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  1. Eric & Leida: Put it in proper!

    Just popping in to say: If I had talked to my now hubby in the way Leida was going on and on about "put it in proper" he would have left me and my suitcase in the parking lot. I am not kidding.
  2. I agree - it is refreshing to see someone proud of their work but I agree she can get on some people's nerves. Speaking of nerves, the couple who put their heads flat on the table to see how thin or thick the crust is......just stop.
  3. Eric & Leida: Put it in proper!

    Maybe Cohen is his mom's maiden name? Reaching, I know!!!
  4. Plus she admitted she was driving 80 - so you look OVER YOUR SHOULDER while driving that fast? Are you trying to use your baby as a missle? Okay, just checking. My thought is they have been spoken to that way (looking at you, Kalani's dad) and they think it is normal. and therefore accept their opinions on everything.
  5. Eric & Leida: Put it in proper!

    I am back to harp about the stupid Motel/Hotel/Inn scene in PA. "People in Indonesia see the country as being poor." So staying in a lodge near the woods in PA makes you poor? Did Dad really think a wild pig was going to come in and eat them? Were they trying to set Eric up to fail by having him take care of a cranky, sleepy child? Why is HE responsible for Alless getting to bed with 80 relatives watching? Why does Alless have such a weird sounding cry? (Shallow, I know...... but he sounds like a wounded hyena!!) Eric, a palatial 6000 square foot home would not be good enough for their precious Leida. Small apartment in Baraboo ain't gonna cut it. Leida, why are you complaining that it is "weird" that Eric has a good relationship with his ex? They have kids together, so shut it. Would you prefer the Betty Broderick ex wife type? I get along fine with my ex, nothing weird about it. You can choose joy and peace in your life or you can choose conflict. Maybe because I have (for the most part) joy in my life I am am attracted to this show!!!!
  6. Yep and a little baby is in the middle of it.
  7. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Just saw the end of a rerun where the bride (Medina?) was getting chapped for two things: friends serving (dressed in bridesmaid's attire) and plastic cutlery and plastic plates and glasses. Now, if I were at a Legion Hall or a backyard reception I would not care about plastic as long as I could eat comfortably with it, meaning can I cut my meat? So I would not care. Now if I were at the Swanky Von Swanky Club I would expect glassware. For the friends serving thing: I gotta agree on the low score. Your friends, attendants or not, are not worker bees. Let them sit and and enjoy the wedding like everyone else. I would not have hired an aunt/uncle with a catering business just for that reason: You are a guest not a worker bee/employee. Medina ended up in second after all that. One reason I miss snarking on this show is the "sweetheart neckline for the buxom bride" gone wrong. Girl, your boobs are pushed up into your neck. Perhaps a different neckline is in order. It just never fails to amaze me how many people in real life and on this show lay out $$$$ for a dress, limo and veil (things that serve THEM) but for guests they get friends as servers, cheap seats to sit on, cash bar and cheap food, things that are for the comfort of others. Very telling about the bride..........(sorry, feeling extra snide today) "Well if it is about me, let's spend the cash! ME ME ME!!!!"
  8. I agree, he does not strike me as slow or anything, just a softie raised in a mellow culture. I really don't think he knew about removing a baby from a car seat, he was trying to comfort the baby. Having Kalani up front screaming did not help matters. I agree - just leave breastfeeding out of it - it is a way more hotter topic than politics, lol!! I was modest about my nursing (I fed my second one out of my home for the first time at a county fair, I figured farm kids wouldn't stare, lol) Plus a bottle could have breast milk in it for all we know. I agree, the Mormon communities (is that okay?) is a bit more conservative - fine. I was a SAHM too. But we could afford it. Can they? If they can't live on their own, which includes housing, medical, FOOD, car, utilities, then the answer is no.
  9. I am confused by Kalani - she said she quit her job to take care of Oliver and now her savings is running out. Ya think? Did you not plan for anything? Oh wait....... I agree - go have your fling, try not to get pregnant buy hey ya did, so now what? Just go home, have the baby and leave poor guy in Samoa.
  10. Eric & Leida: Put it in proper!

    She has a son named Allessandro? I hadn't heard........ Seriously, that kid's name comes up ALL THE TIME. "Allessandro this!" Allessandro THAT!" I agree with folks upthread that he will toss older kids aside for stepson as "he is really young, and he needs me." I know it is not the exact same name but I keep hearing Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" when they start talking about him.
  11. The fact that you spend time thinking about the green fuzzball in the Cricket Wireless ad makes me think that in real life we would be friends. And having an awesome time sharing a glass of wine while people watching.
  12. This sounds like Cliff Clavin from "Cheers" except that was a pretend TV show. Oh....wait a minute.........
  13. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Young couple in St Paul: Okay, I have to say first: her type BUGS me. "City city city....the suburbs are HELL." Shut. It. And what was with her mentioning her parents all the time to babysit? I knew the second choice was out with their family and needs but man I was rooting for him to get his large yard (she is afraid of worms?) with the third house. But alas......she got her city address in ST PAUL because Roseville, Arden Hills, Mounds Park, St Paul Park, Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Inver Grove Heights, Little Canada are just hellholes. (Full disclosure: I am a Twin Cities native and I LOVE the suburbs, snotty city folks annoy me.) There, I feel better now. I love Mpls and St Paul proper, I do, but there are plenty of great places to eat and drink outside of those two cities, not including the Mall of America - ugh.)
  14. S04.E02: Do No Harm

    Yep, she thinks that buy purchasing them in a "lot" and keeping them together, she is doing them a favor. But you are still owning them, Jacosta.
  15. I would have been pretty surprised if either one had had said no, so I honestly never thought about it! To answer your question, I would have married him anyway. (See either way I think a person answering this is screwed - you either listen to your kids OR you say yes to the dress.) He asked them after he asked me if that makes any difference. They were like, "Uh, sure.....you guys ARE adults, right?" It was kinda funny. I do believe the asking for a hand in marriage in years past is based on property, but in reality no one today thinks of women as property, it is just a nice thing to do. I am 53 (52 when I wed for the second time) self supporting, own a home, car, etc, no one thinks of me as property. My kids weren't "handing me off" to a man, just like my dad (had he been alive when I wed the first time) would not have been "handing me off." I think the commercial is cute although I would never buy a Neil Lane ring from Kay Jewelers. I do not like Kay! "Every kiss begins with Kay" is waaaay more offensive than this ad, lol!