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  1. The Bachelor in the Media

    Anybody watch Music City on CMT? Season 2 is underway and there’s a smoking hot singer on it, Alisa, who just broke up with her dirtbag bf after he cheated on her. So now she’s writing songs with a country music singer and raving about how cute he is on social media. I was trying to figure out why he looked so familiar but I had no idea what he sang. Then it hit me. It’s Luke Pell! So Alisa dumps one cheater to then get involved with a guy the whole country watched treat Stassi like garbage on national TV. You have to wonder what these people are thinking.
  2. S23.E02: Week 2

    Tracy looks and sounds too much like Scheana from Vanderpump Rules, so I’ll probably never be able to root for her. Even if she dials back the crazy.
  3. S23.E02: Week 2

    Just pick Bri and be done with it. Not only is she smoking hot, but she seems genuinely chill and confident. I’m starting to understand why these are the women that go on this show, because they legitimately don’t understand social interactions. All these talking heads about how to get time with the Bachelor, telling their “story”, fighting with girls, gimmicks to stand out, props, ploys. Just be hot. Colton is 26-years-old. He’s just going to pick girls he’s physically attracted to (blonde, pretty, thin). Lauren proved on Arie’s season that literally the only thing most of these guys care about is looks. So just focus on looking pretty and being low maintenance and you’ll go far. Farther than if you choose to make a scene, break down in tears for some stupid reason, or just seem like a pill. You can already tell which girls Colton likes and which he just tolerates being there because of the show. If Colton doesn’t think you’re pretty, then making him laugh or making him spend time with you isn’t going to change that And I was willing to give Never Been Kissed a chance until we heard her story. She’s GORGEOUS. She went through all of high school and all of college being hit on by every guy within a five-mile-radius but never met one who she wanted to kiss? Then wants some random guy on a reality show to kiss her? It doesn’t make any sense. And if someone makes a lifestyle choice that’s their business, but once she and Colton started talking about choices as if they were better than everyone else or “know their worth” it made me ill. If you want to be a virgin or not kiss somebody that’s fine. But if you want to use your sexuality as leverage in relationships, or something to define yourself then I think you have some issues. You’re not better than anyone for holding out and not being physical. The only person it affects is yourself and your happiness. I think both will find out when they finally do have sex/kiss that they’ve just been denying themselves pleasure for some bs reason.
  4. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Forget “Why is Colton a virgin”, how has that gorgeous 22-year-old never kissed anyone??? She seemed normal (I accepted an emotionally stunted woman with braces and pigtails playing with stuffed animals in her parents house). I’m sure guys have tried to kiss her. She’s never been around a guy she found attractive? All through high school and college? She’s never been alone with a boy? I don’t get it at all.
  5. The Bachelor in the Media

    History. Maybe Arie has grown up and COMPLETELY changed his ways, but reports from his exes (even the ones who defend him and don't have an axe to grind with him) describe a man who is/was very self-centered. He'll give you all the attention (and gifts/money) while he's interested in you (ie, you have something he wants), but as soon as he loses interest he moves on and doesn't give a damn about you. We saw that first hand with his break up with Becca, where all he really cared about was getting her to forgive him. In his mind, he wanted to be with Lauren, so that was the only thing that mattered (and he had already gone behind Becca's back and lined things up with Lauren that she'd take him back.) There's a possibility that he's changed and will now grow up and think about more than himself, but he's also someone who's never worked for anything and doesn't suffer any consequences for his actions. It would take a lot of effort for him to change his patterns/ways, and he just seems too lazy and stupid to recognize that in himself. Agree with everything except the wealth and personality trophy wife. Most "trophy" wives are just that, empty vessels. Women with money and personality don't want to just be arm candy. And it's already been established (by his own family) that he doesn't date women who challenge him or are on or at his level of maturity. He goes for submissive, young, pretty women (girls) that don't really ask him to do much.
  6. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    I’m sure he’s told by producers that if someone interrupts he has to go along with it. It’s not like Colton has no idea what is going to happen. After the Bach is picked, he works with producers and signs a contract on what’s going down. He knows there are producer plants that he has to keep around, he has to act oblivious to the cattiness (DRAMA) going on. He has to talk up whatever angle the show wants (virginity). He has to talk about love and finding love and how the process is working. The show isn’t about Colton finding his soulmate, it’s about ABC producing something they think is entertaining, and this is what they’ve decided they want. If you watch closely, though, you’ll see the Bach start getting annoyed with some of the girls, even though he keeps picking them.
  7. S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    In the entire history of Twitter’s existence has anyone ever posted anything that made their life better?
  8. Good points. I actually liked my agent and see the value in agents in general (there is a TON of paperwork and legal work for what is most people's only or very rarely investment in a house, so agents can help with the process). But most houses in neighborhoods just sell based on comps and square footage. That's how my house is/was sold. It doesn't matter how much money I put into it, it won't sell for more $/square foot then my neighbors will. I also agree that those super high end houses need realtors. In addition to your comments, most of those houses are also extremely customized to the owners tastes. If you think about it, most houses are built to appeal to the largest number of people (bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen). When you're a billionaire, you not only want a multi-million dollar house, but you want EVERYTHING specific to your needs. They showed one house on one reality show that had an entire floor dedicated to a fully-functioning casino. Who would pay EXTRA for that? It doesn't matter if everything is high end, marble, gold, etc. Rich people like what they like, not what other rich people like. Getting an owner to realize their personal custom features are actually a DETERRENT rather than something that ENHANCES the price has to be a difficult conversation.
  9. Don’t get too frustrated by it, and remember that looks can be deceiving. Remember that a significant portion of that commission goes back to the firm not the agent (unless these guys own their own companies) and also have to cover the cost of the listing (and cost of other listings we don’t see that aren’t being sold). But agents like this do make an outsized commission for what their skill set demands, and I expect some tech company will come in and disrupt this industry soon. We’ve already seen it with Trulia and Redfin, now buyers and sellers have access to just about as much information as realtors. There is something to be said for the job these guys do as mediators (they can remain impartial and unemotional during negotiations) but I’ve never understood the commission aspect of the job. I don’t think a 10M house is 10X harder to sell then a 1M house,or 100X harder than a 100K house. I’m surprised some entrepreneur hasn’t developed a flat-rate or tiered-rate system/company for brokers. Agents would hate it, but as others have noted, people like Altman are essentially used-car salesmen. He doesn’t really bring anything to the table in these high-end deals.
  10. Love Island (UK)

    Just caught up. It’s pretty clear Georgia just wants to be on TV. I looked her up and she’s an Insta-Ho with over 1M followers. It’s a shame this season became the Georgia-Show because the rest seem like genuine, real, likeable human beings. But Georgia has just hijacked the show to promote herself with dumb catch phrases. Ugh. Maybe previous seasons won’t be so fake (though I couldn’t get into the first season as it seemed more meathead).
  11. Made In Chelsea

    There are probably several reasons for Louise’s behavior. It’s possible she reacted differently to Habbs vs Tiff because of circumstances. It’s possible she chose not to fight Tiff because Tiff had more support than Habbs does (I don’t like Lucy, but she’d definitely stick up for her sister and go right at Louise if she attacked Tiff. Louise seems to only attack those who can’t really defend themselves who don’t have tons of support). Or she could just see her position changing on the show and attacking girls is her way of getting screentime. I really like her fiancé, but this show isn’t really about happy couples, so maybe she’s more aggressive now than back when Tiff and Sam broke up. Or, maybe she knew Tiff was already leaving the series and didn’t see the point of fighting with her.
  12. Love Island (UK)

    I’m about halfway through the most recent season. The Brits are just better than us Americans. Period. This show is so much better than BiP and the contestants are much more civil and mature (even though they tend to be younger than everyone on Bachelor in Paradise). I also love that this show proves Chris Harrison’s entire job can be replaced by text messages. And the voiceover work is actually funny. We’ll see if the show keeps up, I’m at the point when Georgia is just lying to everyone and being an obnoxious brat. The show up until now has been really fun, but I have a feeling this Georgia chick is now going to start stirring up drama all the time to get airtime.
  13. Made In Chelsea

    Hard to tell if Habs intentions were honest (though I suspect there are several cast members we could make similar claims about). In the end, I think she does feel bad for hurting Sam and is trying to do the kind thing. I’m not sure why Louise still feels the need to butt into her adult brother’s love life and trash other women. Sam certainly isn’t a saint, and this breakup is a bit of a comeuppance for all the times he’s dogged girls. She needs to back off and mind her own business. There are better ways to support loved ones than going out and blindly attacking people and being rude whenever she feels someone hurts her brother.
  14. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Honestly, if any of these reality stars with serious psychological issues were serious about changing, one of the first things they’d be advised to do (and do) is quit these shows. Maybe well balanced people can handle the spotlight, but people with real problems are hurt being on TV. These shows and people are toxic and designed to NOT make you better. The mere fact Jax continues to be on this show suggests his “change” is just a charade. If he were serious he’d quit and actually seek help.
  15. The Bachelor in the Media

    I’m sure they do it on purpose because they think it’s hilarious. Weren’t there 3-4 girls on Arie’s season who all had the same name? They made some lame joke about all being in the same limo? I mean, this season there are two Hannah’s both from Alabama. I’m sure that will get brought up. But what did you expect? This is a show that thinks virginity is a draw for audiences.