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    The perfect amount of Harry Baron on an episode of MIC is no Harry Baron on an episode of MIC. Well done , MIC 👏👏👏. Add more Sophie and Mark Francis and Sophie and Francis and Sophie and Sophie and Sophie. Liv still sucks.
  2. This was my point, though. Charlotte doesn’t need to be at every practice. You don’t think Kelli remembers that, too? It’s got to be in the back of her mind that this whole organization knows and likes this girl.
  3. Eh, the entire Cowboys organization is a fraud and hypocritical, why should DCC be any different? Jerry is patient 0 for nepotism and favortism. He’s one of the principle architects of the NFL “standing for America” when in reality he doesn’t give a damn about anything other than squeezing every last dime out of literally everyone and making sure he gets credit for everything. Let’s not forget, Charlotte Jones has been leading the VK charge since Day 1. Kelli’s hands have been tied. If anything, this season just highlighted that those “standards” were always a mirage.
  4. Except that if they were going to fake it you’d think they’d do something a little less harsh. I mean, the things Jenna said and the way she said them were pretty cruel. She’s never going to be invited back to Bachelor shows, so why “shoot your load” this way? She could have just dumped Jordan”mysteriously” “vaguely” and waited to come back to Paradise to tell her “stor” like they all do. These texts are just really nasty and icky. But what do I know? I assumed Arie and Lauren were persona non grata and then they brought them back to Paradise for some odd reason.
  5. I think it’s also getting harder and harder to maintain the DCC “standard” when more and more girls are coming to the realization that being a DCC isn’t really glamorous. It’s been said on other posts, but the lack of pay coupled with the strenuous time commitments really limits who can even try out for the team, let alone stay for years. It seems like they’re churning through girls like the NFL goes through running backs, and most of the squad is first and second years. I feel like something has to give. I would pay the girls more, stick to a majority of the dances being the same year-after-year (so vets don’t need to spend as much time learning choreography), and either cut back on the non-game appearances or else focus on events that the girls enjoy doing. They need to incentivize women to stay on the squad longer than 1-2 years to maintain consistency. And let the women be women. Stop acting like it’s the 1950s. I think a lot of the etiquette and rules Kelli tries to enforce are outdated out of touch. And cut Victoria.
  6. I think what ultimately happens is you weed out a lot of girls who just can’t afford to do DCC. I don’t want to name names, but going back there definitely are girls who aren’t in school and don’t have real jobs (living off their well-to-do parents) who can afford to pursue their dance dream for awhile before moving on to something else. While I know DCC likes to highlight all the women who “do-it-all” I doubt they’re the majority. I don’t know how many great dancers they lose because they can’t afford, but DCC does come across as a bit of a spoiled rich girl click. And I’ve known other cheerleaders on other NFL squads. They’re usually older and have bartending jobs that pay well without a lot of time commitments. I’m not sure if that “image” flies with DCC being so pure and wholesome.
  7. This is just double speak for “I didn’t send the texts to RS”. Which nobody is debating. The GUY sent Jenna’s texts to RS. She’s just trying to confuse people.
  8. Surprised they don’t have any Hooters waitresses, bartenders, or bikini models. Looks like it’s going to be a particularly vapid show this season.
  9. This is all based on her text messages in which she clearly states she’s with men for business reasons and money. This has nothing to do with cheating on Jordan. I’m not sure why you keep thinking this discussion is about cheating.
  10. I don’t think anyone is calling Jenna a prostitute because she’s dating a lot of guys. The “prostitute” term came up regarding her potentially having sex with men purely for financial gains. The debate seems to be about how she goes about obtaining money.
  11. Call it what you will. I think society tries to whitewash or excuse a lot of behavior by creating a lot of grey areas or try to justify their own actions. An escort is someone who offers their time in exchange for compensation (either goods or services). A prostitute offers sex in exchange for compensation. Jenna expects to be paid for either having sex or spending time with men. Whether she comes right out and asks for $100 for 1 hour of time or tries to coyly con a man into giving her money more subtly are simply different tactics used to achieve the same goal. If Jenna doesn’t get money, business opportunities, services I strongly doubt she stays with the guy because of feelings for him. Legally, she may not be guilty of anything but her intentions and goals are the same.
  12. Not sure I’ll watch the show after this season. It was always a fun summer escape to watch young, pretty girls dance around and try to make a team they really care about. I always thought Kelli and the other grown ups were a bit fake and self-serving (I watched in spite of them not because of them). But the show just isn’t fun anymore. And the DCC blatant hypocrisy and BS about VK and nepotism have taken out all the fun. We’ve had “problem child’s” before, but this is consuming the franchise to the point it’s no longer fun to watch.
  13. You just described a hooker in the literal sense. Getting into intimate relationships for money is prostitution. What she does with the money is irrelevant.
  14. I think you’re right. Still in Dallas and still probably a plus to have employees who made it to DCC training camp. I would think.
  15. Hopefully Malena “resigning” was for TV and not as bad as we think. If she gets cut she may be able to go back and get her old job back (it usually takes several weeks just to go through all the HR processes of posting and interviewing for a position). Hopefully her employer is understanding. Which school did she work for? TCU? I would think they’d want to keep a good relationship with the Cowboys. Giving proximity and how many TCU showgirls tryout for DCC.