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  1. I’m not sure who is covering for TLC but the BBC passed on showing the wedding in the UK - ITV will broadcast it instead.
  2. I’m going to try to get up to watch it live.
  3. Ernie

    @MushMarch, The situation you describe reminds me of a scene in St Elsewhere (from the 80’s) - one of the orderlies on the show was on The White Shadow a few years prior and played the same character. (Coolidge). Another character from the White Shadow (Salami) was on a couple of St Elsewhere episodes as a different character. When Coolidge spots who he thinks is Salami, he starts talking to him like he’s his long lost buddy - “Salami” brushes him off saying he doesn’t know who he is. Anyway, spotting this kind of stuff with actors playing recurring roles on different shows of the same era and considering how they’d each interact if the shows met can be fun.
  4. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Or be married for a few years, enjoying each other’s company before having a couple of kids before getting too old. 😊
  5. I don’t know what’s going on with Cozi TV but the Decades removal may be due to the market you’re in, not Comcast. Decades has been replaced by Start TV in the CBS owned and operated markets. I think they’re looking for new affiliates for Decades in those areas so it may show up again in your listings. Crossing fingers MeTV stays where it is. Regarding your comments about Gilligan’s Island, I agree! Watched it growing up, even the late 70s TV movie where they are rescued - I saw it again somewhere years later and Gilligan still screws up!
  6. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    Turdhole, who turned out to be a Nazi, IIRC.
  7. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    I didn’t like all the fighting in this episode but I guess the choose your last meal thing was a pretty effective method to pit them against each other before they are let out of the cage. Given we’re half way through there will a somewhat quick wrap up. I hope it’s funny and not a lot Of the same stuff we’ve seen the last couple of episodes. I’m guessing Chet will somehow come to the rescue.
  8. I just checked the Decades website for where to watch and the entry for New York, NY (mine) is now “coming soon” because it’s being replaced by StartTV. This is true for all of the CBS owned and operated stations. I guess Decades will show up eventually on another over the air sub channel. I don’t get why CBS couldn’t just put StartTV on another channel. The changeover is this weekend.
  9. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    Re: where we think they’re going with Pack and Jess, I agree we don’t need that. I thought this was going to be watching them work together to defeat Declan and all we’re seeing so far is them trapped in a cage trying to fix Jess and Todd’s problem. While Steve was with Declan we see him look at the radio in the corner - he couldn’t figure out a way to knock the guy out and call for help? If it was Owen instead would the ability to play chess have even mattered? Overall I hope next week’s episode is better than this.
  10. Ernie

    If there was another season that might have been the story for the opening episodes! j/k
  11. I watched most of the first part and was intrigued by the short segment that talked about the 60s documentary that showed the royal family at home in a relaxed setting. They looked like regular people to me, ironically the reason why the Queen doesn’t want it shown in its entirety again. The segment about Charles and Diana’s “courtship” where one of the commentators made a remark about Charles’ possible misinterpretation of Prince Phillip’s comments about marrying Diana (taken as meaning you need to marry her or something to that effect) was interesting. I guess if he moved on instead she would have been a footnote and he would have married someone else and/or marry Camilla anyway eventually. I caught a bit of last night’s segment but wasn’t interested in it much because it looked too much of a rehash of the past few years and I’ve seen that to death. Nothing new there.
  12. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    No Chet yet ... wasn’t Martha supposed to find him? I think he’ll turn up in the last episode or two. Karen is awesome and Pack is an idiot.
  13. @chessiegal, Both of the shows you mention are on Decades each morning during the week.
  14. Yes, especially when some of these newer shows are shown on other channels already.
  15. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don’t remember that (probably missed it in all of the coverage at the time) but I do remember how he left his then pregnant girlfriend to be with and marry Britney, a big sign to me that it wasn’t going to last. So whatever she ends up paying him will end when each child reaches 18 so he’ll have to figure out how to pay for his younger kids after that, lol. Hope he’ll invest wisely.