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  1. S44.E08: Jason Momoa / Mumford & Sons

    I realize Kenan’s had damn near 15 seasons to perfect his timing so he should be good at this, but I could not stop laughing when Beef said he couldn’t read because of dorks, and Kenan said “Really? You’ve been in college for 8 years! I think that’s on you.” Mikey Day is the proof that being a strong writer is an asset when you’re first starting out on the show, and can make the difference in your first couple seasons. I think the reason he is such a strong anchor for a lot of the sketches is because he was a writer previously, and because he’s writing a lot of the sketches to begin with. It’s also why Chris Redd is in a lot of sketches and shorts, even though he’s new.
  2. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

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  3. S44.E07: Claire Foy / Anderson.Paak

    Mikey Day must’ve written both sketches, since he was a writer on both. At least that’s my assumption. Claire Foy looked so much like a brunette Dina Manzo in the Good Morning Goomah sketch, it was uncanny. And the Goodfellas tribute? Perfection.
  4. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Milo got screwed. He was one of my favorite contestants in YEARS — that kid has charisma and talent and deserved this win. Whitney did too; they had an outstanding partnership over the whole season. The one plus is that Milo’s young, he’s got a bright future, and I bet he’s going places. Can’t say the same for Bobby.
  5. S44.E06: Steve Carell / Ella Mai

    I actually really enjoyed the episode. These may not be sketches that I remember at the end of the season, but I laughed when I was watching them, which is more than I can say for a lot of the episodes so far this season. I must admit, I actually had an audible loud laugh at “This is truly a loser’s fantasy” in the high school sketch. And as a Drag Race fan, I loved GPYASSS and seeing Miss Peppermint and Jiggly Caliente.
  6. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    I have to admit, the House Hunter sketch reminded me of John Mulaney's (better) standup bit about HGTV and realtors. To the point where it made me wonder if he pitched a bit when he hosted last season, and it was a leftover sketch idea that didn't get used.
  7. AHS Quotes

    "I don't respond to flattery" "Nor do you recognize sarcasm"
  8. Quotes: Are you the Puberty Fairy?

    "Let's go eat Chik-fil-a and not tell anybody" "I cant believe I waited around for a fuckin priest to show me a panty picture." Burn the house to the ground! Use the box dress as kindling!" "But Jay's been bragging he's going to get fingered at the dance! "Ok, first of all, I think he's got that wrong or else you've grossly misquoted him." "Give me Malala!" "I will kick you in the pussy you stupid shit!" "At least I still have a pussy!" "You tell Shannon you don't want nice! You want two scoops of Haagen Dazs French Vanilla boobies." "Hahah, yeah guys I fuck my pillow. Sorry guys, my tone was off; I 100% fuck my pillow" Every time anyone says "Stop quoting your dad's law commercials."
  9. Quotes: Are you the Puberty Fairy?

    Nick: She let me get to second base! Jay: Whoa - she put a finger in your ass? Nick: What?! No; thats not second base! Andrew: ...What do you think third base is? Jay: You don't want to know. Maury: I DO; I WANNA KNOW!!!!
  10. All Episodes Talk: Large Cakehole

    I could go on a diatribe on how much I love this show and how feminist I think it is (that I will spare you all from), but I think the episode that's most representative of that is episode 2 of season 2, when Jessie and Missy go to the Korean Spa. I was the girl that developed early (so, more of a Gina in that regard), but if I had been able to see all sorts of different womens bodies when I was 13 and know that all of them were normal, that would've been life changing for me. I saw an interview with the cast and how hard they had to push Netflix to keep that episode, and the song that Maya Rudolph sings in - Netflix had a problem with showing Jessie and Missy's chests. And the female writers of the episode pushed back, because their point was that not only had the show already shown naked boys for laughs (and were going to do it again in a few episodes), but wanted to prove that showing a womans body isn't inherently sexual. It sounded like it was a real uphill battle, but I'm glad they fought it. So, no, I don't think you're stupid for thinking it's progressive. I actually think it's very progressive, and I think it's meant to be that way. I think the creators are hoping that it opens the doors for conversations so that kids don't feel so alone like some of us (or at least, I know I certainly did going through puberty) felt when we were younger. And is it filthy? Yeah, but sometimes I think adults tend to forget that kids ARE kinda filthy at that age.
  11. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    Well, I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting Liev Schrieber to pull out a spot on Michael Barbaro impression.
  12. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    This thread has already been warned today about off-topic posts. People are continuing to post off-topic posts despite two mod notes. We get it, it's a big day, but we're locking the thread until tomorrow morning. Share your voting stories via PM and DO NOT take episode talk to other threads.
  13. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    I think if I had to guess at the beginning of the season who potential hosts were, I would've guessed 247 other people - including Chevy Chase - before guessing Liev Schreiber. I'll be curious to see how this turns out, because I feel like the closest thing I've seen him be "funny" in is Scream 2.
  14. S44.E04: Jonah Hill / Maggie Rogers

    You know, in regards to Pete saying something about Ariana on WU - I actually wonder if he wasn't planning on saying anything, but then her dropping a song partially about him(and naming him), 30 minutes before the show started, made him want to add a little closure to it. If she hadn't dropped the song, I actually doubt he would've said anything. This was...a weird way to celebrate someone's fifth time hosting, especially because I actually have liked Jonah's previous hosting stints. I know a lot of his stuff can tip into bathroom humor, but I do think Jonah Hill is a legitimately funny guy - watching this made me rent 21 and 22 Jump Street, because those movies both make me laugh until I cry. A lot of these just missed the mark. Like, they couldn't get Bill Hader to come back for the "I'm 6" sketch (especially after he discussed on Seth Meyers this week that he created the character with Seth and Bill)? Or have Andy Samberg or Seth Rogen come by to do something? I do have to say, I did find it very endearing that he and Leslie seemed delighted that they were cracking each other up in the Adam Grossman sketch.
  15. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    We just posted a new mod note about John and Cindy McCain, and multiple posts have been off topic. There are also off-topic posts about things not discussed on the show. This thread is locked until we can clean it up. Posts have been hidden and warnings will be issued.