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  1. S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    Do you think it was fixable by adding some outlining/shading? I tend to be more forgiving of faults that can be easily remedied with a little time and care.
  2. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I'm always wary of (possibly malign) parental influence when that happens. In this case, if Pitt had a history of being some sort of drunken lout to his children, I believe Jolie would have left long before this one inciting incident. Maddox may, on his own, have chosen to "take his mother's side" but come one. There shouldn't even be sides for kids to take.
  3. Ah, thanks. Shame on me for fake news! ;-)
  4. I agree that the lack of flashbacks for Richard and Sawyer was odd. They were pretty much ciphers for most of the show and all I saw on the island was a couple of mean girls. When they were getting all introspective and regretful about their behavior towards Matt, I hope they also included the cold way they treated Eric when he came to their camp. Matt going back to race car driving? Pfft. For one thing, he made it sound like his body was completely broken down, not to mention how much we heard about his guilt for putting his parents in financial jeopardy. Were we supposed to be uplifted and applaud him for continuing his "dream"?
  5. Tremendous weight loss, Robbie! Amazing! I wonder if the planned end point of the show always was when all the people finally came together. And played Go Fish. It was really nice that Robbie and Kenzi had the tradition of walking out to the pier and watching the sunset every day. Me neither. How much of Terry's leftover stash did Sawyer and Richard eat before they joined the others? Can't wait until next season! [sarcasm]
  6. Maggot noodle ramen. I couldn't watch Kenzi eat that. There are no "winners" but I'm curious to see if anyone else leaves in the last episode before the copters come, and what Sawyer and Richard will think of Terry when they meet. Will they be respectful of her remaining rations the way they expected Matt to be of theirs? Although I'm sure she'll share freely. I pretty much dislike what we've seen of every one of them at home. So many existential crises, jeez.
  7. I'm fine with John Oliver winning, but he sure leapt out in front of the woman who went up with him and didn't bother introducing her.
  8. Rolling along nicely. I kind of miss the announcer who'd drop info about the winners while they walk up to the stage. Enjoying the huge video backdrop of the winner's photos as they give their acceptance speeches.
  9. Goodness, all that fluid gushing out of the tortoise when they put the tube down her. Poor thing. I was hoping to find out what had turned her white. I chuckled a little when Dr. T got scratched by the pig tusk, mostly because all the other staff was "yawn." Part of life when you work at a vet clinic!
  10. I watched a bit of the Weather Channel on Friday as the reporter stood in a park and mentioned how trees and tree limbs had fallen. She walked over to a maybe 3" diameter branch on the ground as if we'd all be aghast. They also have a video up on their website with a reporter standing by a flooded dip in the road and talking about cars possibly being stranded or swept away after heavy rains. Meanwhile a truck approaches on the road and drives through. (Although the water was above the wheel wells and it was a stupid thing to do.) The Weather Channel should just devote a designated 10 minutes or so at the same time every hour to ongoing storm coverage. Trying to produce hours and hours of it every day is the gateway to stupidity.
  11. Can you maybe put a couple in your back-to-nature backyard? And take pictures? I already said the baby hippos in the [whichever] zoo show were the cutest, but I'm changing my pick to goats. Dr. Pol did one of his interstitial educational segments with two baby kids on his lap and he looked so content. They are noisy, though. Dr. Pol telling the story of how Tater was brought in to be euthanized but Pol looked in his eyes and just couldn't do it was sweet. Vets face those sorts of decisions so often and they can't save everyone. I felt for the new vet (Michelle, is it?) as she winced and groaned in sympathy with the mother goat's birth pains. Oof! The dog with the masseter disease was back to normal so quickly! Gotta love steroids.
  12. Pet Peeves

    I'll put this out there to spoil everyone's Sunday: growing up with a noisy sex mother in the next room.
  13. Heh. We're all learning. :-) Honestly, people in general need to keep their damned hands to themselves around strangers! Why is that so hard? The police these days are better about charging women who physically assault (slap, push, kick, etc.) their male partners. No matter how many romcoms say otherwise, it's not cute or acceptable for a wee little woman to hit a man, nor is it a compliment for them to grab a stranger's ass or surprise kiss them in bars.
  14. A lot of people can't afford to evacuate, are ill, don't have transportation, etc., but a lot who choose to stay don't even bother going to a shelter! Then stories like "More than 200 rescued in New Bern" make me think (uncharitably) about pre-storm warnings by government agencies that there will not be enough emergency personnel to rescue folks. Just stop making empty threats, already. We all know rescue efforts will be made.
  15. S11. E03. Right On Target

    Thanks for reminding me! Rigging up safety harnesses to stand on a scissor lift was a bit OTT, but the guys deciding to keep wearing them during judging was high comedy.