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  1. S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    Lmao! Oh man, that had me laughing for 20 minutes straight. I'm surprised they even let that comment on the air. It's sad when even the contestants can see through the producers' bullshit when it comes to Johnny. I hate Natalie, but I legit thought all of her appendages were gonna fly off.
  2. Me too. I thought it was unnecessarily mean. If they had leaned up against it accidentally despite Ham trying to stop them, and then everyone laughed as they left, that would have sat better me. So is this whole, "we're not breaking up, but we're just friends" thing a new young people thing? I'm old (just on the other side of 35 and probably shouldn't enjoy this show so much old, lol!), and am not always caught up with the ways of the young folk.
  3. The actor who plays Cyrus is 16 or 17. I think his age is catching up to him.
  4. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Yeah. Cheyenne is his baby momma. They slept together during the season she was on The Challenge. He kept trying to convince her and she kept saying she had a boyfriend. But it looks like she gave in towards the end of the season, or just shortly after. And she never told him until they discovered the baby had a medical issue.
  5. Hollywood

    Thank you! I couldn't figure out why the rest of the cast was all, "It was only x amount?!?!", like that someone makes the fact that she stole the money okay. Whatever amount it was, she took the credit card and used it without permission. End of story.
  6. S05.E03: Pride

    Yes! Everything she wore this episode was slamming and fit her body well. It makes such a difference when effort is put into wardrobe for folks who aren't size 00.
  7. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    That's a great description of Nelson. His dumbness is the only reason I like him, cause I know he doesn't know any better. I always want to like Corey. He's so hot....until he opens his damn month. And then I got suckered into him again cause I saw the show with him and Cheyenne, and that gorgeous baby. And then he comes back on the show with the damn, "I deserve to win because I don't know how to use a condom" reasoning. Ugh. He needs to get on the same cliff as Tony and Brad.
  8. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Ugh, I can't stand any of them. I certainly am NOT rooting for Johnny, but everyone is being so damn obnoxious, I can see why others might be compelled to do so. Oh man, I can see the return of the team competitions after this season, featuring the Lavender Ladies, Team Young Buck, Old School Folks who love/tolerate Johnny, Old School Folks who can't stand Johnny (captained by Wes), etc. Although I've wanted to see some level of the team competitions come back, given these assholes, it would be horrendous. If I were Marie, I would have selected Sylvia's ass for the Armageddon. She was grating my nerves the entire episode. Yes, Marie was fucking annoying, as usual, but would it have hurt Sylvia to have a 5 minute conversation with her instead of continuously blowing her off? That's supposed to be your friend. Ashley acts like I expect her to, like trash, especially considering that she always throws fits when she gets voted in. But I guess only she's allowed to do that.
  9. Eyeshadow: Single shades or sets?

    Are you using an eyelid primer? That will usually help with the muddiness/faded look and allow the actual colors to pop.
  10. S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    She said something along the lines of only black guys are interested in/appreciative of her because they tend to like bigger women and curves, followed by, "Where the white guys at?" Not at all racist, but racist enough for the social media trolls to blow it out of proportion and cause her death by social media.
  11. Agreed. I think that the divorce was just the culmination of everything. It sounds like Daddy Braxton was spreading it low and wide for a good chunk of that marriage. And I just know that everybody up in that church was whispering about his dealings, and the children from young, were hearing bits and pieces of the rumors. So while the divorce happened when they were adults, they were all probably bearing the brunt of that drama, plus Ms E's poorly veiled venom towards her husband, since they were kids. Out of 1 to 10, Tamar is always at a 27. But I don't know, part of me always believes that she's much more sensitive and hurt than she likes to let on and she uses her antics and theatrics to cover that up.
  12. S05.E02: Whose Blood Is That?

    I'm interested in learning exactly just what the Hurricane Francis is, and if it's really so amazing that it can be used as a bribe. Inquiring minds would like to know!
  13. Hollywood

    I'm still watching too! A lot of the drama this season has been crazy, but really stupid so I tend to forget about it. I agree, Brooke is a mess. And really unprofessional. I can see why she didn't make it past one single. I don't know what to think about Teairra Marie. I really like her, but she's coming across as so shady with all of this. And then there's the back and forth between her and Moniece on social media, but I don't ever believe anything Moniece says cause she lies a lot. She's the embodiment of the boy who cried wolf.
  14. S32.E13: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

    Ugh, Amanda is awful. I never actually remember who she is until she starts yelling, I mean screeching, at someone else. And I still don't understand why if there is a tie, those 2 teams don't automatically go in?
  15. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    This article came out a few days ago: https://www.bustle.com/p/tiffany-dereks-relationship-on-insecure-changes-the-narrative-for-black-couples-on-screen-according-to-amanda-seales-12058818