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  1. There can't be a great deal of spontaneity in these ladies lives. Can you imagine, "Let's go to the beach." "Okay, I'll go to the Glam Room for hair and makeup, and have my tanning/lotioning person ready, then pick out a swimsuit, so I'll meet you there in three hours." "Oh wait, maybe four, I might need a mani/pedi."
  2. Interesting. I think Kanye is perfectly capable of saying 'stupid things' without any outside influence. Is it possible that the Kardashian-Jenner megacomplex is instrumental? Kim Kardashian to blame for Kanye West saying ‘stupid things’ according to Uncle Luke
  3. Kris: Pimp Momager

    This is an interview from 2015 with Kris. Dated, yes, and maybe already posted here, but I found it interesting. In fact, I am a little in awe of the effectiveness and drive of this woman. I don't agree with what I see as the exploitation, nor with the content of all her endeavors, but in terms of success as widely defined now, she has been uber successful for her family, both in regard to notoriety and wealth. Yes, I do think of them all as fame whores, but damn, they are quite evidently good at it. Where Would the Kardashians Be Without Kris Jenner?
  4. Wondering what to get your nearest and dearest for Christmas? How about a lotion assistant?
  5. Where does it all lead?
  6. Khloe

    Wow, great question. I hadn't thought about that aspect of posting links, that it benefitted the Kardashians. I'm not really very techy about stuff like that. My idea was that I really enjoyed this forum, and thought if I brought articles here it would spark more discussion. Definitely not on their payroll, but I will stop posting links.
  7. Kourtney

    Skip this post if you aren't interested in very amateur psychology based on Keeping Up with the Kardashians..🙄 Must admit, I have a very negative reaction to what I see as Kourtney's lack of emotional response. So (though I believe it is show drama driven) her crying on the first show of the season could be taken as a response to therapy and getting more in touch with her emotions. Granted, the response was limited to her reactions, the toll it took on her, how she felt, the impact on her with no empathetic response that I could see. Like how did others feel? How did my response feel to to others? Now I am looking at her as a case study (hahaha, a case study of a personality on a (imo) scripted reality show, how silly), looking at the possible whys and hows of her behavior. Makes her much more watchable and palatable to me. It would be easy to just label her a narcissist, but from what I know about narcissists they do feel things, they just withhold them. And it seems to me Kourtney really lacks the ability to feel things or process things in a healthy or present way. Part of that thought is because of the pondering she seems to have to do with each response (accompanied by the dead eye stare), and the easy way she drops out of conversations and fixates on her phone. Again, I realize the absurdity of analyzing a participant on a reality show, or making any assumptions about their behavior or mental status from the content of a TV show. But Kourtney is beginning to interest me. Other thoughts: alexithymia flat affect and blunted affect emotional detachment
  8. Caitlyn Jenner: Call Me Caitlyn

    Caitlyn Jenner, 68, looks glamorous in sequinned mini dress as she joins 'girlfriend' Sophia Hutchins, 22, to celebrate daughter Kylie's birthday Anybody else see a resemblance to Kim, or is it just the cookie cutter enhancement look?
  9. Wonderful find, thanks! What a snarky genius.
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Jenner Looks Back on Her 'Ugly' Years on KUWTK: 'The Glow Up Is Actually Just Nuts' This makes me so sad. And sad for young women who grow up feeling "less than" because they don't match some photoshopped, chemically altered, surgically enhanced beauty standard. The photo on the left is what she is calling "ugly." And I guess the second one is "pretty."
  11. Kylie

    Kylie Jenner Just Trolled Kim Kardashian for Calling Kourtney Kardashian the "Least Interesting to Look At" Blonde woman is carried out of Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party face down on a stretcher into the back of an ambulance as Caitlyn looks on
  12. Kourtney

    For those who wished Kourtney and Scott will get back together: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Party Together Following Her Split From Younes Bendjima
  13. Khloe

    Khloé Kardashian's 3-Month-Old Daughter True Shows Off Her Diamond Earrings and Flower Crown You know, I don't get filters. Are they supposed to make you look better when you are altered? The Kardashians seem to use one that makes them look "cuter: (perfect skin, eyes enlarged, face heart shaped). But I really don't see the purpose of using a filter on a baby, which has those attributes naturally. Probably a function of my age, and delving too deep for a social media phase, but why do women have to look different than they do in real life? Do men use these filters? It seems to me that it is part and parcel of the "you aren't enough as you are" interpretation of a woman's looks. Or maybe I am over thinking this?
  14. Kim Kardashian's daughter wants to know why her mom is famous
  15. Kylie

    Kardashians Party For Kylie's 21st