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  1. Strictly Come Dancing

    Anyone watch the Christmas special?
  2. Shows lost in the reorg

    Thank you :))
  3. Shows lost in the reorg

    Still getting the same error message and also still not finding the thread :(
  4. Shows lost in the reorg

    It seems hard to find forums now. The Strictly Come Dancing forum has been changed to a topic, but the link to the new place says You Do Not Have Permission To View This Topci, and I can't find it in the S list.
  5. The Apprentice [UK]

    I think my analogy with Tom was right this year, just a different candidate and reasoning. I think LS picked Sian as a person rather than necessarily her business. I guess Joe has been airbrushed from Apprentice history.
  6. S11.E08: The Witchfinders

    The history on DW is always a bit dodgy. But then so is the science. Actually, I have actually seen a licence for a woman as a surgeon in the 1660s (later than this, obviously, and extraordinarily rare, but still shows it was possible, and I believe there are a few examples elsewhere too.) OTOH surgeons were not doctors but in lower regard. The term Doctor was used only for someone with a higher academic degree, which would have been out of reach for women, and is most common at this date for DDs (Doctors of Divinity), with higher degrees in theology. Doctors of physic(k) were what we now call medical doctors - in the US the term physician is still routine too. There had been women in the medieval ages who practiced medicine before the universities gained control of the subject, eg 'Dame Trotula'; and they were then more marginalised. A number of women trained as doctors in the UK and the US in the 19th century.
  7. Strictly Come Dancing

    Well, Kevin finally got his trophy. Stacey looked like she was forgotten at the end . Ashley was great in the final, but clearly had no chance. I was sorry though that there was no pure ballroom from her tonight. Faye had my favourite show dance, but blew it for me with her last dance. It also, although she did have ballroom in her show dance, show that these new categories effectively mean you can effectively get two show dances in the finale, which seems unfair. I honestly expected Joe to win. Although arguably the weakest in the final, he had the biggest journey, his showdance was a crowd pleaser and I adore his Charleston which is super fun, plus all his YouTube fans. Kind of meh on Stacey tbh, although I liked her paso tonight.
  8. The Apprentice [UK]

    Yes, Camilla's business needs a lot of work, but all her problems are fixable - professional marketing, packaging, premises and staff who aren't her unpaid family members can all be added, but the product itself has a lot of potential. I was thinking with Sian's swimsuits, the price was reasonable (even cheap) for something hand sewn by the designer herself. If it's mass produced it's automatically a less exclusive product and the price needs to be lower.
  9. The Apprentice [UK]

    I was right about Daniel. The interviews seemed a tiny bit less gruelling than in previous years. I wonder if Camilla may actually win now. Her business plan needs a lot of work, but she does have a good product, not unlike Tom and his nail file winning. Sian’s business seems to be based on her handmade designs, so can that work if someone else is manufacturing?
  10. The Apprentice [UK]

    I don't think Daniel's business plan, as unveiled in the Final 5 programme, will work. The product sounds a bit dodgy.
  11. Prue Leith: Paul's New Partner

    Prue’s career in summary: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prue_Leith
  12. Strictly Come Dancing

    I’m not sure my arithmetic is up to it, but with a tie at the top is there’s a chance Ashley and Faye could both be in the dance-off? I hope not, because they are the best dancers. Lauren is clearly the weakest left now, and ought to go this week, but has obviously been getting lots of votes so I wouldn’t bet against her making the final. I enjoyed Joe’s dances This week. Stacey is very good but I just don’t feel it.
  13. The Apprentice [UK]

    I look forward to seeing Camilla eviscerated in interviews. Do this bunch learn nothing? After the fiasco of the sexy airline stewardesses, they still thought it would be a god idea for tackily sexy Santas' elves. With gift chocs the actual taste is not that important imo.
  14. Strictly Come Dancing

    Joe’s salsa was the campest dance I think I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure his fans will like it, and imo he could possibly be at risk this week. Poor Ashley is definitely in the danger zone again, despite a lovely light quickstep. I suspect Lauren will escape again. I didn’t particularly like Faye’s dance but she’s the only person definitely safe.
  15. S11.E08: The Witchfinders

    I thought James should have had a broader Scots accent. But historically he really was obsessed with witches and involved in specific cases: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemonologie http://llewellyn.com/journal/article/2186