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  1. I didn’t know the actress’ name but immediately recognized her as someone who was on a lot of shows in the 90s-2000s when I was a kid. I’m a little younger than Whitney and the gang so maybe they grew up watching her or like you said the lady is certainly famous compared to these fools.
  2. I would say Whitney could claim PCOS because of her balding, facial hair, claims of irregular periods, sleep apnea and of course some weight gain. The problem is her saying PCOS makes someone gain 200-250 pounds. 30 pounds ok, heck maybe even 50 but the weight of almost 2 grown women, give me a break. The women I know who have it are all average size but they actually watch their diet and exercise. Whitney is not only full of pizza, pasta, and Starbucks, but she’s also full of shit. She may very well have PCOS but her implying it’s the only reason she’s 400 pounds, is maddening
  3. It could be because Todd and especially a Tal seem unusually thin for men and Buddy looks about 5’6” to me.
  4. I’m not good at judging all these sped up videos but are any of them performing the exercises correctly and if Ryan is doing the exercises and the woman is doing modifications , why is Whitney there?
  5. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    Unless the “stash” is some kind of left over from Buddy’s drug days, then my opinion of this show has dropped even lower, which I didn’t think was humanly possible because it means they are either fabricating a relapse story for whatever ratings they can milk it for or Buddy is still not well and should not be on this show.
  6. S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    And the cameras just rolling.....it was like bad porn without the music. If possible, this show has really gone down hill.
  7. Alice

    Ugh...another Martha Raye episode. She’s awful.
  8. I only looked at Ryan's page a couple of times to see his adorable dog and see what kind of workouts he did. But when trying to find his before after pictures of his weight loss he did have a pic of a woman on there captioned as his girlfriend. Either way, gay, straight, bi, it's his business and honestly it really doesn't matter to Whitney because she also swore Roy was in love with her and we know how that turned out. I have no real feelings on Ryan one way or another other than his dog is ADORABLE!
  9. #usebananasforbakingnotcatfishpics #ineedselfcarelookwhomimrelatedto #dowegetpaidperhashtagletter
  10. S06.E01: Single, Fat and Crazy

    Yes, I would say 600lb life, Sister Wives and MBFFL are the snarkiest ones I've seen on here :)
  11. So, since I can't imagine people actually paying to Strive with Janelle and she doesn't seem to be tearing up the real estate market are Kody and Meri with her lawsuit leggings now the bread winners of the family? I always question how reality show participants cover their expenses while on these shows but the Browns (all 30000 of them) are something else. I guess the bankruptcies and MLM aren't too surprising.
  12. S06.E01: Single, Fat and Crazy

    IIRC the lady said because the women giving the children up usually had issues with their mothers (i.e. women) but money/jobs and his weight could have been factors in favor of Tal, I suppose. I'm not sure why the women couldn't have had men issues as well, but maybe it was just a plotpoint for the show.
  13. Thanks, that makes sense!
  14. That dog is probably the most respectable thing that's ever been in that bed 🐶
  15. WOW! What a great campaign for a new business. The owner might stick with it for the whole year! Where do I sign up???