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  1. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Jewel, I think, and I'm no authority, that Toronto throws off so much heat along the lakeshore that ducks, gulls, and other water birds often stay through the winter. This only happens in small bays, inlets, and yacht-club basins in the parks along the [mostly western] GTA waterfront.
  2. Okay, jeez, Mal, you're now stealing from fanfic? To wit: Mariah and Lola actually have a well written conversation, ending with Mariah's decision to break up with Tessa. Okay, Cut to Three Witches of Genoa City doing some in-car tormenting of Tessa... Leaving her weeping on the roadside. In the snow. In a semi-fetal position. [You may now infer that I could care less, but it was a Friday afternoon and I'd had a few after enjoying an ep of DOOL, a currently far better show.] Was there no ice she could fall through? A few scenes later and whadda we got? Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo! Mariah/Tessa hurt-comfort scenario. Mal, maybe upgrade your sources a tad. Or, I hear London's very pleasant at Christmas... Still with me? After a few more scenes, and after Phyllis Frau Bluchering into Nick's room at the GCAC, finding whateverhernameis in black scanties, what do we get? No more Disney lyrics. But Phyllis triumphant. Don't even try for logic here. Why? Because THE POWER OF PHYLLIS COMPELS YOU!
  3. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Nope, that's why PLL was so startled--and birding sites here are equally amazed.
  4. Speaking of German, boes, is there not more than a suggestion of Frau Blucher happening mit Phyllis' do?
  5. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    She's worked up to this for years--I think it was part of what kept her sane in New Haven. Also, we're lucky in living where we do--it's outdoors or nothing.
  6. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Speaking of ducks, Cupid, because we live right near the lake, PearliteLite [walks 10 miles a day] has become a mad duck-fancier. In the parks that jut out into the lake there are ponds and inlets full of ducks. This year, it's buffleheads and long-tail ducks creating a stir amid the mallards. This is a long-tail duck spotted just east of Toronto.
  7. While marking and trying to avoid looking at cats and dachshunds on Twitter, I tried to remember what actually happened on yesterday's CDN. Wasn't easy: The role of Carmen Sandiego will now be played by Victor Newman Victor's just in Switzerland, having his blood changed--it's done wonders for Keith Richard Nate's a sanctimonious arsewipe--cheese rinds? Is wax a key source of nutrients? Ana bores me too much to comment on--Ana, you may want to look up that notable saying, "comparisons are odious" Fen, you're an obnoxious little turd--I hear Reed's coming back. Could there be potential for hostility here? PearliteLite suggests that lesbianism is being marked as downmarket and generically a bad choice now, courtesy of Tessa
  8. And, as PearliteLite passed through the room at the start of the episode, she asked, is Rey one of those creeps who hides in the back seats of cars?
  9. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Out of my price-range, plus it’s end of semester, up to my elbows in marking. i once saw Jeanne Cooper from a distance while walking through a mall.
  10. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Kate Linder's charity event is in Toronto this weekend.
  11. Well, our Mia burns up ReyRey's credit cards on some kind of cosmetics party to be held chez Rosales [a casa Rosales?]. Mmm, boy. Mia over uses the word "influencer," which should be burned down, rather than the stables. Said party, catered by guess who, is attended by guess who? No guesses? Gang of 4 plus downbeat Sharon, Abby in fairly good snarky form, and Esther whom Mia shades right into nightfall. Let's not even, speaking of entertaining, entertain any logic here--I was trying to think of some very bourgie dame going to a promotional wingding in an unimpressive slightly reclaimed sorta-loft. Then I gave up. Like boes, I do some zoning during a lot of current episodes of Show, so there was probably some more sententious crap re Devon's slide from grace. But.
  12. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I've got their cherry jam--it's really nice, not terribly sweet. And I save the jars for fridge storage--I prefer glass containers to plastic.
  13. Old school too--looks like the late lamented John Forsythe
  14. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Aaah, boes, ohio, we're all in this together. Mind you, in my case, I should have just got that frequent-flyer divorce loyalty card... On another note, you just reminded me of one of my strangest favourite characters, Paul Williams--the songwriter, not Paulie TP. I always preferred his crackly-voiced versions of his own songs to the hit versions. I first noticed him in The Loved One [personal fave movie], and then later in the under-rated Phantom of the Paradise.