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  1. You are amazing, @Scout Finch! Are you feeling better physically?
  2. I think she's great and funny as hell. She had a recurring role on The King of Queens.
  3. This is TMI, but oh, well. My biological father wouldn't get a vasectomy after my sister was born. When my mother got pregnant roughly six weeks later (surprise!), he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. (He was cheating on her by then.) She didn't terminate, and my youngest sister was born 11.5 months after my middle sister. My mother had her tubes tied immediately after she gave birth to my youngest sister. My parents divorced shortly thereafter. My father went on to have another unwanted (by him) daughter with his second (now-ex-)wife. Whatta guy, huh?
  4. The Affair in the Media

    Ugh, this is a huge bummer. He's pretty much the only reason I watch.
  5. I watched and had the workbook(s) for Picture Pages, which was an interactive show Bill Cosby did in the late-1970s. I was very young, but I have a vivid memory of watching him on TV and being excited about learning what he was teaching. Of course, we all watched The Cosby Show years later. I told my mother that I felt like part of my childhood had been a lie. She didn't understand that until Charlie Rose's "misdeeds" came to light.
  6. I don't know a single man in real life who has gotten a vasectomy. Every woman in my family, including me (who never had kids), has had their tubes tied.
  7. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I tried a cat bed with my two late cats. They sniffed it and promptly returned to sleeping in my bed. The cat bed went back to the store. My girls now sleep mostly either in the cat tree or window seat. Sometimes they'll sleep with me. They slept with me in the winter. I look forward to that again.
  8. S02.E02 7.1

    While I'm not sad the CEO died, the interior designer(?) now won't be able to tell what he did to her. People won't believe her. Oh, wait...
  9. This is horrific. The man choked out a woman and masturbated on her. Absolutely ZERO consideration was given to the level of violence and hatred toward women--specifically, his victim--that man displayed. It was a failed murder attempt and a sex crime. It's getting really hard to not hate men.
  10. S02.E02 7.1

    This show is so bonkers and I am still and always here for it! The dispatch center trainer was so dramatic!
  11. Pet Peeves

    I just spilled half a glass of water in my bed. At least it's on one side. I soaked up at much as I could with towels and now have a fan going full blast at the huge spot. I'm a dumbass. I used to be able to blame the turned-over water glasses on Bilgisticat.
  12. I just recently found this forum (it wasn't lost; I just wasn't aware of it). I've read the last six pages. Funny stuff! I haven't seen this mentioned here (unless it's in the first 76 pages) and it's not on the TV tropes site: People on TV who are taking medication and need the next dose always, always take the bottle out of their pocket or medicine cabinet and open the bottle to see that it's empty and shake it to hear no pills rattling. Always with the bottle shaking. Did they not see that they took the last pill when they took it?? This especially happens when the character is beginning to become addicted to whatever medicine, but it doesn't necessarily have to be an actually addictive substance. Also, medication works instantly, as soon as they (dry-)swallow the pill.
  13. Thanks to Lipozene.
  14. Dear god, that song! The finger kiss at the end! What in the world! Creepy incestuous vibes. It brought up a memory of my having had a birthday party at McDonald's in my very young childhood. I remember we got a tour of the kitchen and got to see the french fry...fryer. Heady times.
  15. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Alli goes to the beach more often than my parents do. (They go at least every six weeks.)