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  1. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Thank you! 99.999999 % of the time when people say 'vagina', they're actually referring to their vulva. As someone who works in the medical field, this bugs the shit out of me. Billie being a trans is the only interesting thing about her. I couldn't care less if she's a woman who used to be a man, who decided to be a man again, then lived as a woman. People are afraid to say anything or criticise her because no matter what they say, they'll get labelled as being transphobic. WTF. Maybe we just don't think she's a nice person or someone who's interesting enough to get to know as a person. Yes, as a PERSON. Do they think that only decent people decided to get gender reassignment surgery? There weren't sociopathic dipshits who decided to undergo that operation? What's sexuality or gender have to do with being a decent human being???
  2. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    It's not just a matter of blackout drinking. Vail from Season 3 was saying how she read a quote which said "Blackouts are God's way of saying 'Don't worry about it'" - yeah sure, don't worry about it until you test positive for STDs and pregnancy. I may not be religious, but as if God would say something so effing irresponsible and daft! What if Schwartz gets blackout pissed and does something he 'doesn't remember' and infects Katie??? Just awful.
  3. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Every time Schwartz says "I don't remember", he's lying. Every Time. I knew someone like that years ago and it was the most effing infuriating thing ever, because they never take responsibility and never own up to their own shit. Too bad Katie's married to such a little spineless bitch. I edited a couple of the videos from season 3 and took everything Jax-related out and it was such a better viewing. Didn't miss anything by not having him there and it was less annoying. Get rid of him, ffs. Kristina Kelly seemed to be the only person on that show who never fell for Jax's bullshit.
  4. S06.E21: Welcome to TomTom

    Patrick behaves like the guy in this article: https://mattforney.com/crush-girls-self-esteem/
  5. S06.E21: Welcome to TomTom

    Or if they have a child and name him/her Bentley.
  6. S06.E21: Welcome to TomTom

    He's the stupid dickhead who told Stassi that she's a million times hotter than a bottle of vodka. WTF??!!! Yeah, real romantic, dipshit. The way he was burying his head in his hands and 'crying'. What an effing tool. He has also stolen from you. Countless times. Lisa's just as bad as the others who let him get away with everything. Every. Time. Mike was the only man who could put up with Scheana's shit for the rest of her life and he's the one she dumped. No man will ever love, or want to love you, Scheana. They'll get sick of you within two minutes.
  7. S06.E20: Lost Cause

    Last season, when Ariana said that Jax may be a misogynist, Brit said "Does that mean that he gives massages?" - oh Brittany, Brittany... so SO dumb.
  8. S06.E20: Lost Cause

    I think Lala is in that stage in her life that some women go through - mid-20s, wanting to sound cool, tough and sexy, so they just curse a lot, talk about sex and their pussy all the time and do some kind of ghetto-tough-talk. Lala can get away with all of that because she's very pretty. James and Lala do have actual talent - James can DJ and rap, and Lala can sing - not like Sheana who's not a singer, not really anything, and FI, who may have played in a band, but not actually that talented and is never focused. Lala needs to know that having a good voice alone won't be enough - millions of people have good singing voices, but we only know about a handful of them. I'm not sure she knows just how much time and work go into making yourself into a singer who can make a living from it. Rehearsing alone is a full-time job, and that part doesn't even pay! It's probably easier now because you can do a lot of self-promotion online, but you still have to work more. Well, good luck to both of them. I hope they keep their focus on their music and make it.
  9. S06.E20: Lost Cause

    Like Jax repeatedly saying and insisting "I'm a good guy, I really AM!" Yeah, okay. ALL of them. She was already showing this side in season 4 when Peter slipped and told her about the boys' Vegas trip and she said that she hates hetero-normative bullshit. She was trying to play it cool all the previous seasons, including the time when Kristen and Tom had that tearful talk in Miami and that whole Miami Girl saga. She was pretending that none of that shit bothered her because she's That Cool. Of course she isn't. Why would you continue a relationship with someone who has fundamentally different values from you? Ariana never wants to get married and have kids. She's not going to change her mind. Tom wants to get married and have children, he should never have to compromise either of those goals. They're wasting each other's time. Kids and marriage are the top two things you must agree on in a relationship. Never EVER wish that the other person will just change their mind. She keeps insisting that he's not a douche, even now. Just like she made EVERYTHING about her wedding in season 3. Including the Miami Girl and Kristen getting fired. I don't know how the frick those things have ANYTHING to do with a person's wedding, but that's Scheana for ya.
  10. S06.E19: Reiki Breaky Heart

    These three tweets were written by someone in PR. THIS tweet, on the other hand, was definitely by Jax. STOP using your father's illness and death as an excuse for being a sociopath. You were that way years and years and years before anything happened to him. You're just trying to gain sympathy from people. Makes you even more disgusting. Please don't fall for this bullshit. None of this "Things are different when your parent dies" excuse. NO. People like Jax do NOT deserve special treatment from anyone.
  11. S06.E19: Reiki Breaky Heart

    Good for her, and YOU, for teaching your daughter enough about life for her to recognise a toxic person when she sees one. Stassi thinks that Patrick was 'mansplaining', but that's not it at all. He's just a douche. In Australia, we refer to someone like that as a wanker. Don't say myopic when talking about relationships thinking that using 'alternative words' will make you sound educated and smart. It doesn't. Using Big Words when it's not necessary instantly makes you seem desperate and like you're trying too hard. Like the time when he said 'galvanise'. WTF?!! As mentioned, he's an effing WANKER! In next week's previews - has effing Jax burying his face in his hands and 'crying' - don't ever fall for his tears, They're All Fake!
  12. S06.E18: Karma's a Bitch

    Yeah, Sandoval also mentioned how his drink-mixing was more economical for Lisa and Ken because when he pour his drinks, every last drop is used and there's no excess left in the mixer. When that Michelin review lady was at SUR in season 2, she sent the drink back to Jax and he said in TH that when he gets drinks sent back, he pretends to mix them again, but he just shakes them again in the mixer and nothing was changed. What an effing bastard, cheating his customers. Such a piece of shit.
  13. S06.E18: Karma's a Bitch

    I always get terrified when a Mommy's Girl from Utah who is happy being the mistress of a married man and drinks from a baby bottle goes all ghetto on me.
  14. S06.E18: Karma's a Bitch

    Probably yells out his own name in bed.
  15. S06.E17: The Smoking Gun

    Ann... "Who?" - Mayon-Egg!!! The VP cast have all been smoking Big Yellow Joints! They're all Liza-ass-offs!!