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  1. I'm probably biased but this is the best looking couple in that family.
  2. Yeah, I will always face-palm at the decision to introduce Hayley and Magical baby into this dynamic. If they wanted a little child so badly, they could have resurrected Henrik.
  3. Death threats? Seriously? Anyway, considering how Plec has written these shows like her personal fanfiction with no regard to plot or character continuity, I doubt that the fans had much bearing on which direction the story went.
  4. The episode, and the show would be far more interesting if they had let Hope kill Diamond Guy. When she was supposed to be torturing him, her anger and rage was supposed to be this uncontrollable force but everything was so... muted? Like she was kicking away chairs and I was thinking - but he's a vampire though. Don't just kick the chairs at the wall, kick the chair at him. Don't just kick it - lift it up and fling it. You're supposed to be this strong, powerful witch-vampire hybrid. She should have been throwing knives at him with her mind. It's not like if they will kill him. It's just like with Hayley, this insistence on ... sanitizing this uber-powerful women because, I suppose, they're "good" women? On this show and TVD before it, a woman can either be powerful or good, but never both.
  5. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Yeah, that does take the shine off it. In the comic book itself and the book "trailer", Dion and his mom are dark-skinned. One step forward, two steps backward.
  6. The Star Wars Saga

    So... it's not Johnson's stagnant, problematic, prejudiced imagination that was the problem but it was really Billy Dee's fault for portraying a Lando that was appropriate for his stage of development?
  7. The Star Wars Saga

    Again, stating the obvious? TLJ's Luke is probably the most polarising aspect of the movie. I mean when Luke Hamill himself has an issue with Jake Luke Skywalker...? If you're saying that RJ gave a shitty portrayal of Luke Skywalker, so it makes sense that he would think of giving a shittier portrayal of Lando - then you won't get any argument from me there.
  8. The Star Wars Saga

    Well, it's weird to me that you're rehashing the plot of a movie that came out almost 40 years ago like a 'gotcha' point that no one's already aware of. Yes, I know Lando's actions and the reasons for them. (More on that later). I also know that Han initially ran from the Rebellion because he valued money and safety over his newfound friends. I know that Luke decided not to help Ben save Princess Leia and it was his uncle's and aunt's deaths that changed his mind. But I think most people will not describe Han Solo as a mercenary and coward or Luke Skywalker as a feckless wimp. Like most characters in any story, they grew and evolved and became different people in the span of the OT. So did Lando. And back to his actions and reasons: Yes, he made a bargain with Vader to bring Luke etc into Imperial custody. But there were no "some illegal operation" going on. Unless by 'illegal operation' (way to besmirch Lando further), you're referring to how Lando had so far managed to keep the Empire's oppressive presence out of Bespin. He was a legitimate ruler, being hardballed by a totalitarian government to either give up the Rebellion members or have his City be occupied by Imperial forces. It was a hard position to be - betray his personal friend or the people who trusted him to lead and protect them. Also can I point out that somehow people have managed to find patricidal Kylo Ren a victim of his own murdered father yet still struggle with understanding / sympathizing with Lando. The fact that all Lando's nuances tends to go over most of the audience's head - while people literally invent reasons to woobify Kylo - has less to do with what the movie clearly showed and more to do with the biases that is usually applied to characters by race.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Over the Fence

    Ok, what about: "the relationship ended because Shawn set a series of events into motion that led to its termination?" Also, you can not fault how Angela chose to comport herself after her boyfriend basically dissed her in front of a stranger. The onus wasn't on Angela to hold onto their relationship, it was on Shawn not to have threatened it in the first place! Like I really don't know how to make it clearer that the Shawn was the one who: made them break up, lied about his feelings for her after the poem, rejected Angela at Christmas time... All that was Shawn. So my problem with Angela's Ashes was that it ignored all the things Shawn had done, and put the burden of reconciliation on "fixing" Angela. Then why wasn't that mentioned in the episode? Now what you're saying makes sense, I give you that, but it's still your head-canon. At no time does the show have Angela say Topanga's parents' divorce are giving her PTSD of her mom, and that's why she's pushing Shawn away. Instead, she tells Shawn she doesn't want to keep hurting him anymore when the only person who's been hurting anyone in that relationship was Shawn. It has Angela admit to a pattern of abusing Shawn that's completely fabricated for the episode. If someone told me he'd only sleep with him if he didn't need to make a commitment to me, I'd be insulted and it has nothing to do with me being puritanical. Agree to disagree and leave it at that. Gee, I wonder why? 🙄 They managed to establish a relationship with Feeney and Jack and Rachel of all people, yet somehow Feeny & Angela never interacted even though like the core 3, he also taught her through elementary school, high school and college. Also, you didn't complete your sentence there.
  10. Until recently, people used to "train out" 😰 left-handedness from children so I won't be surprised if there were a lot of secret "faux-faux-paws" in the monarchy.
  11. Yes, it really bothers me that people keep treating this centuries-old vampire like a teenage boy. He is old enough to be Caroline Forbes's grand-father. The fact that he was even in the school in the first place is ridiculous.
  12. TV Tropes You Hate

    Another trope - a side/supporting character is obviously not going to be given the same level of detail as the mains. So while the main character, say high school student Alice, has a house, parent(s), family etc and it's shown on screen, we're not going to expect the same extend of investment on the side character's. But there's nothing wrong with writing dialogue to imply this and planning a story that assumes this. So if for example, Alice wants her bff, Jane to go somewhere after curfew, Jane can mention that her dad would freak out, and she'd need to figure out how to sneak out. And there can be a Thanksgiving episode where dialogue implies that Jane's having Thanksgiving with them because her parents: a, are servicemen and are deployed, b, don't celebrate it for reasons between political and ridiculous, c, her mom's second cousin came with all the kids that Jane hates so she snuck out of the dinner to come here. Or heck, even the ridiculous - her parents are right there, just in the other room. It's ridiculous that it needs saying but you don't need to cast a whole football team of actors, or build expensive sets to imply that a character has a rich inner life. You can do the same by just writing good dialogue. And of course, the worst version of this trope is when the writers, because they've neglected to build this inner life - come to the worst conclusions for the character. Oh we've never seen Jane's parents and home because all this while, she's been an orphan living in a homeless shelter and hiding that from her friends. (One egregious example is Bonnie Bennett in TVD and it enraged me. We never saw her Dad, but we assumed that he was there - she just liked spending more time with Grams. Then suddenly, they cast him and tell us that all this while, Bonnie really was living by herself in her house because he had basically abandoned her. It didn't make any difference to the story. He could have just been another oblivious adult like the rest of Mystic Falls.)
  13. All Episodes Talk: Over the Fence

    I don't see how you can say the bolded, and still blame Angela for the break-up. Remember that Shawn refused to make out with her in public, then he introduced her as his ‘friend’ to a hot girl who was clearly interested in him. The same hot girl, by the way, that he asks out as soon as he and Angela break up. Angela took the only dignified option available to her and called him out on his bullshit. No argument on Cory/Topanga. They weren’t admirable or sweet, they were co-dependent and actually quite toxic if you examine their relationship through non-filtered lenses. And it’s beyond irritating that the showrunners use ‘realism’ to break up Shawngela when Coranga is actually the relationship that would have fallen apart. But that doesn’t make what Shawn did to Angela any less hurtful. She was heartbroken, as she admitted to Cory, but she had to suck it up so that he won’t feel sorry for her. You don’t think when your high school boyfriend is dumping you to ask out the first girl he meets in college, that it’s healthier for the relationship this way, and a year from now, he’ll want you back so just enjoy being single. You’re missing some key factors here. First, he didn’t just write her love poems and start courting her. She wasn’t even supposed to know about the love poems, Cory in his usual manner, bumbled out that revelation. And even with that, Shawn still lied about the poems. Still lied about being in love with her. Cory convinced her to give Shawn a chance, then he hurt her again. You’ve also missed out Christmas, when Angela tells Shawn she loves him and he can’t say it back. Which is important because the whole Big Deal in ‘Angela’s Ashes’ was that Angela couldn’t articulate her love for Shawn and that’s obviously bullshit because Angela clearly didn’t have that difficulty in Christmas. It’s Shawn that can’t bring himself to say it back, and pushes her away – and that’s traced to his childhood trauma and abandonment issues but it’s still Shawn doing that to their relationship. Angela never pushed him away, never hurt him (it really galls me when she’s crying that she doesn’t want to hurt him anymore when the only person who did all the hurting was Shawn), and gave him chance after chance. Even the Honesty game – he tells her he loves her because she called his bluff on wanting to have sex with her without any emotional attachment or strings. Which, by the way, is not a compliment. It was actually a pretty ass-holish declaration to make. If anything, I can bet money that since the showrunners had this fixed idea of Shawn never being happy, they were basically planting the seeds to their eventual break-up with this episode. It's not a coincidence that Angela’s father returns to break them up one last time before the series finale. Shawn should have been shown winning Angela on his right, but instead her Daddy had to help him. In the end, Daddy gave, and Daddy took away.
  14. It's really incredible how the show acts like Hayley manipulating a dozen of her friends into breaking their sirebonds just so that she could hand them over to Klaus to be massacred is a thing that never happened.