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  1. You took the words out of my mouth!!! When I saw that Instagram post I had to put down my order of French fries......
  2. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Lots of reception sites will not allow shots because people get so hammered s o quickly. The episode before? With the....ahem....odd groom who wore a top hat when they won? Odd duck for sure but a very sweet couple.
  3. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Kara was on today - she who wanted SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! She was even more unpleasant the second time around, especially with sweet Emily of the Christmas theme and Christine of the Chevron theme. It was a bit of retribution as Shots Kara walked into the first church in her satin dress and let's just say the girl needed spanx. Tummy bulging and you could see her belly button through the dress!! Super unflattering, just like her personality. Again, glad she came in fourth and sweet Emily came in second. The other loud bride was first.
  4. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Just think if Nicole went for an empire waistline dress with sleeves in a softer ivory or softer white. Coupled with a new personality she could look quite lovely! Per BoobsChantel - I, too, was "blessed" with the thin body big bust body although BoobsChanel is thinner than I was in my twenties. I, too, fielded questions about my "fake" boobs and I did not dress to show them off. Yes they are real and no you can't touch them! Per Nicole's little brother - funny how he and Olivia and the other kids/teens are the sage wise ones on this show! Per Robalee - You remind me of a mom who was a pushover on a SYTTD episode. The bride to be was trying on dresses outside the budget and began to whine (yes whine) that Mommy needed to take out a new credit card to pay for it as that was the ONLY DRESS ON PLANET EARTH that would make her happy. Her other, wiser daughter, looked at Mom and said, "Well, this is what you raised! Deal with her." Sounds like Robalee - you raised her, now deal with her.
  5. I hate that sizing.....what if it doesn't fit me? LOL! I can't help but imagine that scene in Ghostbusters when the Giant Marshmallow man is overtaking the city! Citizens of Rabat - beware!!! Silly you!!! That would require spending time with Mae - we can't have that. Too funny!!! And sadly on point!
  6. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I have known/still know a few people from New Jersey, they are perfectly nice people. These "Joisey Brides!" do nothing for the Garden State. The nasal fry, the fist pumping, the "That dress is total Jersey" (not sure what that means.....) but just bring it down a notch or twelve. Glad you love your home state, I am a MN gal through and through - I would never say "That dress is total Minnesota!" as it would mean it either had snow tire chains on it, a road construction sign or a mosquito the size of a quarter on it.
  7. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I want to make clear I am NOT the expert, I am the poster who worked in the 99% Muslim/Somali school and had LOTS of appropriate conversations with my awesome co-workers about their religion. (I say appropriate as well.....workplace and religion......hello? HR?) Oh it is gonna happen!! To Nicole, at least. No they are not. A candlelight white or ivory is much more flattering. I wore the you know what out of my white dress BUT it looked good on my skin. I was open to other colors however!!
  8. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Not the expert here, far from it, but a Muslim man is HIGHLY expected to raise his kids in the Muslim faith.
  9. I just saw this ad for the first time. She is.....odd. Okay - new annoying commercial: people have FEET FOR HANDS! It is for anti fungal ad and it is just creepy to see people shaking hands with their foot/hand.
  10. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    But you see, that would make sense and we can't have that on this show!!! Luis bugs for many reasons, but that smug holier than thou attitude/look on his face just makes me want to punch him in the throat. And I am a mild mannered girl from Minnesota. If Luis got a job like you described, Molly would be afraid of meeting a girl his own age or younger with no kids and leaving. Actually that would be a gift at this point but Molly can't see it. Let him sponge off someone else for a bit!
  11. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    As annoying as Nicole is (well they all are, actually) Molly and that VOICE are just vomit inducing. And what she has to say is even worse: "I think Luis is not understanding this" or "I think I may ask him to leave....." I am paraphrasing but that "Oh gee I am not sure what to do....." is just rage inducing. His name is not on the title (we hope and pray) so ask him to leave and if he refuses tell him you are calling the sheriff to have him evicted for trespassing. Seriously, I do not play. You brought your vacation f&*k back, you tried to change him into what you wanted, you placed your children below your vacation f&*k and they resent him and you (especially your older one) and well.......live and learn, cut your losses and move on. This is coming from someone who remarried last fall to a guy I knew since we were kids and we dated for a year before I introduced him to my kids. The first time they saw us kiss was our wedding day, so I am coming from a different viewpoint, obviously. I had zero expectations of him being a stepfather. Didn't force anything and it it all came naturally. So I was glacier pace - Molly was WARP SPEED AHEAD!!!
  12. Ugh I tried to watch that youtube video and even fast forwarding it......ick. Just her voice and her reasoning: "I tried to talk to you, you never listen......." Azan is so NOT in love with her. Nicole just does not get it - Islam culture is NOT into touching between men and women, even some cafes still have separate seating for married people. Can you imagine Nicole? "No I want to sit with AZAN! WE ARE MARRIED!" She is so bull headed and delusional. True that, sister. I think the law was passed in 2005, perhaps 2006. And it needs to be repealed.
  13. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Oh my gosh I love it. I am in NO WAY defending Nicole but I belong to a wedding board where people post their "Back and Married" photos and let's just say there are A LOT of girls out there with arms that are.....not fit and still wanna rock that sleeveless look when a bolero or a dress with sleeves would be so much more flattering.
  14. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I agree - and I am in no means an expert but my last year at a 99% Muslim school taught me a lot. Azan WILL want to raise his kids in the faith. I know I am speculating A LOT here, but by all accounts that is where this is headed. The folks who were Muslim were top notch - totally devoted to their faith. The call to prayer, praying five times a day - Nicole will struggle IF she converts. Plus that chick is not giving up bacon or pulled pork anytime soon. I am not picking on the Muslim faith - not at all. It is just in most families you adhere to the religion. Hey - my mother in law is a DEVOUT Lutheran. My hubby, in his youth, dated a few girls of the Jewish faith and did NOT bring them home, lol. He was to marry a LUTHERAN girl, dammit!! And he did!!
  15. S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I heard $795 - bit with alterations and a veil it will hit $1100 easy. Baby Beluga should have gone my Amazon route - $60 baby!!!!