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  1. Lena Waithe's making the rounds. She made some brief appearances on a couple episodes of Netflix's Dear White People.
  2. S01.E04: Weird Science

    I had a feeling the guy was going to win both rounds. His cocktail looked to be the tastiest one of the three and his accessories in the bubbling volcano cake looked decent. Nicole is of course extremely annoying but I guess that's part of her charm....NOT.
  3. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    I'm just glad that Sense8 got closure. Overall I loved the series even if I didn't understand half of the plot points. I will definitely miss this series...will have to rewatch it again sometime in the future.
  4. To think I was all worried about Tilda making it through her first episode. LOL. She's a quiet lethal weapon though I can't believe she put that poison on her lips and it didn't affect her. Though what an appropriate "kiss of death" she gave to Mariah. Loved her retro-ish hairstyle in her closing scene at the bar. I concur to not missing Mariah kissing Shades. That looked all kinds of uncomfortable for both actors...LOL. Overall I was entertained. Farewell Reg E Cathey. Wonder if his real-life death will be played off in Season 3 (if there's a Season 3).
  5. S02E09: For Pete's Sake 06.22.2018

    An appropriate title not just for the Uncle Pete bombshell, but also for Tilda stupidly going back to her old shop. I was like "For Pete's Sake, lady." No worries though...Luther will hopefully rescue her next episode. LOL. I'm continuing to love this series though. :-)
  6. S02E02: Straighten It Out 06.22.2018

    The grandma next door to Cockroach was cracking me up in her interaction with Luke. LOL.... I can picture her saying to herself... "if only I were 40 years younger..." I hope nothing happens with Mariah's daughter but I have a feeling that might be too much to ask. So sad continuing to see Reg E Cathey knowing he's no longer living.
  7. Kimber: The Little Sis

    Even if Kimber was sensitive to Pizzazz's feeling, I don't feel Pizzazz at the time would've been receptive. Pizzazz doesn't do sensitive...at least not very well...LOL. They always seemed to write Kimber as bratty and a mini-rebel in the series. Jerrica always seemed to get top billing with the parents and it felt like Kimber was an afterthought. The dad even leaves earrings for Jerrica and nothing for Kimber. It's a wonder she even wanted to be in the band. Edited to say...I believe Kimber did get a portion of Starlight Music but still it seemed she suffered from Jan Brady syndrome. "Jerrica...Jerrica...Jerrica."
  8. The Misfits: Their Songs Are Better

    The Kimber/Stormer collab was among my favorite episodes. I can see now how fanfics have always paired them up as a couple. There was a scene when the Misfits briefly won Stormer back that she's sitting in her bed, wistfully looking at a photo of Kimber and her together. The remaining Misfits did have to eventually go to Starlight Music to convince Stormer to return to the group. So in that sense they didn't give a rip about their friendship. Even though the Misfits were bad to the core I definitely preferred their edgy music over the mostly sappy Holograms music. But yeah they definitely would've been in jail in real life. I did like Eric's throwaway line when asked how they're not in jail, that it's amazing what a good lawyer can do. I need that lawyer on speed dial...LOL. Speaking of sappy music, Taking A Train was IMO the worst Hologram song ever. I can't really think of a really bad Misfits song...maybe Misfits In Hawaii but the video for that was hilarious.
  9. Jem and The Holograms: The Movie

    Hearing about how radically different the movie was from the series, I took a hard pass as well. I secretly preferred the Misfits music and enjoyed their crazy antics. So for them not to be featured in the movie was enough to make me not see it. Of course Mr. Meedis decided that he wanted to buy the DVD (since it was in the $5 bin). He tried to get me to see it but I went to another room and watched something else. He did say if you discounted everything about the cartoon and pretended it was a completely different story, that the movie was okay in that regards. I refuse to find out though. LOL.
  10. Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Lito) made a cameo appearance in the Netflix Original movie Ibiza as hot stud at a swingers party in Ibiza. It was cool to spot him.
  11. S02.E10: Second Coming

    With the altered timeline maybe Ash didn't get disgraced out of town and wound up with Linda....though I'm probably thinking about it wrong.
  12. S01.E01: Insecure As F**k

    I just got done watching all of Season 1. Loving this show.... all the characters touch on so many issues. I hate especially those few times when I'm supposed to be the representative of all things 'black' at my job. And you definitely have to switch it up when in the office. Molly is my favorite character. Oddly enough she kept giving Jill Marie Jones (Of 2000's UPN show Girlfriends) vibes. And I always liked Toni the best of all the Girlfriends.... so that could be why I gravitated more towards her.
  13. I do like how he's managed to stay under the radar for the most part. I'm annoyed that it's getting harder now to find the new episodes available online. Keep getting teasers on the YT only to find out they're fake links or taken down by WeTV. ETA: WeTV has the eppys on their site. I was able to watch the premiere finally since it requires no login. Hopefully the other ones eventually won't require a login. So interesting to see Towanda is an understudy for Porsha Williams of all folks. Wasn't Towanda rumored to be dating Porsha's ex at one time? Small world.
  14. S04.E17: North Star

    So cool seeing Mary Cherry (Leslie Grossman) back on TV as well as Marla Gibbs. With that said my favorite part of the episode was the serving of plates debate and how Marla's character shut that debate down with why she made a plate for her husband. So poignant.
  15. Seven Seconds Show Discussion

    I concur that the series could've been shorter than 10 episodes. The whole thing could've been avoided if Jablonski tried to get the kid help instead of listening to his fellow dirty cops. But in a post Ferguson world I could see from the cops point of view how they felt it was better to cover up the crime rather than be caught and not even consider that Brenton could be saved. Mr. Butler totally overplayed their hand to dirty cop Diangelo thinking he'd be charged with being an accessory. No doubt Diangelo played into Jablonski's daddy issues and figured he would take the fall even though he was telling him to 'save himself'. That of course wound up being a good move for Jablonski since unfortunately he merely got a slap on the wrist...and will probably serve much less than a year's time.