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  1. S20.E05: Accredo

    They're wasting money by paying MH too much. Bad budgeting. There have been other shows where the actress was pregnant but it was never mentioned, even though it was really obvious. It was used more as a comical storyline when Lauren Lane was pregnant in The Nanny, but in the pilot episode of Modern Family, Julie Bowen was 8 months pregnant but you couldn't tell unless you looked for her pregnant belly and Traylor Howard was also pregnant for most of season 5 of Monk, but they shot her from the waist up.
  2. S20.E04: Revenge

    Oh yeah, Brotherhood, in season 5. The lawyer was the father of the murdered student.
  3. S20.E04: Revenge

    GRRRRR!!!! Her whispering!!! ARGGHHH!!!! I just skip over those scenes. Not missing anything.
  4. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    That kind of reminds me of Nip/Tuck where the first two seasons were great, but then got messier and messier.
  5. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    It's not 'slut shaming' to call someone out on their bullshit. A single person can sleep with as many other single people. But it's the constant non-stop deception people can't stand. Batting her eyelashes and talking to the contestants with her "I'm on your side, I'm going to protect you" bullshit voice and then effing every male on the show is what they're pissed off about, not the fact that Rachel slept with lots of guys. If she slept with as many men outside of the show, nobody would care. Those men have nothing to do with the other contestants. But she was effing with every single person's head who all knew each other. Rachel's become the person she hates - her mother. Maybe even worse. Also, nice to know that you can be the biggest c u next tuesday and you STILL have someone who loves you and wants to effing MARRY you. And don't end up receiving the shit you deserve.
  6. S20.E3: Zero Tolerance

    The first two seasons were great. The third began to wane a bit, but there were still good episodes here and there. Same with season 4. After that, it was more meh, and the latest few seasons, well... you know... Even though there were some personal episodes focusing on one particular character, they were still good. Like 'Legacy' from season 2, which gave us some insight into Munch. Well, I've always liked Munch, so I may be biased, but the stories actually did involve Special Victims back in those days.
  7. S19.E15: In Loco Parentis

    That was also Carisi. His sister's fiancé was raped by his parole officer. Although Carisi was never a fan of her fiancé, he actually stood up for him and defended him.
  8. S19.E12: Info Wars

    All the things that Cragen was. Whom I miss terribly... :( If I want someone to preach to me with a sermon, I'd go to church, not get that bullshit from an actress/television character! It's like the time when Sarah Jessica Parker got blurred from Carrie Bradshaw and they kind of became the same horrible person. I have great respect for adoptive parents, but Benson is a terrible one! An awful person and an irresponsible, narcissistic mother. How the eff does she manage to be everywhere and still have time for her kid??? Bullshit. I used to think that the work Mariska was doing for Joyful Heart was a valuable one, but I don't think she's doing it for the victims anymore. She's doing it for herself.
  9. S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    You know why. Like you've said - because it showed another character in a better light than Olivia. Can. Never. Take. The. Spotlight. Off. Benson. Ever.
  10. S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    AND a young kid! I mean, I can understand it if she were young and single without children and everything about her life was her job, but I'm sick of seeing so much of her. She's not helping anyway, just interfering with her personal opinions, so why keep slotting her in every fricking scene???!!!
  11. S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    Man, I miss the days when Munch, Cragen, Huang and Fin were part of the main team. I know people have a love/hate relationship with Elliot, but I still liked him.
  12. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    No, nobody suspected or knew. Nobody would suspect another 13-year-old girl to murder other young girls and pull all of their teeth out. Even the best detective in the world probably wouldn't think to go there.
  13. S01.E08: Milk

    I really wish that there could have been more flashbacks with Camille and Marion. That scene where the photographer was in the ivory-floored room and Camille took his camera and started taking pictures of Marion and she was making faces and pulling out her tongue really made me smile. They had a genuine, sisterly bond. This may be a UO, but I didn't find Amma as callous and cruel in the tv series. I thought she would be a lot meaner.
  14. S01.E08: Milk

    Really disappointed with the whole series, although I do like reading why some people liked it, including the ending. This was the one Gillian Flynn adaptation I was looking forward to the most, and was so happy to see that it was going to be fleshed out over 8 episodes, because I thought that would mean that everything would be covered, but nope. More disappointing than Dark Places (which I didn't think was so bad, just dreadfully miscast). Gillian Flynn's 'explanation' about the ending pissed me off even more than having to watch the ending. After all that bloody time wasted on watching people driving around that shitty town, they don't even finish it properly and didn't explain why Amma is the way she is. Also hate how they cheapened the interactions between John and Camille. WTF. I have some friends who worked as house keepers and nannies for wealthy families after university and they said the young kids of those families aren't always close to their parents. They are definitely closer to the people who work around their homes. If they get hurt or get upset, they call for their nannies or other people instead of their parents. Gayla is certainly a lot warmer and kinder than Adora, so I can see why Camille would feel affection for her.
  15. S01.E08: Milk

    My reaction at the end of this episode - "Ummm... what??" The only scene I liked in this episode is at the hospital after Richard leaves and Amma says "What a dick" and Camille starts laughing and Amma does as well. That's probably the only genuine sisterly moment of the whole series. Man, I want that dollhouse!!! Well, not the teeth part, duh, but a gorgeous replica of a house.