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  1. Kylie

    I am beginning to think I would rather read this inconsequential, shallow, debilitating drivel than the real headlines. If I have to be aghast, it is easier to be aghast at superficiality inanity than fearful world altering headlines. Kylie Jenner's Lip Fillers Are Back Because She Can Do As She Damn Well Pleases
  2. Kim Kardashian, is that you? Reality star looks like a waxwork as she arrives at Tiffany party in NY
  3. Rob: The (Mostly) Invisible Man

    HOME » ENTERTAINMENT Adrienne Bailon Throws Shades At Rob Kardashian — ‘The Real’ Co-Host Addresses Dating Kim’s Brother
  4. Kourtney

  5. Kourtney

    And back to the ever-threatened, ever defensive, hard working Kourtney: https://pagesix.com/2018/10/06/kourtney-kardashian-shuts-down-instagram-trolls-who-say-she-doesnt-work/
  6. Kim Kardashian Sets Thirst Trap In Tiny "Vintage Chanel" Bikini Never heard the term "thirst trap" before: Go to 47:40 for Bill Maher's take on recent Kim/Chanel bikini photo:
  7. Kardashians in the Media

    I'm thinking that someone in the organization (I'm looking at you, Momager) put out a memo to the girls that they should fight back hard when the media notes anything negative about their constant self promotion. And no one should judge them. Ever. And practice what you preach is obviously not part of their lexicon. Kourtney Kardashian strikes back at haters who attack her work life and parenting on social media US Breaking Down All of Khloe Kardashian's Cryptic Social Media Messages I know they have a business to maintain, and a financially successful one, I'll admit, but does it never occur to them that 1. Enough is enough. how much money do they have to have, exactly, to live a good life? 2. If they didn't aggressively put every aspect of their life out for public display, perhaps (scary thought for them, I'm sure) no one would care what they wore, what they said, how they raised their kids...
  8. Kourtney

    Miss Judgey Judge Supreme responds to criticism with Bible verse that she apparently doesn't understand. At least in reference to herself.
  9. In spite of knowing that appearance is all to these people, in spite of not being surprised, this still makes me sad for what this girl child is being taught is important. I think this should be posted above every child's bed, male and female. From The Beautiful and the Damned. Kim Kardashian cheers on daughter North, five, in her first runway show as tot models PVC and red lipstick
  10. S15.E05: The Family Feud

    Honestly, could this show try any harder to portray these women as ignorant, crass and mean? And superficial beyond reason? Can they honestly be this unlearned and so successful at business? It's colostrum, Khloe. Kendall, the word you are looking for is miner, or perhaps tunnel borer. Or in the vernacular, sandhog. Kim, own your shit. Kourtney, Scott is right, you are controlling. And unreasonable. And self absorbed. And mean. And BORING. Kris, you made your money and made your children rich. *shaking head* Tell me, when you look around you, was the impact on your children worth it?
  11. Kourtney

  12. I have trouble finding her credible as a source for policy making. Kim Kardashian Was Back At The White House To Try To Get Trump To Release Another Prisoner Kim Kardashian at White House for clemency review session palate cleanser:
  13. Kourtney

    Words fail me. The absolute definition of irony, or stupidity, or being a role model for fame whoring. Kourtney Kardashian believes ex Younes Bendjima 'called the paparazzi ahead of their Malibu parking lot meeting'
  14. Kardashians in the Media

    Had not thought about this in quite this way. Supporting and touting the the patriarchal narrative while also profiting off it.