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  1. Me either. It was 24 hours ago! I think it was something with a natural waist and since she was blocky through her torso I thought her original idea of an A-line would have been better. An empire waist may also have suited her. Something like this, maybe. It was to be a simple backyard wedding.
  2. Central Florida. Currently 70 degrees and raining. Ten day forecast shows rain/thunderstorms every day and temps from 85-88. Summer so far has been a bit cooler than usual; this month's A/C bill was around $30 less than last year's. I always put my cloth bags on the belt at the grocery store (Publix). The cashier usually says thanks for bringing a bag. I've been cloth bagging it for 20+ years and have never had anyone roll their eyes at me or seem put out. The checkers at Walmart usually hook the straps of my bag onto the prongs of their circular thingie. I don't have cold bags but am often asked if I want freezer items to go in a particular bag. I'm not that picky -- my bagging on self checkout is pretty haphazard.
  3. We have three separate trash pickups -- household garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings. The latter must be put in a large recyclable paper bag, long branches tied up, etc. No dirt. Mr. X posted on our online community discussion board that the yard waste guy had picked through all the bags in his neighborhood and left any that had dirt in them. Mr. X was incensed about this, saying it was impossible to edge around the lawn sprinklers without cutting away some grass and dirt clods in the process. He said the bag was maybe 10% dirt. That's all! Let's see, Mr. X. Mutiply your 2 lbs of dirt by that amount from the other houses in your neighborhood, then your village, then the other 40K homes in the community. Yard trimmings go to an incinerator and any dirt has to be cleaned out after burning. Put your stupid clods in with the regular household garbage! That's picked up twice a week and goes to the landfill. TL;DR. People being angry when they're clearly in the wrong.
  4. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    It seems like a lot of articles/editorials skim by the "Nation of Islam" part of her tweet. She wants me to believe that she plucked that reference out of thin air? That she doesn't realize NOI is an African-American religious and political organization? The intent was not only to malign Jarrett, but to allude, between the lines, to the alt right lies about Obama being a Muslim.
  5. The brides were fine but both entourages were super annoying this week. Competitive brothers can bite me, turning their sister's appointment into a sporting event, and the less said about petulant daughter Natalie the better. It finally occurred to me that the show has cut the "fitting appointment" segment. The brides weren't any more or less obnoxious than the rest of what I sit through, and it was at least an opportunity to see another bride and judge how her dress looked on her.
  6. I fell in love with Cappuccino The Beautiful. Such a loving and calm nature, too. Owners think they're doing their cats a favor and being nice by letting them outside to roam and indulge in prey behavior, but somehow they don't recognize the danger. "I love this animal so much! Now go play in the street at night."
  7. I hope that poor horse was feeling better after getting the "up your nose with a rubber hose" treatment. That always looks brutal and I know how much I dislike having it done to me. Made me laugh that Dr. Emily saved the fishing lure because it might be expensive. Frugal farmers and rural folks around there! Congratulations to Charles on his engagement.
  8. Pet Peeves

    Ice cube trays are the worst! I am not even exaggerating when I say that the two technological advances that mean the most to me personally are automatic ice cube makers and garage door openers. When I lived in rentals that didn't have ice cube makers, I'd schlep around bags of ice rather than deal with refilling trays. (I exclusively drink cold beverages so probably use more ice than most.) Minor peeve: People looking at me like I'm crazy when I say I don't drink coffee. From my perspective, the entire coffee culture and expense is what's wacky. Caffeine addiction is real, y'all!
  9. But you kept watching? ;-) You know it's going to be bad when the nurse gets out the basin instead of gauze to mop up. I was surprised it was so evenly white; usually these pockets of pus 'n stuff are yellowy to brown.
  10. Fun close encounters in Monaco, @Booney ! The Kirkland brand is still available at Costco at $9 for 400 tablets, so I consider it price gouging for Amazon sellers to be charging $100 for that amount. Humph. I don't live near a Costco and they won't send loperamide by mail, but luckily eBay sellers have no such compunctions. :-) Here's the other thing -- I probably have over 100 tablets left, but have a compulsion to restock supplies as soon as I start to use something. For example, I'll take a package of 12 toilet paper rolls out of the pantry to put in the bathroom cabinet and will reorder another package right away even though I won't need any more for a good 5-6 weeks. I also have to set the volume control on the TV to a multiple of five and close the window blinds with the slats down, never up. Ah, the small, reassuring patterns of daily life.
  11. The knee cyst -- I understand not liking doctors or not being able to afford health care, but I would have been poking needles into that thing and draining it myself over the years, especially since it was so painful. (But I've cut off warts before and taken a nail clipper to skin tags, which isn't normal either.) "I guess it will eventually kill her. Shrug." We knew there wasn't going to be an easy fix for that disease. Poor woman. It's shameful that she had seen doctors about it before and nobody helped. Or even offered steroid injections! God.
  12. S07.E03: Who Did I Marry?

    I was trying to remember the casting special and wedding. Dave didn't trot out his family togetherness that I remember (and certainly not the way Bobby did). It's not uncommon for people not to be that close with their families, but the way Dave avoided the subject came off as a bit sketchy. Danielle's parents seemed a lot more relaxed and normal in their post-wedding interviews. Being filmed on Facetime with their daughter for a (supposedly) unknown reason may have made them warier and more reserved than they usually are. Congratulations to them for taking the unprecedented step of getting on a plane, though! It was interesting that one of Bobby's first questions to Dr. Jessica was about Danielle's resting blank face. I'm guessing we'll see her repressed personality/low affect come into play again as a rock Bobby continues to crash against. (Not that I'm on his side in anything yet, but his expectations about relationships seem to lean towards constant coddling and praise.)
  13. Pet Peeves

    Twofer: Contacting customer support and getting different answers depending who you talk to. (Not to mention needing to contact them more than once.) Monthly subscription services that try to lock you in with autopay. I (tried) to give someone a food delivery gift card. The Hello Fresh card just plain didn't work. Tried the code, tried the link, kept getting an error message. I attempted to do it for her and it charged me again. Then my account wouldn't work. Called support and got everything cancelled. Started over with Blue Apron. That looked to be okay except it wouldn't let her use the gift card until she entered her own cc number, despite the site saying it wasn't required for gift cards. She understandably didn't want to do that. I contacted their customer support and cancelled them as well. Morning well spent!
  14. This was interesting. I tried to re-order my regular generic anti-diarrheal medicine from Amazon; it's $8.92 for 400 tablets. To my surprise, the price is now almost $100. What the hell? I rummaged around online and found out that the stuff is being abused in very high doses as a cheap opioid high and that the FDA has asked manufacturers to voluntarily reduce sales of bulk bottles. There are still 24 packs available but not the higher quantities. I won't buy blister packs anyway because it's too hard to get the tablets out. So those of us who take the recommend dose of 4 tablets a day for, you know, chronic diarrhea, are being punished. Jeez. Can you imagine taking 50+ anti-diarrheal tablets? Who even thought of such a thing? And never mind whatever high you get, what does it do to your poor bowels? I ended up finding bottles of 200 on eBay for $15 that seem to be of foreign manufacture, so that's settled. Also happened on cheap generic omeprazole (for heartburn), so silver lining.
  15. S05.E04: Colours

    Sara and Shaun talk about the frustrating arc of their characters this season in this video. Shaun thinks Joan and Morse should get together "at least for one night of passion." Heh. Getting the old leg over. It seems like the creators like the character of Joan, want to give Sara something to do, and may be interested in building the foundation of Morse's future romantic failures, but the whole storyline is pushing the limits of my interest as a viewer. Last season was so Joan-centric but where did it get us? One appearance of her per season would be enough for me at this point. (Not gonna happen.) I see Joan and Strange's easy familiarity as an indication of them being just casual acquaintances, specifically in contrast to Morse hiding his attraction behind stilted formality. I think if Strange and Joan do eventually start dating, it will only be in service of making Morse feel even more awkward and alone. Which I've had enough of, tbh. I liked seeing him momentarily happy and carefree, shirking his duties for once in order to make giggly picnic time with Claudine.