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  1. You know, I saw that, and I don't think it was a child who thought it was finger paints - that's up way too high for a child that small. I think it was more likely that it was a middle school kid messing around. Either way, devastating to see all that wasted product.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised at how funny I'm finding the show. Josh Hutcherson is hilarious; "How bad does this guy want herpes?" left me dying, as did his "Get used to that!" after the one guy said he didn't like Bill Cosby anymore. I loved the line that came right after that too. "Let me describe it for you!"
  3. I am actually a bit surprised that with the new Thor movie coming out last week that they didn't try and get Chris Hemsworth to come back and host again. I could maybe see James Franco (for the Disaster Artist) or Margot Robbie (for I, Tonya) coming back to host. Could we maybe get Hugh Jackman for The Greatest Showman - or maybe Zac Efron (who I actually thought was pretty funny when he hosted before) or Zendaya?
  4. It was Mikey Day. Id only ever seen Tiffany Hadish on talk shows (still haven’t caught Girls Trip) but she is going to be a star. She was absolutely hysterical, her energy level was insanely high for the entire show, and she did a good job of still getting out her lines while wrangling all the cats. She can come back as often as she’d like and I hope we see her again. A little thing I appreciated - that they didn’t let Louis CK off the hook or ignore what happened with him just because he’s a friend of the a show and has hosted in the past.
  5. I tried two things, the foundation and the Starlet Hyperglitz lipstick. I LOVED the lipstick, but unfortunately, it went back because the color was just not flattering on me. The pigment was gorgeous though. The foundation I got as a sample, and I didn't even end up using all of it - even with me putting on a ton of moisturizer (I have pretty dry skin), it was super duper drying. So if you have oily skin, I bet it's a great option, but it wasn't a good match for me. I'm Rouge and did some shopping over the weekend - I ended up picking up Herbivore's Lapis Oil and Blue Tansy mask (a godsend for people with redness like me), Belif's Peat Miracle Revital Cream, and their Problem Solutions cleanser (also for redness). Anyone try the Huda Beauty foundation yet? I got color matched for it, but it's sold out EVERYWHERE, including online. One of the saleswomen in my store was wearing it though, and her skin looked amazing and the foundation didn't look heavy.
  6. I could watch an entire show of Alex Moffat as Eric Trump. Him trying to copy the hand gestures of Don Jr cracked me up, but then I completely lost my shit when he ate the Fun Dip. And with two Erika Jayne references/sketches in less than 6 months, I need to know which SNL writer is a closet housewives fan. I need to give some credit to Chris Redd too, for keeping it together while Larry David and Kate broke right next to him.
  7. Since there was talk of Bill Hader's genius in the Halloween special thread, I just want to throw in my underrated favorite sketches of his - the Vinny Vedicci sketches. My all-time favorite is the Seth Rogan one, where he does a spot-on Seth Rogan impression right in front of him. A close follow-up is the Shia LeBoeuf one, all for Bill's face on "man to...woman?" I also have a soft-spot for the Match Game parody they did the first time Shia LeBoeuf hosted. Bill Hader does such a good job of playing the straight man to everyone else's over-the-top parts.
  8. I recognized her as the Grandma from Ghostwriter, but she's also been on original recipe Law and Order and SVU a lot.
  9. I have definitely lived in buildings where the building management decided when the heat got turned on in the winter, and that didn't have a thermostat. Happened to me in both Chicago and Milwaukee, and it's always been in places where the heat is part of the rent (and no AC in unit), so I have 100% been where Abbi's been. In fact, now that I think about it, I still know people that live in units like that - I'm sure it's more popular in some cities than others though. I have never wanted to join a coven of witches more after this episode. I freaking love Abbi and Ilana.
  10. I find myself singing "Reproduction" to myself every now and then. "Make my staaaaaaaaaamen go bezerk!" Still holds up.