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  1. A Million Other Reasons: Speculation

    Hmm, if that was the case I can't think why she wouldn't tell people. I mean, it's awful to think of him killing himself over a mistake, but at least it's a reason, and not one that reflects badly on him (as opposed to if he were doing something illegal). And then they could blame (and sue) whoever gave the misdiagnosis. Personally I hope Jon's reason (if it's ever revealed) and Ashley's reaction aren't anything too over-the-top soapy. I'd be OK with never knowing, as that would be realistic. But I do think they're leading up to some kind of twist or whatever, so I hope it's a decent/ believable one.
  2. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Wouldn't bath time be a good time to interact with your children (and make sure your baby doesn't drown) rather than read???
  3. S01.E03: Save the Date

    Gary hates his birthday because on his seventh birthday his parents had a very loud argument during his party (where his entire grade, who were all in attendance, could overhear it), and that was the moment he realized they were divorcing. And his wish that year and in subsequent years was for everyone to just be happy. I think that was actually Regina and Gary who went on one date.
  4. S01.E03: Save the Date

    They've all had it. It's TV. People have done far worse in TV-land and been redeemed. Whether or not you and I find his redemption acceptable/ believable is another story, but if the show lasts long enough, I'd be shocked if he's not eventually "redeemed." I could be wrong, but I thought the memory was Katherine's, and she was kind of feeling foolish for not realizing Eddie wasn't there for the innocent (guitar lesson) reason. I thought she was knocking on the door in real time, then we get the flashback, and then we're back in the present with Katherine standing in the driveway because Delilah wasn't home. Presumably she waited in the car, and Delilah then joined her there in the later scene, after returning from Jon's office. (Theo's swim lesson must have been really long...) So much this! The women are underdeveloped... I can't even comment on the acting for most of them (though I agree Delilah comes across as not particularly well acted) because we just haven't seen enough of them, and the writing for their scenes pales in comparison to the guys. I thought that line was pretty "Gary"-- he's already shown a penchant for inappropriate humor. I thought his cringiest line from that scene was saying that Jon had been "enough for him" in response to Delilah... Dude, seriously? A) Marriage and friendship are too totally different things, and B) it's not like Jon was his only friend, so the comparison didn't work on any level. Other than that, Gary continues to be my favorite. I enjoyed him talking to the panda, and his this-is-not-a-sports-movie smackdown to Eddie.
  5. Psych Cast in Other Roles

    And James Roday is rocking his role on this show! In other cast news, Maggie Lawson has a recurring role on the new season of Lethal Weapon.
  6. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Apparently the CW has picked up Bulletproof for a summer 2019 run. I'm excited to get to watch it, even if I'm somewhat bemused by the venue (this doesn't sound like a typical CW show...) https://tvline.com/2018/10/09/burden-of-truth-renewed-season-2-cw-summer-2019/
  7. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    There was someone in the pilot thread who went to the taping, so I don't think that's the case.
  8. The littlest girl (being held by Zach) bears a striking resemblance to Erin's daughter Brooklyn, who I always thought was a dead ringer for Chad! Genetics are fun. Though the resemblance might just be that they're both fair haired and grumpy-looking. (Brooklyn Paine isn't quite Davia Waller-level of hilarious facial expressions, but the whole "keeping sweet" thing hasn't become her M.O. just yet and I hope she manages to keep it up past toddlerdom!)
  9. I don't think any of us expected them to have small families, but the rate at which Erin and Alyssa are popping out kids is rather startling, considering Alyssa seemed over her own big family and Erin has her complications that require her to be on Heparin. Right now they're on a far better pace to have uber-mega-families, whereas the Duggar daughters and Anna are not. (Obviously that could change, but it just seems like Jessa, Jill, Anna, and Whitney Bates have done a little better at spacing their kids... which might not be intentional at all. But it seems like Alyssa and Erin could be trying to do something to curb their pregnancies, if they were so inclined.)
  10. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    I don't see Frank as creepy at all, or that he has to be gay or in love with Murphy. We don't know what relationships he has or hasn't had in the last 20 years, but just because he's getting older doesn't mean he can't be looking for a relationship or even just dating. We don't have any reason to think he's trying for 20 year old women, or that he is pressing unwelcome attention. I think it's a bit unfortunate that so many people automatically act as if he has to be a creepy old man, rather than someone who doesn't want to be alone forever Or even if he doesn't want a serious relationship, still wants someone to go to dinner with, or to the theatre, or even to have a sexual relationship with (yes, "old" people still have sex too). There's no reason he can't be looking for a woman his own age and status who would be happy to meet him. She's just not everywhere! I think I'm somewhere between these two extremes re: Frank (who was my favorite character in the original-- I've always loved his friendship with Murphy). I agree there's no reason why he can't still be single and looking for a relationship at his age (and this doesn't make him gay or pining for Murphy), but it's problematic that pushing-seventy, 2018 Frank is still acting the exact same way as in-his-forties, '90's Frank. Which I think leads to my issues with the new episodes in general-- the FYI gang is being portrayed as exactly the same as they were twenty years ago, which isn't realistic. I think the reason why most of us (including me) are enjoying the Murphy/ Avery scenes the most is that A) they show that time has moved on in these years, and B) they're one-on-one scenes that allow for better character development than the big group scenes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think so far we've only seen Frank, Miles, and Corky en masse. I realize that it's only been two episodes, so hopefully more smaller scenes are coming, but so far it's been disappointing and results in caricatures instead of characters. I know the original thrived on these group scenes and did them well, but right now they're not working. (Other than the scene in Phil's with Avery, which I thought was decent... so maybe it is that McDornan is the only good part of the show, and should just be in every scene...)
  11. S01.E02: Band of Dads

    Ha! I was going to comment that I really liked their choice of songs so far. To each their own. I do agree that they need to up their characterization, though, if they want viewers to commit long term. Though I would argue that (IMO, at least) the This Is Us gang aren't particularly likeable, either. (I know you weren't comparing the two shows in terms of likeable characters, just saying TIU seems to be extremely popular, yet every week the thread is full of people complaining about the characters...)
  12. The End is Here: Best and Worst TV Finales

    My favorite series finales, in no particular order.... -12 Monkeys -Life on Mars (U.K.) -Justified
  13. S01.E02: Green Birds

    I loved The Brave. It was, indeed, very well done, and with great characters.
  14. S01.E02: Band of Dads

    Late to this board because, after watching last week, I looked for this show under the "M's" and when I couldn't find it, just figured there wasn't a board and no one was watching but me. Now I feel like an idiot, but I'm glad others are watching and commenting! I also have mixed feelings, as some of this is really eye-roll-worthy and cringey, and other parts are pretty compelling and well-acted. So far Gary is my favorite just because I'm enjoying Roday as an actor. (I've never watched Psych, but am now thinking maybe I should?) Wait, what? I didn't hear that at all... I liked that, too, but I also felt maybe he should have done a little more? I mean, maybe there was a conversation after the hockey game from the pilot that we didn't see, but I'm not so sure I would've felt OK leaving my suicidal friend ... Although at that point did Gary think Rome's wife knew? But maybe he should have confirmed that? I did like Gary trying to joke about his panic in calling Rome and Rome not answering, while the panic/ worry/ concern for him was very obvious. Well, he is her guitar teacher. I could see her being closer to him than the other "uncles."
  15. The Cast: A Million Little Roles

    Ron Livingston will forever be Lewis Nixon from Band of Brothers. I spent the majority of the pilot wondering why Abby (I think that's the character's name) looked so familiar, and finally realized she was the daughter from NBC's short-lived Kings.