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  1. S02.E08: the dreaM

    Was it just me or did the doctor/scientist confirm that Reid's father was the result of incest between the Strucker Twins? I know it was implied before in the show (haven't read the comics) but I didn't think it was ever confirmed that he was the son of both and not just one of them? Initially, I thought maybe she was the female half of the Strucker Twins but figured that didn't track age-wise (although the actress did look remarkably old which actually took me aback at her first appearance, compared to other stuff I've seen her in the past few years) and then wondered if maybe she was actually Reid's aunt who'd never been mentioned or was hidden away to prevent his father (and the woman) from being a reincarnation of the Strucker Twins. But then the Purifier brother was mentioned and I figured I was way off... Still puzzles me as to why she'd have that music box. And wonder if there's anything special about it for a Strucker (or Strucker siblings)? Not a clue! And I think that's the biggest problem with this show. I don't like the Morlocks (?) or even the Inner Circle all that much, but at least the Inner Circle is working towards something, training and going on missions and using their powers. All the MU seems to be doing is running after the Inner Circle and moving mutants around, although they don't seem all that active or successful at the latter. The only powers they ever use are John's which aren't that (visually) impressive and occasionally Blink, but they seem to intent on as little as possible CGI which is just silly with a show about super powers. The MU should just talk to the Inner Circle and start collaborating: the ones that want to work on creating a place in the world for mutants would be actively recruited and trained etc, while the other mutants they come into contact wtih could be moved/hidden away by the MU with the financial resources of the Inner Circle. We know Reeva doesn't really want to hurt humans (look at her reaction to what Twist did) so what's stopping them from joining forces?
  2. S02.E09: Empathy

    But that would imply that every virgin in/past puberty would go around being uncontrollably attracted to the opposite/same sex. And while I know teenagers have lots of hormones running rampant inside of them, the overwhelming majority of them refrain from forcing themselves onto/raping someone else just fine. The whole uncontrollable urge is something I have trouble understanding. This guy for example said he couldn't be around his sister's family since she had children, which defnitely implies he's attracted to any child regardless of age (presumably somewhere past toddler age and before t(w)een), sex, genetic/social relation or appearance. To compare it to a person with a "normal" (i.e. non-pedophile) sexual orientation if that's the correct term to use, would be that, for example, I couldn't possibly spend time with my sister or best friend after they got romantically involved with a man because I would have uncontrollable sexual thoughts and urges about that man despite him being my (future) brother-in-law or my best friend's partner (who, usually, is off-limits in most societies/cultures), all because he is a man. Doesn't matter how old he is (as long as he's an adult), what he looks like, what his personality is like and so on. And that's not how sexual attraction works for me or people I know. Also, the patient made a very important distinction by saying (or correcting himself?) that he "never touched a child" after claiming to not act on his thoughts/urges, which to me implied that he did have a way to get sexual release either by using his thougths/imagination or, sadly, child pron (not sure about censoring).
  3. S02.E09: Empathy

    Honestly, I don't care if Glassman is portrayed realistically or not, but I'm so fed up with him. Like someone else mentioned upthread, he's behaving like a petulant toddler. For the umpteenth time. Sure, it's gotta suck to go from President of hospital/top surgeon (he was a neurosurgeon right, not a neurologist?) to recovering patient, but so far he's been whining and whining and refusing any professional/friendly help and actively denying he's got issues. Seriously, I'd expect better from someone with his intellect and knowledge of the medical situation/consequences. And I don't know if it's the privileged, white middle-aged+ American thing or the whole (American) car culture that's upsetting him (and those in the anecdotes upthread) so much, but how can he be so utterly irresponsible of (almost) refusing to give up his license? Does he not remember how he fell down just an episode or two ago when he got up? That he's been walking with a cane? That he was having arguments with his dead daughter and refusing treatment to prolong them? That he can't even remember the name of Shaun's brother?! Gosh, that really sounds like someone I'd like to encounter on a busy road! I also think his treating physician has a way too laissez-faire attitude towards him/his recovery. I've known a couple of people (mostly middle-aged+ men, interestingly) in my social circle, including my father, who've had varying neurological issues and all of them were advised by their neurologist to not drive for at least 6 weeks post treatment/surgery. If you have medical issues that can hinder your driving you have to inform the equivalent of the DMV in my country (it's your responsibility, not the doctor) and your license will be temporarily suspended. Then, when you (and your doctor/physician) feel you've recovered well enough, you need to contact the DMV and get tested and evaluated by an independent doctor, medical specialist and driving instructor before a decision is made whether or not you will get your license back. And all of the people I've known who've been in such a situation, have started that process of their own accord (and some, unfortunately, didn't recover well enough to get their license back). But then the whole process of getting a driver's license is more complicated (involves an average of 40+ 45-minute lessons with a licensed instructor, a theoretical and a practical exam at the average total cost of €2500) in my country compared to the US. Plus, a car is not really seen as a status symbol or means of independence, or at least not to the degree it is in the US. I came here to see if anyone else thought the same thing I did and I see someone did! I don't know if it's the portrayal of pedophiles in shows/movies that's incorrect or it's really like that for them, but the comparison just doesn't work for me. I don't go around lusting after everyone of the opposite sex or be obsessed with having sex with them/sexual thoughts in general to the degree I can't live a normal life. Hell, I can even step back and decline sex from someone I'm actually really attracted to for any number of reasons.
  4. S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    Same! Just should have kept the wife out of it, have Eddie be divorced and a single father. I'm probably tone deaf but was also under the impression it was poor lip syncing. You can tell when the camera zooms in just as she starts singing. Yes, their estrangement/lack of contact was mentioned when she was first introduced.
  5. S02.E09: The Dance

    I figured they let the sales rep go in order to bump her off the road or make her cause an accident herself (like she did) out of fear of being chased. That's easier than getting rid of a body, plus her car (she was probably filmed by traffic cams and such on her way there) and coming up with an explanation for her disappearance. And she's so dumb she deserves to die. Who in their right minds would keep looking back while in a high speed chase rather than use the rearview mirror that's intended to be used to look behind you?! At the very least she could have used a voice command to call 911, explain she's being chased by henchmen of her boss at Quovadis and that she went to the FDA to become a whistleblower and instead was betrayed by the FDA person and subsequently ended up in her current situation... It's nice for Conrad that he and his father talked things through. Too bad neither mentioned the mother's fall and broken neck. Ah well. Father is obviously going to die and then, after half a season or so, Conrad's nightmares will intensify and he'll investigate his mother's "disappearance" and that'll be his main arc for the next season. Bell is such an idiot but serves as great (unintended) comic relief with his idiotic decisions. I liked the scene with the lawyer. You could just see him going down with Quovadis as they went over the conditions of the contract. Heh. And I also giggled at Bell's "Do you have a learning disability?" to his inept assistant. More like perpetually lazy and entitled, lacking any sense of responsibility. Surprised he hasn't fired him yet. I thought both Conrad and Mikah(sp?) looked surprised to hear their partners didn't want kids and, in Mikah's case, not even get married. I'm sure that'll come up as well in the next season.
  6. S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    And do we even know what her ex-husband did for a living? Figured Bobby could easily afford that giant ring since he's been living in a spartan apartment since his family died. Might have even gotten a huge payout from the fire, assuming he never came forward about being the cause of it (which it's heavily implied he didn't).
  7. S05. E08. The Courage to Continue

    Weren't they teenagers at the time? Probably didn't think of using her mother's maiden name... The one thing that always strikes me when seeing cemeteries on US shows is the lack of full dates. Often they only show the year in which someone was born and died. And just the year if it's a (stillborn) baby. Is that standard over there? We always list the full dates and names.
  8. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    Not just a "seasoned doctor" but she's the Chief of Surgery well, Everything. Can you imagine that getting out? I'm sure people would start avoiding the hospital if they knew that's how they viewed injured patients.
  9. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    Yes, please let Owen move to Germany with Teddy!!! He can probably get Maggie and possibly Jackson jobs there as well.
  10. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Pretty sure she asked her to confirm the diagnosis Teddy suspected.
  11. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    I'm still wondering what, if anything, either of them loves about the other... they keep going on about how much they love each other (or profess their love for the other to someone else) but I've yet to hear anything other than Jackson's list about why Maggie is a great, talented, awesome or whatever else kind of person when she's doubting herself.
  12. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    Kinda like Noodle, per the end of the ep.
  13. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I did not get this at all. Are doctors in the US not obligated to tell their patients the risks of procedures and such? I wondered why he was apologizing and then why for fuck's sake Meredith said she was proud of him because not every doctor would be brave (???) enough to say it? Like, what the hell? That should have been the second thing out of her mouth when she told CeCe about the organs. Same! I never expected Maggie to tell Jackso, silly of me I know, and figured Mere told her so she would support Jackson once Catherine broke the news to him herself. I doubt it. Maybe Bailey will fire him and take her job back, because she'll feel back to normal (and realize this job is what she needs to calm down/distract her from Ben's job or whatever kind of nonsense) just because of what Richard said to her. I was like, 'get off your high horse, Maggie, just yesterday you ran off while the man you claim to love was opening up about his feelings/issues because you asked him to and now all you can do is comment on the weather when you see him again'. The not begging hadn't even occurred to me but yes, she should've been on her knees, kissing the ground Teddy was walking on. I was so confused about those terrible winds. All we saw was a cardboard box moving over the ground and Alex & Jo being all like "oh no, we can't leave the house" which was ridiculous. As was HAOG getting blown against the ambulance. And there was an Izzie mention, which kinda felt like foreboding to me in combination with not filing the marriage certificate... are we even sure he and Izzie got divorced? Did he ever submit those papers? Such a medical genius that she hasn't done any of the work on her idea that practically overtook her honeymoon. The only thing we saw was in an earlier episode when she and Bailey were talking about which mechanisms or proteins or whatever to use and she, in all her medical genius, remarked that she had no idea there were so many possibilities... When we first saw that exterior shot of their house I thought it was some abandoned place where Betty was hiding/drugging. Meredith's delivery was perfect. Even I was tuning out Maggie at that point. Yeah, Owen is such an ass. Was she actually examining or operating? Felt like she was just standing there talking, while Meredith tried keeping the patient alive and teaching the intern. No, that's about it.
  14. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Isn't it about time for another disaster at the hospital, leading to the death of a couple of interns/residents and at least one major character? I nominate Maggie and, if they intend on keeping Jackson the way they're writing him now, he can die too.
  15. S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Honestly, at this point I don't even need see anymore people shirtless on this show. I cringed all the way through Mer's sex dream earlier this season with DeLuca and Linc. And even if Koracick didn't look damn fine in that previous episode, what's wrong with showing a normal middle-aged man shirtless? I'd think Shonda and co would jump at the chance and publicly pat themselves on the back for doing so when most shows only show "hot young guys" shirtless. Sidenote, I honestly don't see the fascination with DeLuca. He seems so... basic to me. Same with Linc, but at least I like that actor from his Nashville days (where he looked much better and really, it can't just be the hair, can it?!). This is true, but I think it goes back to Jackson's remark that they don't really talk. Not about important stuff, just about how their day was. She apparently never bothered to ask him about his God Quest, or she would've thrown that in his face like "Why didn't you tell me about her when we talked about your God Quest? I asked you about the people you've met and the things you've done and not once did her name come up!!!" or something.