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  1. S14.E22: Live Top 10 Eliminations

    Does anyone else get an unpleasant/entitled vibe from Pryor? Maybe just me.
  2. S14.E21: Live Top 10 Performances

    Oh good god. Who yelled out, "C'mon boy" in a Southern accent after Carson introduced Rayshun?
  3. S16.E15: Top 10 - Disney Night

    Absolutely right, IMO. So tired of the slavish devotion. And they use too many words, and seem to have trouble finding them. Didn't particularly care for Harry Connick but really enjoyed his technical comments when he judged contestants. We can take it and understand it American Idol, give us more interesting and pertinent (for us and the contestants) commentary.
  4. S14.E16: The Live Playoffs, Night 3

    So tired of singers who cannot seem to enunciate the word to the songs, DR I'm looking at you. (OT) Also you, Ariana Grande, the queen of the mumble. Listening to the judges responses, every one of these contestants is a STAH. I would love it just one time if one of the contestants said something like, "I appreciate your praise, but could you please tell me how you think I can improve." Or maybe that is only appropriate in the rehearsals. Ha ha ha, same here for the Sonos speaker response to Alexa's name.
  5. All Episodes Talk

    Just saw that Atz wrote a book https://www.adn.com/arts/books/2018/02/10/atz-kilcher-memoir-combines-tough-truths-with-homestead-tales/
  6. The Voice in the Media

    Can the ‘The Voice’ winner Chloe Kohanski be the show’s first real ‘superstar’?
  7. S13.E23: Live Top 10 Eliminations

    Show us how it's done, Etta.
  8. Adam Levine: He Moves like Jagger

    You know how you can dislike someone who you have never and will never meet? And that colors everything about that person and what they do? So that things that might otherwise get a pass get a sneer? Yeah, that. I have seen w-a-a-a-a-a-y more of Adam Levine's self beloved naked body than I would ever want to. Not hot, IMO. And certainly a google and a half away from how hot he thinks it is. Of course, the baby is cute. Plus I don't like What Do Lovers Do, thought I did when it first started, then it got tedious, IMO Plus how appropriate that it starts out all about him: "Tell me, tell me if you love me or not, love me or not, love me or not?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOrx3cmPhUk
  9. Khloe

    baby bump?
  10. Bad chefs, the worst of Top Chef.

    my nominee for the list
  11. Khloe

    New nose?
  12. S19.E05: Complicated

    Honestly, couldn't agree more. A seasoned SUV detective, an obviously distraught girl with unknown history who clearly and forcefully says more than once, "Don't touch me!" And this seasoned detective continues to advance with his hand out in spite of her strong and clearly stated objections. How could they script this character be so arrogant and ignorant, both as a human being and as a "trained" sexual assault team detective? Her objections were so clear, and he ignored them. And continued the unwanted approach. Have to admit, that scene did disturb me.
  13. S13.E10: The Battles, Part 4

    I enjoy Miley as well, and think there is a true substance to her that was overshadowed by her younger self's behavior. To me, she comes across as real and intelligent and well versed in her craft. Enjoying her so much as a coach, and agree that she is truly vested in her team.
  14. Adam Levine: He Moves like Jagger

    So, on with my distaste for this person who I will never meet, who made following comments to Megan and Ashland after their battle: Adam to Ashland: "I'm mad at you, you didn't choose me." Adam to Megan: "You also made me super sad. This is nice, two people who ruined my day." Again, my opinion only here, but way to make it all about yourself, Mr Ego. A little analysis of their performance, which could be possibly be of use to them, was minimal, imo. Can't say enough that I'm fairly sure there are those who feel differently. Room for all of us here, imo.
  15. Kardashians in the Media

    Kardashian clan with Bruce early on