 40 hours is going to take 14 episodes.
  5. S07.E10: The Saphrax Protocol

    So Saphrax is a real story Did not know that until it was pointed out to me. Loved this episode and the entire season as well. Hope we get the next season a little bit sooner though.
  6. I finally remembered where I know the opening music from. It's Livin' It Up (Friday Night) by Bell & James. Also I love the intro for this season (and the outro as well).
  7. Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    It's worth remembering though that script orders are not episode orders. When a show is airing, script orders typically hints at cancellation (because why wouldn't you just order more episodes instead). The speculation I've seen about this (since it's before the season has started) is the producers don't think they'd have time to generate new scripts in time to complete production if they began when more episodes were ordered. Which is not a big deal.
  8. I'm just glad the "cat" turned out to be a fake.
  9. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Okay, that's kind of awesome. I was hoping Adult Swim would pick up Megalo Box (while I haven't seen it I have seen good reviews).
  10. So Adult Swim has given up the 8pm slot again. Now Amazing World of Gumball is on from 8-9. The show is pretty good so it could be worse (it could be Teen Titans Go or Cleveland Show/Family Guy).
  11. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    I'm not buying the idea that they needed more time for VFx. It's also worth noting that the Disney deal is supposed to be finalized early 2019 (i.e. Disney owns Fox then). So a Feb release would mean that the movie would most likely come out, as either Disney doesn't own Fox yet or they just recently did and its kind of too late to stop the movie from coming out. A June date though pushes the movie well into Disney's ownership of Fox so I wouldn't be surprised to see it shelved beginning of next year (and never see the light of day). Until the ownership changes, Fox is still its own entity so while they might make things easier for Disney, they still need to run their own business until they change hands (which I imagine is why the movie is still on the schedule at all).
  12. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    According to my guide Samurai Jack is starting with season 1 episode 10. Seems odd to me but wouldn't really surprise me if it did.
  13. I was a fan of the original (it's the reason my son is named Wyatt) which is why I'm really looking forward to this reboot. The original, which was good, had a ton of issues. Shannon Doherty's sudden departure is a major one, but the show didn't really know what to do with Pheobe (and how the show treated Cole was a real shame). Plus they really moved away from the sisterhood aspect of the early seasons. So I'm hoping the reboot manages to avoid those issues and being over a decade later, the cgi should be a lot better which will hopefully let them do more. They seem to be doing things right from what I've read. They're not resetting the show, instead they appear to be taking the better ideas of the original and spinning their own story. I don't mind them using the original power sets as Piper's especially is an interesting one (plus they require very little in the way of Vfx) and switching premonition for telepathy works for me as Phoebe was pretty poorly used with just that power where telepathy has a number of uses without breaking the story.
  14. Small Talk: U.A. High Cafeteria

    I would have if the showings weren't only at 7:45pm since my son started day care this week. I just hope Funimation eventually puts it up on their streaming service.
  15. S01.E01: Pilot

    It seemed pointless that she was "her best friend" seeing as how we've never seen her, let alone her interacting with Michaela. It had all the emotional impact of him marrying the barista at the Starbucks they frequented.