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  1. Not to defend Drake, because that was pretty sad, but I don't think Kailah's position on the box was helping. She was too far forward, making the box harder to lift. Everyone else (including Drake, once they switched places) had their knees almost at the far end of the box, but Kailah was squarely in the middle.
  2. Fingers crossed that it means Bananas is retiring!
  3. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    Yeah, I was immediately done with Graham when he started in on that. I don't mind people expressing apprehension about challenges if they just straight up say that they're nervous because something is out of their comfort zone. That's honest! But a lot of times when contestants complain about "whimsical" challenges they seem to shoot for an "I'm too cool and edgy for this *coughgirlycough* challenge," which (to me) makes them sound childish. Pink is dumb! Monsters are cool! Girls have cooties! I liked Jordan's dentist and Damien's judge the best. I know people are glad not to see Jo's ear gauges anymore (me, too, but I was more distracted by the blocky tattoo that goes from ear to ear under her chin), but I was sad that she went because she seemed like a nice, fun person. Not that Mel isn't!
  4. I hate Paulie C. with a passion, but Paul A. would be the thing that could actually make me quit The Challenge.
  5. Season 3 All Episodes Talk

    That was the midseason finale - the second half of the season starts airing August 14th.
  6. S02.E04: Champs vs. Stars: Face Off, Gloves On

    Yes. I love CT, but there is no point in continuing to harp on something that can't be changed. Make your point, make your peace, and be done with it.
  7. S13.E19: Funeralia

    I really agree. I thought the actress was maybe 10 years older than me, so to find out that she's almost two years younger than me is shocking. Maybe I just internalized her being Crowley's mother, plus her hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Geez.
  8. Tony was the MVP, so he got to pick who on his team went in. There might have been a conversation with the team about who he was going to pick, but they didn't show it (that I recall), which made Tony's surprise that Casper was mad about it seem weird.
  9. S31.E16: Finale Part 2

    Reunion Brad was way more enjoyable than Show Brad. He put himself in time-out! I often have issues with Cara Maria, but I ended up being really happy that she won. I think she certainly can be entitled, but no more than most of the guys (shut UP, Jordan), and I thought it was shitty of the Miz to pile on when everyone else was already on the attack. I still don't like Shane, but I did find his explanation about the Natalie situation really funny. "What I meant to say was that you're not as devious as you think you are, but what I actually said was that you're stupid and nobody likes you." (paraphrased)
  10. S04.E12: Singles Week

    I love Alexis SO MUCH. She has come a long way since the start of the show. I was really afraid they were going to leave the Ted situation up in the air, so glad they didn't! The reveal that Jocelyn was driving the car with Moira in the back seat was hilarious, but WHY did they bring Mutt back last week if he's not going to be any help to his mother? I didn't love the David and Ted scene or the David and Patrick scenes as much as I could have, because I was distracted by Dan Levy's constant nervous smile, but I DID snort-laugh when he ate the dog treat and huffed out, "What am I supposed to do now?" (or whatever it was).
  11. S02.E11: AKA Three Lives and Counting

    Wow, they have really gone all out on making Trish an unsympathetic character this season. I get that it is a combination of her crappy childhood and her addiction issues and her inferiority issues, but geez. She's fully in "ends justify the means" territory, and I hate that she's probably going to wind up with powers. They're setting Jessica up to have to choose between Alisa and Trish, and neither of them deserve her right now.
  12. S02.E10: AKA Pork Chop

    Not that Jeri has done a lot to earn anyone's sympathy, but that was a cold, calculated move on Inez's part. (When Jeri first met Shane in the prison, I was yelling at the TV for her to just scratch herself across the back of the hand and test Shane's healing powers that way, but I didn't actually think he was a fraud until the doctor guy said he'd never heard of him.)
  13. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    Why is MTV not showing us more of the Leroy and Kam show? The brief interaction we got between them in this episode was cute and made both of them WAY more interesting to me. Maybe now that the drama factories of Bananas/Natalie and Brad/Britni have been split up, some of the more low-key friendships can get some airtime. I just love Laurel, the maladjusted killbot weirdo. I love that TJ didn't even pretend Britni had a chance against her, and that Britni was so whiny about the whole thing. I don't know what happened between Laurel and Nicole, but their weird little conversation made it sound like it was Nicole's fault. (Related: "If you really loved me, you would have fought harder," is bullshit code for "If you really loved me, you would be able to get over my crappy behaviour.") Team Laurel!
  14. S04.E07: The Barbecue

    I really love David and Patrick (together and as individuals), but I can see this. I found it weird that David would view it as SUCH a betrayal that Patrick wouldn't have told him about an engagement that ended before David and Patrick even met. Maybe they were going for the betrayal being about the fact that his ex was still texting him, but it seemed to me like they made it clear that Patrick wasn't interested in Rachel anymore and had not been leading her on. Maybe my betrayal threshold is just set really high, IDK. Was there something in a previous episode (the one where they borrowed Stevie's apartment for the night) where David asked about Patrick's previous relationships and Patrick either brushed it off or said they'd talk about it later? I feel like there might have been but can't remember. In any case, David is our main character (of the two) and he's clearly an oddball with an unfortunate relationship history, so I don't mind seeing Patrick adore him, but I would also like to see some evidence of the reverse - David doing sweet things for Patrick would be really cute, and I'm sure David's definition of "sweet things" would be amusing.
  15. S01.E10: We Were Merely Freshmen

    I really liked this show, I thought it was very well done. I graduated high school in 1996, and didn't feel hit over the head by the 90s references. I ended up liking most of the characters by the end, but I especially got attached to Luke, Kate's dad, and Tyler (someone give that kid a hug!). I feel like I'm alone in not loving the Kate/Emaline relationship? It was definitely cute, and I liked the turnaround from Emaline being so terrible in the beginning, but I also feel like they were really foreshadowing some issues with Emaline. Her complete transformation from Oliver's girlfriend to Kate's girlfriend (different hair, different clothes, matching nose piercings) struck me as more obsessive than sweet, if also suuuuuper true to the high school experience. Me, too! I had to look up to see if they were siblings (they aren't). Tyler also reminds me of someone, but I'm not sure who. (Maybe a young Max Perlich?)