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  1. There are, we bought our dresses on Amazon for less than $100 and tried it on in our living rooms, lol!!
  2. I got my wedding dress for $60 off Amazon, I loved it!! Very simple, perfect for a quick civil ceremony (which is what they will have, right?) When she Rachel/Debbie Downer came out adn thn announced she can't afford a $750 dress, I yelled "THEN WHY ARE YOU TRYING IT ON??" Rachel - just stop it. Stop with the fairytales. Hazel - dead eyes, dead soul. When she and Tarik were on the beach and she finally mustered "I love you," my hubby looked at me and said: Geez if you were that lackluster I would wonder if you even liked me, let alone loved me!"
  3. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Both of those options, as a 16 yr old, would be highly unappealing to me.
  4. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I secretly wonder of she worked for a wholesale decorations firm - she was REALLY pushing the decor part of things! And BLAN, not everyone is so enamored of zoos. I have certain family members who would flat out refuse to attend no matter who was getting married as they see them as cruel to animals to keep them caged, no matter if it is billed as a sanctuary. When one gets married in a garden or arboretum (like me!) that is one of the selling points - no decoration needed!! Plus where I got married you could not put streamers, tulle, nothing on anything in the spot where we exchanged vows. So there, BLAN.
  5. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I forgot to add that BLAN Christine thought that the Hawaiian Bride (she and her man had two little kids) was having a Hawaii theme. EVERYTHING was Hawaiian - the food, the raw duck eggs later, the dancers, the hula, the flowers, everything. Our BLAN bride thought it was not Hawaiian enough. Good Lord does Don Ho and the remaining cast of Hawaii 5-O from the 70's need to show up to make it Hawaiian enough??? Meanwhile, her theme was either Eco Friendly or Zoo and she thought having it in the zoo was the end all be all to EVERYTHING. It is a zoo, not Planet Mars.
  6. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Okay!!! So I finally got to the B-L-A-N bride Christine!!! Boy oh boy she did not disappoint. She really had a thing for decor!!! "The decor let me down!" "It was not decorated" "It was decorated to her theme enough!" Whitney, the Southern bride with the baby voice was SUCH a sweetie and I am so glad she won!!! She was handing out 3's and 4's like candy. I was waiting for Christine to give a 2 because "I like the heavier cardstock and the bride had a light cardstock." I was surprised the Damask Bride did not receive higher overall scores, too as her wedding seemed very nice. I do agree with folks who complain about waiting in line for food - if you have 100 plus guests you need more than one table. There was another Christine - Blue Christine as I like to call her. Her dress has blue, she wanted a WInter Wonderland and she was a bitch. Her eyes and mouth were too small for her face, lol. She was kinda unpleasant and came in fourth as well. I am a MN native so winter is usually not a wonderland to me, lolol.
  7. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    You are very correct, I do agree with you about Kelsey. I do think a lot of these moms are borderline afraid of their kids. Not in a "He is gonna stab me in my sleep" way but a "geez I can't uspet their apple cart",kinda way.
  8. S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    Apparently not as he is taking on the role of legal father. Rachel, as long as the shim sham was consensual, please don't get bent about how many women he has bedded. It was before you knew him, that is his business, not yours. I would be HIGHLY apprehensive about the many many MANY fights - that would be very troublesome to me. I am confused by a lot of Paul's stuff - many of our soldiers (most of them actually) miss all holidays as they are stationed overseas, so please spare me the "I will miss Christmas with my family" because YOU CHOSE to follow your penis to the other end of the globe.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Double Vision

    Not the brightest bulb, no? Not a boat, not a fishing boat....a kayak. Per his own admission in court: "I am the one to blame for everything," Cummins wrote, although he added that "the devil was deeply involved." Yeah, look in the mirror for the devil, mister.
  10. S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I agree, cause pretty much all of my American relatives are generous, open hearted, family oriented and caring. We would draw the line at financially supporting a healthy, able bodied person in another country when we all have our own bills to pay. I agree - the mom crying when she was trying on wedding dresses? Not tears of joy that id for sure!!! When Paul was like "My mom will be upset if I get married in Brazil" then turns around and does just that.....ugh. Just the thought of him touching me give me the creeps. Per Jesse and Darcy, here is my take of the two of them: Jesse: "Let's make lunch" Darcy: " Okay! How about ham and cheese?" Jesse: "OH MY GOD I HATE HAM! HOW COULD YOU????" Darcy: "FINE! We are DONE!!" Jesse: "I am leaving!" Lather, rinse and repeat. I also agree with the person upthread who said it is kinda obvious she does not have custody as she is a stage 4 clinger with them. "Look how tight we are!!!"
  11. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    That would mean setting limits and risk not being BFF with your daughter. Can't have that now can we??
  12. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    "And a Giraffe" is in Sunday!!! YAY ME! I have seen the beginning but never the whole thing. Miss Lowball.......here I come. (In all fairness I will be going back and forth between this and the MN Vikings game.) I believe her name was CHristine and gave out 3's and 4's to very nice weddings. Wonder what she would have given Miss Warm Soda/Pizza NYC Wedding?
  13. All Episodes Talk: Double Vision

    Did anyone catch the episode last night about the freakshow Tad Cummins, who kidnapped a 15 year old and drove her all over hell and back then tried to kayak from southern california to PANAMA? Dude was messed up. I am glad she has her life together, she was clearly brainwashed by a manipulating older (much older) man!!
  14. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    True that Quilty. Way too much internet to find out about birth control, way too many resources, way too many peers to ask, let alone a school counselor or health nurse. When I was their age I was not getting busy (no moral high road, here, just a choice I made) and when I was post high school I was bc pill'd up, diaphram'd up, condom'd up - you name it!!! (Good thing too, turns out I could get pregnant by sharing a straw at the malt shop!!!)
  15. S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    And leaving her kid for a few weeks to go get boned. In the interest of gender fairness, I judge the men just as harshly for leaving their little ones to get boned overseas, too. Lord forgive me but please let it be that and Paul: TAKE IT AS A SIGN!!!! Go home to the USA, leave Brazil behind as a distant memory.