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  1. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    I don't literally think ABC hates Becca. I think it's more their indifference and incompetence combined into a perfect storm with Becca sitting in the middle. I'm giving ABC a pass on the Lincoln floor pooping thing. That didn't really come out until he was announced and was already off to film, and is so weird it's hard to imagine anyone looking for it anyway. But the rest of that stuff... I think ABC owes Becca an apology. A second one, really, although I guess making her the Bachelorette was their olive branch for how shitty they all treated her last season. Maybe before next season, ABC can hire the people who did my background check at my last job. They discovered an inconsistency on my birth date between my driver's license and my social security account. I'm confident they would have found if I had been arrested for sexual assault within the last two years.
  2. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    It seems like ABC has really been torturing Becca. - They fly her idiot ex to wherever they were at the end of Arie's season (Peru?) to try to mess things up - They film Arie dumping her and won't just let him out afterwards - During ATFR, they let Arie propose to Lauren right there in front of everyone while Becca had to have been standing offstage someplace - They don't bother to vet Becca's bachelors, and now two of them turn out to be violent asswipes (well... one of them is... Lincoln poops on the floor) Becca seems perfectly nice. Why is ABC angry with her?
  3. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I am skeptical of Garrett's apology. By this point, he's been dealing with media fallout for like a week. It's not like he did this as a kid and was spreading racist Birther memes or 9/11 Conspiracy theories. The stuff about the Parkland students must have been right before he disappeared into the media black hole of filming the season.
  4. S14.E02: Week 2 2018.06.04

    But you left CT, where the letter T is silent. Gonna go hike on the moun'ain as soon as I sew this bu'on back on.
  5. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    The most unbelievable part of Winter Games was Eric going home the first day.
  6. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    I think she should dump his ass on camera before ATFR and run after her second choice. There is a precedent. Garrett would be an awful next Bachelor though. So he'd fit right in.
  7. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    And ABC just canceled Roseanne. I know all this was pre-recorded, but deleting his Insta might not have been just his idea.
  8. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    ok all that is ringing a bell. I might have missed some of it because I was screaming into a pillow :) I wonder how trustworthy Laurel's actual confessionals are. Pointless to lie, but she knows they have idols and she knows how many chances there are to vote them out. She seems level-headed enough, but there seems to be a disconnect. So maybe those two splitting the Naviti vote really is her best chance, whether that's her plan or not? Either way -- tomorrow I can finally redirect my attention to ABC and Becca Kufrin.
  9. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    Maybe. The episode was full enough that I'm not going to rewatch, but she definitely said something in a confessional about them applying the votes and her getting the remainder. I don't think it'll play out like that, and she would have been much better off proactively getting rid of them when she could.
  10. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    I think that's an interesting question, maybe one we can dive into deeper during the off-season. The obvious recent example is Adam Klein, whose mom died of cancer like two hours after he got back from playing Survivor. But I don't think he was in real danger of losing to either Hannah or Ken (?) even without that story coming out. I'm still waiting for Phillip to bring the thunder against Boston Rob. He PROMISED.
  11. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    It seemed in this last episode that Laurel was thinking if she went to the finale with BOTH Dom and Wendell, they would split the Naviti vote and she could win with just the Malolos. I GUESS I could see that working, but I never got the impression "Malolo Strong" was a thing.
  12. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    ProfCrash is likely suffering from the same Royal Wedding Oversaturation Weekend Recovery Syndrome I've got, where every woman is Meghan Markle and they are all evaluated according to their similarities with Princess Diana. The condition fades. I hope :)
  13. Fix The Show

    That works. I would add: 4. No "we're going to let them draw rocks, Jeff." Pick someone to go and own it. If you can't agree, there are consequences.
  14. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    I'm down with all this. I also want everyone else to see Wendell with his check and to think about all the times they had a shot at getting him out and they never once took it.
  15. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    I'm gonna start hating Alec now.