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  1. SNL in the Media

    Just saw on Instagram - the March 10 show is Sterling K Brown with musical guest James Bay, and March 17 is Bill Hader with musical guest Arcade Fire. Beyond excited for Sterling K Brown.
  2. S10.E06: Chin up

    Totally agree. And what kills me is that in the first episode, Núñez even said “If you cut, you go home.” I see that has now translated to “If you cut, you go home, unless you’re the source of House drama — then you’re in the bottom or get a pass”.
  3. S01.E06: Race to the Altar

    The two smartest people on this show are Andrea’s two oldest kids. Her son and older daughter are extremely measured and mature for 15 and 12. Between Nyla getting a new bathing suit and $40 from her mom just for going, to her just straight up asking Lamar “We’re you a gang member? Are you a drug dealer”, she’s my new favorite person. It’s sad, but I’m getting the vibe that Tennyson and Nyla have had to be the adults in that family for awhile. Runner up for smartest person is James’s friend, who immediately said “Uh, duh, she relapsed.” when James was telling him about Alla’s “pregnancy”. I can sympathize with not having experience with addiction, but if you know you’re with a recovering addict, why in the world would you not study up on what the signs of relapse are? Andrea’s insistence on her youngest calling Lamar “Dad” was giving me shades of Nicole/Azan from 90 Day Fiance.
  4. S01.E05: Surprises and Sentences

    The only person with any little bit of sense is Lamar’s friend that he’s living with. No one should go back to jail over Andrea. Mary is a complete asshole. The fact that her response to Dominic clearly being traumatized over his time in prison is “He needs to get over it!” says everything about her.
  5. SNL Season 43: Speculation and more!

    Other than The Rock (who kind of straddles the athlete/actor line), does that mean Charles Barkley is the athlete who has hosted the most? That's...strange. I keep wondering why they've never snagged Shaun White to host after the Winter Olympics. The guy has charisma for days and could do a pretty good job.
  6. S01.E04: Broken Promises

    These people have such a special talent for making me sympathize with the convicts. I couldn't tell who was more tone deaf; Andrea for getting mad Lamar was seeing his daughter, or James signing up Alla for modeling after modeling was what helped fuel her heroin addiction to begin with,
  7. S01.E01: Catfish

  8. S01.E03: Meet the Parents

    I could’ve gone the rest of my life without seeing Andrea get fingered in the car wash.
  9. SNL Cast Discussion

    They must’ve forgotten they actually did do the CVS “Who Works Here” sketch.
  10. S43.E11: Jessica Chastain / Troye Sivan

    "Luke is a guy" just made me bust out laughing, because it's so true. He is the Jon Rudnitsky of this season, and it's even more apparent because the rest of the featured cast is so good - Mikey & Alex are amazing, Melissa is growing on me, Heidi is going to break out in a major way, and Chris Redd is already a star. As a watcher of The Bachelor, nothing has ever been truer than when they said Arie "is attractive depending on what light he's in." This might actually be the sketch where they ripped the most from the actual show - they used the actual bachelor's name, there are four Laurens this season, and one girl actually is into taxidermy. They didn't actually have to do a whole lot to parody it.
  11. S01.E02: New Warden In Town

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall for when Garrett watched this episode and saw Johnna say his stamina was bad.
  12. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    I can’t even describe how hard I laughed at Adam’s “I’m surprised you thought condoms were his thing” when talking about Kid Rock.
  13. Reminder: While this is a thread for discussion if you've made your point a few times, agree to disagree and move on.
  14. S04.E04: Hang the DJ

    Because of the song playing in the very last scene; it's Panic by The Smiths. When Frank and Amy match in real life, the lines "Hang the DJ" from the song are playing.
  15. SNL Season 43: Speculation and more!

    I have high hopes for him. He doesn't do comedy often, but when he does, he's great - he really held his own in Galaxy Quest, he did a really good job when he was on Drunk History, and I've always found him very charming in interviews.