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  1. S05.E04: Love All, Trust A Few

    What they're doing with Andre is interesting. His time in prison has made him tougher and willing to do more than even Lucious in the name of the family business. Loved the Devon/Cookie storyline. Is he LFM's very first client. Also enjoy Mama Dubois being back in the mix. Lyons better watch out. Poor Jamal. He has the worst love luck. So they're going there with Tiana and Blake. Interesting. Next episode looks good.
  2. Counterpart in the Media: Prime Coverage

    James Cromwell and Betty Gabriel - YES!!!!!
  3. S05.E03: The Baby Was Never Dead

    So, Oliver is one of the people in peril on Murder Night V. Michaela is incredibly thirsty for Tegan's attention and approval. It's a bit hard to watch. Speaking of... Are they going there with Frank and Michaela? Asher's storyline this season is leaving me cold. I like Bonnie and Miller together, but I know what show I'm watching, so I won't be getting too invested in them. I wonder who's pulling Emmett's strings? It's an interesting change of pace to see Annalise a) have to defer to Emmett on trial strategy, and b) lose a case. I wanted Annalise to go dancing with Tegan. I'm enjoying the rapport between them.
  4. Michaela Pratt: Shooting Star

    Same here. I don't need them to go down that road.
  5. S05.E02: Whose Blood Is That?

    I am in the minority, but I actually find DA Miller kinda cute - especially with the beard.
  6. S05.E02: Whose Blood Is That?

    Good episode. Agree that all of the wedding guests we've seen so far look fabulous. Laurel getting Tegan to help with her child care was classic. These folks have learned well from Annalise. The Frank/Laurel thing is so tired now. Let it go, writers. Let. It. Go. Frank surveilling people? Must be a day ending in "y." I have a feeling Annalise will turn out to be right about DA Miller playing Bonnie. Because this show just can't ever let Bonnie be happy. If I never again hear the sentence "just like a millennial" it will be too soon.
  7. S05.E01: Your Funeral

    Poor Baby Christopher. Not even a year old, and he's experiencing his first Murder Night. This Gabriel character is meh to me so far, but it's only the first episode. Annalise looked magnificent in this episode, but I'm with Frank: she needs to move out of that dumpy hotel. Wonder how long the Keating Crew will last in that house. Bonnie and Nate's banter was hilarious. They're both still not-quite-recovered Annalise addicts.
  8. S01.E01: Pilot

    I was annoyed with her inside the first 5 minutes of the episode. And her brother wasn't too far behind That said, I might give this a couple more episodes, as I am intrigued by the premise.
  9. S27.E01: Premiere Week: Part 1

    I am super impressed that John Schneider can still do the slide across the Dukes of Hazard car.
  10. Support The Girls (2018)

    I really liked this movie. I loved how slice-of-life it was. The comedy was in the absurdity of everyday situations (the guy getting stuck in the vent, Lisa trying to get the cable back up and running). I also loved the shows of solidarity between the workers at Double Whammies. The whole cast was great, but Regina Hall was amazing. Hope she gets some recognition for her performance.
  11. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    Director Jon M. Chu breaks down a scene from the movie.
  12. So true. I just can't imagine a world without Aretha Franklin in it. This is still my favorite song of hers - and just one of my all-time favorite songs.
  13. S01.E04: The Long Black Train

    I haven't watched this show, but just came across the trailer, and I'm intrigued by the cast. The one exception is Danny Huston. I cannot stand him as an actor. How much of him will I have to deal with if I take the plunge and watch this?
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I will say this about the England game: I was shocked to see that it was Adnan Januzaj that scored for Belgium. I'd totally forgotten about him after he left Manchester United. I checked, and he's been playing for Real Sociedad in Spain since last year. Maybe, depending on how Belgium does, he'll get a big transfer move after this tournament.
  15. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Me too! They were a delightful team to watch. What little I saw of Belgium-England was a snore.