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  1. S01.E13: Slumber Party

    I went to high school parties when I was in 7th and 8th grade but they weren't really wild and crazy. Maybe wine coolers were consumed but that's about it. I think when you live in a big city and have lots of money and negligent parents it's probably easier to get pulled into a really crazy, out of control party lifestyle at any age. I really doubt Dylan got so far into "the scene" though that he knew who was dealing what drugs at what strip clubs.
  2. Also I know it doesn't work for plot purposes or for this show at all, but think about who you were your senior year of high school up to your junior year of college. And then think about the person you were at 23-24. I think most of us grew a lot in that period of time and met lots of different people that replaced one another in our affections. Dylan still being hung up on Kelly after several years of traveling around the world means he's either totally stubborn or really boring and stupid.
  3. This episode is infuriating on soooo many levels. I remember watching it when it first aired and when Dylan was like "that was two years ago after I left Brenda" I was like "THAT'S IT!" and I never watched another episode. I'm curious if TV shows back in the day were routinely this bad about retcons/backstories/continuity or if this was a new low. But this stat rape storyline. FUCK THIS. It's fucking disturbing. My only consolation is knowing that in the Me Too era of 2018 this would never ever air on television and that instead we get Josie and the Pussycats beating up a would-be rapist on Riverdale instead. I want to give a thumbs up to Tara for the "Steve Bennett" reference. I literally said "Steve Bennett like Bart Simpson?" and then Tara said it and I was like "YEEEEEEEESSS!" and did a fist pump. And speaking of the Simpsons and Riverdale, I know people in a previous post were talking about how hot Luke Perry is on Riverdale but to me when I see his wrinkly face it's like staring down my own mortality and I hear Grandpa Simpson yelling "DEAAATH!"
  4. Thanks Tara and Sarah for this nice long episode which filled up a good chunk of my drive today from Chicago to Milwaukee. I was getting off the highway and at a red light when Tara said "Brandon's new auburn tresses" and I started laughing out loud and Sarah's "old man men rinse" really sent me over the edge and I started crying. The person in the car next to me was totally staring. Kelly is shitty in so many ways in this episode. (her telling Donna to blow off work was almost exactly like Brandon telling her to blow off her first day at the Foundation Foundation so they could go to Hawaii) Her "I don't have any problems" speech, aside from being so untrue (like why are you complaining about Brandon not calling you back then, you daughter of a drug addict runaway dad having eating disordered coke fiend) is such bad writing. It would have made so much more sense if she was like "I now realize I'm a rich white girl with my whole life ahead of me, maybe I should stop obsessing about my failed wedding to this guy I met in high school and just live my life." I wish I had any sort of insight into what as going on in the writer's room at this stage of the show, were college interns in charge? User challenge ideas: 5 inappropriate moments in the show where the theme song could have kicked in (I kept thinking it was going to interrupt Val's heavy moment with her mom) and 5 ways the show would be better if Jon Wurster as Philly Boy Roy from The Best Show was a character instead of Noah.
  5. HEY EVERYONE I found the ShanDo single white female movie on YouTube. I'm watching it now!!!!
  6. I know, she looks like an Oompa Loompa! ALSO RE: Donna's hair this season. It is very nice and tasteful but the style makes her face look extra long, like she already looks enough like a Kentucky Derby winner without any help from her hairstyle. The helmet hair days were bad but a shorter length really downplays the horsiness. Imagine if she had a shorter hairdo that was actually healthy and dignified.
  7. Kelly: "what if he was the one????" Me: "you're 23 SHUT UP!" Meanwhile Steve proves once again that he's really 64 years old by taping a golf tournament off the TV. Surprised someone who would want to tape a golf tournament could even figure out how to use a VCR.
  8. This season felt so long, I was actually confused by who Sarah was and had to go back and re-listen cuz I thought Steve was still with Jill at the end. It's like this season caused brain damage.
  9. Donna’s catwalk turnaround thing is so clumsy because of her nineties stacked heels. It looks like she’s going to fall over. Also she has the face of a mutant horse.
  10. I forgot all about the ShanDo single white female movie and need to see it now.
  11. There’s a sex shop in a nice neighborhood in Chicago that got some guff from people but barely enough to make it newsworthy.
  12. Oh another thing. I can’t stand how this show is always referring to men and women as “the male species” or “the female species.” We’re all the same species!!!!
  13. I feel like this season we’re being violently thrown from one hot topic of the week to another, just like in the high school years but so much more insipid. It feels weird because when it was a show about teenagers, dealing with “issues” kinda made sense as that’s all part of growing up (on TV anyway). But having these 23 year olds who act like 35 year olds deal with things like cutting just doesn’t... seem right. Note how Kelly’s acceptance of the sex shop and all its related whatever involves her buying a kama sutra book, so she’s ok with it as long as it also involves the exotification of other cultures. Jeez, Kelly, if only you had bled to death in that airport parking lot.
  14. I read an article a few years ago about musicians who record music for commercials anonymously so they can make money and still keep their cred. But a friend of mine's band had a song in a commercial maybe even around this time and they were able to pocket money for themselves AND buy a new tour van soooo yeah David, you're a fucking idiot. I always thought it was weird that the show didn't get canceled when Brandon left, considering the whole show was originally about this family that moves to BH from Minnesota. I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in whatever meetings they had where they decided to keep renewing this show after the college years. I might have to look up the ratings for it and see if maybe I'm just a crackpot and people were actually in love with this garbage.