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  1. S01. E03. Buho/Muwan

    I am rather surprised that the rebels didn't take more time to vet the young kid before welcoming him into the camp. I realize that they don't see what the audience sees, but they should be naturally suspicious of anyone in that environment.
  2. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    So, the "asteroid" finally lands on Earth, and this creepy looking biped steps out and says "Any of you guys know someone named Sagan? We need to talk to him".
  3. S02.E13: Get Ready

    Or, it's a galactic super race involved in a war with another galactic super race, and they need Earth for human slaves and resource mining. So, their plan is to subvert the most likely collaborators and herd everyone else into tightly controlled areas. Colonies, as it were. My favorite scene of the night: Grace, retelling what Darius mumbled in his stupor. "He said something like, 'Get ready'." "Get ready? For what?" Duuuuhh. Assuming the asteroid was going to impact, what is the point of going into the bunkers? Who are these plenipotentiaries going to boss around when they come out? Who is going to supply them with food? I was sort of hoping that, after the miss, Liam would go back to his calculations and find out that the Asteroid was going to curve around and impact Mars in about three years. Just in time to coincide with the UncleNickmobile's arrival.
  4. S05.E02: Fog of War

    Slattery must be confused about how dictionaries work. "It's between shit and syphilis", as in alphabetically. The Darien Gap is actually about 60 miles long. The rebels must have been working for a long time to get that bridge built, given the lack of materials. The Wiki article on the Gap is quite interesting; the first two wheel drive vehicles to cross the gap were a pair of "Unsafe at Any Speed" Chevrolet Corvairs. What would have happened if Chandler had misheard Slattery's directives and turned to the wrong page, only to find some cryptic quote about "My crew is dead, yet I will pursue the beast to the ends of the earth"? Not to mention the fact that the fuel depot is up at the north end of the Yucatan Peninsula, and his troops would have to traverse Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and several hundred miles of Mexico to get there. It's not going to happen next week.
  5. S05.E01: Casus Belli

    I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw that was Fonzie uttering his famous "aaayyyy".
  6. S03.E04: Promises

    I hope that resistance camp is well hidden, because I would expect the Germans to launch a strong search in the area for the escapees from the train. Several soldiers have been killed and they would likely be enraged, and the escapees could not have run too far into the woods. So what are these pioneer women doing? That was a big hint that Heidi dropped on Aurora.
  7. S01. E01. Perro/Oc.

    That's probably part of the deal. If they were smart, they would pull a trick out of the Corleone playbook and lay their plot off on one of the other members, and then look good by coming to the rescue, or something like that. But having an IQ with at least a fighting chance at three digits is not necessarily a qualification for motorcycle gang membership.
  8. S01. E01. Perro/Oc.

    I thought it was the beginning of a palace coup, of sorts, as those three are not satisfied with the direction the club is taking and they want the power, so they're trying to set management up for a disaster.
  9. S03.E03: One For The Moon

    I finally watched this and, yeah, I got a good chuckle over Neil's reaction when he rolled the paper over. Oh boy, what now? Excellent recovery and stirring words, too. Faber showed that he is not just a pawn, either. Sinclair may have to trade off his own son. Faber made reference to "the Pacific POW camps". I have forgotten, was Sinclair Jr. captured by the Japanese?
  10. S01. E01. Perro/Oc.

    I have to say, old Daddy Reyes (Edward James Olmos) knows how to drop a hint. "The spine. We don't use the spine. It has too many diseases. I just cut it out."
  11. Season 03: All Episodes

    I have lost track as to the various alliances and who's on first anymore. I'm just here for the gunfights. Annnd, the green sweater that Teresa was wearing. I don't think that in real life there are any Indian reservations that butt up against the border, but that would be interesting. Would they be allowed to have free passage on the US side? I would think Mexico would have some say on the border traffic.
  12. S02.E06 Part VI

    I would like to know how the divers managed to extricate skeletal remains from a sunken car without any damage to the bones; keeping the body intact, even. Why not just pull the car up?
  13. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    Not to worry. Reportedly its agent has already negotiated some guest appearances on various shows premiering this fall.
  14. Media for Shooter

    Or maybe Bob Lee found out he was on the list of 160 scheduled for the Ark on Salvation. Because, you know, Mars could always use a sniper.
  15. S02.E05 Part V

    I wonder about the drawing that Julian kept working on. Is it a representation of the labyrinth? It shows up several times throughout the episodes. For what it's worth, the metronome clicks at 36 beats per minute. I can't think of anything offhand that correlates to, but it might mean something to "the work". Just as an aside, unless Mosswood is registered as a church, all that land would presumably be subject to property taxes, even at a low rate as a forest/open range. Where do they get the money?