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  1. S04.E14: Refuge

    I know much of the activity on the show is in deference to plot furtherance, but in real life, would the SoS speak directly to the President (or other ruler) of another country? The equivalent agency in other countries would be something like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and I doubt they would have immediate access to the US President, acting or elected. Just a nitpick. The team really stepped in it this time. As soon as they came up with that plan, I was saying 'You better check that one with the boss.' Bess showed amazing restraint at the end there. If any of the actors were actually at the end of a contract, that would have been their exit. Not that I've ever thought up a plan without permission or anything.... Another question: Was it established in earlier seasons how Henry ended up as a USMC aviator? I ask this because his statement about enlisting caught my ear. If he was Jason's age, he would not yet have graduated college, and in most cases aviation school requires an officer rank which requires a college degree. But then, he's Henry. It was great advice to Jason, though. Favorite line of the night: "A 1995 film based off of a Jane Austen novel" "Clueless." Silent pause...
  2. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    I would hope that Reddington's threat/promise to Garvey would extend from Liz to anyone on Team Post Office, at least for the moment.
  3. S02.E17: Gag Order

    Yes, right at the end. Bull went to her house, and tripped her up with a question about decrypting the hard drive, and then offered her job back. She had on nice pajamas, though.
  4. S02.E02: The Darlington 500

    Yeah, silver certificates might be hard to come by in the present day, unless the team went back off camera and stole some plates to make their own, or something. I'm waiting for Wyatt to ask someone "Is there an ATM close by?" Fun fact about the Chuck Berry song "You Can't Catch Me" (the chase music). John Lennon either inadvertently or purposely copied the line 'Here come a flattop, he come groovin' up slowly' for the Beatles song "Come Together". Cost him a lot of money to Chuck Berry. Wendell, if you took that 50 gallons of moonshine out of the trunk before the race, you could probably win by an even better margin. So Keynes wants to build the master race, eh? I also thought that the women were not so pleased with that idea. The problem with creating a top tier of anyone is that sooner or later someone decides that you're not in it, and don't slam the door on your way out to the firing squad. What lure or reward do you use to convince someone to go back in time and commit suicide to further the motives of the giant octopus? What was in it for him? And on a side note, taking over Ford, just in time for the Edsel? Really? What else could go wrong in the next twenty years? Nice bits of real history in the conversations. Dropping the 'He's a Communist' line in 1955 was no joke.
  5. How I Want The Americans To End

    On the other hand, laundry bags worldwide would be caught up in grievous displays of sorrow.
  6. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    The Sandman isn't, or at least wasn't identified as such. Dr. Fulton should be on the list; maybe the show is saving her for a future episode.
  7. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    Is she the Maitre d' of Murder? I have an idea, FBI. The suspect runs out the back door and into the snow. Her feet sink into the snow as she runs through the woods. What clue could you maybe use to track her movements? C'mon, people. Anyone? Well, at least we're back in the top 20 of Blacklisters.
  8. S02.E01: The War to End All Wars

    Although I didn't rewatch to see why Grandpa Rittendude was in heart failure, i.e., trauma or heart malfunction, I would like to add that an AED doesn't really work on trauma codes, such as a battlefield injury. In this case the heart has stopped due to blood loss or direct injury, neither of which an AED can correct. It merely stops the heart by shocking it, allowing the brain to restart sending the correct electrical pulses to get the heart beating in the correct rhythm again. I know television routinely shows people being shocked back into life and conciousness, but it rarely ever happens that way.
  9. S02.E13: Original Sin

    With all this hacking going on right, left, and center, can we somehow arrange for someone, anyone, to hack into the script computers and generate plots with at least some level of believeability? Guess what, President Smarmy? Your use of an ancient treaty between Spain and the indigenous peoples just opened up a floodgate of lawsuits by other tribes whose land had been taken by commercial development. Perhaps rightly so (the lawsuits, that is), but that's grounds for at least three more episodes as it spreads across the nation. Sorry, but as soon as the two brothers got into their Tom and Dick Smothers fight, I hit the fast forward button. I really didn't care what their grievances were, or anything about the FLOTUS foundation. And it would seem highly unlikely that a tourist would be allowed to bring in a laptop on the tour. Did Kirkman or Lyor see to their hygiene needs, and keep them fed? But of course!
  10. S02.E17: Gag Order

    The way this show is going, the most interesting part to me is the exposition at the beginning of each episode. It's the only thing that seems to have any mystery to it.
  11. S06.E13: Hiding Not Seeking

    Because the slogan "Only I can prevent forest fires, do arson investigations, detective work, social work, rescue people, advise on structural stability, order upper management around, and bamboozle my husband on a daily basis" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  12. S02.E01: The War to End All Wars

    Seems to me that if Rittenhouse is placing its sleeper cells throughout history, choosing to place one in the Infantry just before WWI might be rather self-canceling. There would be a chance that he would not return from the war, even without the intervention of Team Wyatt. Maybe it would have been unlikely for Lucy to kill Emma/Carol, but, damn, Wyatt, you had a gun on both of them and you could have dropped Emma in one shot. Yet you stood there and backed away as they got into the Eyeball. Such logic doesn't make for long seasons, though. The plot has to go somewhere. Captain: "What regiment are you from?" Rufus: "The black one."
  13. S01.E04: Sixes and Sevens

    Jazz singer Josephine Baker emigrated to France in the 30's, gave up her US citizenship for French citizenship, and entertained throughout WWII in the South of France (after Paris was captured) and other places throughout the world. I mention this because she was active in the French Resistance the entire time. I was expecting the British airman to be a plant by the Germans, for some odd reason.
  14. This Is Our Social & Cultural Issues Thread

    Plus....the all important storyline. They already went down St. William Avenue. Maybe the writers will take a left with Shauna and start a "How To Cope With A Completely Irresponsible Guest While Juggling Your Already Scattered Lifestyle" story arc. They should contact the Brothers and Sisters writers for some ideas.
  15. S02.E11: Grief

    The Cuban rebel was getting old, and looking to cash in his IRA (bad pun, I know). He was willing to sell out the other guerillas for a huge payday from the Cuban government, financed by the American mogul, who was looking for an in with the government for nefarious development schemes. Alas, our hero overheard them.