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  1. The Conners

    Sadly the revival didn't like to discuss to 80s pop culture or even references to the original series much. Doubt there will be a Sandy Duncan reference.
  2. The Conners

    Bring on Sandy Duncan!
  3. Surprised there's been no replies. I'm watching the Season 1 finale now. 1. They call police cars "prowlers". 2. DLR plate on the car Malvo "test drove". That bugged me a bit as I'm sure in the movie they meant a dealer's promotional plate. Not literally a plate that had DLR on it. From previous episodes, and what I remember, Malvo says "Go Bears!" at the police station when he is interrogated.
  4. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I would watch parts of The Middle after Roseanne. The original Roseanne was effortless. All the dialogue seemed natural. You bought them as a real family. The Middle was the exact opposite. Every line was so archly written. Rapid fire witty one liner after witty one liner. It's like they were just reciting the lines from cue cards off camera and then throw in a quirky little smirk at the end of each sentance. Other than physical resemblance, I didn't find them to be a family whatsoever. Every one was a weird little character on their own private island.
  5. Roseanne Alphabet Game: That was my joke guess!

    D is for Diane "the schnoz" Berelli.
  6. Roseanne Alphabet Game: That was my joke guess!

    Let's start fresh then. A is for Alfalfinator
  7. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Is Sandy Duncan still alive? Be funny to cast her in the first episode of season 2 without Roseanne. Throw in a Jason Bateman cameo with his girlfriend Valerie Harper. Boys fall for women just like their mothers afterall. Seriously though, it's sad to think there could have been another 3-4 seasons of our beloved show. Who would have EVER thought that was possible? Most classic sitcoms ever got was a reunion special. Then again, the revival was pretty tacky. Not season 9 bad, but a solid season 8 for sure.
  8. Roseanne Barr/Roseanne Conner

    I saw Roseanne in an episode of the Office today for the first time. Unlike the revival, she was pretty funny!
  9. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    I almost have to view that as: she does still love/feel strongly towards Michael and doesn't want to fight with him. Not all bad news.
  10. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Remember when she said she was deleting her Twitter account as a result of what she said about Valerie Jerrit? Pretty obvious in hindsight that was just a vane attempt at saving the show. Now that the show is cancelled, she's still on Twitter spewing hateful things.
  11. Always wished we saw more of their courtship. Their relationship was only portrayed as hot/cold whenever they needed some tension between Roseanne and Becky.
  12. Roseanne Alphabet Game: That was my joke guess!

    I think we will have the next R ready to go when it comes around again... As Roseanne Conner said, I guess they can never buy sheets again!
  13. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I don't think what she said is bad enough for them to stop airing the original run episodes...
  14. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Original Jackie maybe.
  15. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I've considered this too but she genuinely seems happy to be back on the show in the new episodes.