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  1. I hope so too. Ship baiting ruined season 3 for me.
  2. S05.E05: All Doll'd Up

    Savitar's memories weren't updated. And Barry still remembers Flashpoint even though technically it never happened. So Nora still having her future memories proves nothing about what actually happens in the future. Even as a justification to condemn Iris, this is quite a remarkable leap. Conspiracy to murder. Attempted murder. Extortion. Kidnapping. Blackmail. Torture. Most people would find these actual criminal actions bad enough but when they're directed at people considered family and friends, they're pretty monstrous. I don't often bring up the Caitlin parallels but if the show expects the audience to move past her history, and even actively root for the return of Killer Frost, I very, very, very, very, very, very much doubt that we're expected to regard any actions of Iris - Future or Present - as warranting the description of monstrous or indefensible. I'm sure there are reasons why Iris would be regarded as monstrous but from my observation, that regard has next to nothing to do with anything she actually does.
  3. S05.E05: All Doll'd Up

    I know right? Who wrote this episode? It was crazy-fantastic. Westallen in formal wear slo-moing into the ballroom... LOL! How extra could you get? My goodness, it was like Iris was the female lead or something. There was so much of her, her relationships, her PoV, her profession, her bad-assery... I think we can all agree at this point that Cecile's attitude in the previous episode was purely to prop Caitlin/DP in Iris hate-baiting. The episode did end on a sad note.... the omniscient satellites are back.
  4. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I didn't say this was the only reason: None of these have to be even "conscious" reasons because people are complicated. I'm not claiming that Lupin didn't genuinely love his friends. But the fact that he didn't have (or think he had) a lot of options with friends. AND the fact that his friends were the kind of people who did things like --- I dunno --- out him to score points in what basically amounted to a pissing contest...? Even if the thought of ending their friendship had occurred to Lupin, he would have mentally shut it down hard. It won't have been worth it. it's not like he believed he'd have made other friends. And if Sirius had become spiteful, it would have cost Lupin dearly. And we do know that Lupin disapproved of their extreme pranks. The fact that he didn't try to assert himself more is evident of how he regarded his position in their group. Being animagi was as much about Lupin as about the boys egging themselves on in their mad-scape "adventures". Lupin gave them a reason (and the idea) to be animagi. But it's not like if they (James/Sirius) became animagi unwillingly or didn't find the idea of challenging themselves to doing it a ripping great idea. (Sirius and James suspected Remus because he was a werewolf. Which again shows you where he ranked in their little club. Lupin's inferiority complex wasn't entirely unfounded after all.) If anything, it's the one aspect of the story that makes perfect sense because it's the only time we see characters being judged (and condemned) based on their actions, not their House affiliation. Sirius was found guilty because of his track record of amoral juvenile delinquency.
  5. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I was actually referring to the memory of Snape & Lily meeting the Marauders on the train... However, Snape's worst memory was a pensieve memory that Harry found, not a narration subject to the Rashomon effect. We hear how the whole thing goes down. It's not a Pensieve memory, it's actually told to Harry etc from the Gryffindor perspective (Lupin and Dumbledore) ---- and Sirius still ends up looking demented. So well that when the story broke out that Sirius Black betrayed the Potters and murdered 13 people, nobody - not even his BFF Lupin - doubted it was true? I think that's it. They were the "cool" kids. Think the Hogwarts version of Regina George and the Plastics. You wanted to be them, or at least have them like you --- and definitely not be one of the people that got on the wrong side of their sharp wits, and "edgy" pranks. I agree. He was guilty by association - he knew when his friends were pushing the line --- but he hung back, not wanting to be cruel, but not being brave enough to stand up to his friends either. (Doffs cap to 11-year-old Neville). When you have a secret that could get you - at best - kicked out of school, you're greedy and grateful for any kind of friendship. When your best friends are the kind of people who'll use your affliction to score points with their enemies, you're not just grateful for their friendship --- you have real cause to fear what would happen to you if you lose that friendship. It's worth pointing out that for 13 years, Lupin believed without question that Sirius was a traitor and murderer. Makes you wonder if Lupin really did brush off those harmless "pranks" of Sirius.
  6. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    Well James disliked Snape on clear sight from the train station, basically because Snape dressed funny and was hanging out with Lily. And Weeping Willow incident was just as grievous an attack on Lupin as it was on Snape. I mean forget the fact that he was ready to have Snape killed or turned into a werewolf as a "prank". Or that he was going to let his best friend become a murderer or something just as bad as a "prank". Sirius outed Remus. As a prank. As the saying goes: with friends like that, Remus didn't need enemies. If anything, I'd say that we see the books so much from the "Gryffindor" perspective....
  7. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    You mean like Quentin Coldwater from the Magicians? (Which is basically Harry Potter/Narnia cross-over fanfiction).
  8. S01.E03: We're Being Punked, Pedro

    Wait, what year are you using as present day? In 2029, Hope would be 17 and the twins 15 which they are on the show. That's why they used younger actors to play Lizzie/Josie during their scene in the Originals season 5. Legacies starts 2 years after Klaus died.
  9. S01.E03: We're Being Punked, Pedro

    Someone needs to start keeping score of all the inappropriate exchanges between Hope and Alaric. So I had seen the promo photos but I still legit SCREAMED when I saw Jeremy Beefcake Gilbert looking like a badass snack in that hoodie and scruff. I didn't watch it live but I got caught up this morning (thank you Network gods for TheCW app) and I stayed off all spoilers for a grand total of 4 hours and everything was worth it. Yeah, glad to know that I'm not the only one feeling the anti-Landon vibe. Like the problem with the "he's an abused foster kid" argument is that Raf was an abused foster kid too so it's hard to have a lot of sympathy for Landon when his so-called BFF that he's pimping out and lying to had it just as rough as him. I do believe him about the knife. It's beyond ridiculous for him to keep lying about it at this point in the story. And we know from post-episode interviews from Plec that Landon is supernatural - he's not a human immune to compulsion like the late Papa Caroline was. But without that information, there's no hard evidence that Landon is supernatural. Anyway, I feel that if the show had guts, it should make Hope/Lizzie a thing. Also, I think the knife's introduction is beyond clunky. I wish they had come up with a more exciting way to bring it into play. Also, I'm sorry but I have to say that MG compelling that girl because making out with her was "taking advantage of her" was beyond irritating. By her own words, she was making out with him to make her bff's boyfriend notice her. So it sounded like Mutual opportunity taking advantage off in that situation. Him now suddenly feeling guilty - when he had been willing 5 minutes ago to use her to get Lizzie's attention - was tacky, Puritanical, and honestly, sounded a bit like white feminism, making her out to be the victim of the scary black guy. Talking about scary black guys.... The snatch-and-grab Vamp Dude was talking about Lebron... In 2029. I mean, I know the guy is legend, but someone in continuity obviously goofed.
  10. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    The fact that you're PR-rationalizing how to tell a story about the Marauders without making them look like assholes .... probably means that they are assholes.
  11. Relationships: Speed Dating

    Yes, that was lovely and completely took me by surprise. Which says a lot about how stringently Westallen PDA is... well really the only right word here is rationed.
  12. S05.E04: News Flash

    And as @SevenStars pointed out in the relationship thread, Cecile who actually brought up another young daughter shouldn't have found Nora's attitude amusing. Her reaction is just a way to validate/mitigate Caitlin's own.
  13. S05.E04: News Flash

    Yeah. It looks worse everytime I see it. Either DP is that bad an actor or Caitlin is meant to look like a smug snake. Honestly not sure which is worse.
  14. S05.E04: News Flash

    I guess something was lost in translation here: Because there, you are arguing that without factoring in her future relationship, Nora's not required to be anything more than civil or polite to her present-time mom. All that aside, I'm sure that "travelling back in time to literally enter your mom's life before you existed" is as opposite from "avoiding and keeping your distance" as Nora could possibly get. If she was so mad at her mom, Nora could do like literally every other person in the world does, and move out of her house, change her numbers and cut her out of her life. Or she could have stuck to stalking Barry without introducing herself to the family. Or she could have not moved into Iris's own home. Like, don't get me wrong, I have a lot of sympathy with both Nora and Iris in this situation (not to brag again, but I did call this storyline) but the idea that Iris was doing something wrong by trying to establish a relationship, and being worried at the lack of affection from the daughter just plain or that Nora's behaviour wasn't problematic --- doesn't make sense to me. I can understand Nora. I can sympathise her. But I draw the line at justifying her. Sounds like you're making a good argument for Iris to get her tubes tied. If what she has to look forward to in the future is single-motherhood over this brat then home girl needs to get her a Plan B. Literally. Honestly! 🙄 I mean apparently, Iris is already a screw-up of a mother who in the future abused her daughter, and in the present positively assaults the poor child with.... attention and... affection. Iris might as well put both of them out of their misery, and give up on the whole motherhood thing. /s Sarcasm aside, Iris already had her own shitty relationship with her mother. The last thing she needs is evidence that she's going to be a bad mother. It's a profound ethical question that the show will never have the balls to explore.
  15. S05.E04: News Flash

    You are aware that Nora literally travelled back in time, and broke the laws of physics and --- I don't know --- God, maybe --- to enter Iris's present life? Like I'm not sure, but I don't know how Iris is supposed to think Nora doesn't want anything more to do with her than she has to -- when Nora literally shouldn't exist in this time! The only reason why Iris knows Nora in present-day is because of Nora! (And of course, Nora moving into Iris's home ---- is also an indication that she doesn't want to have anything to do with her mom????) Iris ... felt the need... to connect with her child? As opposed to ... what, exactly? OK, maybe it's a cultural thing but am I missing something? Is there any other expectation of a mother-daughter relationship? Was Iris supposed to be indifferent towards Nora's attitude to her? Was she stepping out of line making breakfast, conversation, trying to get to know the daughter who literally came out of her own timeline to enter Iris' life? Like I'm still amused, but I'm also borderline horrified that this is anyone's expectation of how parents are supposed to relate to their children, time-travelling shenanigans notwithstanding.