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  1. I'm curious if the futures that Rey and Kylo Ben saw of each other were actually real visions or what they wanted the future to be. Rey sees KB turning to the light and redeeming himself, which clearly didn't happen. KB sees Rey's parents as nobodies. But maybe that's what he wanted to see so he could mold her into his Dark Side Sidekick. Maybe he's wrong about that. I'm still okay with Rey being no one special with that making her special. Or that The Force can be strong in anyone. Kind of like, when Buffy activated all the slayers. While I hated what came after, I liked that there are a bunch of peeps across the galaxy who can tap into this special ability that we can eventually learn about beyond this one family that's been fucking up the universe for 40 years. (I love you Skywalkers!)
  2. It would not have surprised me at all if Poe had started making out with Holdo. Or BB8. That man generates chemistry with everything. I could see a bond between Rose and Finn developing, but anything romantic (including that kiss) seemed premature. I liked Rose's takeaway about love being more important than destruction but didn't think it quite fit their relationship. That's what I saw. I guess that's where the infamous blue milk comes from. Eww. I also enjoyed that they kept Kylo Ben (thanks for that nickname) a whiny bitch. He's a decent big bad in that he's no where near Vader, he never will be, and it will forever bother him. I know bunches hated the casino planet portion, but I liked the themes it brought in including war profiteering from both the Rebels and the Empire. It's what I liked about Rogue One - this is a war. An apparent neverending war, but a war nonetheless. And I loved the kids at the end because as much as this movie deconstructed Luke and being a Jedi, those kids were telling the story of legend Luke Skywalker. Film Crit Hulk's essay says exactly how I feel about TLJ: Having said all this, I do also recognize the valid issues the movie had; I'm just able to overlook them for how the movie made me feel overall.
  3. My theater was in to it the entire time, and I was, too. Maybe I just needed to be beat over the head with the message of hope after current world events, but I loved it. I was hoping Luke would go out like Old Ben Kenobi and he did, sorta. My whole theater erupted when it was shown that he was floating on a rock the entire time. I'm glad Kylo is still the same whiny asshole he was in TFA and that Rey was ultimately not here for his dark side pitch. I look forward to Rey kicking his ass. I liked Finn and Rose (I am in love with Kelly Marie Tran,) and I like their relationship, but that kiss did come out of left field. Leia floating her way back onto the ship was cheesy as hell, but CF is gone and I don't care. Every part with Leia was great. I full on started streaming tears when Luke and Leia were reunited, partly because it's been so long onscreen, and partly because it won't happen again without some CGI magic. The shots of the speeders/whatever they were trailing the red salt over the white was gorgeous. That kid at the end absolutely used the force with the broom, and I was moved with the message of hope (as said above.) I can't wait to see all the new Jedi. Maybe the resistance can finally win this thing. The only thing I was waiting for that didn't happen was for someone - preferably a Skywalker - to lose a hand. It's tradition!
  4. Hah! I just got home. I experienced ALL of the emotions watching it.
  5. That was my thought with the Queen movie meltdown and the allegations, but it's Hollywood, so who knows. He's also an EP on Legion, but I don't know if his credits are actual involvement or just producer credit.
  6. Was Brian Singer still the X-Men main guy? I know he's credited on The Gifted. I'm wondering if Marvel/Disney will put Feige in charge of all things Marvel. (I hope so.) Wait. Except Deadpool. They have a good thing going on there. Leave it be.
  7. I feel like Oliver was probably always mentioning that Felicity girl to Digg and the things she was doing to help them out without even realizing it. John Diggle knew from day one. "Digg, I don't think Felicity believed my rich people scavenger hunt story." "Digg, Felicity thinks archery is ridiculous." "Digg, Felicity was talking about Shakespeare."
  8. Smoak Tech here we come!
  9. I'm glad they didn't do this, but I might have been more conflicted if Dig had sided with the newbs. Or if the newbs splitting off had been Roy, Thea, and Rory. But those things didn't happen so I still don't care. Also, the newbs were lying and betraying the team so why would I side with them? Perhaps I'm not supposed to?
  10. Forgot to mention that I did really like the heist. The Mission Impossible stuff was cheesy but it worked. I also liked Oliver's bow trick. More stuff like that please.
  11. My hero!
  12. So, as I said, please give me a still of Olicity gazing at each other so I can blow it up and hang it on my wall. 😍 I really liked the reception even if I don't understand where Noah came from or why he is here. I'll give kudos to Rene for stepping up and saying he was the mole, but he is an idiot for believing the prosecutor and their air tight case. Of course that's what the they're going to tell you! Do they not have L&O in the Arrowverse? Otherwise, with the team breaking up, well, this is not Cap versus Iron Man. Not even close. Show, you've just given me everything I've wanted with the split! Thanks! That last shot of Team Big Bad was underwhelming. CJ and Anatoly - ok, but everyone else is meh.
  13. I mean Curtis could leave Helix Dynamics paving the way for Smoak or Queen Tech. I'm just saying.
  14. Yep. Oliver's been doing that for years now but it might not be consistent.
  15. I'm still waiting for any reason I would side with the newbs over OTA.