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  1. Tennis Thread

    A factor that I've observed goes both ways with people who are equally ignorant of the larger context of Williams's professional career also weighing in on this matter. As usually happens with things like this, people start with a preferred narrative, then cherry-pick the facts/opinions that confirm said narrative, and not the other way around. (And it's worth repeating that the people who do have a "PhD level of knowledge" are not saying anything different from the "uneducated" article.) That makes as much sense as the "you're racist for observing/pointing out racism" argument.
  2. Tennis Thread

    Considering that WTA CEO, as well as many professional tennis players and tennis journalists are speaking up in criticism of Ramos (and throwing in my own "working knowledge" of the game and its history), I'd still recommend it as a great read. (IMO this insinuation that tennis is a PhD science that people need to give a valuable opinion on this issue sounds suspiciously like dog whistling. ) The implication of this is that the European media is more objective but factually, it just means that the European media is less sympathetic to Serena Williams. And that's not news. (BBC and SKY, so far, seem to be giving objective coverage on this and haven't spliced together any of these damnable clips.) "Briefer and less personal" involved Djokovic also threatening Ramos's career and Kyrgios cursing him out. Djokovic gets multiple warnings, when a point loss should have followed.
  3. Tennis Thread

    Not for verbal abuse. In all these instances, the verbal abuse comes after the players already got a different type of code violation - and he lets the abuse slide. But vulgar curse words are acceptable? Yeah, that's the kind of specifically convenient arbituary lines that people with double standards fall back on. But vulgar curse words are acceptable? Yeah, that's the kind of specifically convenient arbituary lines that people with double standards fall back on.
  4. Tennis Thread

    🤨 🤨 O'RLY? 🤨 🤨 Gee, I wonder if there's some kind of pattern here over which players are allowed to get "passionate" and which are not. 🤨🤨
  5. Tennis Thread

    Can't speak for anyone but for me, it might have something to do with this: Novak Djokovic Says Some Weird Stuff About Women Tennis Players and Their 'Hormones'
  6. Tennis Thread

    My takeaway from this is that if it was rough for super-fit and super-rich Serena Williams, then we can only imagine what less privileged black women go through. So no, until something concrete is being done about this, IMO we're not even close to ready to "move on" from this story.
  7. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    DIdn't Caitlin say in one of her pseudo-sciencey exposition speeches that the particle accelerator changed Barry's DNA? That would mean his powers are a mutation: he didn't get it from genetics but he can pass it on genetically.
  8. S02.E03: Every Mother's Son

    Wish I could quote all these arguments because they are so well said. While we know that vampires can find some form of moral code, and live relatively un-violent lives, the bottom line is that they are a threat to humanity as a whole. It's hard to notice - because all our pov characters are vampires or hybrids - all the dead bodies lying around the Mikaelson house, or the stoned-out girls that offer their wrists to be sliced and drained into wine cups. Even Caroline's blood-bag diet is still a vampire robbing hospitals of a finite life-saving resource. The closest a vampire ever came to living a "decent" life was Stefan's bunny diet, and that was laughed off in the first few seasons of the show.
  9. S02.E01: Rebirth

    So I'm late to this party - having fallen in love with the show because of season 5 and sporadically binge-watching on Netflix - but I actually liked/loved Hayley's reaction to in this? I can actually sympathize with the idea of her resenting - not the "foot soldier" werewolves that attacked her - but the Guerreras who manipulated the pack (and bargained with her baby's life) in their power grab. As she said, she had just started reconciling and even being happy about being a werewolf. While I'll always side eye how quickly the show changed TVD!Hayley to TO!Hayley, the idea of someone who was always an outcast, searching desperately and ruthlessly for a family, and finally finding that family, and acceptance and peace with them - will be conflicted about waging war against them.
  10. IMO, Cristal was more caring and supporting towards Stephen and Fallon in the few months she was their stepmom than either their manipulative parent was. She went out of her way to support and promote Stephen's campaign, and despite all her spats with Fallon, it was still Cristal having her back when her father was forcing her into an unwanted marriage. While I can understand (if not agree) with faulting her relationship with Blake, I never saw anything negative in the way she treated her step-children. Anti-Cristal(ism?) always surprises me. I get the impression that there's a desire to assume the worst of her, actual facts notwithstanding. I still remember when it was speculated that she'd have an affair with Fallon's boyfriend ---- because she comforted him during his father's illness/eventual death?! 😕 I can only guess that it's stereotyping from the actress's first big role being a villainess in Vampire Diaries. Other than race, I can't think of any reason why she garnered so much dislike.
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Depowering one of their already super-powered Super Team might actually be a good idea. The show is The Flash, not Flash and Friends. Of course, I would prefer Killer Frost and Extended Man to go first, before Vibe. But if the arc just puts him out of commission for a few episodes, or half a season, I don't think it's too bad.
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    Thank you. Adding my voice to the list of people who wanted Lauren to stay good, and friends with Sydney. And if they wanted Sark to have an Evil!Girlfriend that they could juxtapose against Sydney and Vaughn, they should have kept Merrin Dungey on as Alison.
  13. Season 1 Discussion

    I'm just waiting for it to show up on Netflix.
  14. The Flash in the Media

    Who knows? I just know that to me, the whole thing seemed orchestrated. Especially since until Grant made the statement, I'd never heard of one person body-shaming him. People had issues with the suit, not with his body. In past seasons, had we ever had this elaborate "Suit Reveal"?