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  1. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    Not just a "seasoned doctor" but she's the Chief of Surgery well, Everything. Can you imagine that getting out? I'm sure people would start avoiding the hospital if they knew that's how they viewed injured patients.
  2. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    Yes, please let Owen move to Germany with Teddy!!! He can probably get Maggie and possibly Jackson jobs there as well.
  3. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Pretty sure she asked her to confirm the diagnosis Teddy suspected.
  4. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    I'm still wondering what, if anything, either of them loves about the other... they keep going on about how much they love each other (or profess their love for the other to someone else) but I've yet to hear anything other than Jackson's list about why Maggie is a great, talented, awesome or whatever else kind of person when she's doubting herself.
  5. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    Kinda like Noodle, per the end of the ep.
  6. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I did not get this at all. Are doctors in the US not obligated to tell their patients the risks of procedures and such? I wondered why he was apologizing and then why for fuck's sake Meredith said she was proud of him because not every doctor would be brave (???) enough to say it? Like, what the hell? That should have been the second thing out of her mouth when she told CeCe about the organs. Same! I never expected Maggie to tell Jackso, silly of me I know, and figured Mere told her so she would support Jackson once Catherine broke the news to him herself. I doubt it. Maybe Bailey will fire him and take her job back, because she'll feel back to normal (and realize this job is what she needs to calm down/distract her from Ben's job or whatever kind of nonsense) just because of what Richard said to her. I was like, 'get off your high horse, Maggie, just yesterday you ran off while the man you claim to love was opening up about his feelings/issues because you asked him to and now all you can do is comment on the weather when you see him again'. The not begging hadn't even occurred to me but yes, she should've been on her knees, kissing the ground Teddy was walking on. I was so confused about those terrible winds. All we saw was a cardboard box moving over the ground and Alex & Jo being all like "oh no, we can't leave the house" which was ridiculous. As was HAOG getting blown against the ambulance. And there was an Izzie mention, which kinda felt like foreboding to me in combination with not filing the marriage certificate... are we even sure he and Izzie got divorced? Did he ever submit those papers? Such a medical genius that she hasn't done any of the work on her idea that practically overtook her honeymoon. The only thing we saw was in an earlier episode when she and Bailey were talking about which mechanisms or proteins or whatever to use and she, in all her medical genius, remarked that she had no idea there were so many possibilities... When we first saw that exterior shot of their house I thought it was some abandoned place where Betty was hiding/drugging. Meredith's delivery was perfect. Even I was tuning out Maggie at that point. Yeah, Owen is such an ass. Was she actually examining or operating? Felt like she was just standing there talking, while Meredith tried keeping the patient alive and teaching the intern. No, that's about it.
  7. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Isn't it about time for another disaster at the hospital, leading to the death of a couple of interns/residents and at least one major character? I nominate Maggie and, if they intend on keeping Jackson the way they're writing him now, he can die too.
  8. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Honestly, at this point I don't even need see anymore people shirtless on this show. I cringed all the way through Mer's sex dream earlier this season with DeLuca and Linc. And even if Koracick didn't look damn fine in that previous episode, what's wrong with showing a normal middle-aged man shirtless? I'd think Shonda and co would jump at the chance and publicly pat themselves on the back for doing so when most shows only show "hot young guys" shirtless. Sidenote, I honestly don't see the fascination with DeLuca. He seems so... basic to me. Same with Linc, but at least I like that actor from his Nashville days (where he looked much better and really, it can't just be the hair, can it?!). This is true, but I think it goes back to Jackson's remark that they don't really talk. Not about important stuff, just about how their day was. She apparently never bothered to ask him about his God Quest, or she would've thrown that in his face like "Why didn't you tell me about her when we talked about your God Quest? I asked you about the people you've met and the things you've done and not once did her name come up!!!" or something.
  9. S05E05: Ghosts

    Not taking off her heels wouldn't only save time if she has to leave again, but also some comfort/discomfort. Heels can often leave your feet sore (although I can imagine it might be less with the very pricy shoes she wears compared to regular Jane Doe) but sometimes you don't notice it until you've taken them off. Or, your feet are in discomfort and it's heaven to take them off, but then it feels even worse if you have to put them back on shortly thereafter.
  10. S02.E06: iMprint

    I thought it was ridiculous how Lorna jumped to conclusions (even though she was right); she might hum the lullaby when she's with her baby but as we clearly saw, she does so with the door wide open. Esme could have easily overheard them before she knocked on the door??? It was so ridiculous! Why did Shatter even go out there? To buy them extra time? How about fake negotiating while Reed works on the wall? And if someone really had to go out there, how about doing it when Reed's already working on the wall (which Shatter could have easily, you know, shattered instead but okay) instead of Reed opening the door, slowly walking over to the wall and putting his hands on it and trying to focus, aka wasting a lot of time. And I thought Marcos was going to blind the Purifiers (i.e. by shining bright lights, not literally burning retinas) not shoot laser beams or whatever at them. Like, how is that even useful? He shot one or two and the Purifiers just leaned more to the other side. And if blinding them was too difficult, then how about directing the beam to the engines and forcing the Purifiers to flee or die in an explosion.
  11. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Ugh, Maggie and Jackson. Never been a fan but that was just awful. And so cliche with the phone, jumping to conclusions, getting her foot injured (despite there being no blood or anything) and then Jackson trying to take care of her foot like she's not the damn head of cardio and could easily fix her foot. Granted, Maggie was being an idiot over the whole foot thing, trying to put on her shoes with glass in her foot and alleged bleeding like wtf? I don't blame Jackson for talking to friends who happen to be female about stuff Maggie obviously doesn't take seriously, and I'm saying this as an atheist myself. She mocks him with his "God Quest", can't be bothered to actually talk about it/listen to him and then acts like a thirteen-year-old child about him talking to other people about it. And apparently she's never even asked him about what he was up to during his quest or the friendship with the woman whose name I've already forgotten would have come up. Now, Jackson isn't blameless here, he could have talked to her about it all sooner. But I can totally see why he didn't when she's being such a moron. Someone else whose post I apparently forgot to quote mentioned something about how Jackson should have talked to her before going on his God Quest and informed his boss first and texted her after... but as I recall, Maggie had a voicemail from Jackson which she didn't reveal after some other character mentioned his email to everyone (but Maggie) about taking a leave of absence (again, nice you can just decide to do that and go off on your merry way at that hospital!). And we never heard the voicemail IIRC and she didn't say if she got it before he sent the email or after and when she first listened to it. For all we know, he'd tried calling her several times but she was in surgery (off-screen because all the surgeons barely perform surgeries these days) and finally left her a voicemail explaining what was going on. Not saying that's right, but it's not as bad as a text/email. And considering how she's always fleeing the moment he wants to talk, I can see how telling her about the God Quest she's not taking seriously might be difficult for him, too. (and oh man, did Jackson really tell her his God epiphany came too late because otherwise he'd still be with April but sure he loves Maggie now?) What it all boils down to, for me, though is: why do Jackson and Maggie love each other? Seriously, why? What attracts them in each other, why do they care about one another? They can't even talk about something as profound as his religious experience or even his friends and she can't do anything other than look at him, whine/brag about her age/development and accomplishments and run off to buy milk. Honestly, people. I hadn't thought of the adoption thing, but now that you've mentioned it I can definitely see it happening... and they'd call the kid Frankie, probably. I thought Alex was there because they had to get the baby out and Richard was being unreasonable when he said it was too early. It was disgusting indeed, but the bartender wasn't wrong when he said that it was Richard who made the decision (paraphrasing), he wasn't forcing him into anything. I figured Richard wouldn't go ahead with drinking it, hoping that actually seeing those shots being poured would change his mind, but I hadn't expected him to be such an idiot and smash the bar. Just a quick google search tells me that, for a healthcare provider like a surgeon, in certain states a criminal conviction including some misdemeanors can constitute professional misconduct and result in suspension or revocation of a medical license. But I suppose there'll just be some drama with Meredith and Richard keeping it from Catherine and Catherine and Meredith keeping her tumor from Richard instead and go the Alex route, resulting in no consequences for his career whatsoever. Hoping Catherine will actually die because I can't stand the character/actress. Her tumor story line can cause a rift between Maggie and Jackson, or bring them closer together (ugh) and maybe for once Maggie can actually, you know, interact with Richard and try to support him as well. Maybe Catherine's death will lead to Richard falling off the wagon again but hopefully not, because I'm so over that plot. Totally agree, saw both coming as well. And ugh, the stupid story with the nurse. It would have been much more credible if it had been Boki (sp?) or the redhead nurse who've been appearing on the show every now and then for years. Boki is probably too old (although I'm not sure how old she actually is, just gives me the impression), but they could have given the story to the redhead which would have been far more credible with the IVF (why couldn't Frankie just use a sperm donor?) because she's older.
  12. S02.E07: Trial & Error

    No, I don't think we get that in my country. But even if we do, I don't have a TV, so...
  13. S02.E07: Trial & Error

    I kept waiting for it to be revealed that Nic's sister whose name I can't be bothered to remember and her AA friend had relapsed and their drug abuse interfered with the drug trial. In most countries in the developed world there are no ads for drugs, new or old.
  14. Technically, he was already a doctor when they met; he was an anesthesiologist, who then decided to become a surgeon and then (after completing his residency?) a firefighter.
  15. S05E05: Ghosts

    Makes one wonder how he learned anything during his time at... Oxford, I think his translator said it was?
  16. I think Ellis was a better parent; despite her hardships (and presumably never even wanting a child) she was there, she raised Meredith as best she could while her worthless father was starting a new family with a wife who didn't have an ambition of her own or whatever excuse he used to blame everything on Ellis and she never badmouthed Tatcher the way he has Ellis. The naming thing probably only happened because Ellis died and during the pregnancy/Derek's death/absence, Meredith realized she had a lot more in common with her mother than she ever thought possible; it's just that Meredith had a partner who (mostly) supported her and she and Derek both wanted and loved their children and actively tried to balance their careers with parenthood (one more than the other, but that's a whole 'nother story).
  17. The only thing Bailey quoted was successfully bringing a liver "back to life", not it being successfully transplanted into a patient whose own liver was failing (and possible other health issues related to that, I don't recall if the patient's condition was actually mentioned) nor how many successful cases there were and how many failed. I believe he said something about consequences in regards to the standing of the hospital (in the eyes of UNOS), which could mean they'd be blacklisted or whatever the correct terminology for not being allowed to perform transplant surgeries is.
  18. And... they were separated at birth!!! But they didn't discover this until after they had been on a couple of dates together and were slowly falling head over heels... It was during the McVet time. She met Finn through Doc the dog. He was the widower who she didn't sleep with right away but Derek (involved with Addison at the time) still threw a hissyfit and called her a whore after going to the vet with Doc after hours and Meredith came downstairs (because apparently he lived in the apartment above the clinic) barely dressed, having taken a shower after assisting Finn with some farm animal giving birth. And then when she and Derek tried to be friends again, she went on walks with him and Doc. Sort of behind Addison's back, IIRC. And then there was the awful prom night for the chief's (Webber) niece dying of ovarian cancer or something and Meredith took Finn as her date and Derek Addison and then Meredith and Derek had sex in one of the exam rooms and Meredith left her panties behind which Addison found and pinned to the board and then Bailey threw a hissyfit over someone's panties lying around the hospital and Callie (who'd caught Meredith and Derek having sex on prom night) took the blame and claimed the panties.
  19. Who knows, if Ellen Pompeo isn't leaving the show and tptb get to drag it out for another season or two, maybe some long-lost brother will show up out of nowhere!
  20. I don't like Deluca and Meredith, think Linc is so-so but would be interesting and Koracik seems like a great match. Is anyone else thinking Betty is either gone for good or the situation is so complicated that she'll end up gone for good to open up the opportunity for Owen (and Amelia) to adopt Leo? That way they can be like, 'oh we gave the birth mother a shot and tried to help her, but alas' and become a happy family... until Teddy's news breaks. Speaking of Teddy. I thought the interruptions were ridiculous but was impressed she actually intended to follow through after witnessing Amelia storming in and freaking out over Betty and then yammering on and on about how Betty is like her and she was off getting high at 15 and now needs a meeting. Because I was like, 'uh, yeah, I wouldn't want my kid to be partially raised in this household'. There's just so much drama and instability. And you know that as long as Betty and Amelia remain part of Owen's (and Leo's) life there will always be drama and Betty/Amelia will always be put first, Leo and new baby an afterthought... I was a little surprised Teddy seemed to back out of telling him after seeing him with Leo. I get that she felt he was happy with his life now and that telling him about her pregnancy could ruin all that, but I was actually expecting her to be all 'aw, look how good he is with the baby!!!' and wanting him in their child's life. But of course then she left and like others up thread have predicted, there'll be some dramatic reveal by either Meredith/Maggie blabbing about it because they think Teddy told him and Amelia or there's an emergency with the pregnancy and that's how Owen and the whole hospital find out. Hopefully the Station 19 thing will be included in the next episode's "previously on" or something. I don't think Jo (or the rest of the OR staff) should get into any trouble for going along with Bailey. Pretty sure the rest of the OR staff had no clue about Alex nixing the operation and technically, Bailey is Jo's boss as Bailey is paying her personally and therefore Jo is not on the hospital's payroll. Bailey is the one who needs to get fired or at the very least face some consequences over her decision and subsequent forcing Jo to be her collaborator.
  21. This! I was so hoping Alex would confront Bailey after she left the patient and fire her for her behavior. Not only did she disobey a direct order from her chief, but she forced a fellow (and all the other staff in the OR) to collaborate with her and put the hospital's reputation at stake. Especially as a former chief (or whatever) she should know that is not acceptable and that no surgeon can just go and decide to do a risky/unapproved operation. There should've been an internal meeting where she'd pitch the procedure to some committee made up of other surgeons/doctors, lawyers and possibly the shareholders/owners of the hospital before a decision would be made. You were right. I'm not sure how it's a directed donation, though? Guessing Bailey convinced the family to do so (off-screen) because it's not like the dead guy had any say in where his liver went to. I was also confused about the "he's dead", "it's been seven minutes" and "the five minute rule": the liver was still inside the patient whose heart had only stopped 7 minutes ago, so why would the liver already be dead? I thought the liver was one of those organs that they can harvest for a while (hours) after death... but maybe I'm wrong. Something about organs and transplants yeah, not UNOS. Probably a fictional institution? Shortly before they left the house, you could see Ellis (and Bailey too, I think) behind the two girls so I'm guessing school friend, too. I disagree in Meredith sharing the blame. First of all, like she said, why should it be on the child to reach out to the parent and then feel bad about not feeling bad for the lack of communication? He's been a piss poor father her whole life and just gave up on her when Ellis wanted to divorce, and moved on with a new wife and kids. Secondly, she has tried to reconnect several times despite it costing her emotionally (and being pushed by both Derek and Lexie and also Susan/stepmom) and her not being ready and even giving him part of her liver, and he's treated her like trash. Even when they were actually spending time together he never seemed that invested in her or in catching up with her, Susan/stepmom was the driving force behind it all. He even mixed up a childhood memory that actually meant something to Meredith and credited it to him and Lexie and insisted it was Lexie, until Susan agreed with Meredith that it wasn't Lexie but in fact Meredith. Then, when Susan/stepmom died, he blamed her (and Lexie) and he slapped her in the face and humiliated and embarrassed her at her place of work again afterwards. Meredith doesn't owe him anything and Tatcher should have been on his knees, groveling for forgiveness years ago. And hey, I doubt Tatcher cares about Meredith coming to say goodbye anyway; he couldn't be bothered to reach out to her ever since her sister died (or meet his grandkids) and he's probably leaning on perfect Holly Molly and her family.
  22. S02.E07: Haunted

    I'm pretty sure no one even thought to maybe have a look-see around the area to make sure that wasn't the case. Instead, they all blamed it on the "ghost" call for which some technical interference was blamed. I was wondering why it was even a choice? I was with Chimney; what option was there? Leave the man in a vegetative state? And who's going to be paying for that? Oh right, that would be him/his estate followed by his next of kin, Hen. Bobby was carving the pumpkins and her kids were helping him. Athena even asked what they were up to when she entered the kitchen and also pointed out all the ghosts on them; Bobby said they were making them for the firehouse because of Buck's obsession with the "ghost call".
  23. S02.E06: Dosed

    To be fair, I don't think Buck is all he's cracked up to be? In my opinion, he has a very high opinion of himself and was clearly punching above his weight with the reporter. And him saying he thinks she likes him made me wonder if he has a brain at all. She was clearly more interested in telling an interesting story and getting juicy information out of everyone than even attempting to flirt with him. Yes, I was looking around for the ex-husband's boyfriend as well. Bobby seems more integrated into the family than he is. And if that relationship has ended, how about a throwaway line about it? Agreed. Michael doesn't need to know the details but just an "he lost his wife and kids" would be enough to make him stop pushing (I don't think it's really pushing at this moment, more accepting/encouraging but that can easily get out of hand) but more importantly, I think Michael has the right to know that Bobby is an addict/alcoholic if he's going to be around their kids.
  24. S15.E05: Everyday Angel

    Sorry, I could write an essay in response to the points you've just made, but I'm not going to bother considering you don't think someone who violently attacked another (defenseless) person and nearly beat him to death should not be "punished" (I said consequences, not punishment) and serving jail time would "serve no one". Let's hope you and yours never find yourselves on the other end of an aggressive, "misunderstood" Alex Karev. I'm curious as to why you would think Alex would never do such a thing again, considering there have been absolutely no consequences for him whatsoever so why not do it again next time he feels like it? Which is pretty much whenever there's some difficulty in life, apparently. To me it seems you're making excuses for a fictional character because... well, I don't know really. Fangirling? Trying to justify and apply RL stuff? I don't know and don't really care.