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  1. Sorry, but I knew this one. But Kate was so adorable! (That smile she always wore on her face brought back memories.) I appreciate that she tried her hardest in this competition, and next time I go to Texas, I will try and visit her cooking school so I can know how to cook. @jcbrown, Nikki putting her arms around Kate was very nice and warm and she is a very good friend. Really? Family members can adopt somebody from the SAME family?
  2. Well, I enjoyed it. I was pretty surprised that Kate got saved (was not expecting it), but she almost didn’t put ANY chicken on her dish, so I knew she was the least favorite. Roger’s pizza in the main heat did not look like a pizza at all! It looked like a croissant. Busy Phillips was a great judge for this episode and I feel like she was fair with the kids.
  3. There is no Nicole or Richard on Top Chef Junior. What are the actual names of the contestants? The jars served the same purpose, yes. Last season there were like 12-15 episodes and the same number of jars were there, but there were only 3-4 saves throughout the jars, but this season I think they decided to cut it. I never saw Vanessa or Curtis tell Kate that she doesn’t have to do the challenge, so that’s why I thought it was perfectly normal.
  4. Wonder what happened to the jars? Do you think the saves are useful on this show, or can they go? What did you think about Katie getting sick? I think it was perfectly normal. I’ve seen that happen before. Vanessa has improved a LOT and I like her now.
  5. Overall, I like the episode. I like Simon so far, and Tyler was the right choice to go home. If Curtis were to shave his hair off, then Carson would be taller than him. But it’s a growth spurt. What does pescatarian mean?
  6. Season 5 of KBC

    Macaron and macaroon are just spelled differently. Sorry to see Issi walk out the door, but it was the right choice, though. That frosting just needed more sugar. And Issi was right that Valerie and Duff were throwing too much jokes out at them before the finale. My daughter really wants to eat macarons and she has a dairy/nut allergy. Is there a coconut version? Who is your favorite and who do you want to win?
  7. Season 5 of KBC

    He might have just went up to Duff and Valerie off camera and asked them what it is and they told him? Remember that boy from a couple seasons ago (Justice) that didn’t know what Black Forest cake is?
  8. S14.E04: The Ick Factor

    Would you watch the show if they brought in meats like alligator and pig ears next week? I actually liked Rudy too. He was a natural.
  9. Season 5 of KBC

    Episode 5 Weren’t you happy when Valerie smiled at Natasha and calmed her down, because that made her rise up to the top really fast! Maybe not. I think he just asked what they were because he DID NOT know. And I think it’s perfectly okay, it’s just someone asking what it is. Were you sad to see Saylor go home? I was. She was my girl! If I am right (quote me if I am wrong) Darci Lynne was on Little Big Shots. I think, don’t guarantee. Have you seen her on LBS?
  10. Have you ever seen this commercial before? It is the trigger for most angry people when they watch TV. Just wait until the end of the video when the girl says “What’s a computer?”
  11. I know it’s sad to so many people, but I want to know what you guys think.
  12. S14.E04: The Ick Factor

    Well, that’s Episode 4, guys! What did you think? This week, the contestants are going to face their fears. I felt really sorry for Rudy that he got Rocky Mountain oysters and anchovies - eww, gross! Were you disgusted by any of the other items that were displayed - pig ears, alligator, etc.? That’s what this was all about. I appreciate Carla trying to think it through this week. Making pasta with squid was really hard. It made a bunch of people squeamish when they first saw it. I think it was fun to watch them replicate their mentors’ dishes. Squid ink is a very unusual ingredient people use, and I feel most of these people did well. Janese and Bradley did really well and rose to the top. I loved when Mr. Irvine created a suspenseful moment to finally reveal that Bradley’s food was amazing. I mean, he does that all the time. I think Sarah really struggled this week. She just didn’t have the confidence.
  13. What makes you think it’s homophobic? I have a Chick-Fil-A in our small town, and I barely even see the commercial. Has anybody seen this commercial? It plays so much and I need it to stop playing. School has already started. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/d2DX/target-back-to-school-rock-it
  14. S09.06 The Whole Enchilada

    So who won? I didn’t watch. And how much money did they make?