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  1. He did work at the clinic. He mentioned multiple times that he took shifts there. But somehow everyone else working that day was gone or couldn't get there? That part definitely doesn't make sense. But Dr. Shady was on staff there. And I guess that's why there was no paperwork because he was the only other person in the building. One wonders where the woman whose baby died went, if it was so impossible to get in and out of the clinic.
  2. American Gods in the Media

    Season 2 trailer:
  3. Season 5 Discussion

    I hope whoever Steve's former clients are didn't pay much. He got one piece of information and acts like he solved the issue of drugs in jail single-handedly his first day. I agree that he's probably just scared and wants to go home.
  4. Same here. Thorne came back into town stalking women until he found one that was vulnerable. And shoved his nose where it didn't belong and basically guilt-tripped Katie into trying to take custody from Bill. I can't wait for him to slink his way out with his tail between his legs. I'm just sad he won't take Ridge with him.
  5. Yeah, I didn't mind the scene because there was no bad guy there. Sally was trying to be sweet but Hope was in no condition to accept it. As much as I hate this storyline, I think the Hope and Liam parts of it are pretty well written. I really like that they gave Wyatt and Hope a moment to share the loss they suffered together. And honestly, Liam trying to support her but also draw her out a little is good. It's the "good guy" Liam is supposed to be. Watching him flail about for what to do because his wife is in a hole of grief so deep he can't get to her is 1 million times better than his normal waffling (which I'm sure will come along soon enough but I'll take the break while I can).
  6. Project Runway In the Media

    Considering the fact we were close to getting the Dollar Tree Accessory Wall in the previous version, anything would be an improvement. But I did love the cute moment of Christian noting one of his own designs there.
  7. There was a scene at the Catalina hospital of Dr. Shady comforting a hospital employee about something unspecified, but he said things like "there was nothing you could have done" or "it wasn't your fault" so presumably there was another baby who did actually die, that he just pretended was Beth from the beginning. Since Hope was unconscious and Liam wasn't there yet, there isn't anyone else who ever actually saw the real Beth right after she was born. Now, none of this explains how or why he managed to hatch this very specific and weird plan, or how he strolled out of the hospital and off the island with a child, but they did make some effort.
  8. My god, Steffy is so self-centered. How can she even think to ask Liam to meet a baby girl when he can barely even mention Beth without breaking down? This is all so disgusting and pointlessly cruel.
  9. The Passage

    Yup to this. Also for those thinking of picking up the books: Generally I liked this a lot. The first book in this series is one of my favorites from the past few years so I was nervous about the show but it seems like they're getting the good stuff in there. And I think MPG and the girl who plays Amy are great together.
  10. I can't decide what the worse possibility is here. Now that Dr. Shady has shown Taylor the baby from his hotel bathrool, what's she going to think? Coincidentally he came across a completely unrelated baby on the ferry back from Catalina? She's nuts, not stupid. But the alternative is even worse. Are they going to let Taylor play along and buy Hope's stolen baby for her own daughter? There's no result here that isn't awful.
  11. Yeah, this was actually good writing. Everyone mourns differently, plus Liam is just trying to do something/anything (imagine that!)
  12. Here's the handholding without all the sad stuff to ruin the moment. Make this "assholes in love" happen, show.
  13. Surviving R. Kelly

    I can't find a less scummy article about this, but R Kelly put up a facebook page and reportedly posted some revenge porn of one of the accusers. Fortunately it's gone now. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6566331/R-Kelly-allegedly-posts-sex-tapes-accuser-site-launched-camp-discredit-women.html
  14. Agreed about the acting. SC and AN did a wonderful job. On the rare occasion that SC gets some actual work to do he's very good and it makes me even more angry that they leave Liam to be a useless stale waffle most of the time. AN isn't the strongest actress but I thought she did really well with Hope's emotional rollercoaster and slow realization.
  15. For anyone missing the show, they're streaming live from Janet's void right now: