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  1. Donna’s catwalk turnaround thing is so clumsy because of her nineties stacked heels. It looks like she’s going to fall over. Also she has the face of a mutant horse.
  2. I forgot all about the ShanDo single white female movie and need to see it now.
  3. There’s a sex shop in a nice neighborhood in Chicago that got some guff from people but barely enough to make it newsworthy.
  4. Oh another thing. I can’t stand how this show is always referring to men and women as “the male species” or “the female species.” We’re all the same species!!!!
  5. I feel like this season we’re being violently thrown from one hot topic of the week to another, just like in the high school years but so much more insipid. It feels weird because when it was a show about teenagers, dealing with “issues” kinda made sense as that’s all part of growing up (on TV anyway). But having these 23 year olds who act like 35 year olds deal with things like cutting just doesn’t... seem right. Note how Kelly’s acceptance of the sex shop and all its related whatever involves her buying a kama sutra book, so she’s ok with it as long as it also involves the exotification of other cultures. Jeez, Kelly, if only you had bled to death in that airport parking lot.
  6. I read an article a few years ago about musicians who record music for commercials anonymously so they can make money and still keep their cred. But a friend of mine's band had a song in a commercial maybe even around this time and they were able to pocket money for themselves AND buy a new tour van soooo yeah David, you're a fucking idiot. I always thought it was weird that the show didn't get canceled when Brandon left, considering the whole show was originally about this family that moves to BH from Minnesota. I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in whatever meetings they had where they decided to keep renewing this show after the college years. I might have to look up the ratings for it and see if maybe I'm just a crackpot and people were actually in love with this garbage.
  7. I think one of the best things ever said on this podcast is when a meeting between Samantha Sanders and Mrs. Teasley was described as, I think "a starfleet battle in the Revlon aisle." As someone who ended a marriage a few years ago (and it really does make you feel like a huge loser failure), I got a few "go to counseling" "try it again" comments from people that made me angry and they were delivered to me with 900 percent more tact and sensitivity than how Brandon was talking to Andrea. I was really glad that she tore into him though she should have LITERALLY torn into him, like disemboweled him, for being such a "cockwinkle." Frankly if I were Andrea's friend and found out she was splitting up with the guy she got shotgun-married to during her freshman year of college after he threatened to dump her if she had an abortion I'd be like "yeah I saw that coming!" and then take her out to get drunk and talk shit about him. As for my high school reunions, I graduated early so I'm not officially part of any graduating class, but even so passing my old high school gives me PTSD so no thanks!
  8. LOL, Mrs. Teasley walks by it and makes a "mmhmmm" face and then nods "no" to the janitor as he walks toward her with his power tools.
  9. I watched Mother May I Sleep With Danger recently and it is like The Room level bad.
  10. I call no way on a school like West Beverly not sandblasting over that "Kelly Is A Slut" graffito like within a week of it showing up. It's not an impoverished inner city high school for crying out loud. The janitor that gave Steve the legacy key probably took care of it years ago. I'm also amazed that the writers got Kelly's rapist's name and graduating year right, especially since we were told in that one episode that it was Steve who was responsible for Kelly's reputation.
  11. If I remember correctly (this was only like one season ago!!!!!!) Kelly was like, "I guess I'm ready to have a baby!" and then she miscarried, though she was dumb enough to think it was her period.
  12. Kelly is so infuriating in this episode. She's as much of a big dumb baby as Donna is. I can't believe she brought that baby to work! It's not an orphaned squirrel she can keep in a shoebox on her desk! As much as all the other characters on this show are also terrible, Kelly gets lots of bonus terrible points for being the least like a 23 year old of any of the gang. Except for maybe Steve and his hair plugs. Also, can you get a more dated plot line than a radio payola scam?
  13. I didn't even think of that! Who knows what prescription drugs Felice has been using for funzies this whole time! It occurred to me the other day that we're still in the same season as when Kelly got amnesia. THE SAME SEASON. The poor judgement these characters display must be a reflexion of the poor judgement of the Fox execs who kept giving this flaming paper bag of yorkie poop more seasons.
  14. I think we can all agree that Val makes no sense and her plot lines and character arc should be universally taught as exactly how NOT to write a TV show. And yet, she's still the best character on this entire fucking show.
  15. I agree. I was so happy to get a nice long episode this week. Keep up the good work!