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  1. S02.E02: Nominations #1

    I really enjoyed the look of terror on Jonathan's face when Ryan said he was just going to wing it out there. Does that make me a bad person? I'm okay with him going, since he wants to protect Dina. No. To me, the obvious noms were Dina and Joey "I Don't Believe in Alliances" Lawrence. But that's just me. I have no real opinion on Natalie, but I do love her hair. When all the color finally goes out of mine, if it's not Helen Mirren white, I'm lining up boxes of Manic Panic and Arctic Fox and going to town on it.
  2. S02.E01: Season Premiere

    I hope Ricky stays around. Good on him for finding another career path that he loves, and actually putting in the work for it, not just talking about it. He seems chill. I can't decide who I want out first, I think I would be okay with just about anyone except Kato and Mooch, probably Ricky. I know Mooch isn't to everyone's taste, but he's no Omarosa, and I feel like Kato and Mooch are the ones I know the least about how they'll be in the house.
  3. S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Man, Kato is nothing like I thought he'd be. I guess when you only see someone on the witness stand or discussing a horrific murder, it's not really a reflection of their true personality. Who knew? I think I'm going to like this season a lot. No outright hate, but I'm neutral for now on some (Hi Mooch!) but I right now like most everyone except Dina.
  4. The Masked Singer

    I think so too. When "Hailey" popped up on the newspaper Lion was holding, one of the male judges said "Hailey Idaho?" There is probably no reason to know it is a town in Idaho unless you know the Willis family lived there. I mean, it doesn't even have 10,000 residents! I did think Lion may be another Willis daughter, and if Scout sings that's a good guess. Aren't there Empire clues though?
  5. The Masked Singer

    I feel like Peacock's reaction to one of the judges saying he was born to perform or born to be onstage, something like that, is something of a tell. He chuckled and said "thank you" like he was caught off guard with the comment and reacted honestly, not scriptedly. So, since Donny Osmond has been performing his whole life in a performing family, the chuckle could have meant "you have no idea how right you are!" Or, the "thank you" that sounded sincere and possibly a bit surprised meant "whoa, maybe I'm better than I thought!" I haven't seen Donny onstage, so I don't know how Peacock's stage moves compare, but he was workin' it, for sure.
  6. The Masked Singer

    The Hayley clue solidifies Rumer Willis. The Willis family had a home for a long time in Hayley Idaho. Can Joel McHale please just replace Jenny McCarthy?
  7. The Masked Singer

    Man, you guys are great detectives! I'm still not sure about Alien being LaToya, but it's a strong case. I don't know enough about T-Pain to say for sure, but also a strong case. I think the others are probably figured out now. I guess we'll see tonight if any new clues are dropped into the mix.
  8. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I wonder if Kato will try to actually go by his name, which is Brian. Like Ryan, he's not the sharpest crayon in the box, but I've always felt kind of sorry for him. He probably thought he had it made - friends with a beloved sports figure (or "friends", since OJ was basically keeping him around to keep him away from Nicole,) living in a Brentwood mansion rent-free, hoping he could bump into enough bigwigs that he might actually get a career break of some sort out of it. And then finds himself in the middle of a huge tragic mess, and suddenly he's a laughingstock, portrayed almost exclusively as a clueless user sycophant hanger-on. I may actually get feeds this time, even without my girl Tiffany.
  9. The Masked Singer

    On Ken Jeong's Instagram, he posted a clip of when he was a contestant on the Korean version of the show. While I agree that the Raven is Ricki Lake, Ross Mathews did have a short-lived talk show called "Hello Ross!" (I think on E!" years ago.
  10. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I've always liked Ryan Lochte - not the brightest bulb in the chandelier for sure, but has never seemed mean or malicious. I liked Kato Kaelin too, and I'll be interested to see how he's changed over the years. I would have given my left arm and coughed up for feeds if Tiffany NY Pollard was on, but I'll take what I can get - no Omarosa!
  11. The Masked Singer

    I just found this show on demand, since I like Nick Cannon a lot and love Ken Jeong. It reminds me a lot of the silly summer show a while back called "Sing Your Face Off." I loved that hot mess of a show. I think the Bee is Gladys Knight, and I thought the Alien might be Kendall Jenner, because they kept talking about her being a model, and in one of the images of the clue package, she was in front and there were four more aliens behind her (her four sisters.) But, I don't know if Kris would let herself be "left out" like that!
  12. Ghost Adventures

    Did anyone watch Demon House? If so, what did you think? For me, it was entirely too Blair Witch, and once Zak said it could have become the next Amityville it set off huge red flags. Amityville was a massive fake hoax. And then the family stops working with Zak because Hollywood came calling with $$$$? And the extended family was all Nope, never happened? And the squatters had nothing to report until there was money involved? Uh, that's a no from me, dawg. </RandyJackson> Don't even get me started on how, with all the cameras set up in the house, the only one to catch the "black shape" was the out of focus one on the bed. The dude who "got fired" for his health seemed to be a bit scripted and dramatic in his interview - it just didn't seem genuine to me. Also, diplopia can be treated with botox, and the surgery is the same as for strabismus, which is almost always (in adults) outpatient and done under local anesthesia with light sedation (it's done over a million times a year.) Not to mention vision therapy. Not that there are no risks, but probably less than his nose job under general anesthesia. Granted, it would freak me out being my eyes and all, but he's not without recourse to fix it. On a a lighter note, after I said in the now-nuked Small Talk thread that any All Paranormal All the Time channel had to run Most Haunted or I would be very cross, guess what showed up on TRVL last night at 11? Woot!
  13. Ghost Adventures

    Aaaand, in addition to Demon House, all day New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, as of now, straight up, full-on, non-stop Ghost Adventures marathon. Holy cow.
  14. Ghost Adventures

    Yep, sure did! Replayed in slo mo several times. I think this may also be where he goes up to the counter and asks the woman behind it if she comes here often, and she's all "uh, I work here..."
  15. Ghost Adventures

    Oh no! It's like Demons in Seattle, but in the hands of even nutsier people. On steroids even! Demons! On Steroids! Yeah, it's the episode that comes the closest to being an actual, if accidental, parody of Ghost Adventures. I'm sure it has already spawned many memes. The only bad thing about it is that it involves kids, otherwise it would probably be my second favorite. My favorite has to be Longfellow's Wayside Inn, just for Zak's poetry, musical attempts, dealing awkwardly with Inn guests, Soup shoutout, and the opening dinner table.