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  1. Series 14 All Episode Talk

    I know of a donut shop in Portland, OR, that sells a bacon donut, which is a hit with both locals and tourists. While I wouldn’t eat that myself, I think combinations of sweet and salty can be quite tasty if well executed, e.g. salted caramel, chocolate-dipped pretzels, etc. Does anyone else think Sabrina looks like the Olsen twins? The resemblance is so strong, it’s almost like they were triplets separated at birth.
  2. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    It wasn’t just a suggestion, he said if she didn’t leave he’d kill his father.
  3. S03.E04: Vietnam

    In the pilot, Jack said his mom made the onesies for the Big Three, but she wasn't in any of the childhood flashback scenes, unlike Rebecca's mother.
  4. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Jack is a "superhero" for the people he loves, what else is new?
  5. Kate: Chrissy Metz

    Montserrat Caballé gained weight as she got older, but she was never as big as Chrissy. Here's a photo from 1981 when she was older than Chrissy is now and much smaller: BTW, if Montserrat Caballé and Luciano Pavarotti were still alive, wouldn't it be great to have them play Kate and Toby in an opera version of This Is Us? All of the drama of the original, sung in Italian by beautiful voices.
  6. Randall: Sterling K. Brown

    I don't think he's changed or grown much. Growth for Randall, IMO, would be realizing that he doesn't know everything and can't be everyone's savior. I'd like to see him focus on his wife and daughters (including Deja, since Randall and Beth are "all in" with her now), and figure out what he wants to do professionally that makes him happy and isn't about being a hero to someone else.
  7. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    No, he went to the bar to rob it. So Rebecca's singing didn't just make him fall madly in love with her, it also saved him from a life of crime. *eyeroll* Always!
  8. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    But not "literally". ;)
  9. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    No, Randall, Jack did not "literally" save your life the day you were born. The fireman did, there was a whole freaking episode about that. Oh, and maybe next time, before launching into a Dramatic Pearson Monologue(tm), ask your wife how she's doing first. We saw it last season when everyone flew to California to support Kevin in rehab, but only Rebecca and the Big Three were allowed to be in the therapy session. Beth, Toby, and Miguel went to a bar and bonded over being spouses of Pearsons. Seriously. What does she expect Randall to do, single-handedly eliminate crime in that neighborhood overnight? Yes, I'm really curious how they went from spontaneously taking a cross-country road trip for Rebecca to pursue her dream to the super-traditional gender roles after the kids were born. Zoe is a pretentious twit and I loved that Terry Gross was completely indifferent to her.
  10. S2, E3: 36 Hours

    I did that a couple of times in grad school when I had to meet deadlines for assignments/papers, but I didn't have people's lives in my hands. Also, I was 22 then so I could pull it off; now it's a different story. ;) Exactly, plus it's a huge liability if the hospital gets sued for malpractice. It was a missed opportunity to bring out Jessica and have her tell Andrews that. Or was Andrews being blasé about it supposed to show us that he's bad at his new job? Holly Taylor, a.k.a. Paige Jennings from The Americans. I know the actress needs a new job, but I really hope the ghost of Glassman's daughter doesn't become a regular thing, like the ghost of Denny on Grey's Anatomy. Lim was really stupid not to take a day off for her court hearing, especially with her drivers' license being on the line. She doesn't have to tell anyone why she's taking time off - it's called a *personal* day for a reason.
  11. Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    I don't know what's true, but if Jordan wasn't involved, I don't think he would be stirring the pot by posting the letter. I agree with @Mabinogia that the letter doesn't sound like it's coming from a professional lawyer. There's some kind of charade going on, and I'm 99% certain Jordan is involved in it.
  12. Small Talk: The Hot Tub

    Maybe Terry Pratchett and/or Neil Gaiman can give him a grammar lesson.
  13. S09.E05: Black Haired Ginger

    The current Liam actor really makes up for all the years Liam didn't talk. If Ian is pleading temporary insanity, won't his initial statement hurt him? It sounded pretty eloquent and well thought-out, not something that someone would come up with in a fit of insanity. I feel like I missed a piece of Lip's racing storyline. Have we seen that guy before who invited him? He acted like he knew Lip. I'm worried this will become his new addiction; he may have gotten a handle on his alcoholism, but not on his tendency to self-sabotage. I still don't care whether or not Debbie is a lesbian, but it was fun to see Jessica Szohr's bitchy wife again. Wasn't Ford their sperm donor? So now he has a biological child of his living upstairs from him, and he still cares more about some obscure blueprints. At least he was an ass to Fiona for only 3/4 of the episode, that's a tiny bit of progress. According to Shazam, it's The Magic by Robert Francis.
  14. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    IIRC, Rebecca was friends with Miguel's ex, Shelly, before the divorce. There was one scene of them having lunch at a restaurant without their husbands. And I think Yvette became more of a family friend than a friend of Rebecca's.
  15. S09.E04: Do Right, Vote White!

    Again, she's ten years old with the odds already being stacked against her. Children with the kind of home life she's had (and will now continue to have) don't just "get through" it and "find a supportive environment where they can thrive" completely on their own. Xan going back to her mother or into the foster care system is a greater and more immediate threat to her wellbeing than going to public school is to Liam's. All of the older Gallagher children managed to get through public school - Lip was even accepted into multiple top-tier universities - plus the school year is almost over, so Lip and Fiona have the whole summer to find another school for him if they're hell-bent on him going to a private school. And Fiona can and should pitch in with expenses because she's still Liam's legal guardian. Xan, on the other hand, has no-one but Lip looking out for her.