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  1. It bothers me when people use Weinstein as the yardstick of MeToo and his crimes as a way to downplay the movement as a whole: "Sure, Weinstein may be a rapist but [X] didn't do that. Witch hunt!" Not anybody here, I'm just tired of it in general.
  2. Queer Eye in the Media

    Queer Eye season 2 to drop June 15th!
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The busted jeans woman on our left didn't get the memo about black and white clothing. (Also not to try to dress like a teenager in ones 50s.)
  4. Cute video (if you like Kristen).
  5. They should just keep Carla and Clinton as hosts for the third hour.
  6. There are probably three options for Knox: he changes his mind and doesn't leave, he leaves but is unhappy and returns to NY after 1-2 episodes, or he steps in some kind of political/legal shit and the offer is withdrawn. Any of those will serve to make things even more awkward between him and Kate since she's now revealed how much he means to her. Which is the point, right? I agree about how boring and insubstantial Sandra is. I don't buy her as driven, ambitious, clever or even as an adult. Plus she has ugly bed linens. It was nice that the scene of the morning meeting at Roger's office showed other staff members at the table. Hope sometimes seems to have no employees except the newbie three.
  7. I've had good success with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser when nothing else worked on my acrylic shower enclosure. I swirl it around the floor with my foot.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    I've never had someone I love murdered so it's entirely possible I'm being unsympathetic and obtuse, but Michelle O'Keefe's family seem fixated on their interpretation of events. The hung juries confirm that this is one of those cases where the killer remains unclear, but the family refuses to consider any other possible scenario. It's like prosecutors who never admit they made a mistake when a prisoner is later exonerated by DNA.
  9. From @letusprocrastinate's link to the Dishmaster site -- I'd still love to have this kitchen today! My grandparents had that yellow and black tile so it's partly nostalgia. (The fridge would have to be a modern remake version because I'm freaking not chipping ice off inside a freezer again!) With Mario Batali being in the news again today, people are cracking on his Crocs. Ahem. I have poor circulation/foot health problems and the wide toe box and loose fit make Crocs the only closed toe shoe that's comfortable for me. They're also very inexpensive and breathe well. So phooey on the haters.
  10. Hail To The Chief Shopper? I think I want the Imperial margarine music: dun da da duuuuun!
  11. Hollywood cosmetic surgeons would be out of business if that was an issue! Vanity knows no pain. (Said by someone with severely thinning hair who finds it "too much trouble" to even put on my wig, so don't go by me. I had a nose job when I was 25 and a cosmetic breast lift/reduction in the 90s, but find myself giving less of a shit every year. Heh.)
  12. I've never minded toupees, as long as they aren't cheap nylon or otherwise ridiculous. People crack on Shatner, but I think his pieces are very well done. Travolta too (although a little less so). Why don't more celebrities get hair plugs? They're much better now than 20 years ago. Men who care about balding should start early before everything is gone and keep at it a bit at a time. It bothers me more when men who are 60+ sport obviously dyed hair. There's nothing wrong with gray (power!).
  13. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Whitney Goings now, I guess.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    I lived in Saipan and Pohnpei for a while, and the Earhart stories/sightings were all over the place, not just Kiribati. I tend to take the path of least resistance and think her plane crashed, ocean or island, and she and Noonan died. Right? Probably the same goes for Cooper. In passing, I've been enjoying the podcast This Sounds Serious. It's a parody/comedy show that investigates one of the world's most fascinating 911 calls. It will sound very familiar to S-Town listeners.