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  1. I saw it! At the final panel when the judges were praising the Tin Jester, they had a shot of Damien getting a fist bump from the person in front of him (who I think was Graham). That moment definitely contributed to my feeling that the Tin Jester was largely Damien's.
  2. I know they usually (always?) have help on the final challenge, but what's bothering me about this finale is that I don't have a sense of what Matt put into the winning makeups. Jordan's grasshopper was clearly Jordan, and Walter can take the blame for the gingerbread mess, but I'm not sure what was Matt's. Most of what they showed of the Tin Jester (the judge's favourite) appeared to have been done by Damien - I'm sure that it was Matt's vision, but I don't feel like they showed that. Maybe they did and I tuned it out. I just felt like the teams were more overwhelming than usual, which is maybe just because I'm usually more invested in the finale, and it was hard to be this time when it was obvious that Matt would win. But I really felt like the teams influenced the outcome (Matt had far and away the strongest, Walter had the weakest and they dragged him down) more than usual, and Matt's team did so much good work - it just seemed like a shame that it was a solo win for Matt, when I don't know what Matt actually did. Other than lead, which I guess is important. (Again: I don't even dislike Matt!) Also, I really hated the Lollipop Fairy's face and don't understand why everyone praised it. I didn't like Walter's frosting Alice, either. Sorry, Walter.
  3. S03.E08: Biscuits

    Hahaha, harsh. :D
  4. S03.E08: Biscuits

    That's why you put chocolate on them :) (Also, I am Canadian - are digestive biscuits really something that Americans don't have?)
  5. S03.E03: Colder Weather

    I feel like they're probably going to play with her tempting Doc into a new kind of immortality - didn't she say in the first episode that the vampires wanted him to join them? (I might be remembering that wrong.)
  6. So Walter doesn't want to do a gingerbread man because there have already been two other gingerbread men this season... so he decides he wants to do a rabbit and draws a sketch that looks exactly like the creepy bunny HE HIMSELF already made this season. Glad the director put the kibosh on that, because one terrifying rabbit was quite enough for me. That Ginger General was... not good. I do feel bad that everything went so terribly wrong for him, but I'm sure he will come from behind to watch Matt win no matter what happens.. I'm annoyed that Damien is on Matt's team, because now I feel like I have to root for Matt a bit. I liked Jordan's characters the best, though, especially the grasshopper. Which is a mask, yes, but I think the fox will be able to move his face, at least?
  7. S03.E02: When You Call My Name 2018.07.27

    Yes, that's what I meant. I think the kids are saying "throuple" now?
  8. S03.E07: Sweet Dough

    I don't remember Paul saying anything, but I think Mary said she actually thought they were too much, or something along those lines. I was distracted for a good portion of the episode trying to get a good look at Cathryn's sweater to see if it was hand-knit (I think so, and very pretty).
  9. S03.E02: When You Call My Name 2018.07.27

    (Full disclosure: I'm white.) I really love Doc/Wynonna, but I also liked Dolls and Wynonna, and ALSO think that Dolls and Doc together have had some of the best chemistry. (What I'm saying is that I was hoping for a Dolls/Wynonna/Doc endgame, even though I knew I was never going to get it.) However, I don't need the romance angle to feel attached to a story/show or to the characters. There are SO MANY things that they could have done with Dolls besides hooking him up with Wynonna (if they had decided not to go that route). Hell, they set a few of them up in this episode. I was NOT expecting Dolls to be killed off, and was extremely dismayed when I realized that was what we were getting. I'm not great at picking up subtext, so I didn't catch any of the foreshadowing anvils, and only understood Dolls was a goner at the same time Wynonna did. I saw the promo stuff about "changing the team forever" but for some reason I assumed that meant that one of the team would go evil - it never occurred to me that someone would be killed off. a) WTF. b) If you're going to kill off a main character, give him a proper send-off! Make him the focus of the episode so that people remember that they love him before you yank him away from them. (I re-watched S1 recently, but S2 isn't on Canadian Netflix yet so I haven't seen it since I watched it live last summer/fall.) I mean, even I might have picked up on the impending exit if there had been more of Dolls in the episode, which I guess would ruin the shock factor, but come on. c) I feel like everyone working in TV/movies at this point should at least be aware of what the perception will be if you kill off your only POC lead. If you have to write that character off of your show (in this case, for the valid reason that the actor is leaving to pursue other opportunities), then you need to really carefully consider whether the character actually needs to be killed off instead of another type of exit. Dolls' death wasn't the sort of gut punch to me that it sounds like it was for some of you, but I still winced at the implications. I will continue to watch the show, because I love it and I love the remaining characters, but I'm disappointed that Dolls is gone, and I'm disappointed in the way he went.
  10. S20.E14: Live Eviction #4. Head of Household #5

    Huh, I assumed he did it to save Tyler in case Kaitlyn came back (b/c she would believe Tyler was the lone vote to save her). Why JC would do that when it doesn't benefit him, I don't know, but people seem to do stuff like that for Tyler.
  11. S08.E03: Bread Week

    Same (except I'm watching in Canada), If I knew for sure that this season would show up on PBS at some point, I could quit watching this hollowed-out version, but I don't, so I can't. So far, I'm pulling for the girls, I think. I like Julia a lot, and Yan, and Kate. Oh, and Sophie. I keep getting Stacey on this series confused with Danny from the series currently running on PBS. For the guys, I think I like Tom best. And also Noel, but he doesn't count. :)
  12. S13.E08: Immortals Interupted 2018.07.24

    I fell asleep a little bit during the judging, but meh. I will be shocked if anyone other than Matt wins the finale, and that lack of tension is boring. I don't even dislike Matt! Some of his THs are funny, and he seems as competent as anyone. But he doesn't seem like the brilliant artistry wizard that Glenn wants us to believe he is. Maybe the finished pieces look really different in person. Maybe my taste level is just not up to the judge's standards. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In any case, I'm pulling for Jordan. I think Walter is super talented, but I have a hard time liking him for some reason.
  13. S13.E07: Maritime Monsters 2018.07.17

    Walter definitely should have beaten Matt in that match-up. I didn't like Matt's at ALL, and I think on a normal season any other contestant would have gotten a comment from the judges about the anatomy being "arbitrary". Jordan's was good, and his model did a lot to sell it in the tank. Very creepy. If Damien had gotten to finish his paint job and if it had... not fallen apart, I think it could have been good. I liked his sculpt, anyway. Mel's was unfortunate, and I can't remember Derek's at all.
  14. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. This bugs me so much. Just because someone is a waitress in one place does not mean they are a waitress at any other establishment they happen to enter.
  15. S13.E06: Divine Dryads 2018.07.10

    Kevon and Graham.