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  1. S23.E03: Week 3

    The problem I have with booting Caitlin is now no one in the cast looks like Willa Holland.
  2. S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Oh god, not another virgin. Colton is plenty for me, thank you. At least there's hope this won't be Lolo's defining characteristic. Good luck finding Mr Right in this house, Lolo. Maybe she can try the Kato Diet.
  3. S23.E02: Week 2

    I'm a bit of a sucker for both big smiles and dimples, so I'm good with her. But when I look at her lip shape, I keep thinking she's a natural-born flautist.
  4. S23.E02: Week 2

    I want them to keep upping the bar on this. Next season, we get a young lady who has never looked a guy in the eyes... only to have her story stepped on by the woman who has never spoken to a male and faints when the Bachelor says hi when she gets out of the limo.
  5. The Bachelor in the Media

    Speaking of who should have been The Bachelor, did anything come from the rumor that Peter and Bibiana were dating? I kind of like Bibi, hot mess that she is, but I would not have pictured her with Peter.
  6. S23.E02: Week 2

    I think ABC would do ANYTHING to get Aly on camera. But there are some things working against them -- Aly was a big part of the Larry Nassar trial and the long-form (well deserved) public shaming of the USOC and US Gymnastics. She might not be in the right frame of mind to go on a show like this after reliving all of that. And I don't know if this is a factor, but we know who Aly is because of the Olympics, which is on NBC. She might be working on something with them for the Tokyo Olympics. Or maybe she thinks Colton is a clueless blockhead :) Last ep didn't quite go like I hoped. I can use one less person on TV shouting "Roll Tide" at me. If ABC really liked Colton, they would have given him an Auburn girl :)
  7. S37: Gabby Pascuzzi

    "Have you seen my car?" :) It was very quick with the Y-Mizzle. I turned to see him standing behind me. Quickly shook his hand, told him I enjoyed both his seasons, asked him if he enjoyed being out there, andtold him I hope he went back out there someday. But this was like 10 years ago. He was very friendly :)
  8. S37: Gabby Pascuzzi

    Yeah, the Society for Technical Communication annual conference. In Denver this year. https://summit.stc.org/conference/honors-event/ If I actually get a chance to talk to her for a bit, I'll remember your questions and report back on what I can. If I talk to her for more than 10 seconds, she will have beaten my previous record with a Survivor (sorry Yau-Man)
  9. S37: Gabby Pascuzzi

    Gabby and I are going to be at the same conference in May. If anyone has any questions, I might have an opportunity to talk to her.
  10. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    She *is* gorgeous. Miss Underwood is no Sarah Lancaster. But she does have features and (most particularly) her lip shape that made me think of Sarah. All IMHO of course :)
  11. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    The Sarah Lancaster vibe with Miss North Carolina was distracting. I kept going GIFT SHOP GIRL!
  12. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Are you in Canada or something? I was staring at this stuff from 8-11. But I understand Canada sometimes has mercy on their viewers...
  13. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Half of any season of Survivor would give any would-be villain enough ammo to be remembered. A few minutes getting inspired by Russell Hantz would have you putting Nair in the shampoo on Day 2.
  14. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    I almost forgot -- did one of the girls hand Colton a picture of her dog with his dog photoshopped in? I don't care how pretty you are - if the first time I meet you, you give me a picture of Shammy, I'm going to ask if you also brought a pre-completed restraining order, or do I need to start a fresh one from scratch,
  15. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Also... when is ABC no longer contractually obligated to have some of Arie's women on every episode? We only saw Kendall and Sienne for a second and they didn't talk to the camera, but they showed up. Did they sign the same contract Jojo and Ashley I had? (I'm one of the vanishingly few who likes Kendall, but even I am like "oh, here we go...") Becca looked nice. "Not speaking" is a good look for Garrett. He should explore that more.