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  1. B&B : In the Media!

    I like how they cup the clip to end before he kisses an unconscious woman.
  2. The Spoiler Collection

    Ugh, no thanks. I really wish this show would actually develop relationships (romantic, platonic, and adversarial) and follow them through, not decide people who were friendly five minutes ago are now enemies for no good reason.
  3. Ha! I'd almost forgotten that when Ivy came in she was the sort of Steffy (anti everything Logan esp. Hope) before Steffy came back so she turned into the sort of Hope (actual human being who shocked Liam with her ability to care about someone but herself occasionally).
  4. The Spoiler Collection

    I'm not gonna watch it, but this is some of the funniest bull I've ever read. Never in all 500 of his engagements has Liam proposing changed anyone's life for more than a year, yet alone forever.
  5. I haven't watched a single second of the show this week but your comments are cracking me up so thanks for suffering through it.
  6. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    Totally agree about Kim's work, and after the first season (movies aside, of course), the show wrote to her talent, making Samantha a lot more complicated than just someone who loves sex all the time. She went through just as much as the other ladies, but those storylines are often forgotten. She had 3 (arguably 4) fairly serious relationships on the show too. Much like when some gripe about the amount of sex they all have being "unrealistic" but say nothing about Carrie's nothing job providing her with enough money to buy the shoes and clothes she did. Or how driven, busy career women like Samantha and Miranda spent so much time having lunch with Charlotte and Carrie. Personally, I don't care because it's not a gritty, realistic version of women in NYC, but the things they got dinged for are telling, IMO.
  7. I'll definitely watch at least a few episodes whenever the next season airs. I'd love to see them calm Paige down, and stop trying so desperately to cling to the past. There's still an audience for this, so let it breathe and evolve.
  8. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    "I tried to model my life after a fictional character and it turned out to be a stupid idea" is not something I'd be telling people, but I guess the kind of person who thinks Carrie is a good inspiration for anything wouldn't know that.
  9. But then we wouldn't have gotten JMW's labor "acting." Only second to my personal favorite, her "talk fast and that's as good as emoting" go to.
  10. Norman should give Andy half that $20 million for even touching that grease slick of a head.
  11. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    Yeah, I don't think anyone is an angel in this situation, and working together so closely for so many years is going to lead to some problems. But I've never heard a bad word about Kim from anyone without a vested interest in this show, and from their public statements about this extended mess, I'm very inclined to take her at her word about how things went down.
  12. What a great last scene. Finally sweet innocent vulnerable Steffy stands up for herself against that mean nasty bully. She's so brave and virtuous, everyone. Truly a role model for all young women. But oh no! Our courageous heroine slams the door, spins around, trips over her angel wings and falls on her belly. Clearly this terrible thing is entirely Bill's fault. We can only pray it helps Liam see how fragile life is and that where he really belongs is at home with his (ex) wife he kinda maybe wants to go back to and (probably not) daughter. /s
  13. Now that he's fully re-waffled, Liam is worthless again. Hope is annoying/self-righteous and pathetic. Steffy is a twisted piece of gutter plastic. Definitely the best people to center the show around forever and ever.
  14. Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    TNG had two black main cast members, not one. In general, I'd to say the original Charmed wasn't feminist per se, but it was in keeping with the pop cultural girl power "feminism" of its day.