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  1. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    It's pretty great until I have to pee. I love my sweet, silly girls and am grateful for them.
  2. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Little Mama on the right is kind of laying on Little Girl, but, yes, she is the bigger cat. She's about nine pounds; LG is seven and change. LM is stocky whereas LG is long and lean. Here's another recent photo that shows the difference a little better. Mama's on the right. It makes my heart burst when they "hug" each other!
  3. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Lapful o' kitties!
  4. Chit-Chat

    Yeah, my sister can be judgey! I love her a lot but I have to pick my battles with her. It seems we have a fairly even split between the bank bill payers and the biller bill payers, and some that do both. No one is insisting their way is best. Heh. I use the equal payment plan with my power bill so I know what it'll be all year round. The power company apparently over-estimated my use last year because I just got three "free" months where I'm not having to pay anything! It's been very nice. It'll be $60ish when it starts again next month.
  5. Chit-Chat

    My apartment complex ownership/management uses what appears to be a generic property-management web portal that allows only checking account debiting, not credit card payments. Same with power and health insurance. The insurance payment (COBRA) is actually managed by a third-party biller. I, too, don't understand why they don't accept credit card payments. An individual person can swipe credit cards on their smartphone now. That's how I pay my therapist!
  6. Chit-Chat

    This is what I don't get. I'm fairly sure she still gets actual paper bills in the mail (and doesn't recycle them or anything else despite living a mile from a city recycling center, since I'm being judgmental). Her logic is that she only has to go to one site (her bank's website) to pay her bills and she's not at risk for hacking by putting her bank's info on various billers' sites. Good for her if that's how she wants to do it, but it's not wrong to do it my or any other way. Your mentioning paying by credit card made me rethink and realize I actually pay the phone and cable/internet bills via credit card. So, rent, power and health insurance are coming from checking only because I can't pay them (no option to pay) via credit card, or I would have, to get cash back rewards. I pay off the credit card balance every month. Do you pay through your bank or through each biller? That is, do you pay your cell phone bill at Verizon online or AT&T or whatever OR have your bank send money from your account?
  7. Chit-Chat

    I'm taking an informal poll on how y'all pay bills. I pay through each biller's website, having them draft the money from my checking account. I have all of my regular bills (rent, power, phone, cable/internet) set up on auto-pay so I don't have to do anything each month. I also don't get paper statements. My sister says this is "old school". (This is the same sister who says I'm "weird and old-fashioned" for not wanting a recruiter to text me.) I bank with a state credit union that only within the last year got automated check readers in their ATMs, so they aren't terribly advanced. They mail actual paper checks if I pay bills through them. I trust that I won't be hacked online at various sites paying bills more than I trust the USPS getting several paper checks to the right destinations. How is it "old school" to have one's bank account debited to pay bills? I'm seriously confounded by this.
  8. Pet Peeves

    15!? It's 10, people! Ten items or less (fewer)! Just eliminate the express lanes if you're raising the limit to 15 items! Fifteen items make up half a cart unless you're buying packs of gum.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Large Cakehole

    He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but the show was heralded by (among many others) Bitch Magazine, which is a media organization that analyzes pop culture and world events through a feminist lens. It's been around in some form or another since 1996; the founders/continuing leaders are my contemporaries. Here is their review, which is pretty perfect: https://www.bitchmedia.org/article/big-mouth-tackles-puberty. It basically says that the show has women writers [in an industry with a dearth of them] that tackle sensitive issues carefully and humorously, and are especially considerate to women's issues. I fully agree. I have a finely tuned (for lack of a better phrase) barometer for problematic treatment of women in media, and I love the show. Yes, it's about a white male and his white male best friend, but there's also Missy, the black female protagonist, Jessie, the white female protagonist, and Gina, a Latina protagonist with a featured role in season two. So, do I think the prof is wrong? Well...I think one needs to watch more than "part of an episode" to get a grasp on the show. The crudeness can be jarring, and that's not for everyone. And if his lens is cismale (and straight and and white?) and he consumes only the media specifically marketed to him (consciously or not), then he's decided he's not going to like it, regardless. Do I think you are right? Yes. I was horrified and embarrassed when I developed early (third grade) and started getting unwanted attention for it. By sixth grade, it escalated to assault perpetrated by boys at school, a son of my mom's friend, and a guy in my neighborhood. So I sympathized deeply with Gina. For her classmates to actually realize their objectification was wrong and damaging was so powerful and healing for her, and potentially headed off trauma (I say this as we are talking about a cartoon). Puberty is a shitshow and everyone goes through it. The show is a brilliant and hilarious analysis of that time in all of our lives.
  10. Pet Peeves

    My cholesterol is high. I just (last week) got back a result of 203. It was 197 at last check. I know that it's generally high (200 is the big scary number!), but this is way down from the 220s when I was still eating dairy (and not correlating the nausea and diarrhea after eating dairy to lactose intolerance). So I still consider this an overall maintenance win. I don't eat any meat, no eggs, no fried foods, very little dairy and little junky food especially now that I work in the bakery department of a grocery store. I just don't want cookies after boxing them all day long (where I'm on my feet for eight hours a day, so I'm getting exercise now, doc). My mom also has high cholesterol, and there is a genetic component to it. I am not pooh-poohing "high cholesterol" as a medical issue that needs to be addressed (I added flaxseed oil capsules to my daily regimen of all the pills in the world, per doc's suggestion), but to just look at the number and not take into account the whole person is a fallacy.
  11. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Little Mama has decided my crotchal area is the best, warmest place to lay now that it's cold. She lays on top of the covers. Little Girl is usually laying beside my right hip. So once we're in bed, there's no moving for me. I love cuddling with my girls, so I guess beggars can't be choosers. They just don't want to be spooners.
  12. At 9:30 on Friday, I went on yet another interview, which was set up by a recruiter that sent me to one other interview a month ago. This was for a contract (maternity leave coverage) marketing coordinator position at a...commercial real estate development firm. I knew of the company; the family name behind it is a big player in multifamily/mixed-use development. I looked at their website the night before I had the interview, and the staff was entirely white people* and every single non-support staff member, i.e., every executive, was a white man. The place was cold (atmosphere, not temperature). The setting reminded me of my first interview at my previous employer. I met with one guy, an EVP, in his office. He talked about the company and himself and what he did for probably 75% of our discussion. During one of the few times I was talking when I was showing him my portfolio and quickly describing each project, he got a ding on his computer. He turned away from me while I was literally in the middle of a sentence and checked his email. I actually sat there frozen for a solid minute-plus, waiting for him to direct his attention back to me. I had another flashback to a time when I was having a come-to-Jesus with my former broker boss and he was checking email (or Facebook, who even knows?) on his phone while I was discussing my issues with him. The disrespectfulness of that gesture takes my breath away, and that's really all I needed to know. EVP guy finally turned back to me and said that the email was from so-and-so who wants changes to whatever presentation, and he wants it today. So-and-so had known about this for months but doesn't think about this until the last minute and that's the kind of thing I'd be dealing with. So it wasn't an email EVP guy was waiting on. He was rude just because. I asked him more questions about the culture while knowing that it was far too conservative for me. The personality types I would be working for were last-minute non-planners that I'm very familiar with in CRE (and yes, I know they exist in all industries). He kept saying, "I know you can do the work." Well, so do I and so does the recruiter. That's why I'm here. He kept saying I'd be there 8:30 to 6:00 and so-and-so comes in on Friday afternoons and decides to get his thoughts together and calls a meeting, so we're here until 6:30. So right out of the gate, you're telling me this is a 43+ hour/week high-stress job? For $20 an hour? I had therapy pre-scheduled after the interview and spent (wasted) the whole session kvetching about the interview/job. How badly I didn't want to work in CRE again--I'd promised myself never again after 11 years of it. How things about this place gave me flashbacks. But how badly I need money and full-time work and a decent wage. Could I live with myself and this job for the contract term, which was supposed to be six months? And on and on. I got an email from the recruiter just after 4:00. The EVP had passed on me. I felt instant relief wash over me. The feedback was that there was a cultural mismatch, which was what I told the recruiter as well, though I'd decided I'd take it if offered because it was just a contract position and I need money. I told the recruiter again what I had told him initially: Do not send my resume to any more real estate jobs. I'm done with that. Really, really done. *Yes, I'm white, but I am not interested in working for an industry or organization that does not employ, pay and promote with some semblance of equality and equity.
  13. Chit-Chat

    My two sisters and I had to share bedrooms growing up. The horror!
  14. Chit-Chat

    I'm twitching because of the dangling modifier in that last sentence.