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  1. S02.E04: Awful People

    I wondered why Maddie didn't step in considering she's a nurse. Then figured maybe she felt like she shouldn't, but that's an odd thing because aren't medical personnel honor bound (or whatever it's called) to act in an emergency if they can? And then at the next stop, she does step in to help out so now I'm even more confused. Guess they really wanted that racist dude to have diarrhea of the mouth and then lose consciousness (I think?) before they'd step in. Which raises another question: are medical staff/first responders allowed to treat patients who've lost consciousness when they refused treatment by them while conscious? Could the guy sue, despite them having saved his life?
  2. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    I've always had trouble buying the Jo being abused/battered woman storyline, considering what she did to Pecwell or whatever the guy with the allegedly impressive pecs was called. TPTB really should just steer away from physical abuse storylines because they cannot handle them properly.
  3. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    It would be one thing to "overlook" it from a regular surgeon if they're really talented or something, but you'd think they would hold the head of a department to a higher standard (this goes for all of them, not just Maggie). And while Maggie or Jackson is always the first to list off why she's so fabulous and/or accomplished at her age, we rarely see her actually do impressive surgeries these days. None of them, really. I get that they're now all supposed to be these great surgeons so nothing is too difficult for them to overcome and there won't be as many dire situations in the OR as in previous seasons when they were still interns, but a few seasons back we at least had Meredith getting a reputation for her "winning streak" (I think it was 22 surgeries in a row or something?) and way before then we had accomplished surgeons like Webber and the other attendings worry about the standing/rating of the hospital but none of that happens anymore. The last impressive thing was probably Meredith's abdomen transplant? And that didn't really seem all that impressive. I rarely see any teaching either, despite someone reminding someone else about it being a teaching hospital every other episode. Can you imagine their/the hospital's reputations in the medical community?
  4. S09.E3: Mind Games

    And if he filed a complaint/pressed charges then those are false too. I've always been puzzled by Baker's presence/role. Why would an actual detective serve as the PC's secretary? That's just a waste. I like her best when she gets to do actual police work like in the previous episode, so like maybe one episode per season...
  5. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    You forget the part where either Owen's confronting Teddy or Amelia confronting Teddy will cause Teddy to go into premature labor and it's all drama and through the contractions and blood loss and more drama and tears and yelling they make up, then some other complication will occur and Teddy dies in/shortly after childbirth and Owen and Amelia will raise the baby together. Possibly naming it Theo (although that sounds a lot like Leo) or Teddy...
  6. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    We can only hope.
  7. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Maybe the hospital employee also found the boy obnoxious and would rather not have him around. Clearly Maggie or Meredith will now tell Owen and/or Amelia or manipulate the situation in another way for Owen to find out about Teddy's pregnancy. Hopefully, he'll then go confront Teddy who'll know it was Maggie who blabbed and she'll report Maggie to the medical board (or whatever?) and her license gets revoked and Maggie is fired! No, like someone else mentioned up thread, Meredith conveniently didn't mention her own name. She just said "Oh you must be..." (I'm not even sure she said his name) and they deduced the other was their intended blind date. And like I mentioned previously, it is odd that John didn't know anything about NotMeredith because otherwise he would have commented on something Meredith mentioned (like her work, lifestyle, etc) about how whoever set them up had told him differently about her. Or maybe he's just a douche who didn't listen/read the info he was given about his date?
  8. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    What an absolute bore fest! Is it a prerequisite for every main character to "make a connection" with a child at one point during their job at the hospital? That was the worst (child)patient ever and while I don't watch the other show, I hope he died in that drain. I was actually kinda assuming/hoping a car or ambulance would hit him as they watched him run off. Anyway, Maggie with that child or the father was nothing special and just absolutely boring. Maggie and blabbing about Teddy was even worse. The firefighter should count himself lucky that she didn't accept his invitation for dinner because if he expected a cool, self-assured, independent woman who cares for/empathizes with children then he'd be in for a rude awakening. How was Meredith's makeup that much different from normal? She looked fine but not stunning in this episode or hideous in others. I guess I could have bought maybe one of the newbies (an intern maybe) being surprised at her scrubbing up nicely/putting in more effort in her appearance than usual, but it was what, 3 people being stunned and her friends all guessing she had something special due to her appearance? Please. As for the date, I actually kinda liked the guy as someone she could date (not love of her life material though) about halfway through the date. Too bad about the kids thing. I liked Alex and the college boy, but that was very predictable. Don't know why Webber was so shocked by it? Does he not know Alex at all? Don't care about Jo (and like someone else said, her relationship with Alex made him less appealing to me as well), Link or their connection. Isn't Amelia the teen brat's foster parent? Or guardian? What is this "I don't know what my role is"-stuff? Clearly, she's got no business fostering or raising children. Owen also sucked in this episode, but then he usually does in my opinion. Nice to see Owen's mom again, but not a big fan of her giving Amelia advice. Amelia should just give up on the foster/parenting/mentoring thing because she's clearly not cut out for it and should actually be disqualified by CPS. Has the actress who plays Owen's mom lost quite a bit of weight since her last appearance? She looked a lot smaller but not in an unhealthy way, unless they put a three inch layer of makeup on her face to compensate because she looked nice. I don't care about Deluca at all, I would even prefer Carina if she was given some proper material over him. However, was her reaction to his "have you heard from papa?" and "You're a great sister" one that indicated history repeating itself and "papa" is already dead but she wants him to have a chance to say goodbye like the story he told about her and his mother? I also thought that was odd until they realized they were meeting up with the wrong person. It's very likely all four weren't set up by CeCe, just Meredith and OtherJohn, and that John and NotMeredith were set up by someone else/dating site. It is odd how he apparently knew absolutely nothing about her (or NotMeredith, since he never mentioned anything about contradictions) so probably a blind date through friends or another matchmaker and not via dating app.
  9. S09.E1: Playing With Fire

    Ah, thought it was something more specific than a mere application. Thanks.
  10. S09.E1: Playing With Fire

    It's about time Jamie got a promotion. However, did he not give his whatever (slot, permission, certificate, eligibility, I don't recall what it was called) to Eddie so she could take the exam when Frank wanted Jamie to do it? So how come they were both able to take the exam now?
  11. S15.E03: Gut Feeling

    And it seems that is what Bailey wants it to be used for as well as she didn't intend for it to be used as an OR but for treatment... so why did the chief of surgery buy it? Talk about mismanaging a budget, geez. Let oncology or any of the other departments that want to/could use it pull together and make a shared purchase.
  12. S2, E3: 36 Hours

    On the upside, Reznick at least admitted she was wrong in the end. I'm not sure if she was genuinely trying to be helpful or trying to play him, but it wouldn't surprise me if she thought she was being genuine and simply lacks the actual (life) experience to be able to give good advice. Does she even have friends? Has she ever had a friend? With the way she holds herself, I wouldn't be surprised if she's seriously lacking in the friends and romance department and is simply projecting onto Shaun without realizing it. The traffic court bit was kinda meh, but it actually works for Lim as a charcter in my opinion. She is a rebel and everything from her arrogance, one night stand to typical surgeon behavior in this episode confirms what we saw of her in last week's episode: she thinks she knows best, is always right and her opinion is the only one that really matters, which is why she had no trouble going against the patient's decision last week by going ahead with the reconstruction and lying about consent.
  13. S02:E02 Middle Ground

    I thought it was rather odd for the social worker to ask the patient/her client about the surgery in front of the girl's abusers/parents. Like she would ever go against them when she snuck off to the hospital for a surgery in secret! Also disappointed in Lim for going ahead with the surgery despite the girl saying no. Deep down she probably wanted it, but she still did not give consent. If Lim really had the girl's best interest at heart (and not feel like she was the only one capable of making the right decision), then she could have pointed out how the girl's parents would never even have to know about her changing her mind during their private conversation. That way the girl could have made a truly informed decision. Enjoyed all the different thoughts on Leah and Shaun's relationship/reactions in the thread. ETA: While I agree with the comments about Leah's unreasonable expectation that Shaun can just have lunch with her while he's working, I have to be fair to her and say they do it in pretty much every other TV show! In TV land lots of things, like dropping by unannounced at someone's place of work, seems very normal and acceptable.
  14. S02.E02: unMoored

    I figured Blink opened a portal underneath Lauren and she fell through and landed somewhere safely. There's no way Lauren could have fallen all the way down or dampened somewhere along the way and just disappeared in the second(s?) it took Andy to look over the side.
  15. S02.E05: Stuck

    I still don't understand how that guy fell through the escalator. If it was just a loose plate then why did no one else fall through it? Did no one use the escalator between the maintenance the night before and him getting on it? That just makes no sense. And while I'm on the topic, what did he actually die of? He'd barely lost any blood and they didn't mention any other injuries that could have caused a heart attack and/or his bp suddenly skyrocketing.