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  1. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    You're right. Becky and Darlene were symbiotic characters. Like the Odd Couple. Their characters conflicted which created some nice storylines. The best thing to happen to Darlene was the depression. It opened up a whole new side to the character and something that hadn't been done on a sitcom before. Meanwhile Becky pretty much stayed the same beauty queen teacher's pet until the character left in season 5. At that point the writer's kept going to the Darlene depression/jaded outlook well for the "kid stories" which were usually the B plots. The reason they brought in Sarah Chalke and revived Becky's character was to fill the void Darlene created when Gilbert went to college. Problem was the Becky character had missed out on 2 years of development and by outward appearances she was still just the pretty blonde. All the Becky stories really just revolved around her conflicts with Mark which got tired pretty quick. And then of course the storylines became less about the family and more about Roseanne and Jackie at the restaurant and Roseanne and Nancy going to the Lesbian bar and Jackie and Fred etc.
  2. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    Fishman isn't THAT bad of an actor that they only give him 1 line every other episode. He could handle more. Maybe he doesn't want more to do or the writers don't know what to do. This is really sad to say but I think they pigeonholed him as a "wounded warrior". The writer's think that's his one storyline and there's no comic angle to it. He had that one exchange with Dan last season and now they don't know what to do with him. Can he become Mr DJ goes to Washington to fix all the veteran's issues? Could he handle more dramatic scenes of him dealing with PTSD? Is that even the right tone for a show like this? No on all counts.
  3. S01.E07 Christmas 1972

    I liked it but does this mean the show is off until after Christmas now?
  4. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    Wish it was Vicki Lawerence reprising her role as Phyllis Zimmer instead of Katey as a new ex high school crush. I had a scary thought... Maybe they never call back to the original show because then they'd have to pay the writers who created them?
  5. Ratings and Scheduling

    Season 10 wasn't Roseanne-centric either though. Darlene was still the lead but in Roseanne's shadow. Now there's no shadow and Darlene is clearly the lead. The show being about Darlene because Sara is EP isn't a bad thing. It's just something you have to consider. The revival idea took off because she had Goodman on The Talk and they did a back door pilot with that Roseanne inspired sketch on the couch. Roseanne was persona non gratis in Hollywood even at that point. Goodman and Metcalf had successful careers acting in other people's production and Lecy and Fishman hadn't worked in "the business" for decades. Gilbert was the driving force and wanted to make it happen and she had the means to do it. In that situation, no person is going to just step aside and play second fiddle to someone else, even to Roseanne. The revival was always going to revolve around her character. Look at season 10. Roseanne is practically an extra. The only episode I can remember her being on screen for most of the show was the Muslim neighbours one. Sara didn't just take the reigns once Roseanne left, the original premise of the revival was her being the lead with Roseanne just being the figurehead. Again, it's not a bad thing, but it would be more accurately called "The Sara Gilbert Show" and not "The Conners".
  6. Ratings and Scheduling

    She's exec producer of the show lol. Ever notice the "gilbert productions" title card in the end credits? The revival would have never happened without her clout in Hollywood from The Talk and appearances on Big Bang Theory.
  7. Ratings and Scheduling

    The revival is really a Sara Gilbert vehicle that used Roseanne's name ID for free marketing. Most stories revolved around Darlene and her kids and Roseanne was just the B story. That's why it wasn't hard for her to be excised from the show. Never would have worked if they fired her like she almost was in season 2. She was a domineering presence back then. It worked on the show Valerie because she basically played a typical sitcom mom and Jason Bateman became a breakout star.
  8. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    True. The reason it started is because I wanted to post my favourite quote from the episode and just threw out the part about the hair. Didn't think it would have any legs though. But, sometimes the best part of a discussion forum is when the conversation veers slightly.
  9. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    Haha, "Parallels"? I wasn't a fan of That 70s Show but you are absolutely right about it having accurate hair. Topher Grace had ear muffs, Kutcher had a perfect 70s do too. Kelso and Fez as well. Another example of getting the hair right is Dazed and Confused. Maybe the hair isn't too wild yet since the show is set in the early 70s presumably because if they get an 8 year run they don't want to be in the 80s by season 3 lol. The clothes are also vaguely 70s but not quite right. Sort of like a production designer going through pages and pages of clothes on Amazon to find 70s looking clothes instead of the genuine article. But I guess the farther we get from the 70s the harder it is to find authentic items. The house looks very 70s though. Lots of period cars on the streets in outdoor shots too. Again, I do really enjoy the show. I'd personally love being a continuity person on a movie/tv show.
  10. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    I hope to see the show in it's entirety at some point. I've become really bad at remembering to watch network tv at specific times in this on demand world. I remember an episode he had his girlfriend in his room and he was acting very dweby. My only point with the hair is it's something I'ved noticed in shows or movies set in the 70s. The women usually have accurate hair because it's probably just a wig. But the men never have time accurate hair because the show went in production too soon for them to grow it out or the actors just don't want to sport a 70s do in their contemporary lives.
  11. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    We are having a polite discussion about it, what's wrong with that? Yes I totally agree. The third oldest son (I think) is particularly bothersome. He has that spiked bangs Caesar style haircut circa 1999. The second oldest red headed son also bothers me because he wears all these really fitted shirts and he looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model on weekends. Yet his character seems like he's supposed to be kind of a dweeb. Just put him in a loose fitting button down with oversized collar and a funky pattern paired with bell bottoms. But these are just nitpicks. Obviously I like the show enough to come here and post about it.
  12. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    Not down to your shoulders long. But everybody had hair that partially covered their ears unless they were in the military.
  13. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    The best line for me was when the one kid says "the do it all the time on tv. All these actors who don't look alike pretending to be brothers and sisters" and there's a brief self referential pause before the next line. I only watch this show because it's after The Conners. It's decent but to me it's more a costume drama than a show where I feel like it's actually set in the 70s. The clothes and hairstyles especially aren't 70s enough. All the boys should have hair long enough to make wings that cover their ears. Every boy in the 70s and early 80s had a haircut like this but none do in this show.
  14. S01.E05: Miracles

    I really know nothing about the two actresses but I would speculate they wanted to expand the role and make the character a bit "tougher" and the producers felt she wasn't a good choice for that new role.
  15. S01.E05: Miracles

    Lol yes, the other characters are grating on me too. I stated in a previous post how Roseanne being shrill is different from Geena being shrill. From season 5 on Roseanne did become overly shrill and the show really suffered. It was a lot more mean spirited after that point. This is how Geena plays it. The pre season 5 Roseanne whom America fell in love with was shrill yes, but she did it in a really special way. She was more of a "wise cracker" and not vindictive. You could see a glint in her eye or a smirk on her face when she said all of her lines. I always love when she'd crack up midway through a line. The "loudmouth" things she'd say were also very ironic or satirical of a patriarchal society. There was a lot of subtext and insights into human nature too. She was only a "witch" starting in season 5. From what I've seen of Geena she just comes in and nags nags nags. The season 10 Skype Geena seemed a lot more laid back from what we saw of her.