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  1. YIKES! Mookie Wilson looks angry as hell!
  2. A thousand times YES! Both are just horrible, juvenile har har har jokes. Book of the month club used to be a very genteel, fun way to explore new books, but this ad makes it look trashy.
  3. I believe those are gas masks.
  4. She is being more and more unreasonable lately.
  5. Okay, this dickhead cop in Pinal County pulls over a Parkour artist.... an ATHLETE. Do you not understand?? Arrests him for dry mouth, and doing a backflip! He did a backflip to PROVE to you that he wasn't under the influence. I wanna see YOU do it, Jerko.
  6. I'm sorry. I tried looking up "Walmart floor plans" for you, but there are none to be found. Hopefully they will at least put up the signs over the aisles so you can find stuff.
  7. Every new instance of snotty little shits like her, just reinforces my JOY at never having children.
  8. I do hope that Matthew Leili is getting laid EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in prison. LWOP, too! That's what you get, you sick bastard.
  9. Every year. She is still a beautiful woman in the ads, makes me nostalgic.
  10. Our small town has one supercenter walmart, and one united supermarket. The Walmart is approx 3 blocks from our house, and never go across town to United. I have been pulled out of line numerous times by an employee, the store is spotless, and the employees are always helpful and polite. We are very lucky!
  11. I've been (delicately) nagging my hubby to pick me up the Peppermint Ghirardelli next time he is shopping. He doesn't like peppermint, but he spoils me anyhow!
  12. Oh, my! That Raffaello candy sounds wonderful! Also the milk chocolate Whitman's..mmmmm! I'm with you on the dark chocolate thing, yuck (even if it is good for you) My hubby did a search on Best Fudge, and Joann's Fudge came up with tons of testimonials and 5 star ratings, so I checked it out. I also ordered a 5 slice for one brother, a 2 slice for us, and more will be coming. They have the most splendiferous flavors, too! think the biggest flavor selections are the Christmas ones, but you can special order whatever you like.
  13. I love Vicar Of Dibley! We had a twice-run series, and then it went away. I will remember clearly though! And the Christmas Lunch episode was my favorite!
  14. Gotta love Oklahoma!
  15. In my tvguide, 'titantv" it is listed as ABC Family. If you don't get that, I am sure in the two weeks before Christmas SOMEONE will run it again. I hope so, anyhow!