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  1. Basically, I think any of us could have redone the dentist's office cheaper and better. Like, sleek new acoustic ceiling tiles aren't that expensive. Pier 1 or similar for a new coat rack, upholstered accent or reception room chairs from Wayfair, etc. I think a large wall decal at around $25 would have been a lighter look than the heavy mural. There are a thousand to choose from. If the dentist is in solo practice, she shouldn't need more than 6 waiting room seats, even given family members who tag along with patients. We weren't given those details, though. The new "consultation area" looked fine although it seemed to provide no privacy at all. My dentist's office has regular furniture. It's kind of fancy Italianate but it's pleasant and looks like a furniture showroom, as opposed to the dreary rows of standard waiting room chairs at my doctor's office. A pretty office does lighten my mood a bit as a patient.
  2. The chairs ... just unscrew the seats before painting. Thom had to have been pranking Carson, right? Also, sand first and use spray paint. The dentist's office was a huge improvement, but really -- white lattice nailed to the walls? The drapes were not only an ugly dun color but hung crookedly. Sorry, Thom. Laurie was right about the koi wallpaper being too much. I wasn't in love with the blue, either. What happened to the original white one he suggested that looked like dimensional ocean waves? The amount of money Thom spends on individual pieces makes me gasp in horror every week.
  3. While I enjoyed this episode it still made me a little sad because it started leading us down the inevitable path of divorce and George's decline into alcoholism and philandering with the "bottle-blonde bartender who tried to buy my love with action figures." Adult Sheldon's narration at the end tried to soften his future disregard for his dad, but I'm still dreading what's to come.
  4. I prefer to believe that John Goodman is using his entire body to act bereaved, but the guy looks exhausted. People may have noticeably loose skin after dropping a lot of weight, but they typically have more pep and are lighter on their feet. John really seems tired and ill to me. I hope he's okay on one hand, but congrats to him on the other if he's simply acting.
  5. From Wikipedia: "The 2008 U.S. Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life survey found a low retention rate among members of the denomination: about 37% of people raised in the group continued to identify themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses. The study also found that 65% of adult Jehovah's Witnesses in the US are converts." Crazy.
  6. @SRTouch, what percentage of dogs and cats, in your experience in animal control, are properly licensed? I'm guessing it's pretty low and that most municipalities have no process in place to address that either, unless there's an incident. I once had to take my sister's unlicensed cat to the vet and nobody there questioned me about it. I'd like to think that exotic breeders would make buyers show their permits before completing the sale, but sketchy breeders are a big part of the problem in the first place. Lemurs seem to be selling for around $2-3K. I'd be crying, too.
  7. Some people online seem to be taking that as an indication of ominous happenings for the show. The guy is one of four executive producers ... maybe he just wanted different professional challenges after 16 years. Jeez.
  8. The lemur owners would probably think it was "adorable" if their human babies stayed at their birth weight for months. So small and cute!! It's a difficult line for sure. Dr. K has chosen to specialize in exotics and I imagine those vets have to make peace with sometimes acting as law enforcement with their clients. I looked up Florida statutes, and it seems like most of the primates we see on the show require a State permit. I wonder if Dr. K's practice ever asks to see them? This is from a site about pet monkeys. (Easy enough to circumvent, though.) The state of FL has one of the most comprehensive laws in the country. Class III animals require that the applicant be 16 years old and complete a husbandry form, permit application, and contingency plan form. Structural caging requirements must also be met. Class III animals include Squirrel Monkeys, Marmosets, Tamarins. Capuchins, Wooly and Spider Monkeys.
  9. At least Scientology lies to people to lure people into their bullshit. JW up front proselytizes through fear and doomsday threats. It seems very weird to me that some people respond to that. Or even answer their doors, to be honest. Eight million is a lot.
  10. There is nothing too minor (hairstyle, lunchbox, video game, sibling behavior, seat belts, etc.) that online posters cannot turn into a didactic, multi-page anecdotal debate of how that thing differed in their lives.
  11. S11. E11. In Deep Waters

    As much as I don't like weird flash challenges in principle, some of the results have been excellent this season. I didn't understand how "invisible paint" was going to work at all, but the end results were impressive. Team Christian's landscape even managed to have perspective and a 3D effect. Nice work. This season feels endless. At this point I'm glad just to see anyone leave. Turk and Tony will likely fail soon, but that would only leave Tiffer on Cleen's team. Since the Rule of Keep It Even is always a requirement, it's a good bet that Amanda will leave next week. Tiffer, TeeJ, and Chris in the finale.
  12. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    I often imagine what animals, particularly zoo animals, think after being put to sleep and treated, moved, etc. "Hey, my [body part] doesn't hurt any more!" "Why am I in a different place now?" "What the hell happened here?" Scarlet the giraffe from the Australia Zoo being transported in her special tall trailer was adorable. "Wow, hi grandma!" I hope the echidna and sea turtle released back into the wild live long and thrive.
  13. It's odd that all the "big" rooms so far have started out almost empty. If that continues, I'm going to assume the show makes the homeowners do it. The sales guy at the gym equipment store must have known the show would be filming there, but did he know it would be Carson? Heh. He was a good sport. Which reminds me, since Carson is a former world champion equestrian, I wonder how serious he is about never working out? Maybe he exaggerates for the sake of comedy. I watch a lot of house flipping shows which always stage for mass appeal so am glad to see more personalized design. Even it's not my taste, at least it's not cookie cutter. It's fun seeing how Thom interprets the homeowners' requirements/style.
  14. Pet Peeves

    After a multitude of tests over three days, the hospitalist told me I had sarcoidosis. I blurted out, "Oh! That was the top result from the online symptoms checker!" Considering the weary look she gave me, I don't think physicians necessarily appreciate that from patients. Circling back to a peeve, just because there are specialists doesn't mean my primary care doctor needs to refer me to one for every little thing. Cheerleader voice: "You do it!"
  15. Humor is subjective, etc. But I think Tracy Morgan's loopy, shouty, unfunny schtick is his actual personality. I cannot hit the fast-forward button soon enough whenever he's on TV.