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  1. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    She has Regina-"I-Really-Want-To-Lose-3-pounds"-George Syndrome.
  2. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Everything you said ^^ If I worked my ass off to pass the freaking Bar and had Benson tell me that I'm not a lawyer, I'd almost risk my job and tell her to FO. Even if Carisi were to become an ADA, he'll still have Benson tell him what to do because she'll still think that she's Carisi's boss. Again, FO Benson!!! Peter Scanavino has been on pretty much all of the other L&O shows and it would be great to have him as a lead for Hate Crimes... where he doesn't have to work with Benson and we get to see him working as a cop without having to see MH. She's become so insufferable. Or Rollins. The only reason long-time fans haven't completely abandoned the show is because of Fin and Carisi. If they go, we'll ALL go!
  3. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Probably just the 'Dr' part. Oh, John Munch, how I miss you!!! He definitely would have had the perfect comeback! I love how he used his acerbic wit and sarcasm to correct people.
  4. All really great plots!!! Especially like the one with the Iraqi vet and the various comebacks to Benson!
  5. S20.E09: Mea Culpa

    They've changed the format of the show to include waaaaayyyyyy too much of the personal lives of the detectives. I mean, we want to have the background stories of them, but the show is about the victims, not the drama of the personal lives of the detectives. I wouldn't mind if all they showed was 5 seconds of Olivia saying goodnight to her son or something, but they are showing too much of her life. Btw, love your screen name. I think we might be Kindred Spirits afterall! Or Bosom Friends.
  6. S20.E09: Mea Culpa

    The writers probably had something planned for Carisi's law degree, but then everything became St. Olivia, so they're not even acknowledging it. I even thought for half a second that he might end up doing Barba's job this season. Look, I get it. If you've been a cop for over 20 years, you get to know certain parts of the law very well. But she's still not the lawyer and she's never studied it. It takes a shitload of studying and eye-watering amount of reading to get a law degree and Carisi was doing it while working as a cop, so extra kudos to him. But as always, he's being cast aside because of what's-her-face. One of the biggest mistakes they're making is trying to do the 'women can do and be anything, women can be cops, women can be the head of a precinct' thing, but the problem is, Olivia Is Bad At It. She Can't Seem To Do Her Job. So they're really failing at it. Rollins can't seem to get her personal life together and is giving a bad name to other working single mothers, and mothers who work as cops. Olivia is a lieutenant who is also incompetent, and is making people believe in the cliché that women can't be leaders because they're too emotional. She is THAT woman. WTF are they doing with these female characters? Did the actresses piss off the executives or something??? Donald Cragen, I miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. S20.E09: Mea Culpa

    That's the thing that frustrates and pisses me off the most. It always starts off with the potential of being a decent episode, then... fizzzzzzzle...... GRRR!!! Did I mention that I am so effing FRUSTRATED?!!! That's like on Friends where they never locked their doors. YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK!!! Lock your effing doors!!!!! Even if you live in a doorman building, You Need To Lock Your Doors. Like the woman in the season 13 episode 'Official Story'. She was so severely brutalised that she won't be able to have children. What Olivia said was absolute wishful thinking which has become a complete cliché. That's not to say that some people don't end up getting justice and moving on with their lives. But why is she saying THAT bullshit to someone? Seems like SHE has never gotten over any of the shit in her life. You're too good for her, Carisi, wtf are you doing??? It's just the proximity thing. You see someone everyday and it's the kind of job that can consume your life at times and only the people you work with truly understand what it's like to do your job. But so what??? Go for someone better, Sonny!!! You deserve a lovely woman. Oh. My. Gaaawwwd!!! No joke, the VM plot was exactly what I was thinking as well! I wonder how Peter Scanavino really thinks about all of this. Not Carisi the character, but the actual actor, PS. But then again, being that he's a pretty low-key and private person, maybe he likes to be more of a side character. It would still be nice to see more of his talent, though.
  8. Funny how in the third season when she and Tom first started off as a couple, she was like, soooooo like, relaaaaxxxxxed about the relationship and when Sheana said how Tom is such a good liar, Ariana seemed sooooo coooooool about it? That was all an act, and this whiny girlfriend she is now, that's the real Ariana. She was talking about how 'disgustingly honest' she and Tom are with each other, but whatever. He was cheating on her and she knew it but pretended not to know or care, but of course we all know that, that too, was all an act.
  9. OMG, I laughed so hard at this! Brilliant! ^^ This. It must be exhausting to put up this façade of "I'm so cool, everything just rolls off me" all the time. Maybe that's why she always looks bored and pissed off. I know that a lot of people believe that geniuses always stand out or that they all work at NASA or cancer research-type jobs, but that's actually not always true. However, every single genius is highly gifted at something, even if it's one thing - they have superior verbal skills; very good with numbers; musical abilities; spatial abilities where they can look at something briefly and instantly be able to figure out visual clues, etc. SOMEthing. Now, they don't always end up working in their field of expertise, but their abilities at that one thing is very very high. Not just 'above average' high, but HIIIIIGH. Ariana does not have superior abilities in anything. She's not dumb by any means, and seems smarter than her cast mates, but come on. They're not exactly the types of people you would want to measure your intelligence against! And Ariana saying that she's smarter than anyone and everyone she's ever met is also not saying much. Being a genius is being able to put all of your focus on that one thing you're very good at, even if you have ADD and don't have much of an attention span. You find ways to work around it, as with having excellent verbal skills, even if you have severe dyslexia. That quote about genius being 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration is true. I've known lots of people with great ideas with no follow-through. So nothing ever comes out of their ideas. Ariana spends too much time thinking about how smart she can sound, instead of working on something real. The bullshit Cool Girl act, yes, always! She's only a legend in her own mind.
  10. S20.E08: Hells Kitchen

    When they brought in Carisi, Peter Scanavino said that his character is there to "shake things up a bit." But now that it's been over four seasons, they need someone else. Tbh, I don't recall Carisi being much of a 'shaker'. He was just new and didn't know the dynamics of the squad. That's not just him personally, but any cop who starts at a new precinct. Liv is going to bring up the whole "I was a product of rape, it's in my genes, so I don't want to get aggressive with my kid" thing and also how Noah also came from an unstable background, so she's trying to be different with him. Blah blah blah. So, who's the adult and parent here??? Full disclosure - I come from a very violent background and my father is a sadistic psychopath, and I grew up around addicts, but I'm a decent, law-abiding citizen and a productive member of society. I don't go around analysing every single thing I do because of my family. I know right from wrong and make decisions accordingly. Back in The Good Ol' Days, parents didn't try to be friends with their children. There was a clear line of You are the Child and I am the Parent, so You Do As I Say, Or Else. No negotiating, no pleading, certainly no begging!!! I remember in the pilot episode of Who's The Boss (early 80s!), Jonathan wanted to eat sugary cereal for breakfast and Tony wanted him to have eggs instead and Jonathan said "Yuck! Isn't there anything else?" who which, Tony replied "Yeah! Hunger!!" It would be nice to see Fin and Carisi interacting away from the squad on non-police matters, but I think we would like them more if they were all done off screen and they just talked about it afterwards.
  11. S20.E07: Caretaker

    I think her ego got blown up by the Golden Globes award and she thinks that she could do no wrong, or even need direction with regards to acting.
  12. S20.E07: Caretaker

    They want to make Olivia and Amanda out to be tough, working Supermothers, but then they turn the women pathetic by making them incapable of carrying out good decisions for themselves and staying rational. You don't need to be an SVU detective to know that there are vile, evil people in the world, committing the most repugnant, unspeakable crimes. Has Olivia not ever heard of Munchausen's by proxy? Almost all the perpetrators are women, mostly mothers. How could any police officer in the US not know of Diane Downs, Andrea Yates, Mary Beth Tinning or Susan Smith??? It's not just being naive when as a detective, you believe that a mother is incapable of killing her children - you sound downright stupid and incompetent. There are so many Asians who live in New York, but apart from some gang-related plotlines, there have been very very small number of special victims of Asian background in TWENTY SEASONS. There are lots of children/teenagers who have been victims of violent abuse by their parents (mostly fathers) but it's very much swept under the rug and not discussed (I'm from one of those families). The mothers tend to just accept it and turn a blind eye and deny that it's happening or that "it's not that bad." or that the kids actually deserved it (like my mother). It would be great if they could write something on that. Many of my generation (GenX) and I have shared similar stories, especially the first generation Asians. Even a tiger-mum story would be something.
  13. S20.E07: Caretaker

    I understand a parent empathising with other parents about children, but I absoutely cannot STAND it when they disregard anyone else's opinion just because they are not parents. What does that mean? That every single parent is a good person who loves children, but childless people are absolute dicks who are incapable of feeling sorrow and loss at the death/abuse of children??? I remember Olivia getting pissed off at Elliot for giving her the "You're not a parent, you wouldn't understand" line. Oh, but NOW that she TOO is a mother, she's on The Same Level of other parents, so she could do her job better! Not. Why couldn't they just have Rollins get pregnant by a boyfriend or SHOCK! a husband? She could have had a guy she was dating and upon finding out that she was pregnant, decided to get married? Or at the very least, not another effing douche. What's wrong with you Amanda? How could you be a detective and not have a radar for men you should never have sex with???
  14. S20.E06: Exile

    Lately, after watching SVU, I've had to watch 10 episodes of Brooklyn99 to 'flush out' the bs parts of the show. And there have been a LOTTTTTTT.
  15. Season One: Hip Hop Apocalypse

    There seems to be very little action scenes in season 2. In the pilot, Max was flying through the air, jumping through windows and parkour-ing between walls. The other S1 episodes had impressive stunts. Then in S2, we didn't have any of it, even though there was a regular transgenic character, Alec. The two of them could have done lots of flying through the air and other fun stunts, but they didn't. It was interesting to see how other transgenics were made like in Gill Girl, but I actually got quite sick of the Joshua plotlines.