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  1. So true. I just can't imagine a world without Aretha Franklin in it. This is still my favorite song of hers - and just one of my all-time favorite songs.
  2. S01.E04: The Long Black Train

    I haven't watched this show, but just came across the trailer, and I'm intrigued by the cast. The one exception is Danny Huston. I cannot stand him as an actor. How much of him will I have to deal with if I take the plunge and watch this?
  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I will say this about the England game: I was shocked to see that it was Adnan Januzaj that scored for Belgium. I'd totally forgotten about him after he left Manchester United. I checked, and he's been playing for Real Sociedad in Spain since last year. Maybe, depending on how Belgium does, he'll get a big transfer move after this tournament.
  4. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Me too! They were a delightful team to watch. What little I saw of Belgium-England was a snore.
  5. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Spain, France, Argentina - a lot of the big teams have been quite meh in this tournament. Perhaps that will change once the knockout rounds begin. I didn't expect Germany to go far in this tournament, but I did not expect a Group Stage exit. Anyway, at least I will always have that sexy Toni Kroos free kick from the Sweden game.
  6. S01.E06: Episode Six 2018.06.10

    I really enjoyed this finale and the whole season. I knew that Lyn was going to have to break up with Johnny once she had been cleansed. It's probably for the best. Seeing Eddy get beat up was brutal. I hope Vidalia showing up at her hospital bed doesn't mean she is dead. Loved the final scenes with Lyn and Emma, especially the one on the rooftop ("Does this mean we're businesswomen, now?") Do we know if this has been renewed for a second season?
  7. S01.E05: Episode Five 2018.06.03

    Emma kind of broke my heart in this one.
  8. 3% in the Media

    So glad we're getting season 3. I want to know what kind of world Michele and Fernando build. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of war between the Inland and the Offshore.
  9. One line that always gets me is when Rose is instructing the young football players they're coaching and Dorothy just blurts out "For God sake, Rose, Eisenhower used less chalk planning D-Day!" Cracks me up every time!
  10. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I have been wanting to learn Spanish, so... Just watched France's warm-up friendly vs. the United States. Woof - that French team looked lethargic, though they still outshot the US in the second half.
  11. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Some reading before the festivities start on June 14 World Cup 2018: The Boys From the Banlieues (New York Times) Andrés Iniesta: ‘I’ve squeezed out every drop, there’s nothing left’ (The Guardian) How to Stream World Cup 2018 (Popular Mechanics)
  12. I'm down for Widows - because that cast looks A. MAZING.
  13. American Gods in the Media

    New Media has been cast
  14. International Soccer/Football & UEFA Champions League

    The thinking among some pundits is that since Real Madrid is expected to be doing a lot of rebuilding this summer, Zidane didn't want to have to deal with that process. I'm also guessing he didn't want to get into the politics of the Ronaldo and Bale transfer sagas (frankly, I don't blame him on that one). It may just be that he didn't see what else he could do at RM after winning three UCLs in a row, which is understandable. While I loved having Zidane as RM manager, I get why he left. I wish him well. He is still one of my all-time favorite players.
  15. Season 6: Humongous Fungus Among Us

    I just watched Monday and Field Trip in BBC America's marathon. Still love both of those episodes. The conclusion of Monday makes me want to cry. And Field Trip isn't just fun, it's also thoughtful in the way it portrays the Scully/Mulder connection. My memory is not great on seasons 6 and 7 mythology episodes, but I remember Biogensis being the last mytharc episode I enjoyed.