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  1. S01.E04: The Long Black Train

    I wonder if Dutton has always "recruited" from the ex-con population. That way he has some control over them. Rip threatened to send Jimmy back to jail if he didn't go to work at the ranch. He has also killed for Dutton, as has now the older ranch hand, and Dutton told Rip to go find another hand, specifying another prison guy. His crew seems to be way outside the normal working population.
  2. S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    Sounds like it might be elevation and declination of a star/planet somewhere.
  3. S01.E04: The Long Black Train

    While your point is true, the connections between this show and the real world are tenuous at best. Anything can happen for any reason, and that's my thought for the arrest.
  4. S01.E04: The Long Black Train

    Well, Fred has got to be the dumbest guy around. Anyone would notice that they're not driving to town and heading out on a lonesome canyon road. And I guess you gotta make your bones to live up to that Yellowstone Ranch brand, indeed. How is Beth going to run for, and win the council seat? I suspect she hasn't one friend outside of Rip, and unless Dutton fixes the election (no small possibility, there), even people who side with him probably hate her. I have this feeling that the two murdered druggies may have had an ally in the tribal chief and/or the police. The woman's dad said she didn't want to go to the police, and there doesn't really seem to be any reason for them to arrest Kayce for doing the same thing he did to the other drug dealer in the trailer. That is, unless there's a connection there. Or maybe the chief is just mad at Dutton Sr. for throwing him in jail.
  5. S03.E08: Incoming 2018.07.17

    That was just one of those "oh, ok" moments that tv crime depends on. Since the plane had a bit of other cargo on it, we can only assume that they planned a lot of the heist off camera, and found out that the cargo company would transport the corpses. Why, who knows? I feel sorry for the guard on the plane that would have to sit in the same compartment as those smelly corpses. They did show J digging with a small shovel, but that indicates that they were planning on burying the skydiving gear and he would have had to carry that shovel underneath the gear. ?. But then, if it all went off correctly, they would have landed next to Deran and Craig (and Billy, if he hadn't been jonesing), who would have had shovels in the car.
  6. As soon as he said "The rercuiter make it...." I thought she had a serious head wound at the hospital, but there she is, just released, with a clean scalp. Was the ghost soldier supposed to be Willis's brother, or just some random guy from his past? Will somebody please shave for just one day? "We're going to send you to an acute care unit..", because, you know, there aren't any other hospitals in Los Angeles City or County. It would have made the whole episode for me if, when Willis ran out there after Rox, he was flattened by the falling treadmill from Physical Therapy. Pan up to the 9th floor and there's two firefighters looking down. "Sorry. Our bad." Angus getting all uppity and in his boss's face. Wasn't it just last week you put a patient into speech therapy because you told her there wouldn't be any problems with her surgery? Until he brings a video camera to the police interview. Best laugh of the night: "I know I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes." Your diagnostic ability is amazing, douche. Good luck, actors and actresses. Hope you all move on successfully.
  7. S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    And let's turn on the lights and siren on the ambulance so we won't attract any attention, shall we? Will still has his death wish, but I'm glad he laid waste to Snyder and Garland's henchmen. If you ever see him again, Will, don't get sappy next time. I'm surprised Sgt. Barnes walked away from the interrogation. I don't hold out any hope for the CP officers, either. You would think that the IGA would have location devices on all the CP personnel so that they wouldn't have to question the supervisors about who was where. For that matter, why isn't every single household and communications device in Seattle bugged? Any idea what was burned onto Kynes's arm? And it sounds like the Boss Queen of one side or the other is already on Earth, but it takes one helluvan appointment to see her. And, the IGA doesn't know she's there, I guess.
  8. S03.E08: Incoming 2018.07.17

    I thought that an episode or two back the two detectives said she had been in jail three months, but I'm not sure. They were talking about how long they could delay discovery, which obviously bit them in the end. I'm guessing that they scoped it out and found that the grow operators regularly sent the money on the cargo plane, and then they set up the coffin transport on the same plane, with appropriate identification and authorizations. As always in television crime, everything happens just so, so as to make the heist possible. I did some quick research, and it looks like that falls under the general category of air piracy, since the plane was hijacked, regardless of what was taken. The feds would definitely get involved at some level. If the Cooper case of the 70's is any indication, they would scour the general area of the hijacking (GPS pinpoint), looking for any evidence on the ground.
  9. S02.E04 Indivisible 2018.07.16

    President McKenzie: "I can't think of a reason why it would wouldn't be Re/Syst".
  10. S03.E08: Incoming 2018.07.17

    Called it on the skydiving move. Tough luck on the landing, J. Done that once or twice myself. Too bad they had to give up the gear, but you have to spend money to make money, I guess. That was one tough mama out there on the desert. I'm surprised she didn't meet them with a gun herself. You can die any time, Billy. Having to ride around the desert with a strung out junkie almost made me feel sorry for those guys. That was a blunder dropping him off like that. If he got caught trying to score at the truck stop, he might just roll over on them in a fit of withdrawals. And then he hits Deran up for $230 cab fare. Why do I get the feeling that if Smurf and Pope were to go swimming in the ocean all the sharks would vacate the area out of fear? After the adrenaline rush of the day's activities, poor J has to suffer the borderline pedophilia that is Smurf. Gawwwd.
  11. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    Duh. Thanks.
  12. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    I'm willing to start a crowdfunding program to bring Elizabeth Jennings back from Moscow. There needs to be some wholesale killin' done around here.
  13. S02.E04 Indivisible 2018.07.16

    My best laugh was, after all the bickering and haranguing Mrs. Chang to get her consent to possibly kill her husband in the name of national security, Grace interrupts the video testimony to take a phone call! I would have liked it better if he had stumbled at the end and mumbled "the rightful President is McKenzie. Wait, which one was that, again?" And, of course, anyone who puts on a white lab coat is automatically allowed free rein in the hospital. "How are we going to get people to get off their asses and work on this project" "We'll pay them money." "Money is not a concern right now." "Alright, then, a shitload of money. One million spacebucks!"
  14. S02.E10: August 19th

    Well, I didn't find this episode all that engrossing, even bordering on cringeworthy at times. I get that it is not a documentary or anything approaching that, and the emphasis is more on the relationships between the spies, but there were scenes that just didn't ring true. The whole group arguing about what to do with the radar station; the tearful hugs and handshakes in the middle of an invasion gunfight; Harry petrified at the loss of his comrade ( I would have grabbed the radio case and said 'see ya'), and then grabbing and punching the guard on the beach, for instance. It's just not how I would expect real characters to behave. When they cut the phone lines, I was thinking that the Germans would send out a bigger patrol to find them, and that was what they were hoping for, so the radar station could be taken more easily. Aurora and Alfred are lucky Faber didn't just gun them down as soon as he walked in the door. That's what any high ranking Gestapo agent would have done, just on principle. Or, for that matter, any high ranking officer of any army. Is there any evidence of Gestapo officers turning against Germany that early in the war? I wouldn't think so, being that they were still winning the western front, but who knows?
  15. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    I'm on the other side. I clicked on the wrong icon; can't remove a like, apparently.