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  1. While I agree with what @RHJunkie says above, I saw that situation a bit differently. It seemed to me that Chris was urging Candiace to call her father because she was making plans and arrangements as if he had already agreed to the extra money. How in the hell are you trying to add 100 extra people plus a flower ceiling, multiple dresses and whatever else she was going on about without confirming that the budget had indeed been increased. I'm glad her father checked that shit without hesitation. Oooh, I missed this. Screen shot please!
  2. All Episodes Talk

    Wow. OG is an awful dresser. But even worse is her choice of lipcolor. For goodness sake girl, get thee a brown lip liner stat!!! We can't wear those types of colors without it. The crackhead lips look is no good for anyone.
  3. Yup. I noticed this too. Unlike the other teammates on the box, she wasn't distributing her weight enough to help him lift it. Me either. I think I guffawed out loud when he started talking about a honeymoon. That's one wedding I know for a fact won't last more than a year or two.
  4. Kandi is steady making money!
  5. This was one of my favorite parts...especially the deadpan way in which he said it. My second favorite part was Kailah realizing too damn late that she got played. She always thinks she's such a master strategist. If she was so confident that CT and Tony would save her team, she should have immediately voted in Wes and Boobie. Then Wes and Boobie would have had no choice but to either choose Casper and Louise or create a 3-way tie. I'm sure Wes considered both options. Her team would have probably still gotten selected during the tie-breaker, as Casper and Louise won the last elimination, but she still would have had more of a chance than from the way she voted.
  6. I'm surprised she didn't tell us that she rented out the entire nail shop just for her and Chris' date night.
  7. It's more that she thinks constantly showing that she always has an $80+ bottle of wine on hand makes her look sophisticated. Fits right in with her constant price-dropping. I'm surprised she didn't tell us how much the mani/pedi cost.
  8. S01.E02 Access 2018.06.10

    I love the character of Electra. The haughtiness coupled with all the shade is amazing, and I can see her trying to channel a Naomi Campbell-esque persona. However, the actress is ruining it for me; she's awful. And the line readings....whoever above said wooden is absolutely correct. Loved Blanca's "talk" with Damon. It was one of the best I've seen done on TV. And Damon and his date were so fricken cute together. I thought for a moment, something bad would happen in the basement to Damon, but was so relieved that he made it home okay. For now (I try to never get too comfortable with these Ryan Murphy shows). Overall, I am absolutely loving this show!
  9. Wow, Charrisse was so pissed that Monique dared to speak to/hang out with her friend. From the second it was mentioned, she had a sour look on her face. What the hell was that? Does anyone know what catalog Charrisse ordered her date out of? I need on of those..... Candiass is full of shit. She has 405 people coming to the wedding, but she wants to have 500+? And she wants the entire ceiling covered in flowers???? And don't forget the cushions and candy AND dessert bar. Wasn't she just complaining that the quote on food was too high last week???
  10. Also, they weren't on good terms since she double crossed him with Klaus and used/sacrificed all his sire-free hybrids/friends to get info on her family. And here Klaus goes again, pissing off people who are trying to help him. And he wonders why no one ever wants to be his friend.
  11. S05 E21: Turks & Caicos 2018.06.05

    Or AJ showing up at the wedding unexpectedly with Mike and he and Callie hooking up for old times sake....
  12. I didn't see this, but agree that keeping Drake and Kailah was the wrong decision. To me, the obvious choice was Lil Mama and Tori. They work well as a team, and Tori is more amenable to her partner and I think can be convinced to vote her partner's way. Whereas, Kailah is stubborn as hell and will never let Drake get an inch of anything. Kailah has always been middle of the road for me, but she's been a straight up bitch this season. Her and the other "champs" have been so damn salty because the Stars have not only been playing the strategy that the Champs came in with, but beating the Champs at it. You can't expect the other teams to lose graciously and just deal with it when you are the ones winning, but not do the same when the tables have turned. Speaking of, Bye Shane. What fucking sore loser. I always want to like him, but he always shows himself to be shitty ass person. And Brooke, shut the hell up! Why would Casper come talk to you when you openly stated that you are letting Shane make all the decisions for your team? If that's the case, then you also wear the target that Shane has earned. I missed this as well.
  13. She needs to follow the Shaunie O'Neal model and get herself a separate bank account to start squirreling away small sums of money every week. As someone who is always on the look out for a sugar daddy, I ain't mad at Ashley. Crocodile Dundee is too old and scrawny for me, but I would certainly consider it....while he's paying for a first date...... Yes. We've talked about this for a couple years....definitely need to make it happen. If Karen wants to show her goods, then more power to her. I personally believe that no one over the age of 3 should wear rompers, but if you got the legs, ass, and nice (not scary) boobs, work with it.
  14. S05 E20: Meet The Fosters 2018.06.04

    I'm still salty about this. While watching last night's episode I was actually on the actor's instagram page to remind myself of his gorgeousness.... If Emma is pregnant, I totally missed that! Then again, I don't always pay attention while watching this show (as mentioned above).
  15. S05 E20: Meet The Fosters 2018.06.04

    Just realized in the second episode that Mariana said Mat gave her crabs. LMAO! She really hasn't changed at all. Who the hell says something like that at the dinner table, especially in front of guests. And she's still inserting herself in other people's business that has nothing to do with her. Telling Jesus about Emma's job offer was so out of line, as usual.