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  1. S06.E20: Fit To Be Tied

    Maybe the FBI suspects Sherlock and figure that by going after Joan instead of Sherlock himself, he'll be more inclined to confess/cooperate.
  2. I really enjoyed this episode yet couldn't help but wonder if it wouldn't have been a whole lot easier for the killer to just look up obituaries, write them in his brother's handwriting (or even better, digital and futz with the date on the doc or plan it in advance) and claim the brother wrote them before his demise instead of, you know, actually killing people?
  3. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    I believe it was the one where they found the stored blood in the fridge? From a schoolgirl who'd donated it to the victim for a few $$$.
  4. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    Thanks. So, Clarke killed him? Hmm. Not sure I buy that. At the very least they should have shown/mentioned dumping his body off the ship. I don't know why McCreary cared about the unborn child, maybe it was more a case of sticking it to Diyoza? As for him destroying the valley, it seemed like a temper tantrum to me. Clarke and Raven had some obvious eye contact, I think Clarke indicated Raven should move to McCreary and due to their past experiences Raven knew exactly what that meant. Or something.
  5. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    Well, I'm not sure how I feel about this ending. Seems like these are the luckiest people in the world, always finding a way to land on their feet (after a couple of friends/people they vaguely know die or sacrifice themselves). We do finally have an answer to the pregnancy/fertility question! Harper got pregnant so either she and Monty (and all the other Ark women) had been really careful, the women have implants they can deactivate/remove themselves or they brought a never-ending supply of contraceptives with them when they were sent to Earth, probably in the same shipment that contained Abby's never-ending supply of drugs. What did Clarke say to McCreary before stomping on his face? All I heard was "daughter" something. Did she simply knock him out in a rather rough, Clarke-manner, and he's also in stasis or did she kick him to death and they got rid of the body off-screen? I was also a little surprised that they didn't let Diyoza give birth and age up the kid (she and Jordan could have been the next couple), but I can also understand why they might have been wary of letting Diyoza roam the ship while everyone else was in stasis. However, if Monty and Harper had actually volunteered to stay awake and monitor everyone/Earth but we simply weren't shown this, then they could have also agreed to keep Diyoza around while they kept an eye on her. But I guess the whole "oh the ten years turned into 125" is why they couldn't have "foreseen" it. I believe he said there were no transmissions after they arrived on the planet. Either because Eligius 3 hadn't sent any or because Apocalypse happened and Earth therefore didn't receive any. As for the other comments about Raven's boyfriend knowing the password to the files; I don't think he did because the miners were also unaware of the fate of Eligius 3.
  6. S06.E16: Beyond the Sunset

    I don't like Jessie, but that doesn't mean I think he has chemistry with everyone but Jessie. Like I said before, I did see chemistry between him and Ilse, but it's possible that's just because I find her smile infectious. However, I never thought Deacon had chemistry with, say, that Rachel Bilson character. I did think he had chemistry with that woman on tour in one of the earlier seasons (she was tall, had long blonde hair I think and had slightly masculine features). Regardless of whether Jessie was, in your case, recognizably or perhaps even accurately written, that doesn't mean she was a good character. And she was needy and whiny. Practically every time she and Deacon met up she was blinking back tears (even in this episode, long after the drama), whether they had a good time or she was worrying about her son/Brad. Also, she started out as a fellow singer which impressed him and had grand ideas of studying psychology and, without any of Brad's influence in that part of her life (he tried to control their son and was nasty to Deacon because of her love life), she DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She never again sang, wrote or even talked about either of those things. She didn't even go look at psychology courses or did any orientation. I don't know if she even had a job? All she seemed to do was either get together with Deacon, have coffee with other characters despite having no real relationship/friendship with them, or randomly show up somewhere in Nashville just to bump into Deacon (or in one case purple hair and I think even Scarlet a time).
  7. S06.E13: Breathe

    Because that would make detectives/investigators think it unlikely he killed himself.
  8. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    I'm not advocating for them to actually have one of the women be raped, but it's just incredibly unrealistic (especially in the current scenario with all those criminals) for the threat or fear of it to have never come up. Now, I suppose one could argue the same for early seasons with those "uncivilized" grounders, but they actually seemed to treat men and women quite equally and their commander was even a woman - plus back then the characters were supposed to be minors, so it's understandable they avoided it. But yeah, the Murphy rape goes against that completely. Poorly written and handled.
  9. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    I don't watch or read anything beyond the episodes (except for these episode threads) because I don't want to get spoilered and I think a show should be able to convey its message/plot/whatever without having to resort to clarifying things in interviews, specials or social media so I did not know this. It's odd and incredibly unrealistic. Cannibalism, brutal murder and ripping people's carotids out with your mouth is okay but sexual harassment is going too far?
  10. S06.E13: Breathe

    Are childminders who mind others' children from their own home not a thing in the US? They're often used instead of a daycare, or secondary to daycare (for example when a child has a fever and isn't allowed in daycare but parents still have to work) in my country. The childminders are often stay-at-home folks or at least home during regular working hours and children can be brought to them in the morning (and sometimes they'll bring them to school if the parent has to work before school opens) and/or after school. Sometimes those childminders also have kids of their own, sometimes they don't. Anyway, my point is that such childminders are often easy to "use" when something unexpected pops up, like cases for Joan.
  11. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    Oh, I keep forgetting to ask: is anyone else surprised by the rather genteel nature of all these super bad ass criminals (sans Vince)? I mean, I was expecting some sexual harassment at the very least when McCreary took over and all those criminals gathered around Abby. But now there have been numerous attractive (not that that always matters) women held captive, at their mercy, threatened with violence and everything for information or Abby healing those miners. So far, not even one guy side-eyeing one of the women, never mind sexual harassment or attempt/threat of rape - and these men have been on their own for how long? Only McCreary got "lucky" with Diyoza from the sounds of it.
  12. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    ... and no mother to feed it? Unless they have formula on their ship? Yeah, didn't think so. What an idiot. Clearly doesn't have the first clue about caring for someone, never mind a baby. My first thought was also, 'ah, we're going to end up with one hundred people, eh?', which will naturally be a mix of WanKru, PrisonKru, Madi and/or Clarke and SpaceKru. I still don't understand why Diyoza and Kane thought it was a good idea to double-cross SpaceKru/WanKru. Kane is such a hypocrite. If anything, WanKru (at least the Ark-people left among them) would be far more valuable than PrisonKru in rebuilding a society, considering they actually have skills and experience in doing so. Speaking of skills, does anyone remember back when all the Grounders were actually good fighters, with great instinct and *hearing* and couldn't really be sneaked up upon, were something to be feared and refused to use weapons? Hm. Guess all the good ones died in the pit. As soon as they were walking through the gourge I thought they were idiots. No one even looked like they were expecting an ambush, despite it being the perfect place for one! Even if SpaceKru had succeeded in attacking those pill boxes, then there still would have been guards there and they'd be picking them off one by one. Ethan dying was so predictable, I thought it the moment he smiled and then Octavia spoke and boom, instant death. Guess there are no more children now? Clarke really is her mother's daughter. Man, they are both idiots. I thought Clarke would have her "Aha!"-moment when Abby remarked that she was asking the person who sent a hundred kids to the ground, but no, all she took away from that was let's collar my adopted daughter and electrocute her a few times to make her behave. No one should ever take any advice from a junkie, by the way, not even on which groceries to get, never mind how to handle their child. I'm kinda hoping Kane dies, to be honest. Would serve both him (hypocrite/traitor) and Abby right. Still don't get why Diyoza and Kane didn't follow the plan, get rid of PrisonKru (how many were there, did Abby say - 120 or something?) and especially McReary, then let WanKru and SpaceKru join them on the premise of Octavia stepping down. With any luck, WanKru would take care of her themselves (permanently) after everything she's done. At this point, I'm not sure I want anyone to survive, if this is what's left of the human race.
  13. S06.E16: Beyond the Sunset

    Such a disappointing finale, except for the last 10 minutes. I've always been more of a Rayna fan than Deacon, but I hadn't realized how much better the show was when she was in it until she showed up in that memory/dream of Deacon's. I suddenly sat up and remembered how much I usually enjoyed their scenes (especially before they got together). The actors really have great chemistry (I've always thought so of Connie with whichever guy she was involved in the show) and bring out the best in each other, acting-wise. Scarlet - I haven't cared for her in ages. The irony of her advising everyone in this show when she's been the lost one for a season or two was not lost on me. The engaged "a few months later" is weird and reading on this thread that it's her RL husband just pretty much explains why the character has been in her own world this past season or two. Gunner - good for him for finally realizing that he didn't need a relationship! Unfortunately, I believe he's already had this realization before (when he met up with the old high school friend/sweetheart) but at least it looks like he's managed to keep it up for a few months. Would have been nice if we'd seen more singing/writing and/or performing from him this season, though, I always enjoyed those scenes in the past despite not caring much for the character himself. Will - I'm not sure what to say about him. He wasn't really present this season, was he? Such a shame. So many opportunities for him, especially after that whole situation with the anti-gay TV woman and the protest he organized. Disappointed he ended up with Zach and not Kevin. The steroids story line was lame and I don't know what happened to the actor, but he looked very different (way less hot) this season. Wonder if TPTB insisted on that. Also, his will they/won't they thing with Gunner these past couple of eps was weird and unnecessary, unless they wanted Gunner to realize he's bisexual and that didn't happen. Gideon - don't care much for him, saw this happy ending coming when he was first introduced and hate the way they handled his relationship with Deacon. Such a disservice to those in similar situations/childhoods. I was astounded by Deacon's hypocrisy at the motel though, he of all people should know what it's like for his father when he fell of the wagon several times himself despite the support system he had (his father lost everything in that hurricane, Deacon has been tempted for far less, e.g. Rayna not making heart-eyes at him). Jessie - SO glad she and Deacon didn't end up together. Surprised she wasn't sniffling when she showed up at Brad's office, that seems to be her thing. Thought it was weird how much emphasis the show placed on the depth of their feelings for each other and all the agony of them breaking up because of Jake, only to not follow up on them after she got full custody *and* to show the scene between Deacon and Rayna which pretty much invalided the whole Jessie thing. Avery - did we ever see him actually break things off with purple hair? Ah well, glad they didn't waste time on that. Happy he and Juliette are back together despite her treating him horribly in the past. He made a good decision to wait and see in regards to Juliette's change in behavior and not getting back together right away. Juliette - oh, how I've missed her. She's a great singer and I really liked the keyboard scene, there used to be tons of moments like that (not necessarily her) in the show and we haven't had them in ages. Glad she was so mature about the breakup/baby thing. Didn't really like the cult story line but also feel TPTB didn't explore it fully by wrapping things up so hastily, wish we'd seen more of her in this season. Oh and I was like "did they forgot the bump?" when she first came onto the stage with Deacon & co and then realized what was happening. Emily, Bucky and Glenn - how I love these guys and wish we'd seen more of them this season, especially since all the new characters got so much time dedicated to them. Maddie - oh, how little I care about her and her romances. Can't believe TPTB thought the emancipation story line was a good one when she's still acting and thinking like a child now at 18. Hope she wasn't stupid enough to have sex with "branch". I don't know if it was the actress' influence or TPTB that decided which direction Maddie's music went the past two seasons, but it sucked. I'm really glad we haven't heard/seen Tide or Waterfall or whatever it was called after the overdose, but the one or two (honestly couldn't tell them apart) songs she's been singing this season sounded just as lame and the same. She was much better when she sang with Daphne and a cappella or with her guitar. I think it all went wrong when Cash showed up. And I won't even start on her appearance, which has only gotten worse as the show progressed... Not sure why she moved out when it was implied that Deacon was touring the country, so why not stay at home with Daphne? Daphne - could see her rendition of that song (was I supposed to know it?) coming the moment she heard for the first time. Don't know why the show pretended it was so difficult for her when they've showcased her writing/singing for ages, including changing that one song (with Maddie?) by the annoying boybander/rockstar a few seasons ago. Glad she didn't win, but would have liked it if the young man had won over the young woman. Oh and I can barely express my "surprise" over her signing with HW65 afterwards... Deacon - glad he got his break but felt like he was doing his usual "not the right time" or "if it was meant to be it would have happened already" routine. So lame. Just wanted someone to shake him and tell him that it hadn't happened already because that's what he said every single time there was an opportunity for him to go solo. I'm not a big fan of Deacon and I don't know if it's the writing or the actor, but I really feel he hasn't been able to carry the show since Rayna died (and Juliette wasn't around much). But then everything went downhill fast after that, so who knows what the cause was. Oh and I liked the brief flirtation with Ilse and I don't remember if I've expressed it in previous episodes, but always thought she was a much better match for him than Jessie. Never really felt the chemistry between Deacon and Jessie, but definitely felt it during the brief flirtation with Ilse and so did the girls, it seems. It's possible that's also in part because I don't like whiny Jessie and find Ilse's smile a bit infectious. I would have liked to have seen them explore a romance but also appreciate Ilse not making a move until after the show and she wasn't Daphne's mentor anymore. Or maybe show them writing/singing together before moving on to dating. Ilse is a real talented singer/musician (google Ilse DeLange) and I was disappointed with the few bits of it we saw on the show. Everyone coming together on the stage was pretty awesome, especially to see so many actors that left a long time ago and still made it a point to return for those few seconds. Overall, I agree with those upthread who said the show should have ended in season 4, but without the plane crash.
  14. S05.E11: The Dark Year 2018.07.24

    That's got to be some really advanced birth control then, considering the longest working (reversible/temporary) there currently is works up to 12 years. Assuming all girls get an implant upon reaching puberty, let's say 12 years old, then Clarke's should already be defective since we know she was a few days shy of her 18th birthday in the pilot and we just had a 6-year time jump and that's not counting the time spent on the ground in the first few seasons (a few months to a year, tops?). They better make sure Abby survives or none of the women's implants can be removed as she's the only actual doctor left... and I hope for the girls'/women's sake that nothing bad happens once those implants reach their expiration date but aren't removed. Octavia is lucky she didn't get pregnant with Lincoln's or Ilian's (?) baby, seeing as how she wouldn't have been given an implant due to no one being aware of her until she was 16 or so and I doubt they decided to give her an implant right before locking her up.
  15. S05.E11: The Dark Year 2018.07.24

    Has it ever been stated the people from the Ark are infertile? Or is that just an assumption because no one ever got pregnant? Because if so, the whole "we're the last of the human race"-argument that's been made several times this season makes no sense either.
  16. S05.E11: The Dark Year 2018.07.24

    Octavia seemed more normal in the flashbacks than she did the 43 days in (in the first or second ep of the season). Odd. Guess they really wanted us to sympathize with her, especially when her eyes filled up with tears and those stupid people of hers just wouldn't eat the human flesh... Can't believe no one, not even Kane in his newfound wisdom, considered maybe just telling people the truth. How about explaining to them what would happen if they didn't eat (other than "you'll starve") and then, if they still refused, shoot them. I get why she didn't shoot Kane instead of WanKru; having him give in persuades the like minded and apparently lots of people suddenly respected him, but killing him would have made him a martyr. It's even possible the others would have followed suit if it hadn't been Kane but the person Octavia was aiming a gun at that had given in. As long as someone else of the refusers gave in first, then it would be easier for the rest to follow. Just like none of them thought of walking away despite their disgust, until Kane got up and went against Octavia when the suggestion was first made. But if you want people to eat people, at the very least make it not look like they're actually eating cubes of people! How about making some thin slices rather than a hunk of meat or whatever it was supposed to be? Also, it looked like raw meat? That does not sound like a good idea. I was disappointed with this episode but mostly with Abby's reveal. We all knew it was cannibalism during the dark year and I'd expected more for her to turn to addiction. Sure, she was already on the pills for her headaches, but the implication is that she wanted to numb herself because she was the driving force behind the cannibalism. I was expecting her to have been forced by Octavia (or, to make it juicier, Kane - which would have also explained why he was still with her when they were clearly opposed on the cannibalism) to slice and dice the dead bodies, as she would have the know-how of what would be safe to eat and what would be necessary to get their protein. And that we'd, you know, get to see that in a flashback. Wouldn't have to be gorier than the worms in the dead/living bodies from earlier eps. Someone upthread wondered about reproduction/eating children/old people, but I'm pretty sure we haven't seen even one child. Or were there a couple training with Maddi? Anyway, nowhere near enough the numbers you'd expect when there's nothing to do but eat and sleep, because working out/fighting would require more sustenance.
  17. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    What meat? Aside from PrisonKru... To be fair, Clarke and Maddi have just had 6 years of peace and quiet, compared to the few months (?) of fighting, killing and negotiating Clarke experienced when the 100 came to Earth.
  18. S06.E15: I Don't Want to Lose You Yet

    I thought he said something along the lines of "when are you going to stop being a renegade and join Shiny New"? As in, Avery being unsigned but working with all kinds of artists/labels because he knows the singers, kinda like freelancing.
  19. S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    But why would they chase them down? They certainly don't seem to give a shit about their kids. Neither conveniently checked on Bram even though it would make sense that considering the situation and his job, he'd be called in or at the very least informed. So no one realized he was out. Katie went asleep in her chair, even though as someone pointed out there was a perfectly good sofa or, you know, her bed nearby. Then, she only checked on Gracie again, realized she was gone, bothered to check Bram's room and then stormed out of the house... um, how about checking the living room or kitchen to see if Bram left a note? You know, the same way Katie informed Bram she and Will were out earlier.
  20. S06.E15: I Don't Want to Lose You Yet

    I think purple hair is playing along with Brad so that he'll keep getting her gigs/promoting her, because as he said, he's nice to his "friends" and when she turned him down the first time everything he'd promised went away. Wasn't very impressed with her song with Avery either. He can do so much better. Also, like someone else mentioned, I didn't get the whole "we're falling so hard for each other/in love"-impression when they were singing. Hell, horse boy and Scarlet were more convincing. I was really expecting Scarlet to pull out all the stops for the benefit and, you know, ask all these famous people she knows/is related to to perform and promote the concert for the good of the farm... and then all we get is her and horse boy and some funky Gunnar song I wasn't impressed with at all (seriously, it would have been fine if Will hadn't hyped it so much, I was expecting awesome from that). Remember that military benefit they did in one of the earlier seasons with Luke, Rayna, Juliette and all the others performing? That was good stuff. Also, man, does Scarlet love to play the martyr or what? At least she knows she's not perfect and not good for horse boy, but I'll bet she's really pleased with herself for sending him back to his wife. Poor wife deserves a hell of a lot better. Funny how Deacon is suddenly, second to last episode, "realizing" how his memory can play tricks on him. Guess that if Gideon hadn't been caught with booze, then he would have just been happy with having his dad back again and would stop arguing/blaming Gideon about his abusive childhood. I don't know why TPTB had to give the bottle back to Gideon, though. Might as well let them live happily ever after. Or is it supposed to teach/show Deacon that it's his turn to forgive the alcoholic in his life, like Rayna and others constantly had to do with him? And then in the series finale they can all live happily ever after? Why did they even show Rosa (?) and her son at the press conference if they weren't going to show them actually talking on camera? Might as well just have Juliette mention them. As for Juliette's farm, maybe it's built on that property from season one? And yes, I did get the "Will they, won't they"-impression from the hugging scene between Will and Gunner and then later again on the stage. Was almost expecting Will to plant one on him.
  21. S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    I do believe that was what Kynes used the phones for. But then he turned off (destroyed?) all the servers in the previous episode and the IGA can't access the information. I'm pretty sure the IGA doesn't know about the other alien, as well. Not sure she's the Boss Queen though. How could they have captured her if the enhanced outliers can't even handle or see her (assuming that was the same alien as the proving ground from previous ep)? Probably just a foot soldier. Or, given to Kynes by the hosts? One of the POWs, to help in training the enhanced outliers and/or creating new tech to defeat them?
  22. S03. E11. Disposable Heroes 2018.07.11

    That's possible, I suppose. However, I think TPTB are going with the hosts being a highly advanced* species that have evolved beyond their physical bodies and downloaded their consciousness into those orb thingies and build themselves mechanical bodies or something. *That for some reason need humans to fight their battles...
  23. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    All the good, stealthy warriors have probably already been killed in the pit, because those are usually the ones with some brain cells, skills and experience and I doubt they'd blindly follow Octavia. I was wondering about those Lexa memories as well, even before they implanted the flame. Suddenly your adopted daughter has memories of being your lover? Do the feelings [of love] also transfer? Bit skeevy by TPTB.
  24. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    I'm not even sure if Abby took the actual drugs she requested... I mean, she didn't even check the label, she was so far gone. And Vince (?) is such a creep that I wouldn't put it past him to just give her something in the hopes of it having a positive/placebo effect and/or worse.
  25. Wasn't it revealed a while back that he's actually sick? I don't recall if it was terminal though.