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  1. Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    Reminder: We opened up the Small Talk thread to allow posters an area where they could discuss John McCain's funeral services without doing so in Meghan McCain's thread. This is still not the place to discuss John McCain's political views, the politics of his time in the Navy, or any other political topic of any kind. Please be mindful of that moving forward.
  2. I think dogs were probably the only creatures who could hear some of the sounds I made laughing at this episode. It was such an easy joke, but the incessant beeping whenever that device went off near Roy Moore killed me. And that final segment where those guys were calmly trying to explain why they were dressed the way they were, when they had a sign out front that said "Free pussy"? I died. The character that's not working for me as well is the hyper-liberal doctor character he's doing (can't remember the name of that one). When he's exposing a racist town like he did last week, it works. When he just seems to be testing how patient people can be - like with the couple the first week and the two men this week - it's not funny to me.
  3. That also makes a lot of sense - thanks!
  4. "The View" Week Of 7/23/2018

    Mod Reminder: If it wasn't discussed on the show, it is not to be discussed in the episode thread. Posts about what socialism is and isn't are off-topic, and so are the 2016 elections. Posts have been hidden
  5. I'm enjoying this much more than I was anticipating. I forgot how much I missed seeing SBC do what he's best at. I noticed in the most recent ep, Nathan Fielder was one of the directors and I found myself trying to decide which section I thought he directed. When I was watching the Cheney interview, there were some parts where I thought "Wow, this reminds me of Nathan for You", and then to see him as a director in the end, it started to make sense - but I have no idea if that part was his or not.
  6. S02.E07: Nothing Shattered 2018.06.29

    It's also a nod to the original GLOW, where Susie Spirit broke her arm during a match - though as I recall, they also televised her getting her arm x-rayed and finding out it was broken on camera.
  7. S01.E04: F...This

    Without getting too far into a rabbit hole, I think what Jennifer is trying to show with their manifesto is that it's not necessarily about equality, it's about equity. This poster used to hang in my grade school as a kid, and it's stuck in my head to this day. And I think they have done a fairly good job so far showing that women can be pretty nasty to each other - just look at how Kitty treats Plum with disdain. And while Plum now surrounds herself with women who are trying to lift her up, from the few friends she had at the beginning, they were all male and non-threatening, and I think that's intentional. One small moment I really enjoyed in this episode was that when Plum was getting waxed, she was absolutely certain that the aestheticians were talking about her and her size, when really they were just chatting about their relationships. That is something a lot of people (of any size) do frequently - decide on a narrative, and make everything possible they see fit that, even if it's not the case. Plum is so used to people being shitty to her that she assumes everyone is. It also took me until this episode to realize the woman playing Plum's mom is from the movie Center Stage. And I see Marti Noxon is doing Marc Blucas a solid and still getting him work after Buffy.
  8. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    Mod Reminder: If a topic was not discussed on the show, it does not get discussed in the episode threads. We have reminded you all several times, and people keep doing it. From now on, it's an automatic warning.
  9. SNL in the Media

    I’m surprised they didn’t submit Sterling either, but I bet he’s submitting his guest spot in Brooklyn Nine Nine instead (which was a stronger comedy role). Submitting Saorise over Tiffany Haddish is legit baffling to me. Very strange choice.
  10. "The View" Week Of 5/28/2018

    Mod Reminder: The only things to be discussed in the weekly episode threads are topics that are discussed on the show. No personal politics, no using something as a segue to talk about something not on the show, and no sniping at your fellow posters. If you see a post that is off-topic, report it. If you see a poster whose opinions you disagree with, but they aren't against the rules, then use the ignore feature. Going forward, any off-topic posts will be removed without warning.
  11. "The View" Week Of 5/14/2018

    Mod Reminder: Meghan mentioned her weight on the show and it can be discussed. If you don’t want to read the discussion, put posters on ignore or scroll past the discussion. Do not tell others what they can or can’t post.
  12. S13.E22: Exodus

    Mod Reminder: The topic here is the episode and the episode only. Multiple posts have been hidden.
  13. S43.E20: Amy Schumer / Kacey Musgraves

    I like Amy well enough, but oooof, I thought this episode was pretty bad. I think this is destined to be one of those episodes that is completely forgotten about, especially because it's going to be sandwiched in between Donald Glovers great episode and what will be Tina Fey's fantastic episode (she's never hosted a dud IMO). I liked Lil Rent, and for whatever reason, Kyle's mom in the cold open delighted me. She seems like a character.
  14. S43.E19: Donald Glover / Childish Gambino

    Apparently, Cecily has been waiting to do the sketch for awhile and just needed a host who knew what she was referring to Also looks like Chris Redd was responsible for the Friendos sketch
  15. S43.E19: Donald Glover / Childish Gambino

    My god, is there anything Donald Glover can’t do? I thought it was going to be hard to top the Mulaney episode so soon, but Donald Glover was (unsurprisingly) fantastic. And I need those Childish Gambino songs ASAP; Saturday was a jam. There’s already a “Cut for Time” sketch on the SNL app, which I also found funny. Not sure if it’s on their YouTube channel yet, but if it is, I’ll add the link. Eta - found it