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  1. S06.E08: Chapter 73

    I co-sign that the ending was totally ridiculous. I can't see Doug going out like that...though I totally knew the minute he lowered the scissors down that Claire would use the opportunity to stab him. Also when Janine the reporter was shouting on the phone about Doug not meeting her and how she will get the story out herself, I totally was waiting for either a bullet to take her out or her car to explode as she was speeding off. I'm surprised they didn't go there....LOL.
  2. S01.E01: Pilot

    I'm loving this series so far and even got my partner into watching it with me after swearing not to. I love all the self-deprecating humor and the crazy premise that links the two main characters together. The actress playing Nonnie totally was giving me Darlene Conner/Sara Gilbert vibes in how she's playing the character so far.
  3. Treme Cast & Crew's Other Projects

    Cool. Did not know she was on Treme.
  4. https://atlantablackstar.com/2018/08/28/trina-braxton-regrets-walking-out-on-braxton-family-values-we-were-ill-advised/
  5. In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    I can't wait until Season 4 of Schitt's Creek is available on Netflix. I burned through the first 3 seasons on Netflix and want to see more.
  6. Interestingly enough according to the same Youtuber I linked above.... Trina actually did a promo for this week's Braxton's Family Values. It was mentioned in the same video where Tamar/Trina/Towanda were mocking Phaedra and calling her Phaedra Braxton...LOL.
  7. Klepto-tendencies and money issues aside I'm not surprised Towanda isn't joining her. Towanda's loyalties generally fall with Toni more than Traci.
  8. Hmm. Maybe the Braxtons sans Traci haven't settled the suit. Wondering if they're burning through remaining footage this season before the infamous "strike" and then adding the mess that is Phaedra.
  9. S20.E19: Power of Veto #6

    Omg...Flavor Flav was my first foray into "trashy" tv. LOL she dropped that "accent" with a quickness once her time on the show was done.
  10. Towanda posted a video showing an incident involving a Delta pilot and Tamar: https://www.inc.com/chris-matyszczyk/a-delta-pilot-gave-a-reality-tv-star-a-lecture-refused-to-let-her-ask-questions-why.html
  11. Guess this means they came to an agreement. And LOL how WEtV threw the contract dispute in the promo. They got no shame in their game.
  12. OITNB in the Media

    Season 6 Trailer.
  13. Found this little tidbit about John Bargeman doing a bing search: " https://www.datalounge.com/thread/13296487--queer-eye-reunion Oct 27, 2013 · "Queer Eye" Reunion. ... John Verdi, the hot Port Authority cop, ... I liked John Bargeman who lived with a woman in Jersey City. They broke up"
  14. Ironically Bobby in recent photos seems to be growing his beard out and appears a bit bearish. Perhaps he'll keep this look when filming future episodes and he can become the bearish like guy. LOL.
  15. The View in the Media