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  1. This show certainly worked out for Tim Kennedy - even though this is over, he's got a new show on Discovery in July: https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/discovery-channel-tim-kennedy-hard-to-kill-1202747460/ I wonder how he feels about Josh Gates getting permission to go inside the Inalco House and use metal detectors and ground penetrating radar on the grounds, when the HH crew had to sneak onto the property and scuttle away to avoid detection.
  2. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I'm stupidly excited about I will watch just for them alone. Not so much about I like Mostly, I'm just extremely grateful for no Paul.
  3. I don't think they knew it was the end when they were filming it - it might even have had to be shot early on in the most recent group of episodes, since it took place around a scheduled event. AP held it back to air kicking off Monster Week (looks like they're trying to make that a thing, like Shark Week) and so that a Patterson-Gimlin episode would be number 100. That's why we got the wrap-up special that aired after, with thanks to the crew and behind the scenes moments.
  4. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Thanks, TAR. The only way I can watch this now is if they are out first. I guess that's what I get for actually looking forward to it. Oh well.
  5. This was the series finale, 100th episode. Kind of neat that it was at a Patterson-Gimlin festival, almost full-circle in a way. And they seem convinced the audience loved the night investigations, so that's why we got them. I will actually miss this stupid show, but they'll probably just rerun the crap out of it.
  6. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    That one was TMZ. Reality Blurred has also had some information.
  7. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    James Huling and Corey Brooks apparently in for TAR, along with Caleb and Rachel. James/Corey are a team (Tejas Tacos, allegedly.) No idea if Brendan will be with Rachel or if she'll be with someone else - her sister maybe? I don't think she was really close with anyone except Brendan.
  8. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    The TMZ story was only partly right, according to Reality Blurred. It will be BB and TAR All Stars competing. They might as well throw a few Survivors in there, why not? If Caleb competes, he will be (as far as I know) the only one who has the hat trick. BB folks have been on TAR and and BB Hayden was on Survivor, and Survivor people have been on TAR, but no one that I can think of has done all three. I wonder if they couldn't find enough BB teams who were willing to do it. I'll probably watch, unless Paul turns up yet again.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    Thanks - I must have missed that demonstration. This is on late, so a) my attention span goes to crap by that point in the evening and b) I am usually flapping about trying to get things ready for the next morning. Once I'd missed that, it just seemed like this huge elephant in the room that everyone was studiously ignoring. So, without being a contortionist able to flip her arms backward over her head, she'd have had to sit on the floor, put her tied hands between her legs (feet bound) and scooch her body forward until her arms were behind her? I just don't see it. If she was that devastated that she felt she had to go this route, why not pills with a real note? And how would one get paint out of a tube without any prints at all on the tube, only the cap? To me, that says that her prints (including the cap) were all over it, someone else opened it carefully, and then wiped off all prints from the tube. Overall, I'm enjoying the show, even though I couldn't stand Derrick on Big Brother.
  10. General True Crime Shows

    My question wasn't about the chandelier. It was how on earth she could tie her own hands behind her back. Or even, in front. It would seem like there would be no way to actually get it tight working in the front, much less in the back.
  11. Oh dear. Fair warning, if you go to the Haunted Museum.
  12. Looks like the last few episode were kept because Animal Planet is doing Monster Week, and the finale is the centerpiece of that. Since probably 90% of sightings happen during the day, and what happens at night is sounds and occasionally something being thrown, it would seem like "hunting" during the day would be better. If they really want to find one, go to a place where there are multiple sightings, put up sturdy cameras in some camoflaged case, and then leave. But that would make for a very boring show.
  13. Ranae posted on her Instagram that May 28 (I think, I'm at work now and can't double check) would be the final episode of Finding Bigfoot. Looks like they just held on to a couple of episodes to drop in somewhere. There is a Very Special Episode afterward, probably looking back on all the seasons. She said if the numbers are good enough, she's hopeful it may get another season, but honestly, it's probably time to wrap it up. They were never serious about actually finding anything (well, Cliff probably was, maybe Bobo, but Matt is just interested in collecting $$$$,) and it's not even really entertaining anymore. There are only so many trips to exotic places they can take to drum up some interest.
  14. New eps start May 18. Since no one apparently publicizes when these type shows get renewed and for how many episodes, that's all I know. Saw a promo during Travel Channel's Josh Gates-a-thon tonight.
  15. S10.E05: The Bossy Rossy Show

    I'm glad The Vixen is self-aware about her problems calibrating her responses. If she can master that, her directness and lack of fear regarding confrontation can be harnessed for good. Eureka often annoys me, but she really excelled in this episode. If there is a returning contestant this season, it will likely be Dusty or Mayhem. And I don't know exactly why Ru completely dissolves when Michelle says "Miss Vanjie," but I could watch it all day.