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  1. Barbara, Katie and Polly: the Douglas Wives

    I hope they show the rest of the series too as there’s a bunch of episodes from the last season that I’ve never seen. I caught a couple of them on You Tube but it seems the whole season was never there. Now I have to remember when it’s goung to be on... I have Comcast too and haven’t noticed any distortion, maybe it’s the MeTv affiliate that’s the issue.
  2. Also, to add about The Andy Griffith show, when Andy Griffith left and it became Mayberry RFD, people were still watching - if I remember correctly, that show was part of the great rural purge of 1971.
  3. The ID Channel: Investigation Discovery

    Yes, it is returning in February. I’m hoping Web of Lies and Disappeared returns. They are my favorites.
  4. Stargate SG-1, Star Trek (The original series), Mad Men, Seinfeld, Lost, The Shield, The Twilight Zone, Arrested Development (the Fox run)
  5. What's Your Favorite Episode?

    Odyssey of Flight 33 is a favorite of mine as well. I’m glad it was on at a good time for this marathon. Another one of my favorites, To Serve Man is on right now.
  6. What's Your Favorite Episode?

    We’re only a few days away from the Twilight Zone New Year’s marathon!!!
  7. Friendperidot, do you get WE TV? They show the early seasons of Law & Order. Looks like TNT shows the later ones.
  8. All Episodes Talk: What Happened Happened

    I watched the show during its initial airing and later bought the DVDs. About a year or so ago I binge watched the series and was sad when I got to the last episode. I’m contemplating another go through soon so I’ll second the thought. Also, about the unanswered questions, while it would have been nice to know, leaving them unresolved didn’t ruin the overall story for me. At one point I forgot about some of those parts anyway.
  9. That’s great news. I’ve enjoyed the episodes so far and now there’s more to come!
  10. What's Your Favorite Episode?

    I’m not sure if this is the right spot to post this: http://tvline.com/2017/11/02/the-twilight-zone-revival-cbs-all-access/ I guess CBS is happy with Star Trek Discovery’s ratings (it's been renewed) that they’re reviving the Twilight Zone. The 80s version was meh, the 2002 version was ok but I’m not paying to see this. Rod Serling would need to be involved for me to even consider and I know that won’t happen.
  11. S01.E01: The Vulcan Hello

    I'd continue to watch if it were continuing on over the air TV but I wasn't thrilled enough about what I saw to pay for All-Access. Watching this I was missing old Trek, back to the Next Generation marathon on BBC America .... Plus it was very dark on that bridge. I read it was going to be a dark series but literally?
  12. The ID Channel: Investigation Discovery

    I haven't watched the Laci Peterson one and don't plan to. I've caught various parts of the Natalee Holloway programs and while I hope her parents will find out someday the real truth regarding what really happened to their daughter, I think the chances of that are pretty slim to none. That guy they're monitoring in that room over the course of a few episodes is a real piece of work. The cable channels rehashing all of this old news plus other stuff is making me rethink my cable subscription but that's a topic for another forum here.
  13. The ID Channel: Investigation Discovery

    They've also been covering some of the same cases as Oxygen around the same time. There's the series on Oxygen with Natalee Holloway's Father trying to follow "new" leads in his daughter's disappearance that premiered the same night as a one hour different show on ID, then each network had a show about Drew Peterson. I haven't seen anything about Oxygen having a show about Chandra Levy, but ID has one this week. A lot of the same stuff, over and over.
  14. Season 2 Discussion

    I hope that wasn't the end for Emma either. There has to be something else here. I wasn't expecting the explosion. Poor Luther. Another Lost shoutout. Some of this stuff was pretty predictable but still funny. Pack really thought he'd be able to keep that suitcase all to himself once he said it had food and supplies in it? I'm looking forward to more.
  15. Season 2 Discussion

    Cory looked to me like one of those actors I've seen before in something (hey! It's that guy!) but couldn't place. So I agree with the Wil Wheaton comparison, like it's his lesser known brother. Didn't Florence refer to him as Carl later on? Haha. I was wondering about how Pack would get the money off the boat unnoticed too. If I came across that much money hidden away I'd be worried about it being marked cash and wouldn't touch it - guess I've watched too many crime shows :-) Per IMDB only 2 more episodes - I'm sure that last scene is a setup for some kind of cliffhanger.