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  1. Small Talk: The Incubator

    I don't know if they've finished shooting S5 yet, but if they haven't, I hope they can incorporate something to make fun of the slew of tech executive congressional hearings that happened this year. My favorite was Google CEO Sundar Pichai's:
  2. The Bachelor in the Media

    That's not what I meat at all. I meant that in a group of 25-30 gay men or lesbian women, a contestant is just as likely to be attracted to any other contestant as they are to the lead. There would not be the artificially created scenario where there's only one person that any contestant can be attracted to, so there also wouldn't be the competition that is the cornerstone of the show. I'm all for having an LGBTQ+ dating show on TV, I just don't think that it would work in the same format as The Bachelor/Bachelorette (and I also wouldn't want Mike Fleiss to have anything to do with it).
  3. The Bachelor in the Media

    I don't know (or care) what Colton's deal is, but who would have anything to gain from putting a closeted gay man in the Bachelor spot? For all of the show's trashiness, they still pretend that they care about "right reasons" and the "journey to find love". I think the problem with that would be that contestants would hook up with each other - The Bachelor/Bachelorette would turn into Bachelor In Paradise. This show only works because it creates a Stockholm syndrome environment where 25-30 heterosexual contestants vie for one "prize" of the opposite sex. There's no other man/woman to attract their attention, so everyone starts to believe that they're attracted to the "prize", even though in a real life situation, most of them wouldn't be.
  4. All Episodes Talk: You're Fired!

    Wow, both Sian and Camilla must really dislike Sabrina if neither of them wanted to pick her even though she was in the top five. As for Sian, I don't think her swimwear is anything unique, or very flattering for that matter. And like 99.9% of swimwear brands, none of her designs seem suitable for women whose cup size is larger than C. Also, had I been one of the candidates, and Sian had picked me for her team and asked me to be photographed or filmed wearing a swimsuit, I would have categorically refused. A lot of people said that Camilla's 15% nut content would be really expensive, but I wish someone had also mentioned the fat and calorie content since the product is targeted at the health food market. It's more like a dessert/snack than a beverage.
  5. S04.E07: New Initiative

    She works a lot, but I agree she should be a bigger star. To me, she'll always be Kathy Bowman, the uptight neighbor on Roseanne.
  6. S06.E11: Foot Powder and Five Feet of Vodka

    Is this a normal requirement for parole though? These days, even people without criminal records struggle to get steady jobs and have to hustle in the gig economy to survive. And the parole officer only gave Tammy one week, right before the holidays, to find a job. In the end the parole officer did agree to let Tammy do odd handyman jobs for various women in the group, but in their first meeting it sounded like she wanted Tammy to find a steady job.
  7. S06.E11: Foot Powder and Five Feet of Vodka

    We also know that she lives in a beautiful house with nurse roommates who cook delicious meals and talk about gory hospital stuff while eating them. I don't think Bonnie can officially hire Tammy to work on the building since that's Bonnie's job. Patti LuPone would probably fire Bonnie if she found out. I have to say, even though I've never liked Kristen Johnston before, I absolutely love the Tammy character. At this point, I'd be more sad about her leaving than I would about Adam leaving.
  8. S04.E09: Shadowing Glenn

    Not necessarily. Since this show borrows so much from The Office, this could be like when Jim went to Stamford. He eventually came back.
  9. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    She wasn't "out of line" but I don't think what she said had any effect on Harris. Harris needs a much firmer hand; this isn't the first time she's gotten into trouble. Especially with the drinking in the woods, she doesn't seem to understand that she could end up getting raped or killed by doing that. Roseanne would have thought up a punishment that's both effective and entertaining to watch, not just a touchy-feely speech.
  10. S02.E08: Messy

    I guess it's nice that this show doesn't make the women clingy and weird, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it. I'll miss Costa Ronin though, he was the only reason I kept watching past the third episode. It's a moot point now, but I can't stand Paige. She could have easily had private time with Martin at her enormous house while her son was at his dad's. She just wanted to rub it in Lena's face that she was sleeping with Martin. The "messiness" excuse was bullshit.
  11. The Bachelor in the Media

    I might actually have to quit the franchise for real because of this. This is now the third time that someone with a history of racist social media activity has made it onto the show. A high schooler would have been able to screen this information out, so at this point it's obvious that Fleiss & co. are deliberately casting these people because, to them, any publicity is good publicity. I feel that if I keep watching the shows I'll enable TPTB to continue this pattern, and it makes me sick to my stomach.
  12. Silicon Valley Cast & Crew in Other Roles

    Martin Starr is a really good actor. I haven't seen the movie you mentioned - whenever I see Blythe Danner all I can think about is that she raised the pretentious twit and hawker of pseudo-science Gwyneth Paltrow - but I've seen Martin in the web series Burning Love (Kumail Nanjiani was in it too) as well as SNL's Girls parody. He's quite versatile.
  13. All Episodes Talk: You're Fired!

    Yeah, I made my prediction before I realized Daniel was going to flog a "hangover cure" and be such a blatant liar re: "one million products sold". Since he's a City guy I thought he'd be offering some kind of innovative financial service for an underserved demographic. (I know, I know. I shouldn't expect cutting-edge business models to come out of this show.) I think the way she started her business is very similar to how Lord Sugar started his, and he always has a soft spot for such candidates. Plus, it shouldn't be hard for him to help her with packaging and getting the product into stores, and if the ingredients and flavors are good, people will keep buying it. Design is different from manufacturing. She'd do the designs and give the manufacturer the patterns; that's how most fashion brands do it. She'd need expensive fabrics and rigorous quality control to justify charging £50 though. If this is her business plan, I can only see her winning if Lord Sugar wants to get into the fashion market now that Sir Philip Green has been disgraced. The bikini business will probably flop, but Sian herself is very professional, polished, and knowledgeable about the industry and social media; she'd be a good person to have on his team.
  14. Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Not having any insider knowledge, my guess is that some kind of famewhoring opportunity presented itself for both or either of them.
  15. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    How far along in her pregnancy is Becky supposed to be? Her tummy looked completely flat in the cropped sweater in the scene where the cop dropped off Harris. At first I thought this was an out-of-order episode, but then Darlene mentioned the pregnancy when they were playing pool. I absolutely loved that Dan is not ready to move on yet. I know most people tell widows/widowers that their dead spouse would want them to find someone else and be happy, but I think there's something so beautiful when a person takes their time to experience all stages of grief and honor their spouse's memory. I know a lot of people compare Darlene to Roseanne, but Roseanne would have doled out swift and unrelenting punishment if one of her teenage daughters were caught drinking in the woods. Harris is still an out-of-control brat, and if this were real life and not a sitcom, it could end very badly for her.