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  1. S07.E10: Make Room for Baby

    Yes, Mrs. Caldwell is currently pregnant, and was pregnant when Kendra gave birth to Garrett.
  2. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    I enjoyed the humor and the ongoing what-Sherlock-will-do-for-his-friends development, but I don't understand in what academic universe that Marcus couldn't just raise a stink to someone up the college hierarchy that he was unfairly being kept from enrolling in a course. No way would that professor have the power to keep him out for a stupid reason like that.
  3. S01.E08: Into The Fire

    Nope, not available for streaming on anything in the US other than season 1 on Hulu. I ended up ordering the dvds. I am seriously in love with this show.
  4. S03.E09: Patisserie

    John really needs a hug. The fraisier cakes were pretty, at least James's and John's. James was funny with his winging-it bicycle. Glad he got star baker again.
  5. S01.E08: Into The Fire

    Just got through season one on Hulu-- I am in love with this show and its characters. So upset that the second season is not on Hulu (or anywhere else I can find) yet. Neil and Tom writing the poem together was probably my favorite moment... a nice little interlude between all the action. Alfred and Aurora broke my heart.
  6. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    I thought of that, too, but considering Sherlock is familiar with the room (and he's Sherlock), I assumed he knows whether the clock is accurate. And I think the shadows would be different if the sun was rising (am) as opposed to setting (pm).
  7. This (from the Duggar sale site) cracked me up. I wonder how Jessa feels about the Josie comparison? And while I know Jenni is Jill's buddy, I have never seen her as a little Jill. So Joy is the only "original" Duggar girl, I guess? In the group picture, why does Josie need to be sitting in Jordyn's lap?
  8. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    So... NYPD precincts don't have any kind of security cameras that might have been helpful at various points during the investigation? I am beginning to be bothered by the disjointedness of this season. I know it must have been a curveball to get the additional episodes thrown in, and I get waiting to resolve the serial killer plot till the end of the season. But couldn't we get a throwaway line about Michael now and then? Like a, "Hey, that missing woman in Texas turned out to be a false lead" or something? Not to mention Sherlock's post-concussion syndrome... I get that the month in Vermont sent him into remission, so to speak, but I would think he would still be careful not to have a relapse. But we have no questions from Joan about how he's feeling, no mention of wanting to rest his eyes during computer work, etc. He was massaging his temple at one point during this episode (and it was after the cartel member handled him roughly, which had me mentally screaming, "Watch your head!"), but considering there was no accompanying dialogue, I kind of wondered if JLM just kind of did that and it wasn't written/ directed specifically.
  9. Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    Baby Austin, followed by Baby Gideon. Austin has the same displeased face even as a baby. At least Giddy's smiley.
  10. She's way up top, next to the tapestry.
  11. Three "yay"s in there... don't turn into Jill, Jessa!
  12. S03.E08: Biscuits

    John's face during the judging of the technical was hilarious. I thought James's claim that the "derelict" barn was what he meant to do all along was really funny, and Mary (and maybe even Paul) seemed to buy it! I didn't think it looked that impressive (though the caramel cobwebs were a nice touch), but I guess it was yummy. I dunno, I feel like there have been other seasons where it felt like a clear leader going in, and they didn't end up winning. It really comes down to that day. Putting the rest under spoilers just in case, not because it has to do with this season, but because it's mentioning other PBS-aired seasons just in case someone hasn't watched them yet (I was spoiled once on a season I hadn't watched yet by someone else's comment in a different season's thread...) I agree, though. that Brendan has been far and away the most consistent so far.
  13. Jordyn is next to Jenni, in black, with her eyes closed. Hannie is way in back (last step, top right). Josie is about halfway up, making some kind of weird hand gesture. That's not her in front facing away from the camera.