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  1. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    This is one of those 'location, location, location' situations yet again for us. We ended up with about 3 inches in our Baltimore neighborhood. Mr. Six went out to shovel our walkway and sidewalk, and he also does the same for our next door neighbors who are in the late 70s. We'll ignore the fact that their son-in-law, who lives 10 minutes away, never comes to do it. He also cleaned both cars off. He was only out about 20 minutes total. The snow wasn't as heavy as originally predicted, so it was quite easy to handle. We did remote start both cars to help out a bit. After that, there were some light flurries that didn't amount to anything measurable. Our sidewalk and road are down to wet pavement, so he should make it into the office tomorrow. Christina, as hard as it to ignore the Reddit comments, please remember that you have so much to offer, and I know you will find your Mr. Right. You seem like a warm, caring, and genuine person. Frick & Frack, there will realize what they are missing out on. Those comments are probably coming from people who have ghosted others. Most would never have the guts to say something like that to a person's face, but they think they're being so clever when doing it behind a screen. In a way, that's true of all of us here, but damn it, at least we're nice people here, and we are rooting for you!
  2. If Jana is courting (good grief, I hate that word), I hope it's on her timeframe and she's truly happy. I do think JB will see to it that are no more Jeremy type husbands. His ego can't handle it. Ben has to look awesome on paper. He was still a kid when he married Jessa, and JB used that to his advantage. He's not going to let another guy that has been in the scary world into his family. There's a chance he could have another daughter slip away from the Gothard/Duggar grip and run kicking & screaming to a faraway land like Nebraska. There are plenty of adult children living with their parents for various reasons. But how many of them (possibly) need permission to get an Instagram account? The woman is 30 years old! If you trust her enough to raise your children, social media shouldn't be an issue. Does anyone else see writing on Michelle's skirt? I can't make out the words, but it's on her right leg. Her whole outfit is ridiculous, but I do like her necklace.
  3. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    With regards to how Jeremy feels about the clan, I think he's respectful because they are his inlaws, but I'm not feeling a great relationship there. Regardless of what you think about Jeremy, one has to see he's the most "worldly" of the spouses. He went to college, he has traveled extensively, and he's lived in more populated areas. I grew up in a town of 3000 people, moved to a small city (50,000) about an hour away, moved again to Maryland, and now live in a can of sardines. I would say there are 5 streets that make up our neighborhood, and there are 200+ houses. I could never go back to small town living. I crave the suburban/city life too much, and I can see Jinger feeling similar. It makes you realize there's more to life and the world other than your little bubble. I think a potential issue for Jeremy is how JB&M (mis)handled the situation with Josh. To know what happened to your wife and be expected to be in the same room as her abuser is disgusting. His promotional cherished gift to Felicity could possibly get him in trouble. I've fallen down the rabbit hole on YouTube of unboxing/as-seen-on-tv videos the last few months, and one of them did a video of how a collaborator was going to end up in hot water because she was not disclosing affiliate codes/links. The FTC has great, easy to understand info on their page. They even show what needs to happen on social media platforms in regards to products being advertised. Since Jeremy (and most Duggar/adjacents) lives by the "if it's not documented, did it really happen" mantra, a little legwork on the backend of things could be helpful in the long run.
  4. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Once again, these two make the celebration all about them. They forgot to add how courageous & selfless Michelle was to bring both babies to term. Gag me. JD is not looking well. He's also not wearing his wedding band in the video. I thought that was a sin since it could give some young filly the idea that he's available. The horror. I'm clutching my pearls.
  5. There's something creepy about "Coach Mike" to me. I can't put my finger on it, but he just gives off a vibe. He's been appearing on The Talk this week as well. Life must be rough after getting ditched by Demi, as iHateAmpersands posted. His desperation doesn't look cute on anyone. Speaking of his podcast, I want to reach through the screen every single time I hear his "I'll ask the questions around here woman" line to Gayle King. For his love of Skeletor, one would think he has more respect for women. *insert eye roll here*
  6. I'm strictly an East Coast gal, but I've seen people bring a homemade or "outside" cake at many restaurants. In most instances, the cake is never taken back to the kitchen. It is cut/plated by the family or by the server at the table. I've had two birthday parties at the same restaurant, and both times my parents supplied the cake even though they did desserts.
  7. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    This is me, 100%! I found a pair of black riding boots at Burlington a few years ago, and they fit so well. I tried on a pair last Saturday, and they were so dang uncomfortable but so stinkin' cute. jjane , I'm so happy to hear your hubby is doing better. Good luck with the second opinion. It's always a wise decision in this situation.
  8. I enjoyed his interview with Kathy Bates. She seems like a genuinely nice person. Phil could do some redeeming with more stories like the second one in today's episode with the fire chief. That was heartbreaking & inspiring at the same time.
  9. Dr. Pimple Popper

    I cannot imagine having one thing removed from my body, let alone 68 things. That woman was just radiating at the end of her very long procedure. I know a woman who has severe psoriasis. I haven't seen her in quite some time, but I remember how much pain she was in during a flare-up. It appears Cosentyx has a copay program, and it has a $16000 annual limit, and some people could qualify for a $0 copay. I would guess they did something for him since Dr. Lee mentioned the name so many times.
  10. Zach and Tori

    The one on the left looks like Mueller.
  11. That video just angers me. They have done the biggest disservice to all of their children. A solid spirit (or whatever the hell he said) ain't going to pay the bills. When asked why he wants a college education, (insert J slave here) immediately said to support a family. Good grief, you are allowed to think about and for yourself regardless of what your idiotic parents say. Michelle says the children can learn ANYTHING, with such emphasis. Yep, they sure can. As long as they stick to the narrative and keep to gender-specific roles. As for character, great job with Josh. If he's the pinnacle of their parenting, the rest don't stand a chance.
  12. I hate, with a passion, teeth, feet, and belly buttons. Every time I see a pic of any Duggar in bare feet, I shudder, and it has nothing to do with cleanliness. I literally wear 3, yes 3, pairs of socks year round. I never went barefoot as a child either. I will drop off trash bags, get the mail, or grab something from one of the cars in my slippers, but otherwise, I'm in shoes outside of the house. Instead of the prayer closet, I'm off to the loony bin with my really weird hangups. I promise I'm (mostly) normal in real life.
  13. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I will admit, if I didn't know who Jeremy was, I would probably find him attractive in the first photo. Jinger seems to have a knack for photography, and she's guaranteed to have two clients. As for who is the bigger poser between Jeremy and Derick, it's Jeremy. Derick is an imposter. Of a man.
  14. If you find the "about me" section amusing, check out the "return policy" page. There are so many grammatical errors in such a small area. I get the gist of what she's going for, but there are so many other ways to say it. I did a doubletake when I saw Joy's photo. I always read the "Life & Style" section in the Saturday edition of the Baltimore Sun. They highlight a charity event, show 12 pics of various attendees, and there's a focus on one individual. They have a full-length photo along with the details of everything they wear. A woman featured a few weeks ago was in the same dress/shirt thing that Joy is wearing (the color/pattern was different though). She wore it over ridiculous semi-wide leg black pants, which made it look worse. I couldn't imagine why someone would buy it, but there are at least 7 people out there. I want to say she got it at a boutique in NYC, and this was an event celebrating John Waters. Talk about fugly choices.
  15. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Galaxy--Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day, and 2019 is your best year yet! Christina--I was so sorry to hear about sweet Kiwi. I hope her little friend is doing better now. I literally ran out the door this morning and went to Target in a hurry. I completely dropped the ball on Mr. Six's gift, but Target came through. I was able to price match an Apple HomePod and saved over $100. I grabbed a clearance giftbag and stuck that puppy in the back of my car. It's times like today, I'm glad we have their RedCard too. Dinner has been started, and I have a long afternoon of cooking ahead of me. I want nothing more than to open the meat & cheese tray that's in the fridge right now. It's been calling my name since Saturday. A holiday diet downfall, indeed.