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  1. S03.E01: Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

    According to Wikipedia, the diagnosis was typhoid fever that was believed to have been exacerbated by visiting Bertie. However, it speculates that Albert could have very well had an underlying condition like Crohn's disease or even cancer that wouldn't have been diagnosed back then but that could have caused/ helped cause his death. Apparently he hadn't been in the best of health for a couple of years prior to his death.
  2. Season 4 Discussion

    Got to see the first episode. It's been so long since season 3 that for a moment I was able to forget how much I loathed what Sidney and Geordie have become. The first scene had some amusing banter between them, and I enjoyed that. Of course it didn't last long... Soon enough, Sidney was snotty with Leonard and having drunken sex with a grieving house guest he'd known for a day, and Geordie was being an ass to Cathy, and it all came rushing back. By the end, it was actually kind of cathartic to watch Sidney get beaten up. But then Sidney seemed to enjoy it, too, which gave me pause as to just how depressed he is, and made me actually feel sorry for him. (I still hate Geordie, though.) And considering it sounds like the second episode (which I haven't seen) is Norton's last, I don't know if whatever ending they come up with for him will feel particularly satisfying. On the bright side, I don't think there was so much as a mention of Amanda, Leonard continues to be Leonard (and Al Weaver continues to be brilliant in his line delivery), Dickens is still adorable, I liked the first look we got at Sidney's replacement (even though him ending up with the murder weapon didn't really make sense to me... did I miss that he had some kind of relationship with the guy who gave it to him?), and it was amusing to watch Patterson Joseph play an American on a British show after watching him be British on an American show (Timeless) for so long.
  3. The Passage

    Finally watched the pilot since the general consensus leaned toward "like" and because I enjoyed MPG in Pitch. Not sure if I'm hooked, but it was interesting. I did wish they'd managed to grab the unicorn on their way out. I mean, I get why it wasn't a priority what with a major shootout and all, but the idea of Brad, Amy, and the unicorn on the run together forever kind of cracks me up. Though judging by the season-long promo
  4. The second to last picture is Marcus and Israel, with some random kid in the background. Jackson is actually in the third to last picture (the one with Spurgeon-- Jackson is way in the back, with the red sleeves). He still looks young for his age, but not that young... I teach 8th-9th grade, and there's definitely a wide range of how hard puberty has hit at that age.
  5. Anna posted further pictures of their trip... looks like maybe some learning went on!
  6. S01.E08 The Love List

    When Lawrence came home from college in the first episode they rotated a kid out so Lawrence would have a spot. Not sure if they'd been doing that before he left, too, or if there wasn't a need yet. (Is Andy in a high chair, and maybe he was a newborn/ wasn't at the table yet when Lawrence was last home?)
  7. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I'm assuming the video, like some of the pictures, is a couple years old (or at least pre-wedding).
  8. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Um... I'm not a parent, but surely the "Samuel gives Israel a Ride" video is not something most parents would allow/ encourage? That car looked tipsy a couple times with Israel's weight on it, and while it's not a huge height, crashing off it suddenly/ potentially falling off into a wall would be... not good. Meanwhile, Sam looks like he's been exasperated in another escape attempt.
  9. And a promo... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8dxlXPkSzw
  10. Season 8 Discussion

    I am assuming this was an auto-correct mistake for Heparin, but it cracked me up :)
  11. Apparently the new season premieres in less than two weeks in the UK! https://www.independent.ie/style/celebrity/celebrity-news/james-norton-shed-many-tears-filming-his-final-scene-for-grantchester-37625413.html
  12. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Jason is somewhat more gnomish looking. Jed used to be cuter, but seems to be hovering at the edge of the Duggar boy curse. But yeah, Jason/ Jed look much more like twins than Jed/ Jer.
  13. The bag does appear to have her name written on it, minus the "e" (Josi). Maybe the "e" is in the fold of the bag, or maybe they feel the need to shorten a name that's already a nickname...
  14. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    No, that's Jedidiah. Spurgeon is also missing.