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  1. S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    Hunter and Ashley were the team I least wanted to win, but if they had to, Ashley taking all the money is the only acceptable outcome for me. Ashley is a nightmare human, but I haaaaaaaaaaaate Hunter and always have. And yeah, she probably would have taken it all even if he hadn't been a roided up jerk to her all season (and in multiple previous seasons), but he was, so. I had to laugh at Hunter displaying his Christian spirit by screaming that Ashley will burn in hell. (Did he also say that God hates her? I can't remember.) My dream scenario is that Ashley takes her million and retires, and that Hunter feels so betrayed by MTV that he pulls a Sarah and never returns. (Except that I like Sarah and wish she would return.) I feel bad for Marie, but Cara Maria got what she earned. She's kind of the worst. I'm just glad that they announced the results right away and didn't make us sit through a two-part reunion.
  2. S32.E19: The Walking Dead

    Ugh, I hate the format they've been using for trivia the past few seasons. If you lose, it should be because you don't know the answer, not because another alliance is working against you. I hate Paulie, but he has been an excellent partner. I don't know how he would do with a more confident teammate who wouldn't abdicate as much control to him, but I think he's been great with Natalie. He, Marie, and Kam would be my votes for best partner.
  3. Media Things

    Me, either! I googled it. ;)
  4. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    I think there were 11 beams - they had to get 10 to know for sure they had them all right. So after 9 they were still nervous, but when the 10th one lit up they all jumped up screaming and there was no drama over the 11th one, which lit up right after the 10th. That's how it looked to me, anyway.
  5. Media Things

    Stranger Things Day is November 6th because that's the date Will Byers disappeared on in 1983.
  6. S14.E04: Mint Condition

    I loved this one. Happy geek Dean is my favourite Dean. I have no idea why Dean's idea of insurance agent involved that suit, but he looked good, so whatever. I was more distracted by Sam's pocket protector. Agree that Sam's Halloween secret was lame, but for a brief second I was afraid it was going to be that Dean hooked up with Sam's 6th grade crush, so the actual secret was kind of a relief. Loved Dean's list of matching costumes he and Sam could wear. The Thelma and Louise suggestion seemed a little close to the bone, but still good. I freely admit that I don't care at all about the Michael plot (I like my Dean to be Dean), and did not miss anyone who wasn't in this episode. I would miss Cas eventually, but the rest of them could head off into the sunset and I would be perfectly happy with that.
  7. S03.E07: A Fractured Inheritance

    Partly that, partly that Leslie Grossman is only 9 years older than Kristen Bell. I was initially surprised that they didn't attempt to age Leslie up even a little, but I got over it pretty quickly.
  8. S32.E17: Scandal

    In this specific situation, they went by how far across the spinning thing each team got their flag, and it was obvious that both Cara and Joss got farther across than Nelson. (Now, whether the producers made up their minds about using distance instead of time after they saw how each team did is another story.)
  9. S02.E06: Chocolate Week

    I think the final three will probably be Megan, Andrei, and Sachin, but there is an outside chance that Mengling could make it in if Sachin has an off day. I would guess Megan or Andrei for the ultimate win - probably Megan? Mengling is still my favourite, but I've mostly come around to liking Megan and Sachin pretty well. I want to like Andrei, but I have no sense of him other than someone who thinks highly of his own baking skills (as he obviously should, but I need additional information).
  10. S04.E12: Singles Week

    The Christmas episode hasn't aired yet - I think it's set to air sometime in December, and presumably Netflix US will get it sometime after that.
  11. S02.E05: Pastry Week

    I was googling "Is Julia Chan pregnant" by the end of the opening segment! (Google was not helpful.) I don't remember them all (I'm surprised every time Sachin mentions Halifax), but Megan being from Alberta stuck in my head for some reason. I can see how Saskatoon berries would throw you off - it's a very specific name for something that grows across most of Canada and into the States. :D
  12. S02.E05: Pastry Week

    Megan's from Alberta, not Saskatchewan, but I otherwise agree with this sentiment. It did make me laugh when Rochelle said something like, "Don't listen to Grammy," and Megan's reply was "She's so cute, though." I have found Rochelle to be kind of harsh this season, but she was much kinder this episode. Seeing that Megan was upset about her slab pie and reassuring her that the filling was good was a nice thing for her to do. Mengling! Don't cut corners with your showstopper! I'm glad she did so well in the first two challenges. I was pretty sure that Devon would leave, but I don't like to worry. I don't understand what is happening with Julia's styling this season. Maybe her unusual eye shadow choices look really good in person, and nobody thought to test them on camera?
  13. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I am generally a fan of Phoebe, but The One Where They All Turn 30 was on last night, and I ran into a huge suspension of disbelief problem. So Phoebe had never seen her birth certificate, fair enough. But she didn't know her own age OR her middle name? I know she was young when her mom died, but like... early-teens-young, not toddler-young, right?
  14. S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    So dumb. Sooooo dumb. Trivia next week should be fun. I think Kyle has finally tipped over the line for me where his funny talking heads are no longer enough to overlook his otherwise obnoxious behaviour. I'm pulling for #CaraMarie, but I feel like having Cara and Paulie in the same house will make me hate Cara again real quick. Speaking of Paulie, I had to roll my eyes when he was boasting about sacrificing his body for the elimination while Natalie was bleeding from everywhere. I guess Natalie didn't really have a choice about it, whereas Paulie could have stopped spinning Brad around, but come on. I did not expect to end up being so fond of Jozea and Da'vonne.
  15. S02.E04: International Week

    Oh, Sadiya. I was so sad to see her go, but I couldn't justify them sending anyone else home. That leaves me rooting 100% for Mengling, because I just can't warm up to any of the other bakers for some reason. I might get there eventually with Devon, if he lasts that long. The mochi technical looked cool, and appropriately difficult (even if there wasn't any actual baking). I'm not a fan of red bean paste, so I don't want to eat them, but they were fun to look at. None of the signature hand pies appealed to (vegetarian) me. I couldn't imagine what S-cookie tastes like, but the showstopper sculptures were fun. Mengling's bees were really cute. Megan deserved Star Baker, hers was really impressive.