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  1. Fox Revives Last Man Standing...

    I couldn't agree more. It is getting so bad, it seems like it is their goal to make everyone else as miserable as they are.
  2. S04.E10: Winner

    Did their mom really love Jimmy the best, or did their mom give Jimmy more nurturing, love, and attention, because he needed it more than Chuck? I don't think Jimmy was loved more. I think Jimmy was/is "damaged" and their mom knew it and felt that he needed more love, nurturing, and attention in an effort to cope with that "damage". It obviously didn't work, because Jimmy is "damaged". Jimmy is very much a "lost soul". The writers have done a piss poor job of showing where it all started for Jimmy. Chuck became jealous as a result of all of the attention that Jimmy was receiving from their parents at the expense of Chuck.
  3. S04.E10: Winner

    Was Howard's dad's name Squiggy? Jimmy has an inferiority complex the size of Texas. Having Chuck as his brother didn't help that any, but Jimmy would have had that inferiority complex brother or no brother. Jimmy's and Chuck's parents were pretty much doormats, easily taken advantage of, always willing to go the extra mile, always doing the right thing. All of those traits Jimmy's parents had are so not Jimmy. Jimmy seemingly constantly tries to prove that he is as good as everyone else, but no matter what he does he never feels it. As a result, he constantly self-destructs and then tries to prove himself again. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. He has to be doing this on purpose.
  4. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    I only started to watch this series a few weeks ago. I like the show a lot, but most of the jokes are flying right over my head. I am really starting to feel stupid for not getting them the first time.
  5. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    I think you are right. I don't think Michael left. I could envision a scenario where they bring Dean back home and Michael pops out and completes his plan without having to fight people. The only fly in the ointment is if Castiel feels up Dean like he did Nick this episode and finds out that Dean is still carrying around Michael inside him. Regardless, the writers wouldn't go through all of the trouble of a Dean/Michael merger just to end it two episodes into a new season.
  6. S09.E02: The Bridge

    Glad you are back, I hope you are going to stick around for the rest of the season. I was hoping that you would have posted in FTWD, but I guess you lost interest. Back on topic. I was hoping that Justin would have gotten more air time. Since we see him meeting up with someone at the end of this episode, I suspect he will be off screen for awhile, especially since he bailed on Rick.
  7. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    There is enough mystery around that flight that I would think would cause most employers to take a pass on hiring him. At a minimum he is going to be a distraction.
  8. S09.E02: The Bridge

    I haven't read the comics and I don't read spoilers. I just have to go with gut instinct on all of this stuff. Then I guess I really don't understand why Rick just didn't leave the Saviors to fend for themselves. Those that want to leave the Sanctuary could exit stage right anytime they wanted to. Those that stayed would be left on their own without weapons. Jamie Farr (Klinger). The sign doesn't bother me. I do wonder if the signpost has anything to do with AMC airing M*A*S*H reruns. What's next? A pizza on the roof of one of the homes in Alexandria as a shout out to Breaking Bad?
  9. All Episodes Talk: Around the Block

    The third episode is the first episode that I have watched. My gosh, the laugh track they must be using is too annoying for words. Sometimes less is more, and in this case, the laugh track was used far too often on dialogue that frankly, just wasn't the least bit funny.
  10. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    When he goes for an interview, what is going to be his answer when he is asked, "What have you been doing for the last five and a half years?".
  11. S09.E02: The Bridge

    I hope not. I don't exactly trust the dude (Alden?) that told Rick that saviors were disappearing. Unless I missed something, we don't even know if the missing saviors are being killed or if they are plotting to do something. I don't think TPTB would bring on the Justin (Zack McGowan) character and have him go toes up so quickly. I just don't want to see mopey Carol wandering through the wilderness again as she isolates herself from everyone due to more emotional trauma.
  12. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Thank you for the information. I am new to the series and in the process of catching up.
  13. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Jack's grandfather and father were alcoholics. I hope Jack doesn't head down that path. It wouldn't be shocking if he did. I do wonder what caused Jack's dad to turn to the bottle and become a wife beater.
  14. S01. E07. Cucaracha/K'uruch

    This episode wasn't boring or bad, but I don't need to hear political crap on this series or any other for that matter. I don't know if it is Sutter's doing or who is responsible, but it would by nice to turn on dramas or sitcoms without having to listen to politics regardless of ideology. Coco didn't have much of a choice when it came to killing his mother. Once his mother told him that she was going to tell the cops that he stole the car, it would have been assumed that he killed the guy in the trunk. Coco's daughter is no great prize either. She has to own her own shit and can't blame others for her lousy upbringing. She is the one that hitched a ride with the trucker and offered to blow him. She killed the trucker and stole her grandma's car, that is all on her.
  15. S01.E04: Crossfire

    That is one of the many aspects of this episode that I didn't like. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head, I rolled them so hard with that Maggie "take the wheel" level of crap. Maggie the FBI agent with a heart of gold that wouldn't tell the lawyer's wife that he was dumping her and moving on. I know Maggie said what she said to spare her feelings, that the woman had been through enough. But still, it was almost like the writers of this episode felt they had to redeem Maggie's character somehow after she called for the kill shot against the sniper. That very sniper that OA promised to protect from being killed. Then we have OA having extreme guilt, feeling the need to try and help out the sniper's partner in crime. I am surprised that they didn't call this "a very special episode" in the promo.