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  1. S02.E05: Pastry Week

    Megan's from Alberta, not Saskatchewan, but I otherwise agree with this sentiment. It did make me laugh when Rochelle said something like, "Don't listen to Grammy," and Megan's reply was "She's so cute, though." I have found Rochelle to be kind of harsh this season, but she was much kinder this episode. Seeing that Megan was upset about her slab pie and reassuring her that the filling was good was a nice thing for her to do. Mengling! Don't cut corners with your showstopper! I'm glad she did so well in the first two challenges. I was pretty sure that Devon would leave, but I don't like to worry. I don't understand what is happening with Julia's styling this season. Maybe her unusual eye shadow choices look really good in person, and nobody thought to test them on camera?
  2. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I am generally a fan of Phoebe, but The One Where They All Turn 30 was on last night, and I ran into a huge suspension of disbelief problem. So Phoebe had never seen her birth certificate, fair enough. But she didn't know her own age OR her middle name? I know she was young when her mom died, but like... early-teens-young, not toddler-young, right?
  3. S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    So dumb. Sooooo dumb. Trivia next week should be fun. I think Kyle has finally tipped over the line for me where his funny talking heads are no longer enough to overlook his otherwise obnoxious behaviour. I'm pulling for #CaraMarie, but I feel like having Cara and Paulie in the same house will make me hate Cara again real quick. Speaking of Paulie, I had to roll my eyes when he was boasting about sacrificing his body for the elimination while Natalie was bleeding from everywhere. I guess Natalie didn't really have a choice about it, whereas Paulie could have stopped spinning Brad around, but come on. I did not expect to end up being so fond of Jozea and Da'vonne.
  4. S02.E04: International Week

    Oh, Sadiya. I was so sad to see her go, but I couldn't justify them sending anyone else home. That leaves me rooting 100% for Mengling, because I just can't warm up to any of the other bakers for some reason. I might get there eventually with Devon, if he lasts that long. The mochi technical looked cool, and appropriately difficult (even if there wasn't any actual baking). I'm not a fan of red bean paste, so I don't want to eat them, but they were fun to look at. None of the signature hand pies appealed to (vegetarian) me. I couldn't imagine what S-cookie tastes like, but the showstopper sculptures were fun. Mengling's bees were really cute. Megan deserved Star Baker, hers was really impressive.
  5. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Someone said that in a previous episode where the Lavender Ladies were ganging up on Cara Maria, Joss dumped a bucket of water on Cara's head, which also wasn't shown. I don't get all the Joss love, tbh. Even after this episode, he's still my least favourite half of the Sylvia/Joss team. He doesn't sound like a nice person, what they show of him is boring, and I personally don't find him very attractive. Kyle is a dick, but at least he's funny.
  6. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Same. I don't understand why she didn't even get a reprimand for that. ESPECIALLY since they kept putting it in previews like it was a big deal. That was some seriously oblivious hypocrisy from Ashley when she was talking about how Marie should just accept that she was going into elimination and not get upset. Because Ashley never, ever loses her mind over being put into elimination. At least Marie didn't threaten to quit, Ashley. There is nothing that will make me root for Bananas (or Tony, really). I would still be rooting for Nelson and Shane (I know), except that I also want Marie and Cara to win the elimination. What I actually want is a twist that mixes up the partners so that there might be a chance of at least one team not containing someone I hate. Ugh.
  7. S02.E03: Bread Week

    Oh, those sandwich cakes. The idea of them is so terrible to me. Mengling made me laugh so hard with her, "I'm frosting my abomination!" remark. That eyeshadow on Julia (it looked bright yellow on my TV) was also so bad, and I didn't like what they did to her hair this week, either. Happy for Sadiya to win Star Baker. She and Mengling are still the only two that I really like, so far.
  8. S32.E13: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

    Ugh, I hate everyone. They're all terrible. Shut UP, Devin. And Amanda. And Zach. And Bananas. I don't know who to root for, so I think I'm going to go Shane and Nelson? But I don't want to? If I were Da'vonne and Amanda, I would have made someone from production shake off that last medallion to prove that it actually would come loose. It was the same one for both of them that was the problem, and it seemed (to me) like some of the other ones came off a lot easier. I know that weight had a lot to do with it, but Amanda got that red one to spin around an awful lot and it still didn't come off. Are we all expecting to get round 3 of Natalie/Paulie vs. Da'vonne/Jozea in the next comp to come back from Redemption House? My main take away from this episode is that Cory's baby is ADORABLE.
  9. S03.E11: Daddy Lessons / S03.E12: War Paint

    Well, that was all very confusing. I missed what happened to the revenants when Bulshar broke the curse or whatever - did they all die? Was that explained at all? I am here for Wynonna being the girl with the big-ass flaming sword, but I don't understand why she couldn't get onto the stairs or why Doc could. I know "show, don't tell" is important, but I could have used a bit more exposition. Less time on unfortunate-looking angel wings, more time explaining what was happening. Hope that is for real the end of Bobo this time - I have always found that character so tiresome. Love Mercedes. Love Nedley. Why were they talking about everyone in the town having disappeared? Didn't they evacuate them all in the previous episode?
  10. It made me laugh, because I had just come back from the kitchen with digestive biscuits when they announced the technical. Mengling is still my favourite, and Sadiya cracks me up. The signature made me feel like I would not like to make bars, as the potential for messy disaster seems high.
  11. S32.E12: Unhappy Days

    I liked this episode! I'm always up for things not working out the way Bananas wants them to, and I don't have the visceral hatred for Shane that a lot of people do, so I'm just as happy to see him and Nelson win, especially since Kyle and Brad were such sore losers about it all. I wish Amanda wasn't on the winning team in the challenge, though. She is the worst. Well, tied for the worst with Hunter, who always comes through with proof that he's an even worse person than Ashley. My guess would be that it's because if the guys outnumbered the girls in a head-to-head combat style elimination, they'd be worried about the optics of, say, someone like Zach accidentally (or not) flattening someone like Marie. Or Brad giving Sylvia a concussion, or whatever.
  12. I don't follow his career either, and haven't read any interviews with him, but the Slate article that was linked says:
  13. S03.E10: The Other Woman

    So is Jeremy less human than Doc-the-vampire? Maeve is super annoying, but Doc's evil giggle was pretty funny.
  14. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    Kaycee is my favourite, and I really hope she can pull out another veto win. I don't think she would vote Tyler out, but I wish she would, because I think she's got a better shot at beating Angela, because the jury members do not like Angela.
  15. S02.E01: Cake Week

    Helpful link with contestant names/photos until we get used to them: Meet the bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 2 I also thought Timothy probably should have gone instead of Tim, but Tim really did have a bad weekend. I think I heard one of the judges say his showstopper cake was raw. I found many of the contestants to be kind of... a lot, but I know I will be fond of them all in a couple of weeks. Devon, Megan, and Sachin are the ones I find particularly annoying right now. Megan's cake was really impressive, though. I love Mengling, she's so cute.