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  1. S13.E01: Auditions 1

    That’s the whole point of the character - Sadako = creepy ghost that rarely talks in a vibrating voice and possess supernatural powers. Her Indonesian-English accent actually makes her vocals better for the character. and in case anyone else is a fan - the head twitching, left hand twitching, vibrating voice, and expressionless face are all part of the act.
  2. S13.E01: Auditions 1

    Big fan of Sacred Riana! I had never heard of her before this episode. She got my attention (and from reading the other posts, everyone else’s attention) because I’m such a fan of The Ring movie franchise. I have never seen a magician characterize Sadako (Samara) from the film. I pulled up her past performances - and there’s a lot - on YouTube. She even has her own Wikipedia page and a manager. Now most of her performances were done in her native Indonesian language so I can only watch (not understand the words) but her Asia’s Got Talent performances were done in English. If you haven’t watched those on YouTube I’d highly suggest it - especially her 2nd performance I’ll name “friend in a box.” What I find especially interesting about her is she always stays in the Sadako character and exhibits the same character traits on every single performance (similar to Penn and Teller or Piff or Tape Face). She won Asia’s Got Talent last year (only $100k USD, no Vegas show) and didn’t break character once - not even a smile! There is a lot of talent required just to manage that task. When I’m reading the comments on her people seem to think she is actually a Sadako in real life (impressive acting skills). Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani (her actual name) has only ever done one interview out of character. It’s available on YouTube with English subtitles. She was interviewed by Deddy Corbuzier on his talk show “Black & White” (Indonesian) Deddy is an Indonesian Mentalist who hosted “The Next Mentalist” (also Indonesian) which she was a runner up contestant. He claimed on her interview that he helped create her persona character after knowing her love for magic for many years. If you do watch the interview you can clearly tell that she is not a creepy Sadako character in real life but a normal 25 year old Indonesian magician who I think has a great shot a winning another Got Talent franchise.
  3. Lost In Transition

    I’m interested to know if they will film with Beverly/AJ’s FTM child and bring that younger dynamic into the show? I think the production company got more than they originally cast with this family. This could easily be the most interesting couple on the show if they pull in the 3rd dynamic.
  4. Lost In Transition

    I liked this show but didn’t love it. 2 out of the 3 couples on this first episode seemed legitimate. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what seemed off or just not fully believable but Troy/Cindy just didn’t come across as real. They may not have been the best to cast. I want to know why they cast all 30-50 year old MTF in existing relationships? I would have blended different age groups and MTF along with FTM. The interest level in the show (ratings) increase dramatically if its able to attract a wider viewing demographic. Transitioning at 10-15 years old is totally different than 25-30 or 40-50 or single or married or kids or no kids. Do you think a 10-15 year old viewer either interested in the subject or transgender themselves is going to watch this show or will they watch I am Jazz?
  5. Live PD

    Anyone know why they took last weekend off?
  6. Live PD

    Denver on as guest co-host? How random is that? We haven’t seen him in months on the show let alone there was no announcement he was coming (like they have always done in the past).
  7. Live PD

    First guest host ever for the show?
  8. S14.E01: Battle Lines

    Why no Time Bandit this season? Wonder if they will be back for Opies?
  9. S06.E11: Renee's Story

    Did anyone notice the full ashtray on her TV table next to the giant bundt cake in the scene where she calls her daughter to open the window so she can watch her grandchildren playing outside? The 600 lb chain smoker?
  10. S06.E08: Robert's Story

    This is the first time someone has died while filming on the show, correct?
  11. S06.E05: Karina's Story

    Can someone explain how it would be even possible to eat this amount of food in one sitting with a giant balloon in your stomach....... or even without a balloon? This amount of food would take me nearly 9 days to consume. Also what was up with the sister who had to be at least 350 lbs herself making herself look all perfect and the disconnected mother (also 275-300 lbs) not wanting to partake in anything? No wonder Karina had so many issues with this family upbringing and wierd social dynamic. The best thing Karina could do would be to get to her goal weight and get away from this negative family.
  12. The Grand Tour

    Who gave up their super ultra rare continuation Aston and Jag for this episode? Jeremy sawing 2 holes in the hand crafted glass front window!!!
  13. Live PD

    Does anyone know if the officers know if they are "live" or not? It appears the control room is cutting off the recap a lot this season. They just cuttoff and go to break or another dept.
  14. The Grand Tour

    Can someone explain how they filmed Jeremy in Turin driving at an excessive speed throughout the city encountering only green lights? Even if it was edited in segments I still don't see how he was able to drive that fast on what looked to be an open roadway system. None of the streets appeared to be shut down.
  15. The Grand Tour

    Did anyone catch the problem with the storyline? Clarkson calls "JetBlue" to request that Hammond and May get downgraded from "business class". The problem is that JetBlue doesn't have classes at all.