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  1. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    I think the guy Steve found chained up in the boiler room was Luther and yes he’s the one who blew up on the beach. When the episode was over I was hoping they’d show another one right after it even though I was certain there was only one episode. Looking forward to next week.
  2. I couldn’t agree more. Her daughter is getting married and she’s involved in planning the wedding as one would expect from the mother of the bride. The big day is for her daughter, not her. I can’t imagine what else there will be after the wedding, but I doubt there’s a comeback in the picture.
  3. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    This is a fun show. Last night’s episode went by quickly! Loved the bit with the land mine and Danny’s “knowledge” about how to diffuse it ... what wire to cut, and they’re all the same color?!?!?
  4. If you have an iPad/iPhone there is an app PlutoTV that has a channel for MS3TK that shows episodes all the time.
  5. @ratgirlagogo, Comet TV is available via their website for streaming for free. http://www.comettv.com
  6. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    @selkie, I like Christian’s and Bobke’s commentary as well. IIRC, during the Tour of California, Christian seemed to offer more than during the Tour de France, or maybe I just tuned in during the times when he was talking more. I don’t watch NBC SN for much other than the Tour de France and the Tour of California so I guess I may be missing a bunch of the other races.
  7. It looks like per the article that Decades is still picking up affiliates even though many CBS O&O are airing Start TV. Now I’m wondering if they’ll shop it to another channel around here in the NY/NJ area. My preference is for a channel with a wide variety of programming from over the years vs what this new channel offers - programming that’s been on other channels within the past number of years. I enjoyed the binges that Decades offered, I will miss them.
  8. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    The Vuelta a Espana was broadcasted on one of the NBC subchannels a number of years back (like the Giro) until the channel became cable only (and went to a different tier on my service) - does that channel exist anymore? I can’t find anything on the NBC site other than NBC SN. I was interested in both of the other races at one time but found the commentators underwhelming. They were no Phil and Paul!
  9. Decades is being replaced in September by StartTV, which will air dramas. Checking their website it seems like it’s another Lifetime or Oxygen channel. I like Decades, I’ll probably pass on this new channel. http://www.starttv.com
  10. Your Favorite Episodes

    I think they edited the credits and are using the opening credits from the earlier season. I don’t know why.
  11. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    I saw that segment too and enjoy seeing that kind of stuff. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes we don’t see and they make it all come out smoothly. It’s amazing with all the trucks, cables, etc. that they move from town to town for each stage. The past 3 weeks went so quickly I can’t believe it’s all over until next year!
  12. Your Favorite Episodes

    I hope Decades shows My Three Sons again sometime. My observation from watching other shows there that have appeared on other channels (The Twilight Zone for example) their cuts are not as severe as MeTV.
  13. Your Favorite Episodes

    SanDiegoInExile, Good points made. About the cuts made by MeTV, some of them are sloppy. One example, the episode where Katie gets a job as a singer at the local coffeehouse. We see her there in an opening scene then we go to where she gets home and explains how she messed up. Considering Tina Cole is a singer, I’d figure we should have actually seen the audition. I found the episode on YouTube (which has been deleted again unfortunately) and that broadcast showed the scenes where she sang.
  14. Your Favorite Episodes

    I’ve been using the closed captioning on my TV for the past few months and it’s not always accurate anyway. I’m not talking about My Three Sons specifically but sometimes it shows up as gibberish! I’m wondering if all the Dodie episodes were as a result of trying to keep the show’s budget in line. There are episodes where we see some of the other characters in only one scene with maybe a line or two or not at all.
  15. I like the dress too. Nice color and style, a favorite so far for me too.