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  1. S05.E02: The Real Me

    Michael Collado, whom I've quoted elsewhere, has joking "theory" about this ep: Heh. Of course practically this wouldn't work (there are a good half-dozen eps that require serious rewriting to accommodate Dawn, plus Joyce specifically called Buffy "an only child" in Faith, Hope, and Trick), but it's amusing to posit that Dawn was actually there all along, but Little Miss Ego was so "me, me, me" that she just ignored little sis and the show never bothered to show what she was doing. What's behind that extra door in the hallway? Ah, just Buffy's little sister, ignore her…Buffy does. :)
  2. S04.E10: Hush

    Michael Collado, whom I referred to in the Spike topic, loved the heck out of Hush, but he had one tiny criticism: Well, it might have been impractical for Buffy to swing by Revello Drive on the way to Fort Giles (especially if they wanted Willow and Buffy to arrive at Giles's pad simultaneously), but Espenson had just made reference to Joyce being out of town in Pangs, so she wasn't completely forgotten. I forget if there's a "I wish Mom was here to share my joy at being engaged" line in Something Blue, though.) It doesn't seem as though it would have been too kludge-y to mention Joyce still being away before the silence hits. Because otherwise, yeah, fair point, IMO.
  3. So, I'm collecting unspoiled (or reasonably so) reviews from around the web, and I've run into Michael Collado at notwhitenoise.com. (Michael does seem to know one thing about Willow, to judge by the "because…reasons" that pops up every time the subject of Willow and boys does. I wonder if S3 is going to surprise Michael, then?) I'm reading the review Michael wrote after watching Surprise/Innocence, and wow, he is not feeling the Spike: It does bring to mind David Hines and those on the newsgroup who thought Spike really wasn't that effective as a lead villain. Drusilla is more mysterious and more connected to Angel/Buffy; Spike is somewhat watchable and he talks a good game, but that's it. His major asset is his romantic devotion to Dru. I honestly don't think he starts to shine until he's reduced to sniping at Angel from the wheelchair; he shines as a bitchy subvillain in a way he never did as the "Big Bad". Interesting that the series never really went back there; Faith gave the Mayor a little lip, but nothing like "someone wasn't woooorthy". Adam killed Maggie, which certainly qualifies as a rebellion, but rather cut short their interactions. Glory's minions fell all over themselves groveling before her, and Andrew was in love with Warren. And Windbag mostly just talked to whoever was unlucky enough to draw the short straw, no real interactions there. But Spike made the vampire lair scenes pop, it's true. Not sure that's worth four years' worth of regular work for James, though.
  4. Favorite Quotes

    We're using our sarcastic voice for "favorite" today, is that it? Just warning you, I've got a plateload of "He can be a good man" screencaps from First Date, if you're looking to go down that road. (Hell, yeah, I can play dirty. Fair, but still.) And the fourth should be "My next impulsive decision will involve my choice of dentures", for that matter. Sheesh. Get it together, people! And the second should be "Do you remember my ex-boyfriend, etc.", now that I look at. Wow, how drunk were they when they 'capped this one? Apologies, all.
  5. Favourite Buffy Youtube vids?

    And now, the most obvious idea for a Buffyverse vid ever! More obvious than a B/W 'ship vid to Queen's "You're My Best Friend" (I've got that on one of my discs, haven't looked for it on YT yet). More obvious than a Buffy character study to Avril Lavigne's "Anything But Ordinary" ("Is it enough to die? Somebody save my life! I'd rather be anything but ordinary, please")…I found a decent one but I prefer the rendition I have, so I hesitate to link the other. No, we're going for the classic "Giles gets knocked down, but he gets up again" treatment, set to, of course, "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba. Not the first to do it (reportedly there was a version as early as 1999, but I've never seen that one), but shadowhisper does a great job, despite being "late to the party" (2014). Enjoy. (Poor Rupert!) "I swear, one of these times, you're going to wake up in a coma."
  6. S06.E07: Once More With Feeling

    Well, they played to Michelle's strengths by including the dance, but Dawn also does a significant amount of singing in that song. (Although having her first singing attempt get cut off by her getting a bag over her head might be a bit of an in-joke, I'll allow.) It's no "I think this line's mostly filler", I'm just saying.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Season 1

    True, but… IMO it was more of a case of making better use of what they already had than any great expansion.
  8. Favourite Buffy Youtube vids?

    And sometimes you go looking for one vid and find another, instead. Was looking for a Buffy/Xander 'ship vid I liked, and found a Buffy/Giles (friendship, I think) in its place. By a vidder named KatrinDepp (ouch, it's been a rough few years for Johnny…), to the tune of "Dust Bowl Dance" by Mumford and Sons.
  9. Favourite Buffy Youtube vids?

    Another classic, a Buffy character study set to Fiona Apple's cover of The Beatles' "Across the Universe". I have it, but I don't have that disc, so I can't tell you the original vidder. (The YT uploader is honest enough to say it wasn't their work.) Made during mid-S7, as the story only goes as far as the construction site fight in Show Time. What always gets me is that the song is five minutes long, and after about a minute when we're covering the Angelus episodes to the first set of "Nothing's gonna change my world" lyrics, I'm just a mess, barely able to keep my eyes open as the tears well up, from Buffy's Big Mistake to Acathla's Big Meal. And then I still have residual wetness as we go through S3 and S4 (Faith is definitely a "wind inside a letterbox"), even if I'm not actually weeping. And then, at the 2.00 mark, right after Riley choppers off…wham! No more tears. Dries right up. Dawn has Summers blood? Don't care. Joyce being sick? Don't care. Joyce dies, Buffy dies? Don't care, don't care. Understand, this isn't my controlling my physiological reactions to enforce my opinions, it's the other way around. The way I know that I SO don't care is because once we're into pure Dawnverse territory, I disconnect on some very fundamental level. And so even things that would analytically piss me righteously off in the latter part of the vid (which I sometimes don't even watch, as it kind of falls to pieces towards the end, IMO), such as giving Stalker!Spike the lyric "limitless, undying love", I just let pass…I had my two minutes' worth of deep emotions, and now I'm done. Whether the vid is, or not. JMO.
  10. Favourite Buffy Youtube vids?

    And GREAT news! I did find one of my favorite vids of all time, obsessive24's tale of the Angelus arc, set to The Cranberries' "Promises". "Why can't you stay here? Whyyyyy?" Sniff. Poor Jenny. (And even Angel and Buffy, but of course we know that gets a do-over. Sigh.) The lead singer of the Cranberries, Dolores O'Riordan, died earlier this year, at age 46. Forty-six? Are you shitting us, Dolores? Even Prince made it to 57, FFS. Why can't you stay here? Sigh.
  11. Favorite Quotes

    Now that is how you do an exposition recap, people! (First episode after a two-month break, you'll recall.) Marti Noxon, I salute you. And as much as Cynthia Bergstrom gets it for her more…creative costuming choices (including Buffy's gold pants in this very scene, not visible above), she's really bringing it on Job #1 here, which is to let you know that Buffy and Willow will never wear anything even close to the same outfit. (Maybe that's why Wiffy never happened? The old "being a lesbian doubles your wardrobe" trope just wouldn't work for them? Darn.) Seriously, nice job of keeping your characters distinct. Well done. The only problem is that the screencapper blew the quote. The third picture should read "now my boyfriend's gone forever and the demon that wears his face is killing my friends", of course. Sigh. Wish I could edit that. Oh, well.
  12. Favourite Buffy Youtube vids?

    Well, lookie here. Romance, B/W style, courtesy of one annette hall, to the tune of Richard Marx singing "This I Promise You". Using stills, rather than video, to allow for the inclusion of promo pics and Sarah/Aly shots, it would seem: Awww.
  13. Buffy Calendar

    Well, look at them. All growed up. Lindsay Taylor doesn't look like half of a giant demon, but I guess you never know, lol…
  14. S02.E14: Innocence

    Well, he does know that. "I sometimes want things that are not good for me," as he said in Ted.
  15. S05.E06: Family

    Wow, I did not know AA had done bottomless so early in her career. Top that, Isla Fisher! Beth's a useful solution for any disliked 'ships. If only Spike hadn't given Tara that "test", Tara could have gone home with her family and focused on "controlling her demon side" and in-between time, trying to seduce Beth. (What do you mean, "they're cousins, it's incest"? Tara's [allegedly] a demon, ffs! What's a little [not-actually-illegal] cousin-cest in those parts of Redneck Flats, anyhow? Lighten up, buttercup. ;) ) It's now been five years since Amy has been nominated for an Academy Award™. (The last time was American Hustle in 2013.) Can't be slacking if you're ever going to win one, Lois Lane. Tsk, tsk.