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  1. S2 E7: Weather the Storm

    I would like to give the cast members credit for their message of support for the victims of the California fires. That was nice.
  2. Maybe The Good Place is just a bar in rural Canada. No bad jokes allowed.
  3. S01:E07 The Domino Effect

    Not to be too disparaging as everyone gets it differently, but I guess I better start checking eBay and Craig's List for a soul. The round robin transplant? Been done (somewhere). The manic teenager that no one understands? Code Black. The tender moment between Max and wife after the trauma? Mark Greene called. He wants residuals. It's an interesting show, but it doesn't have me on the edge of my seat.
  4. S2 E7: Weather the Storm

    They finally did it. They made some members of the public actually more annoying than the staff of Station 19. Seattle FD needs to talk to the fire engine manufacturer about the quality of their windshields. Grey's Anatomy called. They want their gratuitous, pointless, unerotic, and completely improper sex scene back. Bishop should be kicking her heels together for the promotion. Working somewhere else is always an advantage. At the least you get to see different management; learn something new. It looked to me like that road dead ended at the cliff. I suppose it was supposed to curve to the left, but even so, the skid marks would seem to indicate a rather high rate of speed for the area. In daylight, too. I was puzzled by their lack of movement at the scene. One in the back with the patient, and go. Use some initiative and get to the hospital. Or, maybe it was "protocol".
  5. S01:E07 The Domino Effect

    Omigod, what will they do come next year at the Gala?
  6. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Well, it was supposed to be early 70s LA. Probably Hollywood Hills, so that could be accurate.
  7. S07.E08: The Solution to Everything

    Maybe a chew toy for the dog? If there's a problem, Tuesday can stay with me. I thought the same thing about the aid call to the bar. If Kidd had gone to the hospital for the jaw injury, paperwork and billing would have occurred. Then someone (Gorsch! Dun dun dun) would ask "How did she get injured? Why was the truck requested instead of PD?" Ever since Hermann got on Engine, water has been flowing. It's too bad that most of the fire was on the second floor. If only they had a fire apparatus with a ladder on it.... I'm glad they gave Boden the line about the two of them going to dinner. I was looking at her and thinking, that's a bit over dressed for lounging around. Was that a cool picture of the basketball team, or what? "Mouch, how long have you been old?"
  8. S01.E07: Cops and Robbers

    And then fling the door open while standing perfectly centered in the doorway, just like a good target would. I loved the dialogue in the storage room. "The door's locked!" "It's a trap!" They should be instructors back at Quantico. You would think that crooks who were competent enough to rig a bomb for both remote and automatic detonation would set up a better device than that one in the room. OA seems to bouncing between 'Kill him, he gave away sensitive information', and 'I don't care if the guy is a stone cold killer, he was a vet'. That is just screaming removal from the field and a psychological evaluation.
  9. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Rebecca could have had a drop dead beautiful voice, and she still might not have made it at that company. Maybe they were looking for Rod Stewart types for their stable, instead of Joni Mitchell (to use the obvious parallels). But, yeah, there's more than one record label in LA. EMI rejected The Who, and Decca rejected the Beatles. I couldn't help wondering if the actor playing the record exec was thinking "I just kicked Mandy Moore under the bus. My life is over." Or a spider happens to conveniently walk on the desk and the CO clobbers it right in front of Jack. Jack has to be some kind of stupid to walk back to his base, alone, through VC held country. We know he was going to make it, and it gave us a storyline, but, no. He also mentally blocked the memory that, after Squirrel was killed by the IED, an entire squad of VC opened up on his squad, killing half a dozen of his soldiers. In all likelihood, Squirrel was dead the moment they stopped at that clearing. If he blames himself for that death, he's got several others on his conscience. Not that he should; I'm just saying that shit happens in wartime. It would be cool if Jack & Becca took a detour on the way home and stopped in Austin, or even Nashville. Country cameos abound!
  10. S03. E08. But for the Grace

    In his closing argument Benny mentioned that they had been there a week, so I just handwaved that off, figuring a lot of testimony took place off camera.
  11. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Doesn't anyone in television ever watch television? This stuff is BASIC! Everybody knows that the first thing you do to distract the computer guy is to spill something on him.
  12. S05:E10: Commitment

    There's a pretty good article on the subject in Wikipedia. Basically the other services looked at the script and said "This is crap." Even the Marines eventually withdrew their support after the movie was finished.
  13. S03. E08. But for the Grace

    For a moment I thought the wife was going for the chokehold on Mr. Angry there at the end of the trial. Poor police work (as usual for this show). Nobody else interviewed, no looking at cell phone cameras. The PD should have at least asked her boss for some guidance before the hearing, so she could put it on him because of her inexperience, but I understand most PD's are already overworked, so maybe that was somewhat accurate. I assume the doctor gone rogue plot will be continued, with an assist from TAC, of course. And I assume that there will be at least some investigation into this event, what with all the people in the restaurant that saw him do that.
  14. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    I liked the overhead camera view of both the US and Turkish delegations facing off on the black and white tiles. Chess, anyone? And as soon as Chen mentioned the Chinese national team earlier, I knew that was going to be the key to the episode. Maybe I missed the explanation, but were there no restaurants, convenience stores, or maybe, say, a pub, open while they were in Shannon? Way to stick it to Russia, Henry.
  15. S05:E10: Commitment

    Not to mention holding back on the tanks until the assault force had actually captured the objective (after getting their asses handed to them on the beach). I thought Gran Colombia had something like 40,000 troops, although scattered all the way from Panama to Mexico. Would losing their top guy really derail the army's plan? I would like to know what was in the bow of the Nathan James, or amidships in the battleship, that would cause such a fireball on impact. At least they gave credit to the USN personnel who supported the series for five years. Not that you could see a name without super slo-mo. Troll, we hardly knew ye. And cared even less. Oh well, show, you were good at times. An hour of excellent diversion.