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  1. Thanks for a great review. I too enjoyed season 4, despite kind of reaching the point of being done with the show after too many red herrings and unfulfilled flashforwards in past seasons (e.g. Ellen asking Tom's wife in a season 3 flashforward, something in the lines of: "Did anyone else knew about us?" meaning her relationship with Tom, or at least what the show apparently was aiming at early on that season). Absolutely agree about the dreams this season. Apart from the one in which Michael hugs Patty, the one that stood with me particularly with its use of symbolic imagery was Erickson's dream of 'crucifying' Sanchez in his compound, in front of his kids. As if Sanchez was symbolically being sacrificed for the sins of his "father", which in this case would be the head of High Star, Erickson himsef. Knowing how religious Erickson was, the dream made perfect sense imo. .