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  1. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    On Monday when Tia reaches into Chris' shorts, grabs his scrotum, and pulls it over his head, how much do you think ABC will show? I think we can at least get Chris curled into a ball as Tia runs laughing along the beach, holding up a tactfully blurred object as if it's the Stanley Cup.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

  3. Samantha "Sam" Bledsoe: 'Bot First…

    Can they bring a therapist to the jury house?
  4. Samantha "Sam" Bledsoe: 'Bot First…

    I would be in love if I had only seen her pics and watched her be a robot. I do feel bad for her. She's clearly in some sort of distress.
  5. I came out of episode one with two thoughts: - I hope Kendall and Grocery Joe stay together and move in next door to me. There is even an old cemetery nearby. I can trust Kendall to not taxidermy my dog, I think. - I really want Bibiana and her sensitive uterus to find her Forever Home But now that I think about it, I mostly want Model Jordan and Chicken Dave to realize they don't want to live without each other
  7. S20.E19: Power of Veto #6

    I'll take "Sex Dolls Possessed By Satan" for $400, Alex.
  8. I love Kendall beyond reason. But she needs to work on her first-impression patter. Picnics in graveyards? I'd be fine with it because I fell in love with her during Arie's season, but Grocer Joe seemed a little out of his depth. Not that it slowed him down.
  9. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    Wow, ABC easily spent $1,200 on that van
  10. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    I would have given much for Blake to turn back to Becca and ask for Tia's number.
  11. STOP IT! You cannot make me give a crap about Baggy-C! Stop trying!
  12. Samantha "Sam" Bledsoe: 'Bot First…

    Sounds empowering.
  13. S14.E10: The Men Tell All

    What Becca isn't saying about her previous virgin is she dated him when she was 13 and he was 14.
  14. It's fine as long as everyone is on board. But when I first heard about the Fantasy Suite / Bonk Barn / F*ck Bucket / etc., my initial reaction a kind of visceral distaste. It didn't last long -- just long enough for my brain to overcome my Bible Belt upbringing. (Ideas about sex are just one of the many things I've had to scrape off from my childhood.) So I don't have a problem with it. I just have to occasionally remind myself I don't have a problem with it. YMMV.
  15. S20.E13: Power of Veto #4

    This whole show was some of the funniest shit I've seen on reality TV. There are a couple of moments that might displace my favorite single moment (Erik Reichenbach giving away his idol). Fessy calling Kaitlyn by the wrong name Or Sam: "I'm going to put up someone everyone loves. I don't think he's going anywhere. My best friend in the house..." JC: "please don't do this. This is a bad idea. I would never do this to you." Sam: "fine, then I pick Rockstar" More please. I want Kaitlyn to go out decisively, immediately return, and RUIN THINGS.