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  1. I have so many thoughts/emotions on VK, Dayton & Tara this episode but I don’t even know where to start at the moment. Emotional episode for sure. In the meantime, does anyone have any opinions/insider info on Kitty’s points about: 1) Madeline’s supposed attitude, 2) Other attitude problems on the team, 3) Miranda’s 70s hair?
  2. Mind Blown. You are so right
  3. Thank you for recommending! I usually watch all the CMT extras but somehow I missed this one. Definitely a must watch. You are right, how very interesting. I think Kelli's justification to Denise is a bit off.. Victoria has not been "dynamite all of training camp." She was one choreographers favorite outside of the DCC style, and multiple veterans plus now Denise didn't have her top 36. At first when this season started I found myself so ticked off about the favoritism, but now I've almost shifted to just feeling bad for Kelli? I always joke that my mom genuinely believes my sister and I are the 2 most beautiful and talented individuals on the planet lol. If some one told her otherwise she'd have a reallllll hard time hearing it. That's what this reminds me of. Misguided albeit sweet well intentioned mother bear.
  4. Agree it's more lack of maturity than true entitlement issues. It's 100% fair for her to be disappointed. What's not fair is 1) Being so disappointed that your performance suffers for an entire night of training camp, & then 2) Actually admitting it in the way that she did. I posted this in the episode forum, but Angela got called out in a huge way by a guest choreographer and Kelli for being disappointed / not performing her best as a 5 year veteran not making SG. I'm sure other rookies were equally as disappointed, but no one knew about it. Part of being professional / mature is hiding that disappointment and continuing on. Like you said, lack of filter.
  5. I was more being rhetorical, but she was only 10 when it first aired on CMT :) As her self proclaimed sole life dream, I assume she’s watched almost every episode multiple times via iTunes/Amazon etc. I myself didn’t see the Angela episode until last year.
  6. Jessica! She was great. (Not the most recent Jessica, another one)
  7. Did VK not watch the episode where FIVE YEAR VETERAN Angela got reamed for being disappointed about not making SG / therefore not performing her best? Can’t believe any rookie candidate would admit that. Say you have a cold or something. Jesus Oh good and then we cut the super in shape humble blonde girl instead. Yes, how logical
  8. Loved seeing Dayton look great at SG auditions. You go girl Just now noticing Bridget. She is pretty stellar *edit forgot to mention how great rookie Madeline looked during Denise’s choreo. She has a jazz background so wasn’t surprised but very happy to see her shine
  9. Watching season 12 episode 4 with the alumni where Cassie & Mia agree that Simone & Amy are their two favorites in the entire group of veterans. Did anyone else find this funny
  10. Few pages back some one mentioned the Olivia that was cut many seasons ago and never shown. Apologize if this is an asked an answered thing, but now it’s bugging me haha. Can anyone share the reason? also, why was heather a second group leader last year and nothing this year? I saw a theory about Keyra proved wrong but nothing else.
  11. Yes I noticed this too!! But I was so confused because I can’t imagine they would have taken her into training camp knowing this. Maybe they found out after finals but before training camp started? Edit: Or they knew during finals but her other qualities still made her a strong enough candidate to be a TCC. Like I said in my earlier post the girl is definitely beautiful. The choreography piece would just surprise me that K & J took a gamble on her as they would say.
  12. I thought both VK and Dayton looked really pretty on camera in tonight’s episode. Random thought. Last season in the alumni segment Cassie’s little speech was about how she wasn’t the girl who could just sit there and plaster a smile on her face all the time like a happy cheerleader should. She also seemed to have a more sarcastic/dry sense of humor. It’s reminding me of Dayton a bit.
  13. Agreed. The definition of Judy’s favorite phrases “she just shuffles her feet around” and “she’s just stomping” lol. In fairness though it appears from next week’s preview that it will be VK’s turn to be under the microscope in the office? Side note on Malena cause I saw some questions after my last post, she specifically stated she was the first girl in New York jets history to be benched from dancing (she still did appearances) solely because she could not retain choreography.
  14. Speaking of plugs. How much do we think the photographers paid to have each and every girl talk about how comfortable they were because the photographer was just so amazing. Eye roll
  15. This Malena thing blows my mind. Kelli and Judy do criminal background checks and check social media etc, but they don’t check references ie call these girls’ former coaches and ask what’s up?! It’s very standard in other careers to talk to former employers. I guess I am just shocked that didn’t happen here. Little Malena is adorable, has cute dance style and Kelli is right she’d be a fabulous ambassador.. but you don’t go from not being able to do flight crew choreography to being successful at dcc choreography in under a year.