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  1. The Masked Singer

    I want to like this show but echo everyone's disgust with the problematic judging. Please write some jokes for them in advance and mute their inanity during the singing. I can fast-forward through brainless comments at the end but not while they repeat the clues to each other and make stupid guesses in the middle of the performances.
  2. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Haven't you heard? The list of what pregnant women can't eat, drink, touch, breath, or do is extensive. They need to pretty much exist in a bubble for nine months, including going back in time to live clean during the 3-4 week period before they knew they were pregnant. They're also required to join a couple of mommy blogs. For life in general, be sure to eat organic food, green drinks, and filtered or bottled water, buy only organic clothing and responsibly sourced products of all kinds, follow intermittent fasting, use hand sanitizers, clean your dog's paws after walks, wear UV blocking sunglasses, douche, and do everything recommended on Goop including anal bleaching.
  3. Smoke coming out of my ears. I needed to go for a walk, sit on a bench and watch the swans for a bit after reading that. From the article: The Detroit Metro Times highlighted Engler’s comment today, noting that when he was governor “Engler fought hard against a lawsuit brought by dozens of female inmates who had been raped by state corrections officers. Despite Engler’s efforts, it ended in what at the time was the largest payout in state history.”
  4. I like to think so, too. The article from the local Berkeley paper linked above said that Ellen also had the same photo in her belongings, so she also cared enough to save it. (Salvatore had other children with two different women, so something of a player there.) It was also a huge coincidence that Marjorie was adopted in New York but ended up living as an adult in the Berkeley area where her parents had met and where her Italian relatives still live.
  5. Gratefulness and Smiles

    So the handle on my master bath toilet started getting loose and was finally just dangling. I tried to tighten the plastic nut on the inside of the tank to no avail. Called two plumbers but they didn't have non-emergency appointments available for more than a week. Yes, I could walk across the house to use the guest bath and yes, I could leave the tank lid off and manually pull up the flapper, but what am I, an animal? I drove the 4 minutes to Ace and the person doing the welcoming directed me to the correct aisle. There were probably 10 different types of handle/lever assemblies at various price points and materials. I was pondering the mysteries of plumbing when the helpful hardware man came to find me and see if I needed help. As it turns out, yes. He explained the difference between front and side mounts vs universal, etc. I told him I wasn't able to tighten the nut on the handle; it just kept spinning. He said, "You know, that turns counter clockwise." MIND BLOWN! Thanks, Ace. You lost a $7 sale but saved me an $90 service call from the plumber.
  6. Pet Peeves

    Ha! Removed it so I'd have something to wear if by chance I need to leave the house. The closet has tile flooring but I'd still rather not use bug spray in there. The smell lingers, for one thing. The Raid is a last resort if I can't reach them with a swatter. I assume this particular numskull crawled into one of my shoes or the clothes hamper. Shudder. I never use the my third bathroom and leave it empty and closed off. Went in last week to do my twice-yearly wipe down, saw at least 4 dead roaches on the floor, screamed, slammed the door, and called my sister to come sweep them up. The phobia is real, dog.
  7. Pet Peeves

    I'll get a sore mouth if I eat too much pineapple, but that's about it. Right now I'm sneezing and thinking I'd happily trade my weed and pollen allergies for something food-related. Dairy would be the hardest to forego, but it'd be worth it to lose the chronic congestion, bleary eyes, and post nasal drip that wakes me up at night from coughing. So, cockroaches. I'm phobic to start with and living in Florida doesn't help. I have one trapped in my walk-in closet now. I saw it scuttling yesterday but it roached under something when I ran to get the Raid and swatter. I took out a pull-on knit dress, shut the door and stuffed toweling in the gap at the bottom. The Internet tells me roaches can only live maybe three days without water, but I'm giving it a week. Or two. It's not like I don't pay for quarterly pest control!
  8. Million Dollar Listing LA

    The only thing I care about is getting an update on the listing that James (purportedly, theatrically) turned down because the seller wanted $3-4M more than James thought it was worth. (I'm doomed, of course, to disappointment unless someone here chases down which house it is.)
  9. I'm falling in love with Trinity and Manila this season. I don't really follow or know much about the queens outside the show, but those two never made a big an impression on me before. Not sure why, because Manila especially is enchanting to watch.
  10. Season 4 Discussion

    Has begun airing in the U.K. Episode 4.1: Sidney Chambers attends a talk by the Reverend Nathaniel Todd, a key part of the Civil Rights movement in America. During the event, protestors disrupt Todd's speech and release fireworks, causing the audience to panic and leading to a crush as dozens of people try to escape through a locked door. In the chaos, a man is stabbed and killed by an unseen assailant. The murder sees racial tensions spike and Geordie is called in to investigate. I haven't seen anything about a U.S. premiere date on PBS yet.
  11. From that sentence, I had to look up: FIFA, Toronto FC, and ChuBoi. Then EA and Twitch Streamer from trying to figure out exactly what it is ChuBoi does. Browsing his You Tube channel made it slightly worse. But Trevor looks pleased and we know how much he loves soccer. Still unclear why Toronto would be one of his favored teams.
  12. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    What did everyone think of the Hendersons? They seem nice and all, but I prefer more animals and less humans. All the couch interviews and family joshing isn't what I want from my vet shows. I trust you all to let me know if it gets better/settles down. :-)
  13. Pet Peeves

    Those bundle offers are the worst. Jeez. Today I lost the war with my new primary care doctor after trying to take charge of my own health decisions. I explained my history and why I didn't want to take a certain medication he was pushing, and he said he'd have to discharge me as a patient. I absolutely understand his viewpoint but it's disheartening. My previous PCP didn't love it but was at least understanding and willing to work with me (I left her practice because of chronic 45+ minute waits and incompetent staff). Doubling up for peeve #2: My health insurance told the new doctor that they couldn't approve me because I wasn't a member. After 23 minutes on the phone and being transferred three times, the doctor's receptionist finally got someone at United Healthcare to admit that yes, I actually was a member. That person couldn't understand what the problem was; my account was clearly there.
  14. Million Dollar Listing LA

    My favorite bit was Flagg losing his car keys and having Bobby taxi over another set, and his trip to the dog park. And yes please, pick up after that huge Rhodesian. I don't know if that was Flagg's poodle or not, but I like to imagine so. His assistant was so ... wan when he left her to watch the open house. In fact, a lot of the assistants on real estate and design shows come off as pretty vapid. I enjoy Tracy on the show. Her hair looks good shorter and without extensions. The person who bugged me last night was the man running the estate sale, with his tacky t-shirt. I wouldn't have minded a neat polo with a business logo, but he looked like a slob off the street. Even limited to 15 people at a time, there were still a lot of small items out on display that could be stuffed into a pocket or purse. Bobby buying a potted plant was pretty extra. As far as the actual real estate goes, I felt bad for James and David when their seller, as usual, wouldn't budge on the price. Yes, people buying in that price range probably can come up another $500K or so, but the same could be said for sellers of multi-million dollar properties. I didn't see how the house being burgled would make them take it off the market. If anything, it would increase my desire to move.
  15. Mythbusters Jr.

    Adam Savage mentors six whiz kids in the art of mythbusting. Ten episodes airing Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern on Science. Valerie Castillo: This 15-year-old from Lancaster, CA, is a skilled builder and robotics wiz, who is also experienced in CAD drawing and 3D printing. In 2017 Valerie was the team leader of her school’s robotics team that won the state championship, qualifying them to go to the World’s VEX Robotics competition. Valerie and her partner recently won 1st place in their school’s science fair, which later won 2nd place district wide. Elijah Horland: The 12-year-old from Brooklyn is a self-taught maker, programmer & circuit wiz. At 9 years-old, he started building PCs and “Franken-Mac” computers; at 10 years old, he took his first microcontroller and was blinking LEDs in one night, soldering his first circuit boards by the end of the same week. By 11 he was featured in “Make” for his early-model “min-tin” sized video game system, now a staple of maker culture. Cannan Huey-You: A 12-year-old with a background in coding, robotics and motion physics, Cannan will be entering his second year of college in the fall at Texas Christian University where he’s a double major in Physics & Astronomy and Engineering. His dream is to be an astronaut and perhaps be one of the first humans to walk on Mars. Jesse Lawless: This Slidell, Louisiana 15-year-old has been around cars in his dad’s custom hot rod shop since he was a baby. After building a mini chopper by himself at the age of 12, he entered a car show and won 1st place. From fixing up jacked up 4x4s to building scooters, to modifying radio controlled cars, Jesse knows his way around a vehicle. He is also skilled at drawing, crafting and building models. Rachel Pizzolato: The 14-year-old from Metairie, Louisiana is a builder who has been involved with remodeling houses with her father since a young age. Rachel was a 2016 and 2017 Broadcom MASTERS Top 30 Finalist. In 2017 she was awarded the Duke TIP challenge certificate and presented her current project to the 2017 American Geophysical Union at Bright Stars, a forum that hosted over 20,000 earth and space scientists from around the world. Allie Weber: The South Dakota 13-year-old is a multiple award-winning, patent pending inventor, builder, and maker. An advocate for STEAM, in 2017 Allie was recognized as one of the 21 under 21 girls who are changing the world by Teen Vogue magazine and was also recognized by 3M as one of the top 10 young scientists in the country. In 2016 Allie won the Global Spark Lab Invent-It-Challenge with a frostbite warning system. Also featured in MythBusters Jr. are builders Tamara Robertson, whose talents have been seen in MythBusters: The Search and SciJinks, and Jon Marcu, who has worked on a number of television and film productions. MythBusters Jr. is being produced for Science Channel by Beyond Productions. John Luscombe and John Tessier are executive producers for Beyond. Wyatt Channell serves as executive producer for Science Channel.