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  1. brooks or tarjay seriously i think it will be a boring name like emma or jacob
  2. well at least jeremy jr. will be a cute baby. or jeremiah. it will definitely be a j name for sure.
  3. the house is cute! it needs to be finished before the kid gets here which is soon. joy is huge :).
  4. Those 2 made my ovaries explode. I want a baby who looks like Henry. What a chunky monkey and the new teeth. So cute. And yes Jessa bosom looks pregnant. Lol.
  5. I fell asleep and missed the last 15 minutes. What happened?
  6. At the rate that c and t behave. Carly will want nothing to do with them period. Carly will run for the hills. Maybe her and Nova will be friends but most likely c and t will ruin it too... Run Carly run. And take Nova with you.
  7. Congratulations to them on their giant headed meatball baby! Seriously feel bad for Kendra because their kid is going to have a giant head... Cute way to announce it.
  8. I hope she doesn't name her son Luke.
  9. Tyler used to talk about joining the air force or was it military. Both of them are full of hot air.
  10. Robert is having twins with his wife. She needs to lay off plastic surgery.
  11. Finally Barbie went home.
  12. Her facial expressions are hilarious. The guy is worthless.
  13. That is one cute animal! It does look like a pig.
  14. Jeez Leah looks 45. As a baby she was totally adorable. Those baby blues and cheeks.
  15. That chin has its own zip code Jenelle.