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  1. Hollywood

    This made me chuckle:
  2. I just lost an entire hour of my work day falling down the same social media hole! Lol! My favorite, though, is this one comment under Cassie's instagram post, "Thething that bothers me is that he is so quick to display his new relationship when his old one just ended and his fans have yet to process it all." LMAO!!! Yes, celebrities are supposed to put their lives on pause so that YOU have time to process what is happening in their lives. These fans nowadays are something else.
  3. Looks like the actor playing Bowie is dating Cassie Steele (Manny from Degrassi: TNG).
  4. Kandi on it again. She just keeps stacking up those coins:
  5. S32.E06: A Series Of Unforunate Events

    This would have probably been more interesting than the actual episode.... I couldn't for the life of me understand why they didn't immediately choose Johnny and Tony. That was a really bad move on their part. Derrick still sucks. Derrick: I am so athletic....this will be a breeze. Cut to 5 seconds later and he is failing, again, in the most idiotic way possible! He is the definition of muscles for no reason. I'm not sure why Derrick/Tori and whoever the other team that was up with them at the same time decided to cross the first part perpendicular when the first 2 teams had already shown that it could be done parallel. Loved Shane and Nelson's bickering before the challenge and then afterwards after they DQ'd recognizing that maybe they shouldn't fight seconds before competing. Also loved the producers and their "2 minutes later" during the part where everybody was having sex. Lol! I certainly was not surprised.
  6. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    LBD = Little Black Dress
  7. All Episodes Talk

    Wow Jen. Take it easy on the first date. Get to know them first before you start unloading all your shit. Oh my goodness - the "Got caught cheating" dude was a ringer for Merlin Santana! It was really creepy. Jackie can miss me with all her "I'm offended by their behavior" nonsense. I think I might need multiple hands to count the times she's acted a plum fool during other cast members' events. Does anyone know what Kristen's job is? Cause .I don't.
  8. S01.E12: Why Bad Things Happen

    I absolutely loved this show. My friend and I couldn't stop watching and laughing the entire weekend. It's so goddamn wacky and I enjoyed the dark humor. I also really appreciated how diverse the actors/characters were. This so much! Especially Passions season 2 and onwards when they realized how ridiculous they were and just embraced it full on. My one major gripe is that we didn't get to see/hear Bob (I tried real hard to come up with a B-starting middle name and failed! Lol!) Barnard's wife reaction to his coming out. Did she already know or was this a complete surprise? Also, I really liked her character and was sad that she essentially disappeared after the 3rd or 4th episode.
  9. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    With Robyn, less is definitely more. She is absolutely stunning with natural to no make-up on. I don't think that anyone did. But they certainly said enough to imply it and I'm sure it was more than enough for viewers/social media to run with. I noticed this as well. The past couple RH reunions, Andy has really been pressing people for responses and calling them on a lot of their bullshit, which he never really did much of in the past.
  10. The Affair in the Media

    If it's available through Amazon Prime, you can.
  11. S03.E01: Better-Like

    If she's gonna have only one Capri Sun flavor, it needs to be Pacific Cooler. I really hope the cute Lyft passenger who left her the tip will be on again. That actor is so sexy; I've been crushing on him since The Vampire Diaries. Daniel was being a real ass. On top of that, I honestly don't care about his actual life outside of his interactions with Issa. Even though Lawrence isn't there anymore, I hope the real estate friend is still around in some capacity. He was fucking hilarious.
  12. S05.E07: The Devil Inside 08.12.2018

    At this point, I don't understand why anyone continues to trust Kanan. They keep inviting him to business meetings, they always discuss private conversations loudly while he's within earshot; I mean, they aren't even trying to keep him sidelined. Angela trying to arrange a hit on John Mak is cold. I guess she's finally giving in to her criminal urges. I'm not sure why Tasha thought she and her vagina could convince Terry into lying. The one persona on this show who has been fairly consistent with his ethics (despite fucking his client's wife) is Terry. He's not gonna incriminate himself for nobody and she was dumb to think that "love" who make him do so.
  13. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Her earrings where the only part of her outfit I actually liked!
  14. All Episodes Talk: Somewhere Between

    I really don't understand how Paula Patton gets any job. She has always been an awful actress and she has not improved any in over a decade. I used to think it was her affiliation to the Thicke's, but her and Robin are over. And that fucking kid is so obnoxious.